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crazy old woman who actually wants a reason to go for walks, hikes, and bike rides... to dote on a little one... and have a pal willing to jump in the car and go for a ride...

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@kembe I can't not ask... where did you find the "mask"?

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@_neekko_ My girl nips occasionally, deliberately, but without malice... in the same way as she's scratching an itch and gets too close to the skin. Sometimes it bruises - and it would be really alarming for a child to go through that. I just say "ouch!" and rub the spot. She's done this 3 or 4 times. It's been quite a while since the last time. It would probably be difficult for a young child to be able to control their reaction, but if you can teach her by reacting (calmly and without much ado) that it's not fun for you... maybe it would help train her to stop. Maybe?

That said, I get that you think the nips are a reaction to outside stimuli... my only advise on that is for you to practice walking her (alone) with confidence and control. Focus on acheiving successful solo walks. If nothing else, it will give you a chance to observe your dogs reactions. Maybe your dog is stressed out because she perceives danger for your children and she feels like she has to protect them. (If the kids aren't there, is she still acting the same way?) Maybe your dog is anxious because of bad interactions with other dogs. (Is she still having issues even when it's just you and her?) Give her a lot of positive reinforcement (treats and praise) each time she passes a dog without a negative reaction.

Last idea: help your girls mend any anxiety they may have regarding the nips... smear a dab of peanut butter on the palm of their hands and offer the treat (one at a time). While your dog is slobbering all over your girls, get them to tell her what a good girl she is and give her lots of belly rubs after the gigglefest subsides.

I hope we get to hear more about what you tried and how it worked. 🙂

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@alihunt How adorable!
p.s. I've heard that aluminum foil covering the counter (table, chair, etc.) is effective.

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@alihunt I suspect it's not seperation anxiety. You mentioned that she urinates "no matter how long" you're gone and that if she hears you open the garage door "she will yelp on purpose and pee" (even if she hasn't peed before that). Consider this: She's been waiting for you to come back and she's being so good, but when she hears you she gets really excited (and pees by accident). So your new job is to get her outside as fast as humanly possible so she can pee. And when she does, give her more praise and playtime than you would normally give her. If she misses the mark (so-to-speak) the first couple of tries, well, don't be discouraged. She's going to need to understand that the first thing that will happen is going outside to pee. Then she gets attention and loves. It might take her a couple days to get the idea. And you might have to move her crate closer to the exit to help her succeed. If, when you get inside, you find out that she wasn't able to hold it while you were gone, don't say anything to her (same plan, take her straight outside to pee and praise her)... then clean her crate and get ready for the next time you have to go out. Even if you are only walking down the driveway to get the mail. I think that she is trying really hard and wants to be good for you. She just needs a little help. Let us know how things go.

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@falcon LOL At least he has a "tell"!

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@DebraDownSouth You have misread what I wrote.

I never claimed that you and @mshilo were the same person. I did relate information about something that happened to me, years ago, which involved 2 people who really ended up being the same person (whom I did not name).

I was initally hoping to get @mshilo to chill a bit because his comments about the US seemed to come out of the blue, and I found them offensive, but apparently that just sent him/her off on a tizzy.

... and now you are off on a tizzy because, somehow, you decided this was all about you. -?-

... whatever...

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Has anyone resorted to the spray bottle/squirt gun method of correcting their "B's" misbehavior? I caught BUG pulling books out and ripping up their spines. (picture "the Predator" ripping out the someone's spine in the jungle) I've tried to address the behavior before and, well, I kind of lost it. I got my hair mister bottle out, adjusted the spray from mist to stream and when BUG started to eat the spine off one of my books tonight - she got it. It made her jump (but we all know it didn't hurt her). She went back to my books and tried it again and she got another squirt. There was no third time.

I'm going to need a holster for my suirt gun!

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@jhewell I hosted a "mailing list" much like this (years ago) and I had a couple of people on the list who were just nasty to each other. (Sound familiar?) Anyway, come to find out that both parties were actually the same person. It seems that some people are so bored in their own lives that they deliberately try to bait others into fighting with them, and sometimes they will pretend fight with themselves just to cause a disturbance. Or maybe that particular person had a split personality. Anyhow... the bickering between @mshilo and @DebraDownSouth reminded me of the experience. That said, I wasn't trying to bait anyone. I was simply curious. Frankly the last response I got was so convoluted that I cannot begin to respond. scratching my head 😉

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@branch BUG seems to handle small amounts of lactose (a bit of milk, cottage cheese) well, but I took her off corn (i.e.; from mixed veggies) because it was obvious that she wasn't "digesting" it properly. Lots of other veggies out there - she doesn't need to fill up her belly with something she can't process properly. (I appologize for being so graphic.) I avoid soy (since I have no asian ancestry). And, so far... no indication that gluten or wheat is an issue - although I will keep an eye out for possible signs (just in case). Thanks for the heads up!

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@branch That's an interesting perception... what was your B allergic to?

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