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@ktiefen1 - Head Halters (think of a Halter that is used on horses) do not prevent biting and they are not considered any type of muzzle. Might help to prevent a bite, but that is not their primary use. They are used instead of a collar to control the dog with their heads, with directional control. I would never rely on a head halter to control biting.

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@cheryl-goodman - Have you talked to your girl's breeder? Have you completed all health testing and recorded it with as public record, especially DNA testing for Fanconi and PRA? Have you done any showing or performance events with your girl?

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@chrisf - Glasses in my house are never where the Basenjis can get them... it is the ear pieces they are after, they have your/husbands smells on them.... remember dogs have a great sense of smell.

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@chrisf - This is a typical basenji..... when you get a Basenji, better have a sense of humor.... Agree with CrazySenji on the suggestions. Especially the "trading".

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@lcwaxy85 - Groomer = Never.... learn to trim nails yourself, I use a dremel. And as asked what are you feeding him? Note that Basenji's typically blow coat once a year so it can get heavy during that time. How old is he? Basenjis have dander, period and again as with shedding, some more than others. Not sure what you mean by "different from normal dandruff"?

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@jacesmom - If you take him immediately outside after naps, eating, playing he will go outside.... but you have to take him... not expect him to tell you he needs to go out. Way to young for that. And I litter box train my pups and tell new owners to make that change from litter box to outside, take some of the litter you are using and put it out side, they pick up the idea pretty quick.

Many of us are related by our Basenjis, who did you get him from?

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@jesperfridolf - When he finds himself in what he thinks is a scary situation, don't react to it... just continue what you are doing and/or redirect his attention to you. Then when he is reacting to you, treat him.

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How well was he socialized and at what age. Of course first thing is make sure that his hearing is OK if sounds are bothering him.

And he is starting to hit puberty at 9 months for sure.... sniffing pee is normal and that will not change.

Have you spoken to his breeder about this?

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@luigifrangigi - Also not all are good with social media (email), try calling them direct... sometimes it works better.

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@crazysenji - Also for Klassic is Jeff Gillespie, Ashtabula Ohio

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