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@sapereaude - Congrats... good choice!

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@newbsnjbby - What are you feeding her? And 4-5 weeks for a bath, in my opinion is too much.... I have not given mine a bath in months and months unless we are going to a show.

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Basenjis are NOT hypoallergenic. They do shed and they do have dander just not as much as other dogs. I would never place a Basenji that someone would be keeping that dog outside. What kind of pet is that? Basenjis are and should always be family members (as should all dogs)

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@basenjicurious - Basenjis are a "thinking" dog... They are hunters by instinct, not taught. They are sighthounds, what they see they chase. Breeders will often tell the negative first then the good. They are great dogs... fun dogs....dogs with a brain. And yes they are clever. Basenji puppies like all puppies chew... leave "stuff" around and they will claim as theirs... They do not know the difference between "their" stuff and yours... Don't expect them too... don't leave items where they can get them... you have to work with them, work not only their body but their minds. I have been in the breed for 30+ years and would not have any other breed

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@cicily-prestridge - You may never find out who the breeder is or health information unless the adoption agency has more information. Where are you located? For health there are DNA tests (cheek swab) available for Fanconi and PRA. You can order them at

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Go to and you can search by state. When speaking to responsible breeders they will ask questions on why you think that a Basenji would be a good fit for your family/lifestyle. Don't be put off by that as breeders want to place their pups in the best homes... it is NOT about the money. You need to research and verify health testing for yourself don't just take someone's word for it. While we are planning a litter this year, we have reservations already for the possible pups, but visit our website and you can see links for health testing. These are public knowledge and we encourage people to always check this out for themselves. If you look at our planned breeding you will see links to their health testing. I would also suggest that if you find a breeder that you are comfortable, be open to other colors... some goes for sex

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@condesa said in How much puppy exercise?:

Thanks so much! Makes me feel better. And I got her from Nocturnal Kennels in NC.

Are the sire/dam DNA tested for Fanconi and PRA? Did you check for yourself at as DNA tests for Fanconi/PRA are public posted for the results. If not you should have your girl tested. It is a cheek swab that you do yourself. You can order it at and the cost is 65.00 for each test (Fanconi & PRA)

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Our pups would run till they drop... LOL.... we have a very large yard and they play hard. Even raising our litters pups were out doors as much as possible to play... or indoors for that matter. I have never restricted exercise. That said it was their play, not forced like jogging or biking... and it was on grass, not hard pavement. Sounds like you are doing just fine with her.
Who did you get her from? Many of us are related by our Basenjis.

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Very Cute, but I don't see any Basenji. I would say some kind of Terrier mix. Many breeds have a curl in their tails, especially the Nordic breeds

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@redial - That would be nice if they were available in the US.... but they are not... at least not in California.... there are no local butchers so to speak and the super markets do not get the brisket bone with the meat

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