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crazy old woman who actually wants a reason to go for walks, hikes, and bike rides... to dote on a little one... and have a pal willing to jump in the car and go for a ride...

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@gigi I used to believe that you should spay females that you were not going to breed, but I always let my girls have one litter. Based on the information I had at the time, I thought that females who had a litter were more protective of their home. And I never had a girl who wasn't inclined to protect home/family. But catching your girl before she goes into season and keeping her isolated is a hat trick at best. I've seen one male kill another (literally) because he wanted to win the mating game. No warning. No growling. Just a quick bite and the smaller dog was gone. 40 years later and it still grabs me.

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@debradownsouth ... "Chaga" refers to both an African Tribe and Mushrooms, the concept of a "truffle hunting dog" relates to the latter, mushrooms. Mushrooms, being a truffle, after all. So, there's no joke here about dogs hunting human beings. I'm sure it's just jet lag... I hope you are enjoying your new home.

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@debradownsouth omgosh... all I said was that I don't generally trust the "Dodo" for my news. That's all. Like, I don't rely on Wikipedia if I'm checking on potential health issues for myself. Doesn't mean that Wiki won't have the information, just that I feel more comfortable getting the information from someone like, the "Mayo Clinic". I still like Wiki - even donate to their organization (annually). But you know what -- it's just my opinion. Going on and on and on about it isn't going to change my mind.

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@taylor-rene-g Just out of curiosity... what does "Chaga" mean?

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Ideas for finding your (next) dog:

Online resources make finding a dog (both) easier and time consuming. Rescues are generally pretty good at keeping their websites up to date. The same cannot be said of all dog related sites. So, before you get swallowed by all the adorable pictures of puppies, create a strategy for weeding out more reliable sources vs. the not-so-great ones. is often used by local animal control. You will have to check to see if your group is on there. Once you do, it's easy to set up email alerts to let you know when they bring in the breed you are interested in. That said, IMHO, most pets are listed as the wrong breed. has a marketplace that lists pups that are presumably purebred. As noted by another member, that doesn't mean they are reliable breeders. (aka brat) appears to be well-respected.

Most of the other sites I found ended up being little more that a time-suck. So, other options? How about thinking "Outside the Box"?

Your area Veterinarians' would make a logical source of information (both for new litters, and possibly 'older' patients who need a home). Check with them.

How about your local Kennel Club? Why not spend a day at their next dog show? Look for your specific breed interest, and after those breeds have competed, take a moment to introduce yourself to the breeder. You never know. They might have a pup available right then! The biggest advantage is that you have probably just tapped into a huge network of respected and well known breeders. If they don't have a dog that needs a new home, they may just know someone who does.

Other local sources that might help you find a dog: Dog Day Care Facilities, Groomers, Dog Walkers, etc. You get the point. If they are in contact with pet owners, they might know someone or maybe they could act as a middleman and introduce you to the right connection. You won't know if you don't ask.

Be patient. Don't give up. Not getting the first pup you see doesn't mean that you won't find one. And don't get in such a hurry to bring a pup home that you accept one that's "better than nothing". If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.

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@wizard Same thing happened to me, but I don't know what caused it, or how it was resolved. -?-

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@taylor-rene-g Missing a toe? Or just the toenail? Would that even be noticeable?

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@eeeefarm oh, I wasn't trying to suggest that "dog flu" wasn't/isn't serious - especially when your dog has it. I was just saying, "should we really be relying on "the Dodo" for news integrity?"

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  1. Click on your picture icon (found in the upper right hand corner of the webpage), a drop down menu will appear, choose "Settings".

  2. Scroll down to the "Email" section. The box will indicate, "Subscribe to Digest". Under that, put your mouse indicator under that area and to the right. A drop down box will appear with several options. Select "off".

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and "Save Changes".

Problem solved.

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@eeeefarm I feel like you misunderstood what I was saying. I'm not concerned about the nation the article originated from, but rather the legitimacy of the news itself. I don't consider the 'Dodo' as a high-quality news source. If I'm concerned about Pet Health matters, I want a veteranarian authority to validate the information I'm researching. I don't care if the info is from the US, Canada, the Netherlands, or any other nation. I care about the info coming from legitimate sources that have a vested interest in making sure they are passing along verified information.

The article on the "Dodo" is sensationalizing it. Saying there are cases on both coasts is suggesting that it's spread across the country. Then when you read the other articles, it sounds like there are less than 100 cases. Not as alarming when you consider how many dogs exist around the world.

I'm not saying that we shouldn't be aware of Canine Flu. Having knowledge is always a good thing. Especially when we share information like the symptoms, or what to watch out for. Will there be additional cases? Certainly. But, I don't think we need to run around like Chicken Little either.

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