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@mack-s-grandmom said in Hi, I'm Mack's Grandmom:

he got loose with a dog we had recently adopted (an escape artist apparently) and he started nipping at our neighbor

Did Mack start nipping at the neighbor, or the escape artist you adopted?
I know when I take 'doodle' to the dog park, the dogs can be a little "mouthy". They aren't biting eachother. No agression, no blood, no anger. They look like big kids playing the way they did with their littermates. Is that what you are referring to?

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I'm curious... How are you addressing the "nipping issue"?

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The best thing I can think of is for you to take one of Brixton's blankets to the breeder, so the puppy can sleep with it and become familiar with his smell. At the same time, ask for something with the pups smell on it and expose Brixton to it in the same way. The purpose is to allow the dogs to become familiar with eachother. When you do bring the puppy home, the "aromatherapy" will bridge the gap and neither dog will think of the other as a stranger.

This could be the simplest, most proactive thing you could accomplish before picking up the puppy.

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Official response: "Declan is no longer a BRAT dog".

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@mrscastro said in Declan the Basenji:

I will not participate in any drama.

That would make you a wise woman! And with her (Heather) it does seem to be all about the drama. My personal take involves many concerns which depend on things that I can not be certain of (at this moment).

First, for the dog's welfare:

  • Is "Declan" alive, sick, and still in her care?
  • If so, is the dog getting proper medical care by a qualified and accredited Veteranarian?
  • Or, is Heather playing nursemaid and administering her own special drug cocktail(s)?

Second, regarding Heather's online persona:

  • How much of this is true v. how much of this is "not quite accurate"?
  • Is Heather using this dog as a way to scam people out of money?
  • Is Heather "healthy" by society's standards, or is this a subconsious cry for help?

So, yes.... I guess I am involved in that:

  1. I want to know that this dog is not in danger, and
  2. I want to be reasonably sure that Heather is "ok", and
  3. If she is running a scam, I want to make sure the right people know what she's up to.

Disclaimer: I do not know Heather. But if I saw someone in my 'hometown' doing these things and acting this way, I'd be calling local "animal welfare" officials to have them check into it. If that's not the case, then I'll back off.

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@dagodingo said in Declan the Basenji:

Would be nice if someone from BRAT could give us an update

I have asked... we'll see.

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A while back, there was a very involved thread about a foster dog named "Declan". Many of us have wondered what ever happened, so I thought I would share this link and image. Either BRAT did not reclaim Declan, or they did and this is just a scam, or they didn't and this is still a scam. I have no way to know, but.... for the curious:
Declan the Basenji "Fundraiser"

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We have a leather sofa, but... doodle isn't allowed on it unless she's invited. Believe it or not, she follows the rule and will sit in front of the sofa and wait for you to pat the cushion and say, "up". I don't know how this works, it just does. She has her very own club chair with an ottoman (she doesn't like it when I borrow the ottoman) and I have a bed pillow on it in a feeble attempt to keep the upholstery in good shape. She also has a huge (3x2 1/2 foot) dog bed tucked into a corner behind that. The girl has it made!

Of course, the daily 3+ mile walks and beef neck bones help her deal with any angst. I guess my best suggestion is to exercise her to the point of exhaustion(?). 😉

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@ngbass said in Usefulness of Wisdom DNA test for Basenjis:

no traces of Basenji

Surprise!! I have to admit, I was certain she had "B" in her. Regardless, she is a pretty princess and we know she's loved. If you ever have any questions about this little impersonator, feel free to ask.

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@alenab797 said in Help needed! 🙂:

born not 01/01/16, but 01/04/16

That would make him 4 years old... Happy Birthday to your pup!

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What a sweetie! Great "cupcake" recipe... I might have to borrow it. Happy Birthday Kembe (love the bow) !

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Just wanted to say, "Happy New Year (everyone)!" 🙂

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@drew82 said in Early defects:

how do i attach pics to the threads using a mobile phone

I'm not exactly sure... we might end up concluding that every mobile phone is different.
I do this convoluted dance where I either

  • transfer my pics to the cloud and link them (using the 6th icon over on the top of the text "compose" field). It inserts the following code into your post: ![alt text](image url) change "alt text" and "image url" for your specific image , or I

  • transfer my pics to my desktop/laptop computer and insert them (using the next to last icon). That will pull up a file browser box to allow you to find and select exactly which pic you want to post.

I have heard that large files do not always work, and it's generally a good idea to adjust the size of the image you are sending. Some of us might be overwhelmed with an image that stretches across our entire monitor.

Can't wait to see your pups!

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Thank you @Zande and @Kembe, @Redial is our other Moderator... I promise to keep an eye out for 'spammers'. 🙂

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I hope to never have such a scare as you've had. Please keep us all updated!

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@flbasenji said in Proin Side Effects:

Is one more potty break an hour after guzzling an option?

Do you have any idea(s) on why she is guzzling water after you get home as opposed to drinking it as needed throughout the day? Is the "urgent" water consumption a result of the food she is eating, or a possible medical condition? Did her Vet do any tests to rule out kidney, thyroid, or other issues? I noticed another post mentioning that Mya was diagnosed with Fanconi quite some time ago... has the Vet checked to see if her medication(s) need to be adjusted? It seems odd to me that "all of a sudden" she doesn't wake up to go outside... very curious.

As far as the loose bowel movements go: try just a teaspoon or so of unseasoned Pumpkin, puree'd or mashed. I buy cans of it (in the U.S.) for a dollar or so. You don't need a lot, just a little. It seems to be some sort of magical pre/pro-biotic for pups. There is a huge amount in the can, so I tend to line up spoonfuls on a cookie sheet, freeze them for an hour or so, then toss them in a zipper freezer bag for long term storage. My dog will eat them, frozen or thawed, with or without other food.

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