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@cnunley7 Very cute..... possible that she is a Basenji mix

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Very possible a Basenji Chi mix... very cute

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@giza1 - and it may carry Fanconi gene and be affected or be affected for PRA... or have other health issues... or temperament problems.... not just talking about pedigree, not talking about conformation... and typically there is no vetting to the home, people are just looking for bucks.... IMO, better to go to a responsible breeders or rescue org....

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@giza1 - Not a legit resource IMO... while you might find a breeder now and again... most are people that purchased from pet stores/BYB, Basenjis with no health testing. From responsible breeders there is typically a contract that the breeder gets the Basenji back... Also many are trying to just re-coop the price they paid. As with everything there are exceptions, but for the majority, IMO not a legit resource

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@JaxxnBeer - climbing up 4ft is child's play for a Basenji..... and if plastic, be prepared for easy chew through (in my opinion and experience)

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@Jacabok - I don't think you should just limit to ex-show dog... they may or MAY not be more thoroughly trained... LOL, I can tell you my show dogs are NOT well trained except to train me! If the Basenji comes from a legit rescue group, they are pretty well vetted for training as typically they are with a foster that is experienced with Basenjis. That said, stay away from things like craigslist, people use that to "dump" their pets, in my opinion. And rarely will you find a Basenji in a shelter, in the US, most shelters will contact rescue if they get purebreds.

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@jamato - It is a good food.... or you could just change to Fromms adult, I use Surf & Turf. However, that said and the fact that the diarhea started while on the same food that she was eating leads me to believe that there is something else going on then a food issue.
As far as a transition, start by adding a few kibbles at a time, increase over about 2 to 3 wks.
I don't have that issue (changing foods) as I change all the time... and my Basenjis are used to many different kinds of foods (for kibble always grain free) including veggies, fruits.....

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@jamato - You didn't say what the breeder was feeding and if you changed it , when.... by the way, like Debra, I have never used puppy food on my litters or pups... it is NOT need if you use a good quality grain free kibble... my litters/pups eat the same as the adults...

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@jamato - even Fromms has grain free, just go to their website...

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go to and there is a link to their Breeders Directory. Try that, sometimes breeders have older Basenjis, ex-show dogs that they are looking/wanting to rehome after their showing is done.