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@shango-z You are doing a great job "raising" Shango! I was so impressed at the dog park the other day. Kudos!

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@debradownsouth I can't imagine what they are gaining by doing it... I have to wonder if there isn't some way to block them.

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@Daisysmom @Mr-Ralph @bowierimmer @clerner @lux @KellyWiles @erica-ruth @nicelaos @dorlory
I don't think you can delete your account because the posts and comments are all intertwined. But you can do two things to simulate a delete. Part one sets your screen persona on "invisible", no one will think you are available to chat. Part two eliminates the automated list from sending you anything behind the scenes. For all intents and purposes you will be gone, but any past questions will remain to retain the integrity of the site structure. Fair enough?

Part 1

  • Click on your circle icon in the upper right corner of the webpage,
  • Scroll down the dropdown navigation links,
  • Click on invisible (now noone can "see" you).


Part 2

  • Click on your circle icon in the upper right corner of the webpage (again),
  • Scroll down the dropdown navigation links,
  • Click on "settings"
  • Under Email , click on the frequency line where it says "subscribe to digest" and select "Off"
  • Under Notifications & Sounds, adjust each section to "None", or "Disabled" as appropriate.


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@debradownsouth said in When the canine has now not vomited for at least six hours, offer a tiny period of boiled white meat poultry (no bones or skin) and white rice.:

@zande It's a spammer, just report and ignore.

Just curious... how do you know it's a spammer (aside from the weird formatting of question in title/answer in body of the post)?

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oh, cool, let us know how it goes.

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wait until the time is right, even if you really, really want a dog now

I agree... with everyone. Sometimes you just need to accept that (no matter how much you want a dog/car/kid/house) you aren't quite ready for it. I waited 5 years before I brought my Basenji home and it was probably the most adult thing I've ever done. I was still in recovery from a spinal injury and knew that I wouldn't be able to provide (her) the exercise she would want and require. Waiting made all the difference in the world. Whan I was finally ready, the most perfect little girl was ready for me.

Don't fret about it. You can read, research, consider all of your options, and really prepare yourself. (Don't look at puppy pictures online! You'll fall in love without even meeting the pup(s) and it will pull at your heartstrings.) Remind yourself that "one day you will have a Basenji", just not today.

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@tanza @debradownsouth Exactly what I meant. Like a child, you cannot expect a pup to do something their body has not grown enough to do. It's been years since I've had a puppy in the house. "Bug" came to me at 18months, well past potty training. (Thank heavens!)

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@debradownsouth How did you come up with this leash alteration?

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@lalmalbis I"m sorry to hear that you lost your Pogi and hope that your Mother is doing better than you expected.

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@joseph0071 said in How long does it take to potty train a puppy.:

it takes 4-6 months for a pup to be potty prepared

Do you mean that it takes 4-6 monthes to train them, or that it's easier to train them when they are 4-6 monthes old?

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@h-castillo said in Anal leakage:

I will add pumpkin to her diet.

I provide "Bug" pumpkin with every meal as it keeps her 'regular'. Just a half teaspoon, a little seems to go a long way.
I buy can(s) of "pure pumpkin" (not pumpkin pie mix) and drop teaspoonfuls onto a cookie sheet, then toss it in the freezer. After they are frozen, they all go into a zip lock bag. I take out a few days worth at a time and let it defrost in the refrigerator. One 15oz can will last quite a while.

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oh, my heart just sank to my toes! I'm so sorry to hear about Tikka's passing. Try to focus on the blessings you shared. Easier said than done, I know, but it becomes easier each time you do it. {{{{hugs}}}}

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@zande said in Advice / help on mysterious health problems.:

low fat super-market pate

I'm so curious... what are you referring to here? My brain is saying 'Braunschweiger', but somehow I think you might mean something else... can you share the name brand or more information? (thanks!)

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Hey everyone... just wanted to add that our next trip to the dog park: no problem! She played, was well behaved, and didn't give me any problems when it was time to go. whew!

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Thank you (everyone)!
I did pick her up, like a child, and carried her to the car. She acted as if I hurt her feelings for a couple of hours and then we "made up". It was the first time she did it... now that I look back on it, she had met a new playmate that was giving her a "run for her money". Not many dog park pals can keep up with her in a game of tag and this girl was (and more). I think I just need to give her a bit more playtime the next time they are there together. It's kind of nice to see her assert herself a little bit. She's trying to find ways to communicate with me. That makes me feel good. Maybe I should pay a little more attention and listen to what she's saying.

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Bug has always been sooo good at listening to me. But this afternoon she absolutely refused to leave the dog park after 90 minutes of running, playtime, social interaction.... I get that she was having fun, but she flat out ignored me when I called her. She wouldn't follow me to the gate. I had to trick her to get the dog leash on. Then as we were heading out, she laid down in a final declaration of "I don't wanna go!" Seriously?

I've heard many of you mention this type of behavior. Does this mean she's not going to listen to me anymore? Or, are these moments of protest typically isolated incidents? Should I just give in on occasion and let her have her way? (yikes, that sounds like a bad idea!) Any advice is appreciated.

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I can't imagine the loss you feel. My thoughts are with you...

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She looks like a sweet girl. Thank you for your persistance on getting a picture to us!

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@debradownsouth She just turned 2. Our current route takes us over a variety of surface(s).... asphalt, then grass/wooded areas, a hop over the railroad tracks, onto a concrete sidewalk and back again. Bug is improving on walk/run/heel each time we go out. It's going to take a while for us to get up to any real distance (or speed). Right now it's more like bursts of run mixed in with a farther walk than normal. She's not impressed yet - even though she's becoming an "ATB" [All Terrain Basenji] 😃

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