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@morsesa said in Looking for a pup:

Cast your net world wide. We looked looked for ours when we were in Hawaii. And the mainland, none. So we got our basenji from NZ. Cost was $2000 in 1960 but he was worth it. Most cost was the plane transport of him.

I would say to anyone that you need to check with breeders in NZ and/or Australia on this quote on price... As noted by Zande 1960 is a bit long ago, but even if it was in 1990 certainly would not be a realistic price in 2020. Cost alone for shipping and the fees attached to that would be over 2000.00 excluding the price of the pup. I would suggest you talk first about the price including shipping. However, there are some very good breeders in NZ and Australia

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Agree that Medfly has been in the past a great place for finding a rescue... they have spent many years assisting placements with pups from some not so responsible breeders.... Will totally miss them... and what they have done for Basenji placements. This looks like a lovely pup.... and I know for sure that Medfly will find his perfect home. Hugs Karen for all that you have done over the years...

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I think you need to have a visit to the Vet. Could be that her anal glands are the problem? In all the many, many years I have had (bred and raised) never had that issue....

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@morsesa - Please is this not a post done over and over? And in this day/age, that cost just for shipping from NZ would be way, way more then what you are posting. Please stop putting this same post on over and over. That said I know most all responsible breeders in NZ or Australia.. and most all pups have already been placed as their breeding season produces pups in April/May/June

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@edefisher88 Basenjis shed and have dander, while they are good depending on the type of allergies, can be good with people with allergies. I suggest that you spend time with them and more than just 20 minutes or so... to see how you react

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So sorry, remember that you will always carry her soul in your heart... Hugs.... and run free Cosmo!

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@elbrant - Note that responsible breeders will "pick" the pup that best suits the potential home, not the other way around. So while I require a visit by possible puppy owners, breeders will still try to place the best pup that fits the home... not the possible owners to pick one... And I do agree it is best for the breeder to meet people in person and not just pick a pup by a picture... especially for a first time Basenji owner... Sometimes there might be more than one that we as breeders think that there could be more than one pup, but that is not usual. I have never knowing the home it is going to and what they are looking for in a pup had a problem placing the right pup in the right home

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@kodiakh - Thanks and right now we are not expecting to breed a litter in 2021. We may change our minds, but right now that would be a no.

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Go to and you can search for breeders by state. Since Basenjis are typically only born Nov/Dec/Jan time frames most all responsible breeders have full reservation lists especially on the West Coast. This would be a good time to contact a breeder for next years Fall possible litters. You will also find that some breeders will not ship puppies and unless coming this way will not drive to a location. I do not ship, I require people to come to our home for their pup. Be sure to research breeders and also verify health testing. DNA tests for Fanconi and PRA are public at and I highly suggest that you always check this out for yourself. I always encourage people to check this out for themselves even for my pups when we are breeding. Here is also a link to "vet" for responsible breeders, questions to ask... and responsible answers from breeders. Many no so responsible breeders will only care about your money, take it and ship to wherever. Responsible breeders have contracts that will include that if that pup ever needs to be placed that pup will go back to the breeder. You will not find that is the case with many people that you will find on line.

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