Suspected Basenji in FB Pic

Someone had posted this pic titled All Dogs Go To Heaven on a facebook group. I saved it and such because is it me or is the black and white dog a Basenji? Looks to be it to me! πŸ™‚

Wish I could see his tail!!

I know! Me too!

Now isn't that funny, I would say it dosen't look annything like a B. To me that looks like the head of a much larger breed.

First Basenji's

I see a black and white bull terrier.

But the one in the upper right-hand corner with wings, on the other hand… well, maybe not a B either, but also close?

Maybe πŸ™‚ Just thought Id post to see what everyone else says lol. Its a gorgeous pic though πŸ™‚

The one in the upper right looks like a Jack Russell or Parson Russell Terrier to me. And I agree, I think it looks like a black and white B on the steps!


Cool picture - and I believe it's a B too.

It is a very comforting picture. Thank you for posting it. FWIW, I think it might be a basenji on his way up to get his wings.

Your welcome Kipawa! It is extremely comforting. I bet hes going to get his wings soon πŸ™‚

It reminds me of a Basenji with a Bull Terrier head. There is a black & white Bull Terrier mix at the NYCACC shelter and as soon as I saw the picture it reminded me of him.


The legs are way longer and slimmer than a Bull Terrier, so more like a basenji to me.

I agree. It has more of a Basenji build IMO

I think it's the eyes that take the B look off, but everything else says Basenji to me…

If it is a basenji (looks like it to me) I notice he's not moving up the stairs !

Looks too patient to be a Basenji!!! I see Basenji there because of the build - the head might look like a bull terrier because of the wide white blaze!

Beautiful picture - looks basenji to me, not quite sure which way to go -

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