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I tend to agree with you, @Zande. Face is different. His snout is thicker. From the bridge of the nose back is a little interesting though. The shape of the eyes and I’m definitely seeing a few wrinkles. Still, the tail. There’s no curl in that tail at all.

@melduff, having a rescue is always a puzzle that comes with missing pieces. We were always confident that our rescue pup was in fact a Basenji, so we tested for Fanconi and PRA, but not for breed. Our missing pieces were we never knew what his life was like before we got him, and that drove us nuts! He became the topic of many speculative conversations.

DNA test results should be fun!

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Something interesting popped up on my google news feed this morning... a Basenji Shepherd mix in need of a forever home. The colors aren’t anywhere close, but those ears... I was looking at those ears thinking “I’ve seen those recently. Where did I see those? Then it hit me. Mazzy! 👊

Newton the Basenji Shepherd

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@rugosab So sorry. I know how tough this is. I never look forward to this part of the dog contract. Hug that nose that's left.

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@zande said in A Basenji, a Volcano & a Clown Car:

While you are browsing through the pedigrees (which have taken me since 1984 to accumulate (!) have a read too of the explanations.

WOW! 36 years is a dog gone good long time. Are Basenji pedigrees cataloged anywhere else? If not, that's quite a service to the community.

There is a key to all these if you scroll down on the 'search page'. Health testing is done is several countries - most people around the globe use OFA in USA but DNA testing is also done in Australia by Orivet and in Russia by Zoogen. I make no distinction - clear is clear in any language.

There was a new member who joined recently from Australia. I just love that the more I've learned the more I've learned how loved they are world wide. Living in a town with mostly Pit Bulls, Chihuahuas, Labradors and Labradoodles I was wondering a bit. Not that those are bad. Just not my thing.

Titles can be achieved for conformation, coursing, Obedience, Agility, doing tricks, hunting rats - all manner of activities.

The achievements were cool to look up. Lot's of activities I never thought would be as organized as they seem to be.

But I'm glad you are having fun with it and only wish I could include many of the pet dogs which belong on this Forum. But, strangely, parentage doesn't seem important. . .

My wife and I have always been curious about Jengo's background. Not that it would have made a bit difference to us. But, we don't have a kennel name or his pedigree name IF he even had one. Funny thing... Animal shelter named him Lester, Karen/Medfly named him V, and we named him Jengo. But, my son had a friend who's name was Max. Anytime Jengo heard the name Max, he would immediately stop, alert and look straight to whoever said it. Maybe? There're 60 Max's in your database. I'd have to narrow it down to about a two or three birth year period and see was left... and , I'd still never know for certain.

Searching through our loaner dog, Logan's is pretty cool. I don't have it completely figured out yet, but I think I'm beginning to see who Astarte's stars were. I'm thinking Odette and Juliette for certain.

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@helle-devi The genetics part of it is tough. And, it seems the more we've learned, the more complicated it seems to have gotten. I told Stella about remembering my Mom; her friends Joan and Bobbie; and their geneticist friend Bob, from UC Davis all pouring through pedigrees. This was way before computers, so it was all paper. Bob had them looking for and highlighting any dogs that had collie eye, which was the problem in Shelties they were trying to solve back then. They were looking for links to individuals and lines. Quite mind numbing. Mom said they learned it showed mostly in Blue Merles, which of course was the color I wanted the most. She refused to breed them. So of course... when I got my bachelor dog, an Aussie/Border Colie mix... he was a Blue Merle. I promptly flew he and I to Colorado so I could show him off to Mom. Show her that I finally had a Blue. 😝 She told me on the spot that Sheltie Blues were fine now and the next two she got were both Blues. Infuriating! 😄

Seems to me that it makes sense to team up with other breeders. How can anyone know everything?

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@elbrant Pips are the brown eyebrow spots just above the eyes on a tri. At least I think they're only found on a tri.


