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@luc21 - Have you spoken to his breeder? Was there a contract, contracts would typically include that the breeder gets first right if a pup needs to be given up regardless of the reason? If this is not the case where are you located? Is the pup fully DNA tested for Fanconi and PRA?

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@fionchen88 - Hello, I responded to your email that you sent to me today. Thanks

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@jengosmonkey - If you are really worried... you can always have progesterone tests done... typically done to determine the time to breed but will also tell you if she is progressing to a "real" season. I had a bitch that had a spring season, but she never totally progressed ...therefore the male would not breed her... some males are like that... they know... not that I suggest that you let him decide, LOL.... but it would give you some indication. Just a thought

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@debbie said in reputable breeder?:

@tanza yes my mistake it was tested with OKC I got papers to prove it.. she was born with the disease

Are you referring to OFA? If so then I would wonder if the pup's sire/dam were not the real sire/dam of the pup you got? Only if they are Afflicted with the Fanconi gene (the pup) would they develop Fanconi? Did the paperwork from OFA say "clear"?

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@jengosmonkey - 30 days is the typical for Basenjis, not 21 days.... and while 12 days give or take could be the time frame, I always use 10 days.... and then until the 30 days are up. You will see from the male that the last week the male will get even more interested as they seem to know that they are going to miss the time.... Not for sure but it is a pretty good indication. Just don't take a chance.... And yes, some will have a spring season, not always a "real" season but not something to take a chance with. My girls had once a year season until C-Me had her puppies, now it seems she believes that one year, once a year, the next twice a year and will bring in my other bitch.

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@branch - Many dogs have chicken allergies, not limited or that normal for Basenjis.

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@elbrant - Pretty normal elbrant to do this when the dogs are on lead....

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@beth314 - I will talk about one of my Basenjis that broke her leg climbing a gate in the house and hit the front leg, breaking both bones in the front leg... she had surgery at 4 1/2 months and had a plate put in to secure the break (this was back in 1992) and then two weeks later that growth plate closed on that leg. Another surgery to reopen the growth plate (and make sure if this is ever needed that you have a board certified orthopedic veterinarian) she recovered just fine, finished her Championship and also her Field Championship.... so injury regardless need to be seen by a certified Vet Orthopedic Vet!

That said, hikes should be fine for your pup.... When she is tired stop the hike.... she will tell you

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@sakuhn62 - The place to find responsible breeders is and there is a link to finding a breeder. These are people that are members of the National breed club interested in the betterment of the breed, breeding to the standard and most of all, temperament and health testing. Rarely do responsible breeders every make money and that is not their purpose..... they are lucky to break even.

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@petethepig95 - Totally agree with eeeefarm, dog parks are NOT the place for toys or treats.... you never know what will trigger resource guarding, that said I am not sure that I would agree that what happened with your boy was really resource guarding.... If the larger dog had the ball, that was the one that was resource guarding.

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