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crazy old woman who actually wants a reason to go for walks, hikes, and bike rides... to dote on a little one... and have a pal willing to jump in the car and go for a ride...

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@pawla said in Puppy injured after Resource guarding towards another dog:

reach down and swing their dog's butt toward my dog

seriously? the two dogs don't just do this naturally?

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@tanza said in Basenji Growth Plates:

When she is tired stop the hike.... she will tell you

I've heard about slings that you might opt for as a way to carry a pup the rest of the way when they get too tired.... maybe someone could offer a link or description?

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@wynette I think I am the one at fault for this bit of confusion. @DebraDownSouth was referring to a post that I removed because it was "colorfully inappropriate". She was not responding to your post in any way. Please do not hold it against her, it was just a misunderstanding.

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@debradownsouth It is my understanding that the necessary tools to delete an account do not exist in the code structure of this forum. So, no. I actually can not delete an account. I can ban an account and prevent them from signing in under a particular username, but that does not delete their posts or other data. There are repercussions to coding such an option into a threaded discussion. For example: If you delete an account under a particular username, can you (or should you) allow someone else to create an account with that username? What kind of confusion would result if there was actually a new user with the username "@DebraDownSouth"? Would readers assume that account 1 and account 2 were the same person?

To the best of my knowledge, anyone who has joined automatically agrees to the rules & regulations, regardless of where they live. The rules clearly state, "It is our policy that user accounts and or posts will not be deleted."

The original post for this particular thread was created by someone who actually had three accounts (unbeknownst to me at that time). In this case, no reason was provided, so there was no opportunity to correct any issues. End result: all three accounts were subsequently banned for violating Forum Rules.

It is an interesting dilemma, certainly.

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@tuckerbesosa said in Real Breeder:

good prices and his dogs seem to be healthy

Is this your opinion based on photos or in-person observations? There are soooo many online scams. If you haven't seen this person (and their puppies) one-on-one (at an adoption fair, the dog park, a dog show, a local dog event)... then apply a healthy dose of skepticism.

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In regards to the multi-pills: I think your decision should be based on your location and human comfort. I live in a very humid area of NC (USA) with extremely mild (often 80s) winters. Each "Momma Tick" can lay 30,000 eggs, "Momma Flea" can lay several thousand over her lifetime. And "Momma Mosquito" only needs a Tablespoon of water to lay her eggs in. Huge families of them survive in my area year round. And I don't want them in my home. So, for (admittedly) completely selfish reasons, doodle gets 'Simparica Trio' every 6 weeks.

If you live in an area with extremely cold winters, you may not have issues with fleas. Ticks can typically be found with a good inspection when the dogs come inside. Mosquito sightings may be few and far between. You might not need something that repels all three... but, someone else might live in an area where more protection is prudent.

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I don't know the exact shot schedule. I do, however, always make sure doodle has bordetello and lepto along with all of the typical stuff. Bordetello is for kennel cough if I remember correctly. I get that because doodle is exposed to so many dogs at the dog park. And I get the Lepto because doodle has a penchant for sticking her nose in every questionable thing we pass by on our walks.

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@sanjibasenji said in Crate training:

I have much respect for that accumulated knowledge, but, not to sound rude, that does not make that person a certified or licensed trainer.

I actually was offended by what you posted. You said you respect the knowledge, but disregard it because they aren't a "certified or licensed trainer"? These are well-intentioned breeders who volunteer to engage with others on the Forum in an attempt to educate and celebrate this amazing dog breed. They share their knowledge. You don't have to agree with them. Offer your opinion and move on. Please don't suggest that their opinion, experience, and education isn't valid because they aren't "certified" or "licensed".

Your overall intent screams that you believe yourself to be better than the rest of us: "I'm a scientist with a PhD." Which puts the rest of us beneath you? In education and social stature? You couldn't know about anyone's socioeconomic status, educational achievements, or expertise on any subject. But you deemed to think it was appropriate to put us in our place. And that, was rude.

Even the analogy you offered is an indication that you don't value anyone who doesn't have a degree. Frankly, if you are hearing conflicting opinions about the same piece of art, get a third opinion. The person with the degree may have just scraped by with a C+, while the person who devoted decades may have been under the tutelage of a Master Artist. And really, if you are planning to purchase such a prized piece of Art, shouldn't you educate yourself so you can make an intelligent decision instead of allowing others to tell you what to buy?

As an aside: The original YouTube link remains, but we certainly do not need her entire catalog of videos. Sharing information is one thing, advertising for someone is another. I would hope that you understand that not everything you see online is true. Including claims to be an expert, certified, trained, Dr., etc., etc. Lots of people in the world are just selling a story.

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@mrscastro said in Is she a basenji ?:

looking for moderators

This one's all you @JENGOSMonkey !!

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I would recommend contacting your local Kennel Club and asking two things:

  1. Do any of their members show, breed, or own Basenji's? And,
  2. Do they have a Dog Show scheduled (in the future)?

Truly, you will have better success looking locally, or in the next town over, than you will wasting time trying to find someone online. Good luck! Keep us updated!

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