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starting jogging

Well my sister did let her cattle dog ride on her horse with her. Does that count? LOL or you could get a sidecar or back cart for your dog.

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Let's talk about Basenjis!
flying Basenji

Soit may be with luggage, but pressurized abd climate control. It did worry me that it could drop ti 41C, but that's rare.

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Post pictures and videos of your Basenji.
Hey guys .. uk

They don't all share the bed. A nice comfy bed next to yours might do.

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Introduce yourself and your Basenjis.
Happy Sunday everyone. My name is Angie and my basenji's name is Rebel.

@angie said in Happy Sunday everyone. My name is Angie and my basenji's name is Rebel.:

Richard Hanna of Calimesa,Ca

Busara's, Richard Hanna, USA

It is probably a good idea if you do an ofa search for what tests were run on your dog. Getting a new fanconi test is always worth it as you cannot be sure, sadly, if the breeder submitted swabs from the real animals.

We've been here before. The breeder did Fanconi nothing else on previous litter. The person with the pup from him, however, did all testing and seemingly bred her only once.

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Ask about intestinal, hip dysplasia, and other troubles…
Fanconi vs Renal Failure?

I fed raw for many years. But 40 years into the raw food, not one single study has shown it to be beneficial over high-quality kibble. Not one. In fact, the opposite is true. And it makes me sad, because I really felt it was best. But I am a science-based believer. Doesn't mean I don't do and believe in things that cannot be proven.. but I know the difference.

With a sick dog, many if not most of the actual veterinary nutritionist experts say that any question of immune issues is the one place they do not recommend raw meat diet. Especially since you are not sure what else may be going on, switching to raw meat seems an unnecessary risk. (See below RESEARCH articles.)

Even so, high-quality raw meat in a diet for kidney disease is not high protein amount. Going moderate at his stage can, at the very least, make him feel better
So yeah, if you have given up, just want to feed the dog something he likes, go for it. But do it knowing that when you up his protein, you probably lower his life expectancy and he'll feel sicker.

If you just want to incorporate raw, talk to a nutritionist online who can help you develop a balanced raw diet which will be lower protein, but GOOD protein (chicken and other poultry preferred) so that you aren't adding in too much, and not upping phosphorus. This is a good article, not a fanatic on either end :), not a vet but good links and info:

Unfortunately, the research against raw is piling up. Animals ate raw in the wild because they have no stoves or opposing thumbs. Canids kept in captivity live much longer. I always shake my head about "in the wild" comments.

However, we do our pets no favor by making dramatic changes in established feeding practices based on unsubstantiated theories or hunches without adequate evidence. As far as raw diets are concerned the theory behind them is weak, and there is currently little evidence concerning their health effects. More work will need to be done before it makes sense to claim these diets have benefits which outweigh their risks. The argument that we should be feeding these diets to our dogs because they are fundamentally wolves inside is not supported by the existing evidence, and it is not a sound reason to experiment with our pets’ health.<< Skeptvet

A small study, but important one awaiting a larger sampling:

As for raw, I wish any research ... legit and peer-reviewed... supported it. They don't.

For the raw defenders... here is a lot of the usual responses and why the opinions still aren't facts:

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Here is the place to discuss training your Basenji (housebreaking, lure coursing, agility…).

He loves his new crate, even when i go outside ...

@dana-k actually Dana, I do not believe the trainers say that eventually, they come to like their 'safe place'. Mine now will stay and eat in his crate, when the door is open. If i try to close it, i see the look of a prisoner, and he definitely wants to get away. I would have felt the same, btw. Currently, when i go out i 'crate' him in my salon. Until now, no real damage was done, at least not different from the damage he tries to do (like eat the plants) when i am with him.

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Discuss the Basenji rescue in your area, resources, volunteer information, transport, rescue stories.
I’m not patient!

You did nothing to warrant an attack. Please don't let one person sour you on the board. You got ignored 9 days, others for weeks... I think most were very sympathetic to your situation, commiserating even. Rescue homes should be valued, treated with respect. Reading posts here make me sad and angry. Even if someone wasn't a good fit for a dog I had, I worked with them to find a rescue that did. You asked for nothing unreasonable.

Good luck on finding your next dog. Please do also talk to camp basenji, have more options.

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Why do they do that?
Puppy issues

@nick4 said in Puppy issues:


He is extremely cute! Glad he is doing better.

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For general feeding and nutrition related messages and questions.
New Basenji

I'd never heard of it so thanks for bringing it up. We have a better chance for that than U.S. brands. (I'm in Israel.)

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Post details of lost and found dogs. Please remember to update when dogs are found.

Post here tips on raising young Basenji.

New Puppy Advice

@Destiny-Galimore - Glad to hear that you will do the DNA test, sooner the better for your peace of mind. These two tests are 65.00 each, well worth the price. And you just order the test and since it is a cheek swab you do it yourself and then just send it back. On the OFA homepage ( there is a link "order OFA DNA tests". Then select Fanconi Syndrome and Basenji PRA. Good luck and I hope that your boy is at worst a Carrier. A Carrier will never get Fanconi or go blind from DNA.

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For discussion on breeding and breeders.
Find a Breeder

Great idea...maybe find a relative , or just a litter with similarly temperaments.

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For exchanging tips and general information on showing Basenjis in the conformation ring.
Disqualifying traits?

Some judges are might not be happy about it but missing a toenail is not at all something a dog should be not placed for. If it comes down to “I like both dogs and have to pick” it could be a deciding factor. No dog is perfect!

Like Pat said, the basenji standard has no DQs.

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Use this forum for upcoming Basenji meetups, events, bashes, day at the park.
North London, England

There is a group in Facebook called "London Basenjis" and has 27 members, hopefully you will find some Basenjis friends there. All the best.

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Share your memories of loved companions now gone.
Post Basenjis for sale or a want ad.
dreaming of a Basenji girl... (ILM)

Testing image link...

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Talk about other pets you may have or want and questions about them

Dog Flu Is Spreading — Here's What You Need To Know To Keep Your Pup Safe

@yodelma Yes, the information about the flu coming in from imported dogs was alarming. What struck me was that the dogs (in question) were properly vetted and quarantined - and they still missed it. Perhaps the receiving vets weren't informed from the sending vets (beware: potential flu carriers)...

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