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@prasadvaze - For a purebred to have body odor.... not the normal.... One thing you might want to look into a better quality of food... IAM's (I believe) the 2nd ingredient is corn? Not really good for most any dog, corn generates heat. If you think about it, that is why it is fed to livestock in the winter. Try a limited ingredient like Natural Balance or grain free. And contrary to popular opinion you read, Basenjis do shed

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Could be anytime from 6 months to 1yr for their first season

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@hazyj - If you contact me via email, I will connect you with her... she has Basenjis and Whippets... and has for years (

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@hazyj - Basenjis and Whippets are hounds... they are a "thinking" breed... as in request them to do something their immediate response is "What's in it for me?" They are not in my opinion stubborn...

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@elbrant - Totally disagree... Not true in my experience and that has been for over 30yrs. And the amount of time spent with them in the evenings if you work.
Depends on the activity during the day... and especially with two dogs.. and also working the mind... and if you have a yard, then walks are not as needed as they can play with each other in the yard. I don't and never have walked mine...but on now and again. They do not need long walks/hikes every day... mine do not and I work and 8hr job... granted I do not have to crate them as I have the house set with a dog room with access to the yard...

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Many Basenji owners have Basenjis and Whippets.... They do quite well with each other... Depending on the temperament, both breeds can be needy... depends on each dog. And honestly, they (both breeds along with other breeds) want pets and to be assured they are part of the family so while independent, that does not being included in the family pack... they both need to be part of the family, not just when it is OK for the family to relate to them...most all dogs will demand "their time"... not just when it is OK for you... Basenjis typically have no smelly coats and do not need to have a bath on a regular basis. Whippet's could, but I don't have them so you would need to talk to Whippet owners/breeders on that. Note that with any dog, children in the family need to be respective of the dogs...

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Brown rice.... white rice if they are not feeling well as it digests easier. But veggies are best to loose weight. Mine also get a teaspoon of yogurt daily. And veggies, start with steamed... mine love all veggies... especially root veggies...

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You most likely will have to do some travel... you can research responsible breeders in the Northern at by state. I doubt that you will find a responsible closer to you

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@dres_actually - Don't discount possible Thyroid issue regardless of age

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@maureen252 - You can add some wet, I do.... and also add some water with the kibble and wet food... I put in about a small tablespoon of wet. And some Basenjis do drink a fair amount... some of mine did/do some didn't

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