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@jenmar My experience is somewhat similar, yet altogether different. I've heard for years "Never disturb a sleeping Basenji." and "Never touch a Basenjis feet while they're sleeping." Apparently they get rather irritated.

Never had that issue with Jengo... ever. Logan was the same when I first brought him home. After he settled in, learned the routine, and who sat where on the couch... he decided to start asserting himself. I'd get up to go get something and he'd move straight into my seat and just stare at me when I returned. I'd reach for him and he'd start growling! Freaked me out. Never had a dog do that before and just assumed it was a warning just before a snap or a bite. Anyway, this happened a few times, so I contacted my breeder. She'd never seen him do this. I kept an eye on this and eventually would reach across him while he was growling and give him a nudge. He'd growl again, but he never ever snapped or bit. What I finally figured out was... He's just a really vocal talkative dog. He's verbal. Still, I wanted to end it and get his head out of being territorial. When I returned I learned to do so with a kibble or another small snack. "Want a cookie?" He'd pop up right away, get down and sit nicely. He was happy and I got my seat back.

I like the idea of talking or whispering to her before you move her. Let her know it's coming. Give her a second to put all the pieces together. I know with both our dogs, in the morning, if I scratch their heads a little they will spin around and sniff my hand. Once they get the sent they know they're good, then I can move them anywhere I want. I always give them a little time though. Maybe keep a kibble or two handy to bribe her with. Just watch her weight. I hope you find a solution. I can sense your frustration.

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@zwagner Hey Zoe, great to have you here. Welcome! Yeah, Basenjis are the best. Very much fun. A few thoughts... Where are you? Country, state, region. We don't need an address. That way we can steer you towards a breeder.

Generally speaking, more often than not, Basenjis come into heat late fall in the Northern hemisphere. Not always though. That said, we typically recommend contacting a few breeders well in advance. Get to know them and help them get to know you. Explore their breeding programs and health testing. Colors they breed. Will they be breeding this year or not. Can they recommend you to someone else. All of that. Typically you want to get on a waiting list for fall. But, ya never know... Ya could luck out and find a summer litter!

Basenjis are clean short haired doggies that don't appear to shed as much as other breeds. For some reason the myth that they are hypoallergenic and don't shed has propagated. Neither are true. The best suggestion I've seen here is to contact a breeder or an owner and see if you can meet or pop by with the person who may be allergic, and test their reaction to being around a Basenji before you get one. Save a lot of trauma and heartache for everyone, especially a pup.

As mentioned, Basenjis are a ton of fun. Insanely entertaining. Boundless energy. They love to chase things. They can be good with other dogs and breeds. Super affectionate in their own way and on their terms. They can also be a handful. Because they're smart they can get bored. When they're bored, or anxious they can get destructive and invent things to do to entertain themselves. Picture a 4 year old sitting on the floor in front of an electrical socket with a hand full of bobby pins and no adult supervision. Basenjis really do need a lot of supervision especially when they're young. Being around an older dog can help though. They're quick learners.

Hope that helped a little. Keep asking questions! 👊 😉 👍

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@elbrant said in Basenji Cold Shoulder:

... This is clearly a command that I have to work on!

🤣 Haha. You got a Basenji! 🤣 I love the part when she sits in the road, you call her again, she stands, looks at you, turns her back and sits again. 🤣

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@eeeefarm That's funny. I have a very knowledgeable Basenji friend that's convinced the word bitch was invented to describe female Basenjis. 🤣

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@docgonzo said in How Would You Describe Your Dogs Personality?:

A cat wearing a dog suit.

Oh, I like that. I'm gonna steal it. It's funny. Two dogs. Same breed. Personalities could not be more different.

Logan will do ANYTHING for food. Sparkle will do most of what I ask, but mostly for affection. Sometimes food... if she feels like it... maybe. I love her independence. She's very self confident. She's also a bossy little thing. She doesn't abide misbehavior by other dogs. I think she's gonna be a great momma.

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Recently a friend who's never met my dogs asked me to describe their personalities. Logan was easy. His name is Logan's World and it truly is... Logan's World. Super friendly once he knows you. Food driven to beat the band. Super affectionate. Damned smart. Fearless on walks. Cautious around tall men and people he doesn't know.

Sparkle, who I refer to as Princess Sparkle (real name is Sparkle Perfect) is a gentle sweetheart... till she isn't. She uses a soft tender touch to gently insert herself straight between Logan and whoever he's near looking him directly in the eye as she does. It finally dawned on me that I'd seen her before in a movie. The clip below is short, so watch till the end. That right there... that's Princess Sparkle.

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@dnelon Ya know... he's got the perfect suit for his name...

The name's Crowder. Boyd Crowder. I'll take kibble, please. Shaken. Not stirred.

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@jkent That's funny. Princess Sparkle was doing exactly the same thing on evening walks during Christmas season. She'd see the inflatable decorations and couldn't quite puzzle it out. "Should I be scared of it? Is it alive? Can I chase it away if I nip it? Does it smell alive?" Quite entertaining. 😁

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Well... maybe me and my robot voice are malfunctioning. So summer Basenji pups are a thing. Didn’t know that 🤪

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