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elbrant Feb 14, 2018, 10:08 PM reply quote
Click on your picture icon (found in the upper right hand corner of the webpage), a drop down menu will appear, choose "Settings".

Scroll down to the "Email" section. The box will indicate, "Subscribe to Digest". Under that, put your mouse indicator under that area and to the right. A drop down box will appear with several options. Select "off".

Scroll to the bottom of the page and "Save Changes".
Problem solved.<<

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Let's talk about Basenjis!

They can all swim, but all choose to avoid water at all costs. Whether it is rain, dew, or puddles, they will try their hardest to avoid it. As for bathing, I use the criteria that they will need it when they get one. I found when showing that a bath 2 days before a show will bring the gloss back to their coat.

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Post pictures and videos of your Basenji.
Rebel! Basenji Mix

I gotta ask why people keep recommending DNA for identification when THERE IS NO RELIABLE BREED ID TEST....NO NOT ONE..Heck one of the bigger ones has a whole fb page of picture and results that includes bulldogs Id's as poodles.

what part of the country did the dog come from? to me it looks sort of border/cattle dog mix. but looks like a fun dog.

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Introduce yourself and your Basenjis.
Basenji or not ????

I have to go read your link, but having been called to the shelter to see a chow that was an overweigh pomeranian, a rottweiler that was a lovely hound dog (Rottie rescue in FL told me keep quiet, they knew it wasn't a rottie but had a good home so just get it. I expected a LITTLE Rottweiler looking... bahahaha, no.)... vets who thought our basenjis were so many other things, not much surprises me.

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Ask about intestinal, hip dysplasia, and other troubles…
Please we need advise on broken leg

My old girl Ella had a shattered rear leg from being hit by a car. My options were amputation or surgery. I opted for surgery. She did have a plate inserted but that was because she had bone pieces removed and the plate was there to connect what was left of her leg bones. We had casts, lots of casts. The vet told me to keep her quiet, not let her roam around, absolutely no stairs, and to wear an e-collar if not well supervised. Ella did not listen to the vet. I blocked the stairs with a baby gate but she managed to jump it while wearing the cast which went all the way up her leg. She perforated her e-collars to where I could use them as colanders. I also had to find a high calorie food (not high protein but high calorie) because the veterinary surgeon said she would need twice the caloric intake in order to heal quickly. I ended up hand feeding her a mix of kibble and canned food. She healed fast and well. Ella ended up with a slightly shorter rear leg but she could still run like the wind. She lived 11 more years and died at age 14.5.

I have seen photos of the halo type device on one of the Facebook groups, "Basenji". You may have to join the group but here is the link to the post
I am sure you can contact the owner of this dog, Maria Eriksson‎, but please remember that English is not her native language as the "Basenji" group is international.

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Here is the place to discuss training your Basenji (housebreaking, lure coursing, agility…).

My basenjis have a new yard, but won't poop there. Any recommendations?

@debradownsouth You probably need to explain the "matchstick" technique.

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Discuss the Basenji rescue in your area, resources, volunteer information, transport, rescue stories.
Looking to Rehome my Basenji

Fill out a rehome form for Basenji Rescue And Transport They could help you out, this is a very good rescue organisation.

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Why do they do that?
Self-imposed diet - a large safety pin !

@antigone - Again, please stop hi-jacking others people posts. Start your own as what is being posted has nothing to do with what the original post was about

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For general feeding and nutrition related messages and questions.
Picky Basenji

Zande’s recommendation is spot on for a healthy dog who is simply picky. I cried myself to sleep many times over one of my dogs. I was convinced he was going to die! He’d like a food a few days and then stop. I mixed everything into it, tried raw (he hates it), tried every protein, every type of food, etc etc. Same results!!

The only thing that worked was finding a food he liked and I felt comfortable feeding and stuck with it. Yes he’d skip some meals but at 5 years old he now eats his food with very little issue. You REALLY have to practice tough love and sick to it. If your dog is healthy it WILL work!

For the record, I feed Fromm and rotate flavors. He does not do grain free as the good carbs help keep weight on him.

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Post details of lost and found dogs. Please remember to update when dogs are found.
Lost Basenji in MO

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Post here tips on raising young Basenji.

New Puppy Advice

@Destiny-Galimore - Glad to hear that you will do the DNA test, sooner the better for your peace of mind. These two tests are 65.00 each, well worth the price. And you just order the test and since it is a cheek swab you do it yourself and then just send it back. On the OFA homepage ( there is a link "order OFA DNA tests". Then select Fanconi Syndrome and Basenji PRA. Good luck and I hope that your boy is at worst a Carrier. A Carrier will never get Fanconi or go blind from DNA.

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For discussion on breeding and breeders.

Not sure

I am in Canada
They export many dogs all over the world so just email Helena and she will help you.

Be careful with dodgy kennels and puppies born odd times.

Basenji are born in Winter so please do your research.

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For exchanging tips and general information on showing Basenjis in the conformation ring.

Thank you for the replies everyone! I contacted AKC and figured everything out

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Use this forum for upcoming Basenji meetups, events, bashes, day at the park.
Basenjis in Edmonton, Alberta

No Basenji breeders right around Edmonton anymore. Closest is a breeder in Calgary. Most of the Basenjis around here recently have been coming from Beaubri kennels in Mission, BC. She breeds nice Basenjis.

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Share your memories of loved companions now gone.
Remembering Teka

@gwen I still choke up when I think about my Meg (American Bulldog, lost to cancer in 2013). Just try to shift to happy memories when she comes to your mind. I'm right there with you!

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Post Basenjis for sale or a want ad.
Basenji puppy

@debradownsouth He was Arrested and then he died. I will refrain from posting Horse related posts. You just did not believe me when I said Horses are taken to Great Adventure.

Now regarding the Basenjis relation to Wolves: Mu dog loved the Wolves and when I would walk the Wolf and the Dog in the Park the Dogs there which included Rotties, Saint Bernards, Bull Mastiffs all pulled their owner out of the Park because Dogs instinctively fear Wolves.


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Talk about other pets you may have or want and questions about them


Just so you know, this forum is also on facebook. Good luck with your group.

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