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crazy old woman who actually wants a reason to go for walks, hikes, and bike rides... to dote on a little one... and have a pal willing to jump in the car and go for a ride...

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@morsesa said in Looking for a pup:

Cast your net world wide. We looked looked for ours when we were in Hawaii. And the mainland, none. So we got our basenji from NZ. Cost was $2000 in 1960 but he was worth it.

What a wonderful memory! Your wisdom is valuable and so apt! Anyone looking for a Basenji should not limit themselves to one area, community, or region. It's clear that you treasured your pup and never regretted one penny of what it cost to get them home to you.

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@nancyss said in Hello from Melbourne, Australia!:

Binti with her pal Bone-ti

...wait... shhhh, I think I hear a Basenji yodel! 😃

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Please note: interested parties should be contacting @Medfly privately, through the email address that is 'discreetly' provided at the end of her post. (thank you)

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oh how I wish I could !!!

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@tanza said in I'm looking for a reputable breeder in Norcal Or just in the US in general:

@morsesa - Please is this not a post done over and over?

It's okay @tanza, you may not realize that you repeat the same post over and over as well. Certain situations seem to call for the same, or very similar, responses.

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Hair could be an issue as well. I shed when I brush my hair, toss and turn at night, etc. Every once in a while, doodle will ingest a stray strand of hair... when she "eliminates" it, it will often times result in a bit of solids dangling from her backside. It kind of freaks her out. I simply use the ever popular poop bag to assist in removing the dangling solid and any tether to it.

(that was the most polite way I could think of to describe it)

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yeah... I suspected Logan would become a permanent family member for you. Congrats all around! ... and good luck with the squirrel theory. Not so sure about that.. 😉

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This is such a difficult time. Remembering can help ease the suffering of loss. Please feel free to share your happy, frustrating, and fondest memories with us. sending virtual hugs

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No dog is 100% hypoallergenic, but I would recommend something like a Poodle, Maltese, or Shnauzer. Basenji's shed. Their fur is very fine, and it's not always easy to see, but it ends up everywhere.

A dog is not going to prepare you for becoming a parent. It's just not the same thing. Not even close. If you want a dog, research the breeds and try to figure out which would be best for you and your wife. If the dog is only a "test run" for your parenting skills, you will be better off becoming a "big brother/sister" or "foster parents". Even just the classes for these activities would open your eyes to what being a parent entails.

Most dogs are family/pack oriented. Which is great, if you have kids and bring home a puppy. Not so much if your dog is raised without children in the home and then suddenly kids appear.

Sit down with your wife and think it through together. Consider all of your options. And make the best choice you can with the information you have. Good luck.

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@mister-science said in Weaned too early, no contact with dam:

contributing to behavioral science implies observational rigor beyond faded old memories and from as many people as possible

excuse me... how does that relate to your claim that Basenji's "forget" how to bark? Basenji's don't bark because evolution altered their throat structure, not because they outgrew it. But I am curious about your claim that they can bark as puppies... where did you get your information?

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