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@tanza Safe side it is then - 10 and 30. 👍 We spotted her spotting on 5/7. Logan seemed more interested than usual about 5/4 - 5/6ish, but we've using 5/7 as the start date. I may just back the start date up two days to be on the safe side. An accident is NOT an option. I will say that it's a little interesting seeing what Breeders have to deal with. Aye caramba. It's gotta be mayhem with 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 females all going into heat at the same time with a male lurking nearby. What if you had two males? No thanks. You guys are nuts!

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I need to get one for my female. Pretty sure she didn't get her copy, or ever read it. It's common knowledge around BasenjiForums that Basenjis in the Northern Hemisphere come into season about late fall/early winter. Nope. She's decided to complicate the heck out of my summer by coming into season three days ago.

So, I guess it's something like a 12 day lead up to about 5 days of making damn sure she doesn't get anywhere near an intact male, and another 4 day wind down for a total of about a 21 day cycle. I recall someone saying they'd had a female heat cycle last for over 30 days.

But, oh no... I just had to have two Basenjis because one Basenji wasn't gonna be enough. Thanks for listening to me whine. 😜

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@zande said in IBS in basenji:

It is not called Budesonide everywhere and it almost certainly has a different name away from the UK.

Here's a link to a fairly good description that includes other names...

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@erica-ruth I forgot to ad... Freddie is good looking Basenji. 👍 I think you're doing the right thing... sorting this out with your vet. Seems to me you're on top of it. Also, while I had similar issues with my older dog, I never got an IBS diagnosis, so anything I add to this discussion is suspect. I'd not heard of Budesonide before this thread. Definitely going to archive that tidbit. Thanks for that @Zande. I wish you and Freddie the best.

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@erica-ruth Sounds so much like Jengo at a few different times. I'll echo what @Branch has said... don't discount teeth. Jengo's appetite changed several times. Two of those times it turned out to be a tiny sliver of a back molar that had rotted. Once the vet extracted them his appetite returned pretty quickly. My vet said she almost missed it the first time, but knew exactly what to look for the second. Also, I used the bone broth idea. Worked pretty well too. I also alternated between cooked ground beef and chopped up chicken breasts. He seemed to respond to those pretty well.

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Here's a really good article about growth plates in dog's. I never knew it was a thing until I read your post @Beth314

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I really like the first time posters! YAY! Way to go @PeteThePig95 @bsla11

When we brought Jengo home I had to leash train him. We took him to the dog park and he avoided other dogs 90% of the time and got growly the the other 10%. If any dog ever came up behind him he wouldn't tolerate it. He would also never back down from any other dog regardless of size. I watched him put a German Shepherd on its back with his mouth around it's throat. We left quickly. Very disconcerting.

My solution for you... leave. I had to become adept at reading not only Jengo, but the other dogs at the dog park, always. I had to learn to read the behaviors other dogs might exhibit in advance of them doing so that might set Jengo off. In some cases I could distract him. In others I just had to hook him up and leave.

Jengo loved the dog park. Loved it. But, it was rarely relaxing for me. My head was always on a swivel constantly looking for, anticipating and trying to avoid trouble.

I never stopped taking him until his stroke. He loved it so much. But, I tried hard to make sure he was by my side, or I was by his. And, I was never afraid or embarrassed to leave.

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@tuckerbesosa The consensus seems to be...

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@tanza THAT was a great response! I never get tired of learning about Basenjis. Ya know... that would make a great thread... puppies, coloring, etc. 👍

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@tanza said in Real Breeder:

@jengosmonkey - Typically "Chestnut color" would be called Red/White... and most often what they are referred to. Same with a Brindle... referred to as Red with black stripes...

I've always referred to Red & Whites as Chestnuts, but you've been around Basenjis a lot longer than me, so Red & Whites they are. I kept referring to OFA a Oh-Fuh. Stella corrected me. Said it's Oh-Ef-A. 🤣

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I can't find anything on or, and that concerns me. Short answer is... I just don't know.

That said, there are plenty of awesome good breeders here in California. I'm not sure what you might consider a good price, but most breeders aren't in it for the money. They're lucky if the break even, but rarely do from what I've learned. It costs a good amount to build a kennel and get all the equipment, heath test your dogs, pay for vet visits, hip x-rays, register with OFA, AKC nd BCOA, feed them and vitamin them, vaccinate them, and the list just goes on and on and on.

Every legitimate breeder I have ever spoken to insisted on a phone call and/or a personal visit. They interrogated me for a good amount of time too. The tested my knowledge of not just Basenjis, but dogs in general, wanted to know about my home, yard and fence situation, who were the people in my home that would be interacting with the dog on a daily basis and what were their ages, who would be home with the dog the most, how often would we leave it alone, etc. The breeders wanted to know all of that before they'd even get to cost. They seemed less concerned about cost and more concerned about the home they might be sending one of their puppies to.

Here's a good article from BCOA on Screening Breeders. I really recommend reading it a few times.

Here's a BCOA Breeder Directory of California Breeders. Some have retired, some are active on this site but may not be breeding as often anymore, and others you can contact and screen on our own.

You probably know, but in case not... Basenjis come is a range of color combos... Chestnut, Black & White, Tris, Brindles and variations of those (e.g. Brindle Tri or Brindle Chestnut). Many breeders seem to specialize in one or two. Keep that in mind when choosing one.

Basenjis can live to be 14 to 17 years old. I've heard of one that lived to 20. So, you're going to have this pup for a looooong time. Take some time, do you're research, create a relationship with your breeder. Short cutting things like heath testing (e.g. Fanconi and PRA) can lead to devastating heartbreak. You might be able to buy what looks like a purebred Basenji on the cheap, but if Fanconi rears it's ugly head down the road... your vet and medication costs will cost you far more than a Basenji from a reputable breeder.

