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Oldest basenji?

I lost my purebred Basenji, Tara, at age 17 1/2, which was remarkable because she had a lot of health concerns but stilled lived a long life! My other 2, I lost at age 13 (one I lost just this past Friday ).

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Chester - The purebred pupper

Beautiful puppy!!

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Rescuing a stray basenji

@giza1 said in Rescuing a stray basenji:

Ditto for where I am. I move a lot of dogs out of Texas, I don't think I've moved any dog TO Texas. (no, that's not true, I just moved one OK to TX... same difference).

Hi Joanne. We lived in Texas briefly and were surprised by the lack of shelters/adoption facilities. You almost expect that in rural areas, but we lived in the Woodlands, which was a planned development north of Houston.

Here there is a "service" which picks up dogs, mostly from the Central Valley (CA), and takes them to NorCal, the Pacific NW, and BC. Seems as though spay/neuter has been so successful there that there are more homes than dogs. Here, in addition to no kill shelters, including a program for pets of abused women), the City "Pound" is super nice, with rooms complete with couches for the dogs and cats (makes them more adoptable), courtesy of a bequest by Joan Kroc (McDonalds).

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Ask about intestinal, hip dysplasia, and other troubles…
CBD for Pet....

There is little data or studies regarding Medical Marijauna used in Animals for an alternative modality for treatment of any kind. One Article is simply not enough. I have considered trying the CBD Cream for my Back pain. There have been many studies regarding Medical Marijauna for treating Auto-Immune Diseases such as MS. One Vendor is 'Charlotte's Web' and their products are legal in all of the 50 states.

I would not treat my Dog with Cancer with this stuff because it is a topical and we do not know if applying it to the Dog's skin will irritate the Cancer.

Good luck and you may try feeding your Dog Vegtarian Dog Food because animal flesh and Fish encourages the growth of Cancer. My Antigone had a Carcinoma when she was 12. I had it removed and changed her diet to a Vegetarian and she lived to be 16 years old.

Diet in my experience is the best way to manage a Dog or Cat with Cancer.

Good luck!


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Here is the place to discuss training your Basenji (housebreaking, lure coursing, agility…).

New barnhunt title

And the titles AND photos are on the pedigree website for all to see ! Thank you !

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Sacramento, CA BRAT

@tanza said in Sacramento, CA BRAT:

You can always also contact breeders that might be wanting to place could be looking to place an x-show dog that they are not using for breeding or possible an adult they have gotten back for whatever reason. You might need to travel a bit, but check out breeders in OR/WA for sure. I know for a fact that FoPaws in WA (Therese Leimback) have two middle aged to place from an owner return. Don't know what the current situation is, there is a male and a female. You can find her on facebook. Highly recommend either of these two

Great recommendation. Breeders who take dogs back are also virtually guaranteed to give you a good description of the dog's personality and their pluses and minuses.

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Why do they do that?
Puppy is bored of dry food

Thank you very much to everyone for your input! I've tried being more strict with the feeding times and taking it away if he's picking. I think I'm going to consider the switch to wet food and actual meat products because any time I add in some "bonus" meat to his kibble, he goes nuts.

Teething certainly doesn't help, but variety is definitely key as well it seems. Also feed him out of the big Kong rolly thing sometimes where he has to tap it the right way to get food out. Seems to engage the hunter in him.

Anyway, on with the battle! This little guy is growing into quite the little gentleman

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Raw feeding programs

we still have "butchers" here in Australia. these are usually local shops, that sell meat. After they have cut up the large sides of beef, they are left with some bones. The bones you are after are the breast bone, which is usually discarded as waste, but is good for dogs. Get them to cut the bone (which is about 1 metre (about 1 yard) long), into the size that is good (mine are cut into chunks about 7.5cm (about 3 inches)) or whatever size you want. The cutting is done on a bandsaw so no effort on their behalf. The advantage is that there is no debris left for the motor mower to fling at your windows, or for insects to settle on. Even at the supermarkets there are some to be had, but find out from the meat section when they get deliveries. You will pay more at the supermarkets, but you should not pay more than necessary.

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The best pet on earth can form into an issue.


Before you go barking on a forum, you. Should make an attempt at the correct language. Your unintelligible remarks were just that. As for your subject matter i seriously doubt you have any expertise in training any animal let alone a basenji. I would suspect the closest you have come to dogs or cats for that matter were upon your dinner table. Please refrain from posting on this forum

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New Puppy Crating Advice ... Feeling Discouraged

My breeder suggested I crate my girl and also told me that she was a climber and had climbed over fences, etc. I never crated my girl and she never climbed once. She has her little bed next to ours and will take herself off to bed around 6 (almost to the minute) which is up a flight of stairs - by herself. Around 12 midnight or 1 she'll hop into bed with us usually because the blankets have come off and she's a bit cold. It's lovely sleeping with her. Just remember Julie, don't wake them up suddenly because they get a fright and might nip. I just call my girl's name a few times and she comes around. She usually wakes me by poking me if she needs to pee during the night but that's probably once a month. She just waits until walk time in the morning.

I've never crated in a car, just put her bed in the back seat and in she hops and goes to sleep. But the breeders on this site advise crating and that might be good advice for you. If I have to go away overnight and my daughter can't come and baby sit (!) then she stays at the vets (four houses away) and they crate her at night. And she's fine (usually because there's a resident cat who loves playing with my dog). I've even walked past and seen her sleeping peacefully and safe in the crate.

There is much good advice in these posts Julie, try them and see if they work for you, and, more importantly, if they work for your basenji - listen to them. It sounds like you do. Persevere, and keep coming back to this forum if you need further help.


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For discussion on breeding and breeders.
reputable breeder?

@zande - here is her email allstarhounds@hotmail.com

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Shows in Ontario, 2019

Hello basenji lovers Who is going to register to the next shows in Ontario? Help me to choose some of them to participate.. TIA

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Meet up Central Ohio??!

@debradownsouth said in Meet up Central Ohio??!:

Contact @Pam Hamilton with Camp Basenji. There are a LOT of basenjis in Florida.

Debra, thank you.

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Remembering Toby

Having just lost my basenji boy to cars my heart goes out to you.

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Help with Escaping Basenji

We have it easy - our 2 sisters hardly ever want to be in the garden, only when we are there, and even then they prefer the couch inside. As long as they know where we are. Our fence is less than 4 feet and they never even come close to it.

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Does your dog have dementia?

@joan-duszka said in Does your dog have dementia?:

five wooden boxes

eyes tearing up

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