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How to: Upload Images

@elbrant - Think what you want.... just saying that because of their policy I do not post pictures. And yes, years ago I have found photos when I did post pictures on other sites because permission from the Forum owner was not needed for them to use

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Let's talk about Basenjis!
Basenji sitter urgently needed

@eeeefarm Your story is inspiring and gives me hope! It would be wonderful to find a sitter like the one you describe. With time and patience, I hope to find a good person.

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Post pictures and videos of your Basenji.
Gotcha Girl!

@elbrant That kind of sums it up, I figured a mixture of “why are you doing that” and “I’m about to do something very mischievous” lol.

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Introduce yourself and your Basenjis.
Hello to all

And why have you come to the Basenji forum?

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Ask about intestinal, hip dysplasia, and other troubles…
Basenji atopic dermatitis

@elbrant Re. rabies in the UK - apparently we have been rabies free since 1922 due in part to strict animal quarantine laws although a small number of wild bats carry a rabies-like virus.

From our government public health website: "Rabies does not circulate in either wild or domestic animals in the UK, although some species of bats can carry a rabies-like virus. Human rabies is extremely rare in the UK. No human cases of rabies acquired in the UK from animals other than bats have been reported since 1902"
I think people whose work involves potential contact with bats would still be vaccinated here but it is not required outside of this sort of specialised work.

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Here is the place to discuss training your Basenji (housebreaking, lure coursing, agility…).

leash reactivity vs aggression

I would never use a harness...and I do not recommend its use for any pups that I place, especially on a young dog of any breed... it restricts their movement and can lead (IMO) to problems later on as they need to adjust their strides to compensate for restrictive front end movement... Especially for any dog that might be a show dog and a pet... (as my are).... Try a head harness that works like with horses...

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Discuss the Basenji rescue in your area, resources, volunteer information, transport, rescue stories.
Looking for an adult basenji in need of a home in TX

Make sure your basenji gets along with the new one. My basenji George did not always get along with other dogs and especially other basenjis. We found George and his "wife" and their puppies. We found homes for most of them but kept two of the puppies and the dad, George. The two puppies and the dad did fight on occasion and it was not a good time. We ended up giving up the puppies , who were with us for a couple of years since they killed one of our cats and another of our dogs.

I LOVED my basenji George, my love of my life dog, what a personality but I would not have more than one. Maybe the females are better behaved than the males as George and the one of the puppies were male. Did not get along. Your Vinny looks a lot like my George. George passed away on Feb 14 2018 at the age of around 20 years old. We found him in 1999 and he died in 2018.
My husband and I say he is the one dog we will have the best stories on as we grow old. We rescue animals so he was one of many dogs. He certainly stole my heart- I miss him so much.
Good luck in your search

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Why do they do that?
Shaking Off Like Wet

I think dogs do this for various reasons. Depending on context, it can be "whew, glad that's over!" to "well, that was fun, what's next?". At any rate, not unusual, IMO.

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For general feeding and nutrition related messages and questions.
Brown rice versus White rice

@elbrant said in Brown rice versus White rice:

@redial said in Brown rice versus White rice:

Instead of rice, try barley.

hmmm.... I don't usually have barley in the pantry, but I'll give it a go.

Quick follow up: I made barley for the first time tonight... well, technically I made a Homemade Vegetable Barley Soup. The entire family chowed down and then doodle passed out for the night. I'm sure we will have Barley again (and I'm not just saying that because there's easily 4 servings left).

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Post details of lost and found dogs. Please remember to update when dogs are found.

Post here tips on raising young Basenji.

New Hampshire Mata Hauri

@brindledogs Did you get your pick of the pup yet?

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For discussion on breeding and breeders.
Looking for a breeder in Ontario/Quebec or Eastern USA

@rocky1 said in Looking for a breeder in Ontario/Quebec or Eastern USA:

I'm in NE Ohio.
I have pups right no

Hi Rocky1,

I attempted to email you but it wouldn't send through. Are you able to email me at or send me a text at 416-722-4544 if you have Canadian calling/texting included?

Thank you!


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For exchanging tips and general information on showing Basenjis in the conformation ring.
Use this forum for upcoming Basenji meetups, events, bashes, day at the park.
Basenji National event in Arizona

@shermanfive said in Basenji National event in Arizona:

I am looking at attending the event being held in Tuscon Arizona Nov 2019.
As a soon to be Basenji owner is this an event for observers ? Is there a cost? If I can only attend 2 days what are the "must see" events

What day is the November event exactly? To be honest, it looks very well.

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Share your memories of loved companions now gone.
My best pal

A lovely dog from a line of super Basenjis. Yes, she will be sadly missed.

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Post Basenjis for sale or a want ad.
Adopt tri male Basenji in Washington

Hello! My family and I live in Auburn, Wa. We are looking to add a male tri Basenji to our family. We have a 3 year old female Basenji. I have reached out to all the WA breeders and looking out of state if one is in need of an awesome loving home. We are active and have to kids. Nolan 10 and Beckett 8. Please let me know of any leads.

Thank you,
Jamie R

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Talk about other pets you may have or want and questions about them

New 5th Edition of the stuff Basenjis from TotalBasenji

All good...thanks

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