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@wyldepaws - When I brought home my Franie (at 9wks from her co-breeder) she freaked when she heard the neighbors dog bark.... she had never heard dogs barking. The home she was born and raised in was in a selcluded area and no dogs around. Also it was in Chicago so with that weather, not too much outdoor time. Took her a bit to get used to it, each day was better and then she didn't care at all... good thing... LOL, she is a show dog so hears much barking at shows.

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@chrisf - That is not normal....sedation to take blood...

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Do you know any background on this pup other then he has been passed around? Who the breeder is?

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By the way, I admit that my comments about not returning the pup to the breeder was really out of line. I totally missed that this was in a contract and that the breeder was up front and did hold to the contract to take the pup back.

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@dagodingo - I disagree that if you don't know both sides of the situation you can't make comments good or bad. The fact that this breeder had a contract and was ready/willing to take this pup back says volumes. I have been in the breed for 30+ years and there is no BYB that I know of that would ever take back a pup let alone have a contract that says they would.

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@debradownsouth - again unless you know the breeder there are always two sides to the situation. It is very, very rare that in Basenjis there are what would be called runts in 30+ years in the breed and as a breeder. They may be smaller when born, but I had one that was the smallest born in size/weight that turned out to be the biggest in the litter when mature. I have since this post was posted know the breeder. Keep in mind that this breeder had a contract and did take the pup back. I can honestly say that there are NO BYB, not responsible breeders that will do this. Say what you might and I do not hold anything against the people that returned the pup. The fact that this breeder took responsibility for this pup says volumes. Again, unless you really know the situation from both sides I believe this was the best outcome for this pup to be taken back to the breeder.

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@takoda - Again as a breeder, I would not consider that pup what you refer to as a runt, could be she was conceived later than the others depending on how many times the bitch was bred. Could be that because of the sibs, she was not getting enough food.... But in the end you will never know. In all honesty I would not let the original so called breeder take her back to place, but again in the end it is your choice and agree that if I knew the circumstances I would have declined also. Instead of giving her back to the breeder, have you considered BRAT?

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Considering what happened to her at such an early age, it is entirely possible that there was some brain damage and you may never know the triggers.... as a rule and as a breeder in the breed for 30+ years, typically Basenji's do not have what many refer to as a runt only give more indication to a "puppy farmer/BYB/Puppy Mill".

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You can also go to and search for breeders by state. While the breeder might not be close to you, they may have placed pups that would be interested in having you meet their Basenji

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