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Hello, go to and search for breeders... by state and there are some from Canada... you are most likely looking at possible breedings for fall/winter of 2020. Note however it is IMPORTANT that you go to a responsible breeder so registration papers are important as many BYB's use other types of registrations that are not registered by AKC or the Canadian Kennel club and you need to follow up on health testing youself... if they are doing responsible health testing before breeding the results are public at This is important in order to find a responsible breeder... that health tests before breeding here is a link on how to find and interview and find a responsible breeder... and this is important...

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Do you know the breeder? Or where he came from? Basenji mix or Mutt... one in the same... mixed breeds in the end are all mutts... however, he is very cute.

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@elbrant - She found these imported Basenjis from 4 .... because Zande has spent years in developing the pedigree she would know if there was a breeder in Malta....

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@elbrant - You need to understand the area that some might be living in... and you also need to understand that Zande has done the Pedigree for all Basenjis worldwide for many, many years now... and she does have the and knows who the breeders are, just like she knows who the breeders are for your Basenji (as do I in the case of your Basenji, which I will say they are responsible breeders)... so if there was one in Malta, she would know who that was, she was indicating as again she has manged the database and found 4 Basenjis that were imported to Malta. The point she was making and also eeeefarm is that this is a fairly isolated country and the points/directions you offered are not realistic in this case. Please think before responding especially when it is to a country outside of the US and let others that are more knowledgeable respond. This is exactly why I refer always to Zande when it is question from across the "pond".....
And by the way have you ever been to, maybe you should and look at all the work that Zande has put into to this.... so that Basenji owners and of course breeders can review pedigrees... and if you do not believe this is important, I for one feel sorry for you... as this is HOW NEW people to the breed follow and learn!

posted in Basenjis For Sale or Wanted read more - this is a link to a conversation about Basenjis in the Philippines.... and you should contact Sally Wallis, she can give you names of breeders in the Philippines

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Thought I would throw my $0.37 in (inflation you know) I have never owned a dog before. I grew up with one (a purebred mutt) but it was my dads and I rarely interacted with him. My B-dog's name is Zaki and I will share a bit of what has happend so far. We got him at 12 weeks, that was a little over three weeks ago. I am his alpha, and he really gets upset if I leave for any amount of time. But because of that I have had a very easy(relative) time of training him. I have taught him to shake hands, sit, come, walk next to me on a leash and when he needs to go out and do his business, we have tied a bell on a string to the door that leads out into the back yard, and he rings the bell.

We have struggled with his bitting, my son and wife REALLY don't like it when he goes into bit mode. I grab his nose squeeze tight, not enough to inflict pain, make him look at me and with my drill sergeant voice I say "no bite, no bite" now when he wants to bite me all I have to do is call his name and say "no bite" and hand him something else to chew on. This is working, slowly. He is as smart as most of the teenagers I teach and gets bored very easily so I have to find new and interesting ways to play, teach and entertain. All said, the work was hard but the rewards keep coming.

I have been around others who have all kinds of different dogs, but I wouldn't trade my Zaki for any of them. If you have the time and patience your experience will be well worth the effort. Good luck with your choice.

I think you have done really well with your pup, however that said I disagree with grabbing his nose for biting... IMO of the breed for over 30+ years.... yelping and telling them NO... turning away and then replacing with a better choice is a much better training method... that said the entire family needs to be doing the same.

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You may want to try and find breeders and/or owners in Italy and/or France to help you find a breeder.... you might also try and contact Zande Basenjis to help you maybe locate owners and/or breeders. You can contact Sally at Zande at for her email. You can also search for a Kennel Club in Malta, however in looking doesn't seem like the site has been updated since 2002?

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Please go to the Basenji Club of America to learn more about the breed if you have not already. Try to find someone that might be in your area to visit or talk to about the breed. Try to find a breeder and talk to them about the breed. Same for Shiba Inu... and for what it is worth, I have been in this breed (Basenjis) for 30+ years... they are NOT Stubborn nor are they NOT affectionate.... Basenjis (and Shiba's for that matter) are thinking dogs... they respond to positive training and reward owners with the same. Basenji people refer to Shiba's as a Basenji with hair... Shiba people refer to Basenjis as Shiba without hair... LOL. I would highly suggest that a mix is not a good choice. Poodles have lots of health issues as to Border Collies (if you go to read about health on both breeds), with a mix you never know what you will get. In the end they are a mixed breed, they are not a purebred dog. Border Collies need a job (as they are a herding breed) and if not given one they will make up one.... Poodles at one time were (and many still are) a sporting dog...

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