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@fnienstadt - Backyard breeder as noted below. Find a responsible breeder who health tests at and go to the link Find a Puppy

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Welcome back.... love watching those Ridge babies growing up... and how wonderful Tildy is with them....

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@WingedLion - Would that be the breeder in PR? I suggest you read my post on the post by the person looking for a puppy in So. California

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@Mswina - Have you spoken to her breeder?

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@Golf_Guy - Go to and there is a link Find a Puppy that will take you to links to search by state. These are members of the Basenji Club of America (parent Basenji Club) and are breeders that health test... do not just use a web based site that can't produce or point you to that publishes health testing to the public. Here is a link of a well tested Basenjis. You need registration number or name and you should check it out for yourself.

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@WingedLion - As noted there is a conversation going on FB about this House of Basenjis, the pictures they are using are NOT her dogs, especially the Tri Male that is free stacked on their home page. It is a picture of a very well bred Basenji owned by a breeder and a well titled Best In Show male that lives in Texas... Run very fast from this so called breeder

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@TracyL - Carrier of Fanconi means they will not develop Fanconi, only affected will/can develop Fanconi