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@autumnhunter - Are you sure that the Basenjis were "debarked"? Did the owners/breeders/handlers tell you that? Just curious....

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Speaking of tap water, I only use filtered water at home for both their water dishes and water on their food. When traveling I use only bottled water. Depending on the water you use... if you look at the residue in the bowl, you would not be drinking that either... we have very hard water, reason for filtered. And when traveling, bottle is best so you don't have a change because elbrant is correct, water from one location to another varies.

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@autumnhunter - What shows were they (located/names)? I don't know of Basenjis that were debarked? Certainly none that I knew at shows and/or lure trials... been showing and going to trials for since 1991

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Go to and you can search for breeders by state

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@kembe - After many years of having elders, get used to it... as it most likely will continue.... happens when they get old. My OJ at 16 would make it as far as the doggy door and go on the floor.... I think he thought he was "close enough"

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Good luck with that..... but thanks for trying

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Health check - UTI first thing... and at her advanced age, accidents happen...

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Most all breeders will/do recommend boy/girl... While you can luck out with girl/girl if problems start it is very, very unlikely that they will get alone after that... and fights will flare up at anytime... males not so much. As we say, it works till it doesn't. I would suggest as a breeder that you go for a male pup in your situation

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