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@packmom - Not sure where you plan her sleeping area, but she should sleep in the same room you do, regardless if in a crate or your bed. So it helps to have more than one crate.... (speaking from experience, I have many crates.... ) That is great that you work close to home... so do I and was perfect when we had litters.

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Welcome! Who are you getting your puppy from, who are her Sire and Dam? Many of us are related by our Basenjis. Sounds like you are prepared for the "wild ride"..... Note that your puppy does need to be confined when you are not there. All puppies misbehave... especially when alone... do not give the pup the run of the house... crate the pup (or use an xpen set up) if you don't have a small place that you can leave her in, such as the kitchen or laundry room. BUT remember if there are things in there that you don't want chewed... you need to remove them. I used our laundry room, however at that time there were no baseboards in there.... didn't take long for the pups to "strip" wall paper....

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@wizard - I haven't found or had problem with broken teeth with antlers, but for sure that were a problem years and years when I first used hoofs... and talk about sharp! Don't go walking around in the dark barefooted!

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@b5004ever - Black muzzle is not uncommon in Basenjis, it is referred to as "masking". It fades as the pup ages. Usually found in bloodlines that carry the "Tri" gene. That said, look closely at the heads on those dogs. Compare to the heads found on the illustrated standard at ( There are some unanswered questions if a sire was used that was known to come from a person in the West that crossed Basenjis with Fox Terriers

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@elbrant - I have used bully sticks for more years than I can count and only from ( Also Antler Chews (Elk Antlers)

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@cop635 - You also might want to try Jeff Gillespie in Ohio. He is also on FB. That is where my C-Me and Joy came from

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Many not so responsible breeders have already been mentioned on the Forum, you can search by name.

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@cop635 - Please make sure that whoever you go to, you are sure to check out health testing. You can go to and search by state, you can also see how to find a responsible breeder. I would say that is they are not Basenji Club of America, good chance they are not responsible breeders.

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@ginnyc - As already noted, you can try contacting breeders as many times they are looking to place younger Basenjis that have completed their show careers and are not going to be used in a breeding program.... Or they have maybe gotten back a pups/young adult (or sometimes not so young) that they are looking to rehome. You can search for breeders by state at

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@mani13 - Don't know were you read that, but it is not true. What is important is that you learn about the breed, spend time with the breeder you choose... and as with any breed you get, know that it is life changing. You are now their family and as such, they need to be part of the family.

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