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DNA might tell you... regardless... very cute... keep in mind that many breeds have traits that could be Basenji... they really are not exclusive.... Personally I don't have much faith in DNA for the breed a dog might be... But that said, many Basenjis have those type of spots... can't hurt to do the DNA test.. but again regardless you are welcome here

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@eeeefarm - agree eeeefarm.... Vets do NOT recommend any medication for pets traveling alone. At least not that I have ever seen.

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@donc - Not true that breeders traditionally breed for conformation only. Breeders (responsible breeders) breed for health, temperament and conformation. Health/temperament is at the top of the list. Breeders do of course look for certain conformation but that does not exclude Health & Temperament.

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For sure you can breed temperament/personality.... however that said, how pups are raised by their breeder in those early days/weeks and how they are socialized before going to new homes and most important socialization after going to their forever homes is the most important key. And treating each pups as their own "person" and learning what works for them.....

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@abaihya - Have you called other breeders in the area? Go to and you can search by state.

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@snejkaxo said in How long is the wait list?:

I contacted one of the breeders, but no one replied. It’s been a week since I wrote, so maybe they are just busy. Or maybe because I said I will be getting one In 3 years or so, and just wanted to know when I should get on the waiting list, maybe they thought it was stupid. I don’t know. <shrug> I will wait a while longer, and see if another one would reply.

I would suggest you try a phone call.....

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@snejkaxo - I am in California. I was referring to the breeders that you noted since they are close to meet and visit with them. Meeting breeders is important since once you get one of their pups you become family.

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Always a good idea to meet breeders and their Basenjis......

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@rgrumet - They all react differently.... no way to tell before hand

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