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I tend to think that "scavenging" for food is instinctual and, as such, is not going to be something you can un-train out of a dog. Be alert while you are on a walk. When your dog starts to veer off course, see if there is an obvious reason for it. Instead of trying to get your dog to drop or let go of something that's already in it's mouth, use the "leave it" command before your dog is close enough to get it. It's not as easy as it sounds. I've seen my dog fish whole bagels out of a bush. I just don't understand why people are such slobs that they won't pick up something they drop. smh Chicken/bones are probably the worst. But try to understand that your dogs nose is designed to notice things you don't.

Focus on your dog when you go for a walk (leave the phone or any other distractions at home). Use the walk as a chance to work on training your dog. You can reinforce commands like: "heel" while you walk, "sit" when you stop at a corner, "stay", "come", and many, many others... including, of course, "leave it".

Something to consider: carry a little bag of dry kibble to use as treats (or bribes) so that each time your dog sees something and "leaves it", your dogs attention will be redirected to you for praise and a piece of kibble. Eventually, your dog will learn to look at you when he passes something intriguing, instead of dragging you close enough to snatch the chicken off the curb.

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@tanza said in Unidentified Chronic/Progressive Skin condition:

the only thing to do would be to have a specialist look at this

Certainly after repeatedly visiting the Vet and getting test after test, they considered other options. Including, probably, diet. So I was inquiring specifically about that. I was not, in any way, suggesting that "seeing a specialist" was a bad idea.

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@docgonzo said in Unidentified Chronic/Progressive Skin condition:

There have been numerous tests

Have you tried different diets(?) or noted any changes to the nodules based on diet changes? -- I'm insufferably curious!
Doodle gets something that reminds me of a fat-tag, always dark in color, but I've never noticed the little tubes extending from them. They seem to come and go. Literally. I notice one... check back in a week and can't find it. So, I'm not exactly certain. Might have something to do with the teeny bits of peanut butter cookie... far too much sugar without a doubt. Shame on me! She will have to do without on the next batch.

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@hizbaby said in Searching for a LONG time!:

I am apparently only allotted a certain number of replies / comments / lkes, and some subjects tell me I am not authorized to view,

hmmm... there are occasions when posts (and entire topics) are removed from the Forum. I monitor the posts for spam so that members (like yourself) do not have to wade through advertising for things like "printer support". And there are subjects that you wouldn't have access to, like things in the "Moderator's Lounge" where I can contact the site owners with questions.

Every once in a while, I will see a notice that I, myself, have made too many comments. It's not a restriction on you or anyone else... it's just an alert that the server is busy... give it a count of 10 and resubmit your comment. The server just needs a minute to process whatever it was doing.

your email was removed from the post before I could reply to you personally.

I do remove personal contact information in posts, but you can usually find someone's email address on their profile page. Just click on their screen name, like this: @hizbaby. I think @Daureen was the one that sent her email. I did send you some information about a breeder in the chatroom (also on your profile page), but I wasn't sure if you were able to reach them.

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@zande said in Searching for an adult basenji:

Our Rescue co-oordinator is looking to rehome 5 adult Basenjis at the moment.


I'm sure @Zande is helping all of you, but I remembered each of you as being in the UK and I wanted to make sure that you saw this.

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@hizbaby said in Searching for a LONG time!:

I have been in touch with SEVERAL breeders,

sooo.... did you find the right breeder yet? (just looking for an update)

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@giza1 said in How to introduce a 2 year old to a dog park:

A dog park sounds great, but in reality...

I think this largely depends on (both) the owners and dogs that are there. Many people are responsible and just want their dogs to have fun. Plenty of people aren't. Get to know who goes there and you can avoid many of the problems that give "dog parks" a bad name.

The first time I took doodle, she started shaking -- too many dogs and she was the "new" one. So we left. I took her back when it was empty and allowed her to roam the area, smell, and get a feel for it. Then she understood. Lots of different dog smells. This wasn't anyone's yard or territory -- it clicked. The next time we went there were just a couple of dogs and her reaction was totally different. She loved it! And still does!

Are there "bad dogs" there? Some, but in general this has been a very positive socializing treat for doodle. We don't go every day, but 3-4 trips a month seems like a good balance (to keep it fun and not let her think she's in charge there).

I always try to make sure doodle gets to do something special. A (really long) walk, off-leash time in the woods, the dog park, or down to the water (we live near the ocean)... something random so she never really knows what's going to happen, even if it's a day when we just chill.

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@zande said in Daytime crate stress:

I love the way he is guarding the drinks cupboard - and I applaud your choice of Whiskeys ! (That is Jameson, isn't it ?)

LOL I was giving the bar a good look, too! Nice setup!
Pretty boy and a cool toy!!

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Buy an inexpensive bag of frozen veggies like: Brocolli, Cauliflower, Carrots (mixed or alone), or Green Beans. Avoid corn, it's harder to digest. Thaw the veggies and run them through your food processor or chop them up a bit. Heat a 1/4 C in the microwave about 15-20 seconds and serve it stirred into his kibble. The extra fiber should assist in solving the problem without unecessary calories.

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@mnbadger I use the kitchen sink (because I can use the sprayer close to the skin and get a good lather and a good rinse). It also seems like it's just the right size! That, and I don't have to bend over!!

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I don't have experience with this, but I would be horrified if it happened to doodle. Please keep us updated!

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@joan-duszka said in Any tips on watery eyes for our ~5-month-old B?:

Giza1.....what is a fake basenji or was that a typo. Just askin 😄

A "fake basenji" would be a dog with so many similarites that you would swear they are at least part Basenji, only to find out they aren't. This little impersonator is a perfect example. To look at her, she seems to only be missing the white tail tip. Her DNA results tell the true story. (She is still a lovely dog!)

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@jcflood I don't know of this being common among Basenjis', however, some breeds do seem to commonly tear. I'm sure others who have more experience would be able to share their experiences.

Have you contacted his breeder (assuming you aquired him from a breeder) to ask what they think? If they didn't notice any tearing while with them, then you can probably assume that it's something different between the two environments. If they did notice it, or they have had similar issues with other pups, then they may be able to offer suggestions on how to treat the problem.

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