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crazy old woman who actually wants a reason to go for walks, hikes, and bike rides... to dote on a little one... and have a pal willing to jump in the car and go for a ride...

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@debradownsouth you are so exhausting. I did not attack Petfinder. I relayed what I was told by my local Animal Shelter. There was no "misinformation" requiring your clarification. There was no "negativity". Nor were there any perceived assumptions that websites are legally responsible for information contributed by the public. Get a grip, you are the only one spitting venom. I"m done with you.

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@debradownsouth It's like you don't think about what you write.... I state that my "Local Animal Shelters do not post on Petfinder, they post on PetHarbor"... and you twist it around trying to claim -- wait, what is your point here? You're all over the place. Little of what you say makes any sense at all, except your attempts to appear educated. Exactly what was it about a link to PetHarbor that got you so excited in the first place?

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@debradownsouth I'm referring to Shelters, not Rescue Groups. Local government shelters (according to the Animal Control Officers in my corner of the world) consider Petfinder to be an unreliable, often outdated, source. They recommend using PetHarbor.

Wikipedia, btw, does not guarantee accuracy on any subject. Furthermore, I would consider 14,000 (combined shelters and rescue groups) to be a drop in the bucket. The biggest problem with Petfinder as a resource would be that it's only as accurate as the person posting the information. Some things might be spot on, others... not.

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The question begs to be asked: Has there ever been an "albino Basenji" on record?

Striking pup, very pretty!

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@dagodingo said in Do you think part basenji?:

Could be a byb sold to someone and it didn’t work out.

Think it through... if you paid for a puppy and it didn't work out -- would you walk around trying to give the puppy away? Or, try to get your money back? Or, try to find someone to buy the puppy so you could, at least, recoup the money invested?

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@dagodingo I don't think "full basenji" is likely here.
a) a backyard breeder cringe is not going to give purebred pups to a neighbor to try to find homes for them,
b) a responsible breeder is not going to give purebred pups to a neighbor to try to find homes for them,
c) even rescue groups have better ways to find pups new homes.
It just doesn't make sense.

@jlrice1986 As adorbs as this little man is, (IMHO) he is mixed with "something". Maybe Basenji/Chihuahua? He is awfully cute though.

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Local Animal Shelters do not post on Petfinder, they post on PetHarbor. You can set up email alerts to let you know when a Basenji pops up. And they are pretty reliable with updating availability.

That said, I've found that many of the people involved have little to no knowledge about dog breeds. Example: I think this dog looks closer to a Jack Russell mix, as opposed to a Basenji mix. Maybe it has some B in it... but it wouldn't be my first thought.

Another option might be to become a foster family with BRAT.

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It's difficult to tell what he may be (in terms of breed/mix). A photo of him standing from the side, which shows his profile, would be helpful. Basenji's are square... as tall as they are long -- shoulders to tail, shoulders to toes. The eye's in your pictures are blue... most babies have blue eyes, so watch for the eye color to change as this little one grows up. That said, I am not a breeder and so, I am not as familiar with Basenji pups as a breeder would be.

A DNA test could tell you for sure. Ask whichever Veteranarian you choose what they think.
Congrats on your new little guy... he sure is cute!

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Somehow, this makes me glad I feed 'doodle' human-grade food. Tonight's dinner: shredded chicken breast, green beans and carrots, with a smidge of puree'd pumpkin. Spoiled, healthy, alive, (but most of all) loved.

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