Hope that doesn't sound to lecturey. I love seeing people interested in Basenjis. Welcome to the forum and please... ask any questions you have! 👊 😎 👍

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@tanza said in Puppy Vaccines ?:

@basenjinyla - Typically in the winter with the first frost, heart worm is not needed till spring. I give heartworm only year round because in No. California we really don't always get a hard frost for winter and since we travel for shows, it is safer to give the heartworm then not... IMO. That depends on the area...

I'd heard that recently... that some people only give heartworm pills for 6 months. NuHeart looks to be the generic version of HeartGaurd Plus. Ingredients are exactly the same, yet NuHeart is half the cost. Thanks for the heads up!

On the intestinal worms... the fecal analysis cost was about $45/pup. Not too bad. I don't think we've ever dewormed a dog that we've had. I've not researched it, but giving my dog a pill to make him poop excessively just seems wrong to me. I'm not saying I'm right. I just hate the idea of it.

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This is Max. He was given to my wife for her birthday many Earth orbits ago by her brother and best girl friend at the time. She had always wanted a German Shepherd. Max was described as a German Shepherd mix and was 8 weeks old when she got him. If he was half German Shepherd then the other half was most definitely Basenji. Max could scale a 6 foot fence, he yodeled, but rarely barked. He grew to be the same size as a Basenji, had a curled tail, but he was hairier than a Basenji. My wife says his personality was most definitely Basenji, not German Shepherd. This mutt caused my wife to fall in love with Basenjis. I look at where I am today Basenji wise and it all started with... Max.

0_1620154782121_Max Faux Senji (Small).jpg

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So this is a bit of a hot topic and tough to navigate, for me. But, I'd like to "think" that I've learned a bit from the expert folks on the forum here. I mean that.

I recently took my two pups to the vet. At two, instead of agreeing to the standard shots, I opted for Titer and blood tests. I can see why most pet owners just back down and take the booster shots and pills instead. The booster shot was way less expensive than the Titer test by a long shot.

Bottom line... No Distemper or Parvo shots needed for another two more years, and no heart worms or intestinal worms at all whatsoever. I don't want to inject or pill my pups unless I need to.

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@hizbaby said in Brain Games for a Basenji?:

We have theese for Willy, all of which she still at 9 months loves, and started on at around 12 weeks... below are links!

Interactive Puzzle

Puzzle Treat Dispenser

Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Adjustable Treat Ball

Great response... and with links no less!!! Thank you very much!

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So... here's my take on the whole Basenji/Basenji Mix/Faux-Senji thing...

I tend to be an optimist. A half full kinda guy, who seeks out the silver lining. I subscribe to the notion that happiness... is a choice.

I love that people pop in to ask if their dog might be part Basenji. Why? Because they've made themselves aware of a Basenji in the first dog gone place! My god, people... it's no secret that Basenjis are NOT popular. They're NOT. I see them everyday because I have two. I have NEVER seen another Basenji in my town of 45,000. EVER! That someone who has a Basenjieque mutt wants to know what it is; has stumbled upon our beloved Basenji and our forum; and has educated themselves about it's gifts, characteristics, behaviors, and health issues when compared to most other popular breeds... why on Earth would would we ever say anything to discourage them?

Most people out-live their dogs. And, they get another one. If a person thought that they had a Basenji mix, or were able to prove that they had a Basenji mix through DNA testing... so what? They loved that dog regardless. It's possible that they might decide to seek out a purebred Basenji for their next dog based on that casual research or DNA evidence.

After losing Jengo my research road led me to a Basenji breeder, who I absolutely adore. She's taught me so much about Basenjis, and she's introduced me to other legendary Basenji breeders. She's became a good friend and an expert that I can lean on. That road led to me being able to become the custodian of two pure bred Basenji Confirmation Champions; a male and a female. This was, in my opinion, in no small part based upon our knowledge and enthusiasm about Basenjis. An owner of a Basenji mix or a Faux-Senji could have achieved the same. The love of the breed is so much more important than any label. I once had an Ausie/mix. He was an Ausie/Border Collie mix. The label helped me appreciate the characteristics, behaviors, and health issues of the this dog... who I loved so very very much.

Most purebred Basenji puppies will not be show dogs. They won't. Most will be pets, companions, which means breeders need pet owners because not all puppies are show quality. Breeders need interested, educated, enthusiastic, responsible, loving homes for puppies. And if that enthusiasm was sparked from a wanabe Basenji, a Faux-Basenji, a Basenji mix, or a rescue Basenji... I don't care. I care that people love a Basenji. If someone "thinks" they have a Basenji, or want to call it a Basenji even if it's not... I don't care. Chances are they have an idea of what a Basenji is. That's what's most important to me. We should be encouraging people to consider Basenjis. Not discouraging them through exclusivity.

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@chrisf I would hope that you would be proud to recommend your breeder if you were happy with your Basenji regardless of show quality or not. For me, health and personality/temperament are always first for me. That and four feet, two ears, moist nose, curly tail, etc. 😁👍

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@elbrant I was invited! Very much appreciated too. I don't have any social media accounts. Not a judgement about others. Just a personal choice. This place is it for me. Well... a few other forums too, but those are for different hobbies.

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Yay! Ellie's back. Nice to see a happy thread again. Need a shot of her other side. Need to see her spot again. My wife and I always tell our pups... You're not cross. You're not a fox. You're not a bloody Jack Russell. You're a Basenji. 😆

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@mrscastro She's your girl. Of course! All I did was make her into a circle and add some lettering using an online decal generator. Have fun!

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