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@y64dogs keep looking, there's one out there somewhere

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@salemsockmonkey Yay! You did it! Great pic, gorgeous dog!

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I wish you could hear yourself... you are attacking me because (why?)... because I reminded you that you do not own this dog? Do you honestly think that it doesn't matter? How can you expect anyone to pay for your dog's healthcare, meds, food, etc? And you do think Declan is your dog. You've only said it 100 times! But, he's not your dog. Remember? Declan is a foster dog. That's why he was put in your care. Declan was never meant to stay in your home for this long.

You have listed 3 different health problems for Declan, weight fluctuations (ranging from Anorexic to 20+ pounds overweight) over the past four years, and at least one (emotional) problem of your own. Then you write:

@westcoastflea1 said in Brat Rescue and Transport; How they really treat rescues:

Declan is anxious and insecure,

Do you think that's healthy for him? Dogs that are in a healthy environment are not anxious and insecure. They are confident, relaxed, and generally happy. How can I not be concerned when you say things like this?

You have no proof that Declan is going to be put down if he leaves your care. It shouldn't cost $150/month to feed Declan. And you won't need 30#s of Chicken Breast every month. All of these exagerations and imagined outcomes are unrealistic.

BRAT asked you to make a decision on how you want to move forward. Do you want to keep Declan? Then sign the release and keep him. Stop whining about not having enough money to pay for him. If you want to keep him that bad, figure out how to get the money to pay for what he needs.

Otherwise you should return Declan to BRAT's care. Let them put him in another foster home for observation and assessment. When you are ready for a dog, financially and emotionally, I'm sure one will come your way.

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I tend to meal prep for my girl.

  • shredded meat, typically chicken breast or beef, omit seasonings,
  • frozen veggies, thawed it in the refrigerator (rotate types for variety),
  • teaspoon sized dots of pure pumpkin (freeze on a cookie sheet then store in a zipper freezer bag),

I put little of each in a bowl and microwave for 30 seconds, check to make sure it's not too hot (for baby), then serve it to her with a Canine Multivitamin.

She also gets a frozen neckbone (almost daily) to satisfy her chew desires. I get those from my local grocer for ~$1lb, freeze them and give them to her as her treat. The calories vary based on the amount of meat on the bone, but the satisfaction is always over the top. 🙂

A couple of times a month I will give her Oatmeal w/ a touch of milk, or an egg, or a teaspoon of rice.

And I always, always, leave a nibble of my meal on my plate for her. The healthy part of my meal, not the "she shouldn't eat this part".

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@emca11 said in Basenji or Decker Rat Terrier?:

a single high pitched, shrill bark once.

That would be his "ouch"!

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Hi all, another thread was discussing (ahem) "hefty" Basenji's.... so, I thought I would share this. My Veterinarian gave me a sheet full of various homemade diets - from Hills Pet Products.

the Canine Reducing Diet
1/4lb ground beef (lean)
1/2C cottage cheese
2C canned carrots, drained
2C canned green beans, drained
1 1/2 tsp (7 grams) dicalcium phosphate (or bone meal)

Cook beef in skillet, stirring until lightly browned. Pour off fat and cool. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Store, covered, in refridgerator.
Yield: 1 3/4lbs

Protein: 5.5%
Fat: 1.7%
Carbs: 4.1%
Moisture: 86.4%
Metabolizable Energy: 220K cal/lb

Feeding Guide (for Optimal Body Weight)
10lb: 2/3lb daily
20lb: 1lb daily
40lb: 1 3/4lb daily

Add a balanced canine supplement.
Snacking and scavenging should be forbidden, however, an occasional tidbit of raw vegetable will add only roughage, vitamins and minerals, not appreciable calories.

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Good Luck 🙂

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@westcoastflea1 said in Brat Rescue and Transport; How they really treat rescues:

Declan is a service dog sorry, I have a letter from my doctor saying he is an emotional support for me

I'm under the impression that you are supposed to "own" your emotional support dog, which you don't. Perhaps you failed to let this "doctor" know that little detail?

If you think i want anything to do with BRAT you are insane.

You don't want anything to do with BRAT? What? As long as they keep spending money on "your support dog"?

I understand that you are under a lot of stress, but you come across like you will say or do anything as long as it means you get to keep Declan. I'm not sure how much of what you say is truth and how much is a cry for help. I think the only thing you've accomplished is to demonstrate that this is an unhealthy situation, for you, and for Declan.

I've already contacted BRAT regarding your posts. There really isn't anything else to say.

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@westcoastflea1 said in Brat Rescue and Transport; How they really treat rescues:

i explained to her that Declan is a service dog for me, due to PTSD,

Declan is not a service dog. Declan is a foster dog that you were obligated to socialize, train, and assess so that he could find a 'forever home' through adoption. If Declan has behavior and health issues, they need to be addressed by professionals. Period.

If you think you need a service dog, please go through the proper channels to get one. It is unfair for you to abuse the generosity of BRAT donors because you feel like you cannot afford a dog of your own.

IMHO, I think the best thing any of us can do is contact BRAT and let them handle it.

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@chenke said in Introducing Teki!:

We were ... in Moab UT ... heading to southern Arizona but made a left turn ... and drove to North Carolina

Left, hard left! LOL
OMGosh! That's one heck of a commute for the little one! It's obvious you'll go to the ends of the earth for her!

