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crazy old woman who actually wants a reason to go for walks, hikes, and bike rides... to dote on a little one... and have a pal willing to jump in the car and go for a ride...

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@zande said in To Clear Vision and Fast Healing...:

OK, I am probably being selfish,

Not at all! Vision is priceless! Is there no appeal process that would allow you to get permission for the second surgery in a timely manner?

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@gianna said in Looking for a female pup:

as far as i can afford to go...

I think @zande was asking what distance you would be willing to travel.... 10km? 800km?

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@praz said in Should i go for a Basenji (I do want one)?:

I do plan to take 3 weeks off from work to settle the pup when it arrives.

Dogs, especially high energy breeds like the Basenji, need to exercise. Left alone all day, any day, is an invitation for them to find "creative" ways to entertain themselves. And that typically isn't something their people would have approved of. Like, when my dog killed my son's bed pillow....

bad bed pillow

I'm sure my girl had a reason to do this, but I have no clue what it would have been.... and since I wasn't there to see the pillow fight, she cannot be punished for it. Primarily because she would never understand what the punishment was for. There are stories all the time about Basenji's being destructive. A recent post provided a picture of a B ripping the wallpaper off a wall. So, you see... knowing that your dog will be unsupervised for extremely long periods of time is probably inviting trouble. Not to mention that you should never leave the door to your home open while you are away (even on the 3rd floor)!

I suggest that you wait and get your Basenji in a year or two when your life is better suited to having a dog. For now, get a kitten. Cats (even young ones) only require food, water, and access to their litter box while you are gone. They can be left the entire day, or even two days in a row, without any problems. Dogs cannot.

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Depending on the balcony construction, you may be able to add safety netting or fencing from top to bottom and side to side to prevent any mishaps... that doesn't mean that you should assume nothing would happen. I'm only thinking that you could make it "safer" than just a meter high barrier.

The 2 days you are gone so long really isn't ideal. Especially if you are wanting a puppy. Basenji's become extremely bonded to their people and a young one would not understand why you brought it home and then left. Are the two days back to back? Would you be able to leave the dog in the care of a family member (husband, child, sibling, parent)? If someone else in the household was able to care for the dog on those days... it might be more practical. It depends on what type of situation you would be able to arrange and if those arrangements would be consistent.

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@alibobo said in Lockdown puppies' flood rescue centres:

This makes me very sad and scared for the futures of all those unfortunate dogs

While it concerns me, it also makes me think that I should open my home to one of them. A second Basenji isn't out of the question for me. I've been thinking about bringing another B home anyway. It's something for me to reconsider. Perhaps I should contact BRAT in case they need homes or fosters in my area.

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@jocaroth 3 ideas:

  1. Drape the crate with a blanket or towel. The heated pad, and body heat should be retained in her "den"... it should make her much more comfortable, or

  2. Allow your pup to sleep with you in your bed and possibly under the covers. Lot's of Basenji's tend to do this, My girl sleeps with me, but prefers to be on top of the blankets, or

  3. You could look into heating your bedroom. Not sure where you are, or what your situation is... I've slept in under-heated buildings before. Don't care how many blankets you have, it's no fun. For anyone.

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When other dogs get on doodle's nerves and she growls at them... it's a doggy warning. I tell her to "be nice", but I don't fault her for standing up for herself. Everything seems to get diffused somewhere between her growl and my comment.

It sounds like your dog was drawing a line in the sand (figuratively) and telling the other dog, "enough!" It happens. Your boy is becoming a "man". He has chosen not to be submissive to this other dog. I would keep an eye on the two of them should they ever meet up at the dog park again. But no, I don't think you should worry. It's highly unlikely that your dog will become aggressive with every dog it comes across,

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@robin7 said in Rescue dog prey drive!:

train them so that when they notice something, they look at you instead of wanting to chase the animal.

Basenji's are hunting animals. Why would you try to remove a hunting instinct so deeply ingrained in the breed? Adapt to it. You will be far less frustrated.

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