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@debradownsouth - costs money to be listed, they may not want to spend it.... lots of people have lots of reasons. I don't question them. Bottom line, responsible breeders know who the responsible breeders are.

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@catherineseifert - It is optional if breeders want to be listed or not. She is well known in the breed and is responsible.

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Go to and you can search for breeders by state. You can visit with them or they can refer you to someone that has one of their pups.

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Still want to know why you say this is a Basenji? 4lb at 8 wks is NOT normal for a Basenji pup.

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@harold said in How we got through the first years of "whacko dog" and some tips for you:

Thank you for sticking with your pup.... however, many of the things that you describe can be for any pup, not just a Basenji. If you got your pup from a responsible breeder I would think you would not have had many of these issues? Not sure why you are thinking this is a Basenji? Can you post pictures? And I would further guess that he was not 8wks old with the development you are describing. Sounds like he was way younger than that... especially since he came from a craigslist advertisement. Responsible breeders do not sell puppies on craigslist

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@patty said in Unexplained seizure leading to Kidney disease diagnosis - advice for feeding:

@debradownsouth sorry from my ignorance but please what are subQ fluids? My bitch has been diagnosed with early kidney disease too.

SubQ fluids are given under the skin to assist in hydrating. Looks hard to do, but really pretty easy.

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@jdhunt0 - Yea, good for you. Fingers crossed for good results. Remember that Clear and/or Carrier is fine.

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@jdhunt0 - Vets do not do the DNA testing for Fanconi or PRA. You order the cheek swab from, swab the cheek and then send it back to OFA to be processed.

No testing done on the dam. Go to
Enter Dam's name and you will find the pedigree for her. Her parents were not tested either as they would show up on the pedigree page. And they do not show up on the OFA site under their registration numbers. All Fanconi and PRA test are made public on the OFA site

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Looks like a spitz mix to me, more than Basenji. Many spitz breeds have a curly tail. And honestly there are also many, many breeds that do not like to potty in the rain. I would guess maybe a Shiba mix

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@vizzy said in Hopeful Basenji Owner!:

Hello everyone! I wanted to introduce myself. My husband and I have been wanting a dog for a while, and we are finally at a point where we are ready to become owners. I contacted breeders earlier this year, and we are at the top of the waiting list for a litter that will be born mid-fall.

We found out in the past year that my husband is allergic to dogs, so we began researching hypoallergenic dogs, and fell in love with the basenji. After reading in depth about them and contacting some owners near me, we know it will be a great fit for our family.

I joined this forum in hopes of learning all I can before welcoming one into our home- to ensure that we can give them a home that they deserve.

Thank you!

Just wanted to point this out again, Basenjis are NOT hypoallergenic dogs, they shed and have dander.

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