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crazy old woman who actually wants a reason to go for walks, hikes, and bike rides... to dote on a little one... and have a pal willing to jump in the car and go for a ride...

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omgosh, he is just adorable!!

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@tanza said in Basenji Breeders in Malta:

the points/directions you offered are not realistic in this case.

The method I suggest is valid in virtually every case. You will not find what you are looking for until you look, because you never know what you will find.

Unfortunately, @Zande's original comment was that there weren't any Basenji's in Malta -- it sounded like she was telling @eaglet to give up. I'm grateful that @Zande contacted @eaglet by email and then did some additional research through her records. Her database is a feather in her cap, no doubt about that. Add the knowledge she has gained as a breeder makes her a valuable member.

I don't, however, think anyone should be telling any member that their input is unwanted. Our community is made up of many people who have different perspectives, personalities, knowledge, and skillsets. And that makes each one of us valuable. I would hate to think that we could have members who don't participate for fear that their input wouldn't be appreciated.

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@zande said in Basenji Breeders in Malta:

a Basenji-free community, bounded by water !

You found some Basenji's on Malta! Cool!

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@eeeefarm @Zande Just because we don't know anyone on Malta with a Basenji, does not mean that there aren't any Basenji's on Malta. Half a million people = a lot of possible dog owners.... let's agree to not make assumptions.

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@zande I'm at a disadvantage -- I clearly don't understand that point you are trying to make.... Are you suggesting that it is illegal to have a Basenji on Malta? Or, that the population on Malta is cut off from the rest of the world?

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@zande said in Basenji Breeders in Malta:

groomers / pet stores are unlikely to have experience of the Breed, elbrant !

I was simply suggesting that the more you look, the more likely you are to find what you are looking for. If you only ask one group of people, you are limiting your resources to that one group. If you look and ask several people, or groups, then you increase the likelihood of discovering what you were looking for. It's human nature to share things about yourself in hopes of finding new friends with similar interests.

A Basenji owner may be unlikely to take their pup to a groomer, but perhaps they have taken another dog to the local groomer and happened to mention their Basenji while visiting with the shop owner. You never know, @eaglet could come across someone with a cousin or a friend's neighbor that has a B, whom they can then get the breeder information from. Sometimes "it's a small world, after all".

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Check with your local kennel club, or the closest dog show sponsor to see if they know of any Basenji's in your area. Also, any business that works with dogs (Vets, Groomers, etc.).

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@jodymp another post you sent stated you were in Yorkshire... so, are you looking for a pup in Europe? Do you have a specific region, or a distance range where you are focusing your search?

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ROTFLMAO! that was excellent!

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@tanza said in Thin Skin, OUCH!:

.. tug of war is NOT a good thing to do.... redirecting the behavior is

I suppose this depends on the owner and what kind of relationship they want with their dog. Lots of people engage their dog in a little tug without giving up their leadership role. Regardless, the concept is that the nippy behavior is redirected to something else, and the pup learns to chew or bite on an object that is acceptable.

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