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Sorry to hear this Sally, what a "pain in the butt"... for you. Hope things improve and you can get your other eye done quickly! Take care

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@shanellio19 said in Basenji mix.... But what mix!:

Thanks everyone!! We plan on doing a DNA test soon. Really curious about his curly tail!

There are many dogs that have a tail curl, example are Akita, Malamute, Husky, etc

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@gianna - Note also that most all Basenjis are born in the winter months, it is very rare that there are litters in the spring/summer. Basenjis only come in season once a year and typically all around the same time.

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For safely of your dog regardless of the breed, they need to be confined in a car/van/SUV/RV.... Crates are the best.... Mine have always been in crates in a car, etc... and are not left in there except when traveling at at a rest stop. I walk them, they are in their crates, I do a human potty stop but the car is locked.. And for driving they need to be in crates, not loose. An accident or even a quick stop will throw that pup from one end to the other and if loose they could get under your feet and then cause an accident. Think of your dog as your child, do you let your child ride loose in a car?

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@eeeefarm - Sadly eeeefarm, agreed.... One of the reasons that responsible interview all potential homes and try to meet the entire family. I had one family come to visit, the husband and kids were immediately on the floor to play with pups while the wife stood plastered against the door and would not even touch them. Needless to say, I told them that I didn't believe that a Basenji would be a good fit as I told them everyone in the family needs to "buy in" to a puppy and that it has to be a family member. And in this case, any breed would not be a good fit....

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Honestly, from a responsible breeder chances of finding a pup now is pretty much slim to none unless a breeder had someone change their mind. This would be the time to align with a responsible breeder and get on their reservation list for Winter 2021 pups.

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@helle-devi said in Rescue dog prey drive!:

@tanza said in Rescue dog prey drive!:

... One time many years ago at an indoor show, there was a person that had a "pet" squirrel in a crate... this critter got loose and ran through all 9 indoor rings.... and you could say "no" to your were blue in the face, they wanted that critter... and honestly that was for all breeds, not just Basenjis...

Did the squirrel survive its suicide escapade?!!!?
What owner thought that was a splendid idea to bring a squirrel to a dog show? What fear the critter may have felt the whole time in its crate.
Still... 🤣 for the imagined chases!

Yes it did... lucky for the squirrel that all the dogs were on leads in the ring...

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@praz - I would be very concerned about a 1 meter railing on the balcony. To be very honest, as a breeder I would not place one in that situation unless when not home they have no access to the balcony and even when home most all dogs could get over that railing. The ones that do well with a railing on a balcony are much higher and even with bars, you have to watch the spacing as they are pretty darned good at squeezing through them. I don't believe this would be a safe idea for a Basenji or many other breeds for that matter

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Safest travel in the car is crate, period.... never ever loose. If you are using a crate during the day, then at night they need to be loose, otherwise too much crate time

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@zande - And many of us are related by our Basenjis.... if you supply sire/dam's registered names we can all check

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