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@lawrence-chow No idea what that could be from... even with pictures we would be guessing. 'sorry!

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Did you take pictures by any chance?

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We are located in Pittsburgh, PA

cool, I grew up in Mt. Lebanon (Southern Suburbs) πŸ™‚

Finding a puppy right away may be difficult (right now at this time of year). However, you may be able to find a slightly older pup that needs a home. Consider it, but... First things first. Find a breeder. Look for local (PGH ) Kennel Clubs and inquire if they have any members who own, breed, or show Basenji's. I am certain that there are Basenji's in that area, but I do not have their direct contact data. Good luck!

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@tanza @Zande You have both eloquently illustrated how little I know about breeding, and one of the primary reasons I'm glad she is spayed. There is much I do not know about!

May doodle and I be blessed with a loving relationship long into our years together!

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I am surprised no one who has neutered their dog responded

I made it clear to my pups breeder that I wanted my pup to be spayed. As an "older adult" I recognized that I lacked the knowledge to be a breeder myself, didn't have a desire to learn about breeding, and (generally) wanted a puppy as a companion. As it turns out, the girl they picked for me was a Fanconi Carrier, which means that she could have passed Fanconi on to her own pups, and only made the decision to spay her more responsible. She was 18 months old when she was spayed. I have never regretted my choice. β™₯ my baby girll!

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I'm torn between enjoying him as a puppy and hoping he matures lol

You will miss the puppy as soon as he outgrows it. You will also remember it fondly, and every once in a while... you will get a glimpse of that puppy and he will melt your heart all over again.

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I contacted him. I saw he's got the blue lives matter flag flying though. Makes me think he probably won't like me very much. ...

You are interested in something he is also interested in. Which gives you common ground. Start there. You want to find out about hunting with your Basenji... she's very young and you are contacting him to get advice on how to start training her. You found out about him on the Basenji Forums and think he is the best hunting mentor you could possibly find. All of that is true. And nothing about that has anything to do with how other people have treated you in the past. Be respectful to him and he will be respectful to you. Leave politics out of the conversation.

You can do this!

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Dewclaws: I thought "responsible" breeders removed them, and mutts or backyard breeders ignored them (and saved the money the vet would have charged).

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Tried to post pics

This should help: instructions to upload images

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Is there something wrong with Basenji breeders and pups from Texas?

Some breeders are good. Diligent. Focused on eliminating diseases, and preserving desirable traits. Attentive in socialization, nutrition, and proper growth. Other breeders... are not. But above all else, good breeders detest the bad ones. I can see their point, but I admit that I don't know all the details. (We generally avoid negative discussions about specific people.)

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@jengosmonkey I do hope you feel better!

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🀣 doodle's "bone yard" tends to run alongside the bed... right in my path to the lavatory!!

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@drama I know your dog's name is "Rama", but I think "Drama" would make the perfect Basenji girl name! πŸ˜†

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That's certainly concerning. I really never used the collars because I didn't think they were actually effective. And I question anything that is a "one size fits all" product. Granted, the Soresto collars come in "large dog" and "small dog" sizes, but dogs can be anywhere from 2 to 100+ pounds. Where is the logic in that?

I practice the same caution with the monthly flea & tick & heartworm pills. If the product says that it's for a 20-50# dog and my dog weighs 23#, I buy the next lower dosage. IMHO, how could a 23# dog need the same amount of medicine that a dog twice it's size needs? I also tend to give the pills every six weeks instead of every 4. My reasoning is that the manufacturer's have to make sure that the product works, so they have probably decreased the life expectancy of the product to prevent complaints, recalls, and bad press. The strategy works (for me), even if it makes me sound mildly paranoid. I'm just trying to be aware of what I give my girl to keep her safe.

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I ❀ that you don't give up. I think the first step might be to decide how you would like Rogue to work with you in the field. What do you picture when you think about it? What kind of game are you hunting? Start there and find someone who can help you learn that. (just an idea)

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"he doesn’t enter the bedroom etc. he’s a dog", "tons of love and commitment, etc. not 24-7", "my way or highway"

He's a baby... where are your expectations at? Realistically, what did you think having a 2-3 month old dog would be like?

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@italeigha In all fairness, doodle came to me at 18 months old. I have had a little (doberman) pup that I brought into my bed. I couldn't handle the crying and once I put her in bed with me, she hushed and fell asleep. No "accidents" in the bed! Even at 9 weeks old!

Just accept that puppies chew. It's what they do. Growing new teeth hurts! Take a washcloth (not one of your good ones), soak it under the faucet, wring it out then freeze it. If your pup is chewing something she shouldn't, give her the frozen washcloth. It's like a puppy teething ring. Watch to make sure that she isn't chewing something that you don't want her to chew or something that would hurt her. Offer something that's ok to chew instead and you will be teaching her what is (and isn't) "okay".

It takes a little while for your pup to learn the house rules. The first hurdle is for you and your pup to learn how to communicate. Once you can figure out what she is thinking, it will be much easier to teach her what is okay and what isn't.

I have not needed to board doodle. One of the reasons I chose the Basenji breed was so that she could travel with me, we just haven't done a lot of that yet. Still, I would rather have her with me.

Doodle has full access at home at all times, whether I am home or not. She typically hangs out with me, sleeps with me, sunbathes behind my desk chair, and eats when I eat (which is never at the same time each day). Sometimes she goes out with me, sometimes she stays home.

She gets a chance to toilet in the morning, and then she gets a fun outing later in the day. In the winter it's during the warmest part of the day, in the summer it's during the coolest. Her outings rotate through a list (1-3 mile walks through the neighborhood, getting lost in the woods, one of the dog parks, the beach, etc.). I want her to have some fun, but never know for sure what we are doing that day. Keep her guessing, so to speak.

Perhaps you could contact your breeder, they may have used crates during transport or other times. If so, they could give you some insight into what their set up was like.

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I don't crate train, but... it is my understanding that putting a blanket or towel over the crate (at least 3 sides and the top) will create a den-like atmosphere. It should be more comforting for her. Another trick is a warm hot water bottle to simulate her litter mates and mom. Most of all, just remember that this is her first time away from her family and she may be a little frightened that she is all alone now.

(It might be easier for you to just let her sleep cuddled up with you. I can almost guarantee it will happen eventually anyway.)
Congrats! Millie is precious!

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@tanza ok, thank you... I thought snow nose and winter nose were interchangeable in meaning.

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