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This is something else I found really fascinating. sometime back, my wife picked up a book from the library that had been withdrawn from their collection: Ford, Elspet – The Complete Basenji / Elspet Ford ISBN 0-87605-016-X


Chapter 10: Breeding Basenjis had a pretty neat paragraph about color combinations. Hopefully Ms. Ford is ok with me sharing the snippet since I’ve given her credit…

(EDIT) I've since learned that Elspet was English and the sweetest lady you'd ever meet. Another passionate fan and champion of the breed. A generous friend and an easy to travel with partner.

“When Breeding for Colour:

RED TO RED will produce an all red litter, unless both animals carry the recessive tricolour gene, in which case one or more tricolour puppies may result. A tricolour in a litter from a red to red mating may come as a complete surprise to a breeder, especially if, on examination of the pedigrees, the only tricolour ancestors are seven or eight generations back.

RED TO TRICOLOUR will result in all reds unless the red parent carries the tri gene as above. A percentage of the resulting red puppies will carry the tri gene.

BLACK TO RED will give reds, blacks, and again, tricolours may appear if the recessive gene is carried by both parents. Black is a dominant colour and must be present in one parent to ensure black progeny. It is also possible that this mating could result in no black offspring.

BLACK TO TRICLOUR will probably result in all three colours again, depending on the genee carried by the black parent.

BLACK TO BLACK – it is possible that this will again result in all three colours, depending on the color of the parents’ ancestors.

TRICLOLOUR TO TRICOLOUR – the puppies are always tricolour. Recessive blacks can turn up in any litter where both parents carry that particular gene.

BRINDLE is a dominant colour and must be present in one parent, but again, it is possible that a brindle will not be produced in the resulting litter. As the Brindle colour is only present in the United States at the moment, the full potential for the colour has still to be investigated and assessed.”

Again, just fascinating. It made me think of two things right away: how important it is to have a picture in the pedigree, and Stella's (Astarte) use of "With Pips" in her names. I'm guessing that anytime I see "With Pips" in a name, I know that dog is a Tri?

The other thing I didn't know was that Brindles are specific to the the US? I thought for sure I'd seen pictures of Brindles in Africa. I'll have to do some hunting.

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@helle-devi THAT is really helpful! Thanks for that. I was only familiar with a few of those TLAs. When I was a kid my Mom and Dad were Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog) breeders. I went to shows and training with them, but was much more interested in just playing with them and the pups. Mom focused on confirmation and Dad focused on obedience. The kennel name was Appin, which was the name of a coastal district in Scotland. Anyway, we had this one dog that we all adored. Her name was Bonnie. She was mostly Dad's dog so she was obedience trained, She had CD, CDL, and UD awards.

So the other TLAs that aren't on the AKC list like CRd, PRA -N, PRA- Cr, CLd seem to be disease testing related?

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We received this letter this past Saturday from University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Completely unexpected.

0_1600712145072_Davis Letter.jpg

That was really special. Also, got around to painting his paw print...
0_1600712662054_20200918_162741 (Small).jpg

I'm still toying with making a Shadow Box memorial for him. This is the one I made for my last dog...
0_1600712848006_20200831_161730 (Small).jpg

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@Zande I spent some time yesterday exploring your pedigrees at www.pedigrees.zandebasenjis.com. That was really interesting to be able to do that. We knew nothing about Jengo's lineage or past when we got him. WE had no idea at all how he spent any of his time prior to us taking him. We were always curious if someone loved him and he escaped? Was he abandoned? Was he passed from place to place? Who bred him and how did he grow up?

Flip to Logan and we get to know everything. We now know his lineage going back generations. My son thought that was amazing, that people keep track of that. His comment was "That's a lot of dogs!" I know where and how he was raised. Who he was raised by and with. In his case he comes from a wonderful home with lots of playmates.

It's also kinda neat that the pedigrees let me see the different kennels that are cooperating with one another to improve their lines. I could see relationships that easily stretch back a several decades. The pictures just bring everything to life too. I still don't know what some of the red TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) are in some of the titles, but I'm assuming they must reference achievement awards like Champion, etc?

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