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Hi Janine - It's Deb who you've been corresponding to on Quora. I remembered my login so thought I'd check in during lunch break! The woman who I got my last 3 Senji's from in Susan Coe, a very well know American breeder, who now resides in Australia! She is the author of "The Basenji: Out of Africa to You". Fascinating book.
I think you will find enough information on this site and from your own keen observations to find out how to best bond with Molly (although I have to admit.... if she comes to you on recall.... I'd have to question her being a Basenji, lol!) I never ever let my Basenji's off leash unless they are in a fenced yard..... and I've been know to walk the fence line first even then.... I'm definitely a nervous Nellie Mom because I know when a hunting dog sets it's sight on prey and takes off they don't stop and don't notice the oncoming traffic. It took a bit to socialize the current pup to other dogs particularly the larger ones even though she was a successful show dog in her youth. I got her when she was 4. Actually, Susan Coe is a co-breeder of this dog also. Let's see what other forum members have to say about your girl. We will definitely chat again soon though.

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Thanks for the reminder and the tip about the clicker (thought I had one but may have to repurchase). During the pandemic, I've been fortunate enough to work at home so the pup and I are never far apart and we've not been practicing our training. This could be problematical if we ever get a handle of the virus and move back to more normal things. This will provide some good lunch time practice sessions (with the change in time, it is midnight by the time I get off so we will practice on lunch break) Thanks again!

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So happy to hear that your girl is doing better. Sending her much love from 'Senji land!

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My last Basenji suffered a vestibular syndrome episode at age 13 and it was scary. I definitely thought she had suffered a stroke but my vet diagnosed it on the phone. The circling lasted for about 2 days although the head tilt stayed a bit longer. She recovered within the week and went on normally for an old gal. About six mos before we had to put her down, she passed out from extreme HBP (who knew about that?) but the wonderful emergency hospital was able to bring her back and gave her several more great months with me. Not sure if the HBP was related to the vestibular but you might want to check that with your vet.

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Hi Fellow 'Senji Lovers! I've had my little girl for 2 years (she's 6 now) and the sweetest thing you could ever meet! I've had 4 Senji's in my lifetime but Olly is the only one who seems to have an ongoing problem with anal glands. She routinely sees the vet at least 2x per year and her anal glands are checked and have to be cleaned each time. That is fine with me but a week or two after they are cleaned, Olly might have a "scooting" episode. And periodically she seems to have an anal leak because you get a whiff of that delightful anal gland odor (thank heaven for that Miracle stain and order remover !). I know that you can have anal glands removed surgically but I'm not a fan of surgery unless it is absolutely necessary. I've tried adding organic pumpkin to her diet. She basically gets a teaspoon mixed with her food daily. I could increase it but want to know if anyone has experienced this type of problem or has used pumpkin and what is the recommended amount. I'd also be happy to know if anyone has any other suggestions for this issue. Thanks for your help and comments.

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! I'm not a breeder or show person but I have to say.....Basenji or not she is adorable!
I wouldn't worry that she doesn't play a lot with the humans yet. I got my almost all my Basenji's from reputable breeders so they were well socialized. It just takes them time to ascertain if you are worth playing with! Just love her and give her lots of attention and she'll come around in time. As with any of the high prey drive pups keep her securely in the house (take care with opening the door for any reason..... they can beat Houdini when it comes to getting out of a house or car) and never leave her in a fenced back yard without supervision. I have a solid 6 vinyl fence but when my pup is on the yard I'm at the patio door. I treat like I would a kid if I had a swimming pool..... it my eyes aren't on her when she's in the yard, she has to come in. No answering the door bell, no taking a minute just to grab the phone from the cradle. It only takes a second for them to squeeze through an opening and be gone and that high prey drive means they will dart into the street. Good luck with the little princess!!

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I actually go my 4 yr old girl from Eldorado Basenjis in MA ( I live in NJ). I was referred to them by Sue Coe, now semi retired and living in Australia (I'd gotten my last 3 Basenji's from Sue when they retired from the show ring). As adorable as the puppies are, I don't have time and patience to help them through babyhood so I have always opted for a young adults and once again the formula has worked for me. My Olly is now 5 and is totally adorable. Just like her predecessors, she has me wrapped around her little paw. Having been in the show ring, she is pretty well socialized to people and travel (although she wasn't real thrilled the first time she met a horse - "Gosh, Mom...... that's a really big dog!"). She is so mellow and laid back that the landlord of my office building has declared the building pet friendly. He wants her to come to work as often as she likes.

Puppies are wonderful but don't discount the young, mature or even senior dogs that reputable breeders or BRAT may have available. Whatever and whenever you chose, welcome to Basenjiland and good luck!!!

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Hope you welcome your new kid soon. Please keep us updated.

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