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crazy old woman who actually wants a reason to go for walks, hikes, and bike rides... to dote on a little one... and have a pal willing to jump in the car and go for a ride...

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@izzy-bella oh.. not a dog bed. That was my son's pillow "innerds" spread across a Queen size. Really, really glad that the damage was restricted to the pillow. Not sure if I could afford to replace one mattress after another. 😉

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@Kembe Starting to wonder if our recent outbreak of spam isn't (compliments of) someone named "Heather".... not an accusation, just thinking outload...

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Can you send a photo?

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Temperament and Personality are so closely related that they (probably) get confused by many. Temperament describing aspects of one's personality that you would be born with: shy, or outgoing. Personality refering more to behavioral choices and learned behavior as in one's reactions to outer stimuli: curious or frightened.

So, my question is: Can you breed for specific Temperament traits?

(note: I am not a breeder, possess absolutely zero knowledge about breeding, and only ask this out of curiousity because the thought presented itself to me. I would, however, truly appreciate the chance to learn about this through our forum breeders discussions, education, and experiences on the topic.)

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@helle-devi I notified BRAT shortly after "Heather" started the rant. I was concerned about several points (administering/adjusting med dosage without Vet approval/advice, ignoring Vet advice, and on and on). They called an emergency board meeting and took prompt action. Unfortunately, legal processes take time. All the while, Heather continued her rant. And more astonishing details were revealed.

By the time Heather sent her first (wall of text itself) post, BRAT had already sent Heather an email explaining that they were reclaiming "Declan". Indicating that BRAT was already aware that things had gotten out of hand. I think Heather was a good "foster Mom" when she first started doing it. But something ... somewhere along the line ... started unraveling for her.

I don't wish her any ill will. I do hope that she finds her way back. But I still think removing Declan from her home was "for the best". sigh

(note: I do not know if Declan is still with her or not, Heather might have actually signed that agreement, but I doubt it.)

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What about a leash and (serious) harness? Something that would limit the distance and prevent the pup from actually getting close enough to take a leap(?) I'm not talking about a harness made from straps, but one that would cradle the chest and stomach area enough to gently suspend (him) in the air -- just in case.

Granted, you would have to take it on/off every time your dog goes onto the balcony, but it's the only thing I can think of to really make sure your dog is safe.

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@hamima2 I'm curious as well, but not sure we will ever find out....

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@prncmuhd said in Grain free food:

Top Dog Accessories 2019

Shame on you! If you had half a brain, you would have discussed legitimate issues with grain free food and then offered a link to a good option. Spam is never the way to get people to buy your products.

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@abaihya said in Breeders in the Gilbert area:

Brushy Run dogs bred by Beverly were intentionally bred to have those traits

oh... yes, that makes so much more sense! A blessing that you had one of their dogs. A shame that you might not have that option this time around. I do hope that you find "just the right dog". 🙂

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Is this a rental, or did you buy the property? If this is a rental, contact the landlord immediately! If you purchased the property, you may have recourses that you can the REALTOR® you worked with (or a Real Estate Attorney).

Try one (or all) of these homemade solutions:
DIY (Cat) Stain and Odor Remover
3 natural homemade cleaners
Six Homemade Remedies for Dog Stains and Odors

If all else fails, speak with a local stain removal professional and/or get some quotes for replacing the floor. I don't envy you with this... good luck. (Please share whatever ends up working!)

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