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@lory-h - Have you spoken to his breeder? And agree with eeeefarm about diverting him before he goes for your feet... and reward for not indulging in feet biting... seems that he thinks this is a game for him. Work his mind, not just his body

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@maureen252 - In my opinion, 27lb bag is alot of food for one little Basenji. Even when I had up to 5, I wouldn't get a bag that big. Now with 2, I get the smallest possible. I would not wonder if it is possible that it has gone bad. Of course also I change up the kibble all the I never have to worry about changing to a different food. I would try a new (small bag), however that said, it it has gone bad she may never want to eat it again.... You might look into changing the food....also add like a teaspoon/tablespoon of wet food...

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We have always had leather couches and chairs... we put a throw on it as Basenjis like to nest...

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You can search for breeders by state at and/or try Evergreen Basenji Club There are a number of breeders in the PNW. Keep in mind that most all Basenjis are born this time of year and responsible breeders typically have reservations lists before the pups are born

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@drew82 - In the US is it not legal to sell/place a pup at that age. I don't place mine before 9wks at the earliest and only homes with Basenji already. My pups are litter box trained so potty training is not an issue.

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7 weeks? Bit young to be taken from the litter? Usually it is at least 8wks? In regards to the ear, totally normal. Couple of my pups didn't have upright ears until after 8 wks, again normal. Note also that many time when teething, the ears will drop over. I have been raising Basenjis since 1991 and seen this all the time.... they are all different. I would not be concerned

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@tanza - And yes Zande, I will send you the puppy information once we have names!

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Have you spoken to his breeder? That should be your first contact. Did he come from Nocturnal Kennels? Blue and Cream are diluted colors

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When he ran into the wall.. was it head first? Could have been a neck and/or spine injury... hopefully the Vet will be able to determine. If that is possible the case, you might want to inquire about about acupuncture and cryotherapy. In my years and years of experience, never have seen this... so I would have to say injury when he crashed into the wall. And did your breeder have any thoughts?

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And welcome to the new Jamaa-Tanza litter born December 18th. 3 Girls, 1 Boy from CH Klassic Joy Ride to Tanza-Jamaa and sired by GCHS Astarte's Sir Tristan with Pips at Kazor, all tri litter as sire and dam are Tris

All pups are spoke for you can see the litter at my website

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