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crazy old woman who actually wants a reason to go for walks, hikes, and bike rides... to dote on a little one... and have a pal willing to jump in the car and go for a ride...

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Not a clue what she might actually be, but she's kinda cool looking. 🙂

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Thank you (everyone) for both your compasion and advice. Much comforted!

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swollen forarm

Bug was confused when I left her in the car at the house. I get it, she didn't understand that I had forgotten to turn off the stovetop or that I was going inside for (seriously) two seconds. So, when I packed up the car and realized the potatoes were still boiling, I dashed back inside to turn them off. And "doodle BUG" tried to follow. The window wasn't low enough for her to jump out, but it was low enough for her foot to get caught between the glass and the frame. Ouch!

I didn't hear her call out, but it scared her enough for her to accidentally poop, and she was trapped. Her leg was stuck in the window. Didn't leave her like that long enough to take a pic.

I carefully lifted her leg, gave her lots of "owy" love, appologized, examined her and cleaned up the car. It was really upsetting to see remnants of fur on the glass when I extracted her leg - and I'm being hyper vigilant about watching her. The area is bruised (visably) and tender, but otherwise she seems ok. She isn't favoring the leg and seems to be moving about as though she's (90%) a-okay. She just doesn't want me to "handle it".

The cut is visible. The swelling is less obvious. It doesn't appear to be broken.... but, should I be (more) worried about this?

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@marble said in Best harness for basenji’s:

Best of luck. If my two can’t wiggle out of their, they take turns chewing it off each other.

LOL I was about to say something similar... we need a harness that Bug cannot chew through! [Yes, I realize that if she were trapped, I might want her to be able to free herself, however, I don't generally choose to spend $30++ for (what turns out to be) a chewtoy.]

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@nick4 Just some thoughts.

I tend to believe that every dog owner feeds their dog diferently than the next - and most of us "swear by it". The key is to figure out what food will make you feel confidant that you are giving Jax what he needs. That might mean that you need to research kibble products, or the raw diet, or homemade foods, or all of these approaches. Doing that research will give you the confidence that you are giving Jax the best you can. It will also eliminate any anxiety that Jax might be sensing at mealtime. If Jax thinks you are worried about what's in his bowl, he's not going to "want it". (does that make sense?)

Are you hovering to see if he's eating? [LOL, Kinda sounds a little creepy, doesn't it? Would you want to eat if someone was looking over your shoulder?]

Or, do you put the bowl down and pick it back up after a half hour (empty or not)? [This will create a sense of urgency: "I better eat or she'll take it away!"]

Does he get his meals at the same time every day? [Bug doesn't get breakfast/dinner at the same time, but she knows that we go for a walk after we wake up and then she gets breakfast. Sometimes that's at 6am, sometimes it's at 10am, and she's always eager for her morning walk!]

It's fine to 'mix things up' a little with water, or chicken stock, or a surprise in Jax's bowl. [I started "bug" on chicken/rice/veggies and a bit of chicken stock when I first brought her home as a way to alieviate the stress from transitioning into our home. We still feed human foods, but we vary the protein, veggies and grain, adding fruits occasionally. (I nuke her meal for 30 seconds because I suspect that refrigerated food products will upset dog tummies.) Never have a problem with her eating or digestion. Personally, I like feeding her this way. She gets (canine) multi-vitamins to make sure I don't miss something vital - which makes me confident in this approach. (which is why I suggested the research - I feel good about what Bug eats, so she does too.)]

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you need to feel like you are giving Jax something that is good (for him) before he will feel like he's getting something good for him to eat.

ok, I'm really not a doggy psychologist....

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@debradownsouth OR, hire a private jet with pilot to get you and your pup there. 😉

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@dagodingo said in Help with getting started.:

// no ripping up everything //

no ripping up everything? @ 9 months? ROTFLMAO! Do they ever reach an age when the destruction stops?

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@ginnyc Since we are discussing a rescue, please consider that she may be continueing the actions out of habit. Is there is any way to find out how long the behavior (and/or the medical issue) existed prior to bringing her into your home?

Here's my thought process: the dog needed her glands expressed (for a period of time), she coped with it by scooting and licking, she recieved the medical care that she needed but now she's in a new environment. She's seeking comfort while she copes with the anxiety of new surroundings, so... she is returning to the behavior that used to make her "feel better".

In other words, she's traded seeking comfort from a physical issue (anal glands) for seeking comfort from a psychological one (new environment). She's resorting to the behavior that worked in the past - even though it's probably not working (as well) now.

My suggestion: The cone is a great a way to interrupt the licking behavior, but solutions for the scooting(?)... Would a "doggy diaper" prevent/deter her scooting? Would some "udder cream" help alieviate any dry/roughness in the area? Is it possible that she has some sort of blockage (from something that she didn't process properly)?

Other thoughts include a curiosity about her food intake. Have you changed her diet? Perhaps something that's easier to digest? Does she act constipated?

I could probably go on and on and not make the right suggestion, so take all of that with a grain of salt. It's hard to find a solution without first hand knowledge. Just think it all through. 🙂

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@kembe I can't not ask... where did you find the "mask"?

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