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@farabutto - A good trainer can help you deal with his aggression.... but you will never stop the same sex aggression... goes for males and females, especially on leash

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This is typical behavior for all dogs, not just Basenjis when you have two males.... nipping at puppies, pretty typical too.... and yes, it is worse on leash.... Basenjis are known for being leash aggressive. Have you done any obedience classes?

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Stop with the free feeding... this is a dog that needs to be on a schedule. And a cup and a half might be too much for a 20lb dog. Try reducing it to a cup. I have also found that feeding 2x's a dog is better than once a day. I have never let my dogs free feed. Once he is on a schedule you can mostly determine when he should have to go... and then you take him out and stay out till he goes. A trick you can use (many don't like this but I will put it out there) is what people that show use. Insert a match in his bum half way.... This will stimulate him to go, when he does praise/treat him. And until he gets the idea, you will need to keep him crated or on leash. You can search the forum for other conversations about using a match to stimulate. Search for match trick

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Welcome! She is very pretty

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Same comments as Debra, I have never used puppy for any of my pups from the time they were old enough to eat solid food.... Don't particularly love Blue Buffalo, but any high quality kibble is fine. I use a number of different ones that way I can always change foods without any tummy upset.... I do like Fromm's Surf and Turf

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@lpatinoatx - I answered your question on the thread you started

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Have you contract their breeder? Responsible breeders normally have contracts that require that the dogs they breed go back to them? Also if not, contact the breeder. If not a responsible breeders contact BRAT ( No comment on the circumstances for giving up these dogs....

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@sadiak - Basenjis can and do climb chain link like a ladder....

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I have had and used doggy doors for 30+ years and never had a problem, but then we have 10 to 12' privacy fences and the gates are locked from the inside.

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Very handsome! Congrats!