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A Basenji would NOT be happy as a yard dog.... They are a family pet and need to be with their humans and be part of the everyday family life. If not, they will for sure tell you about it. IMO, all dogs need to be included in the family. Sounds to me like this pup would be happier placed with a family that includes in the family situation.

Also, was this pup checked for a chip? And if found in the neighborhood was a search for its owner done? If the owners can't be found, please contact and give the pup to them to find a suitable home. Also are you sure it is a purebred Basenji? Do you have pictures?

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@debbie said in reputable breeder?:

I did contacted her when the dogs developed the disease at five years old.. I did the test then and I was told by AKC my dog was born with Fanconi..

Please note it would not be AKC that would tell you that your Basenji had Fanconi and was born with it? That would have come from OFA with the results from the DNA test. Keep in mind that Fanconi is late onset, so yes they would be born with it. This means that she didn't DNA test the breeding pair before breeding. And yes that is a sign of an irresponsible breeder as now that we have DNA tests for Fanconi, there is never a reason that a Fanconi afflicted pup would be born.

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I would say teething, as the back molars are the last to come in and are not quite in yet. Have you seen any baby teeth that he has spit out?... if they are getting loose or the perms are coming it, it will cause grinding at times. If you have concerns, go to your Vet and/or talk to your breeder? Have you done that, talk to your breeder?

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@zande - Right about Darth Vader, but I know that Terri didn't breed to a Mibre dog... so can't be that one.

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@dogdad said in Prey drive with small dogs:

@tanza He’s a Bushbaby, from Terry Gavaletz in Livermore, CA. Sired by Darth Vader.

I know Terri very well, in fact got my first boy from her in 1991, she lives about 6 or 7 miles from me. Kennel name is Bushbabies, which is how she registers their names with AKC. I know most all her Basenjis (and one greyhound... LOL) I showed many for her.... but do not know Darth Vader? Is that his registered name? You can see the boy that I got from her at my website, link below, go to Tanza Boys and scroll down to Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

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And your wife should be feeding him....not you.....

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@mnbadger - Remember that carrots have sugar so other veggies are better for them then Carrots... OK for a change, but not every day (In my opinion)...

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@aphex626 - Hate to disagree, but a daily walk is fine... as long as you work their minds at home.... also...

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Contact breeders in your area or rescue...

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@tayda_lenny said in Flying from US to Czech Republic with Lenny- so complicated right now, is it even possible???:

Hey Pat,

I am in the process of calling airlines now. According to their websites, they all (except for British Airways) allow ESAs on board flights directly to/from the U.S. But I know things may have changed since COVID so I'm definitely going to confirm. Hoping someone has some insight into how strict they have found the airlines to be in Europe with regards to the stated sizes/weights for the in cabin pets. I was hoping since we'd be transiting and therefore already past the ticket counter and security they might not notice..... and then worst case if they do notice, we could put him in cargo for the 1.5 hours.... 😞

Hi, how are you doing? Many airlines as I understand it will not let animals in plane, only in cargo.... hopefully someone from overseas can help, but I can give you a contact that might be able to help. email my your email contact and I will send an email to you and her (Katie Campbell who is BCOA's contact to AKC and has lots of experience with overseas travel with Basenjis). If you don't have it you can find my email on my website, link below

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