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My guess is Basenji dad. My reasoning is that anyone with a Basenji bitch whelping pups would have left the tail alone. Interesting that they docked the tail and left the dew-claws. I would be absolutely floored if DNA results didn't come back with B in it.

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@westcoastflea1 said in Brat Rescue and Transport; How they really treat rescues:

@dagodingo As I have deleted my posts I'm surprised to see you haven't deleted your own. I deleted mine, yet you have not deleted yours
Just a suggestion.

Why did you delete your posts @westcoastflea1 ? I never delete mine, and see no reason to.

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@morsesa said in Basenji or Decker Rat Terrier?:

far miss by some 95%

Is "far miss" a regional expression? I'm not sure I understand what it means...

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@westcoastflea1 I was going to add something, but you deleted most everything, so... no point. I'm sure you wouldn't have liked what I was going to say anyway.

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@debi said in unpredictable behaviour:

I can't determine when he would do it

Easiest solution I can think of:
When you pause your walk to chat with someone, loosen the leash so that it lays on the ground and put your foot on it. Your pup won't notice it initially, but they will not be able to get close enough to jump or nip the other person. If this becomes habit for you, your dog will learn that they have to remain next to you when you stop and they will automatically either sit or lay down next to you.

This is also a great "trick" when you are in line at a pet(food) store. Your dog won't have his nose in all those chew treats they charge $3-$5/each for, LOL.

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It's easy to understand how you would be upset by the email you received. Anyone caring for an animal 3+ years would be quite attached. Give your nerves a couple of days to rest, then re-read the email - one line at a time if you have to - and try to make sure that you aren't reading anything into it. Not everyone is able to clearly communicate through writing, so there is always room for misinterpretation.

Based on what you've written, it sounds like BRAT is concerned that you are not providing proper care for Declan. (i.e.; the Cabergoline dosage, weight and diet differences.) The best outcome would be for you to be able to provide evidence to BRAT that Declan's condition has improved under your care. Maybe, just maybe, they would be satified with that.

Look for a (third party) vet that would be willing to examine Declan and his blood analysis. Preferably one who is willing to put his thoughts down on paper, or give you a copy of his notes. That could, potentially, provide you with something in writing that says Declan has responded well to his diet and lifestyle (and hopefully indicate that the cushings is in remission). Let the Vet's office know that you are making the appointment to get a second opinion on Declan's health. There is no reason, that I can think of, to discuss the foster care/BRAT aspect. Yes, you will have to be the one to pay for the visit. You aren't getting shots, so I'm guessing it would run about $50(?). Make sure you take information from his earlier visit(s) with you so the Vet has some point of reference for Declan's condition when he was originally diagnosed. Ask the Vet what kind of diet he would reccomend. Perhaps there is a less expensive option than what he is currently eating(?). Do some research, look for something you could try.

From the sounds of it, you are going to need to renegotiate your agreement with BRAT. So calm yourself down and prepare to discuss this logically, rationally, and professionally with them.

  • You cannot know what kind of fiscal issues BRAT may/may not be having. Forget about attacking them on the basis of money (yours or theirs). Don't argue with them about that.
  • You need to get all of Declan's paperwork in order. Be able to show them the difference between when you brought him home and how well he is doing now.
  • Back up your reason for the 5.25mg/Cabergoline/week dosage with real evidence. Not how you think he's doing fine. What made you increase his dosage? Find the documentation for it. Not an article online, more like the vet recommended it on this visit (this date and time). Where were you getting this medication from in the first place? Someone prescribed it, right?
  • Provide evidence that RC Satiety Support is "made from sawdust". Have an alternative suggestion ready.
  • Ask BRAT how you can work with them to provide the stabilty they are seeking for Declan. There is a very real chance that they look at the less expensive UCCR testing as inadequate and feel like they can't really tell where Declan is in his "remission".
  • Be prepared to agree to a diet regimine for Declan. 20#s overweight puts him at ~40+ pounds.... That's like a human weighing twice what they should. How could that possibly be healthy? (Heck! I've got my girl on a diet for a whopping 3 extra pounds!)
  • Make an appointment with the BRAT approved Vet and get the same information you should/would get from a third party Vet. The Vet is there to advise you. If you blow off everything they say, then BRAT's defense is that you are not being reasonable and not respecting the educated advice of a professional. They "know nothing" is a line from Game of Thrones, not a worthy debate tactic regarding Declan's medication.

I'm not taking anyone's side in this. But I am trying to help you see that the only way to 'win' is to approach this without emotion. Hard, I know. Be business-like. Be able to present documents that show how much Declan has improved. Be willing to agree to different terms. Show them that you are willing to work with them and things might just work out.

Good luck, you'll (both) be in my thoughts.

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Thank you for sharing the (unexpected) results! Husky, Boxer, Pitt, and Rottie? Wow! Quite the lineage! Enjoy!

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@tuts said in Allergic Reactions:

it does not matter

The point is that we are sharing information about Allergic Reactions, if you have experience with it, I'd love to hear about it. You mentioned that you are:

@tuts said in Allergic Reactions:

using homeopathy ( under control of my homeopath doctor) and balancing his raw pray model diet.

I'd love to know more. What type of homeopathy therapy/treatment was recommended? How exactly are you "balancing his diet"? Was the exact cause of the allergy ever determined? Your experiences might be useful for another member/reader, now, or in the future.

If you aren't going to tell us what happened and how it was handled, then why bother mentioning it?

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@tuts said in Allergic Reactions:

my homeopath doctor precribes

Yes, but what is it?

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