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The picture on the stairs is priceless. They look like they were good pals. Hope your hearts are healing.

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@viknkrish Look at those Basenji wrinkles... on a tri! So cute. Love his mask. Wow... just stunning. Lucky you guys! May he rule your home for many many years to come. 👊 😍 👍

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@jh5927 What a good looking pair! 17... that's a really good long run. Much respect for your son's. Beautiful gift! 👊 😁 👍

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@zande Yes she did. I will say... so far... he's being somewhat compliant. I thought about my Sister. She's a teacher and just went back into the classroom. Logan would be left by himself and/or crated for a minimum of 7 hours a day until early June. I'd never subject him to that.

Today is the beginning of day 8. Day 10 if I roll back the start date by 2 days, sooo... I think we're beginning to enter the danger zone. So far no howling. Just can't leave them alone together unattended for a minute.

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Again, really appreciate the insight and suggestions. Stella had clued me in to the Progesterone test some months back. I'll keep that in mind. Whining aside... I keep reminding myself that I was able to get two really awesome Basenjis. We made some agreements, Stella trusted us, and now it's our turn the live up to our end. We'll get through this... one way or another.

Poor Logan. He's like a hormonal adolescent at a Victoria's Secret runway show. He just doesn't understand why I'm being such a mean ogre and dragging him out of there!

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@joan-duszka Oh happy happy joy joy. That sounds just wonderful.

alt text

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My breeder is aware of what's going on and has been guiding me along. Still, really appreciate all the replies. Very helpful. 👍

So far, the mood and behavioral changes have been the most interesting. They're no longer playing together. Sparkle is very moody. Lounges a lot. Doesn't like Logan near her, but whines if he's out back and she's not. At times she'll even get growly if he even looks at her. But, she's become more affectionate towards me. She snuggles up to me really well. Probably because she knows I'll protect her from Logan and she can relax. I like her attention. Logan doesn't. He, on the other hand, alternates between looking completely defeated as we keep them separated to strutting around, puffing up, and trying to stand shoulder to shoulder with her when she's near. I've seen where that posture leads...

I've seen him breed twice now and know he's a no nonsense performer. Fast. I bought a belly band for him that we can use when we need to. She has a wrap as well. We started using it at night only, but... lets just say it's a lot cleaner when she wears it more often. Without getting too graphic things seem to have increased a bit in the last day or so. Also, it's an extra layer of protection so to speak. She's gotten use to it and has stopped trying to remove it. We change out the pad very frequently.

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@tanza Safe side it is then - 10 and 30. 👍 We spotted her spotting on 5/7. Logan seemed more interested than usual about 5/4 - 5/6ish, but we've using 5/7 as the start date. I may just back the start date up two days to be on the safe side. An accident is NOT an option. I will say that it's a little interesting seeing what Breeders have to deal with. Aye caramba. It's gotta be mayhem with 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 females all going into heat at the same time with a male lurking nearby. What if you had two males? No thanks. You guys are nuts!

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I need to get one for my female. Pretty sure she didn't get her copy, or ever read it. It's common knowledge around BasenjiForums that Basenjis in the Northern Hemisphere come into season about late fall/early winter. Nope. She's decided to complicate the heck out of my summer by coming into season three days ago.

So, I guess it's something like a 12 day lead up to about 5 days of making damn sure she doesn't get anywhere near an intact male, and another 4 day wind down for a total of about a 21 day cycle. I recall someone saying they'd had a female heat cycle last for over 30 days.

But, oh no... I just had to have two Basenjis because one Basenji wasn't gonna be enough. Thanks for listening to me whine. 😜

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@zande said in IBS in basenji:

It is not called Budesonide everywhere and it almost certainly has a different name away from the UK.

Here's a link to a fairly good description that includes other names...

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