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ROTFLMAO! that was excellent!

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@tanza said in Thin Skin, OUCH!:

.. tug of war is NOT a good thing to do.... redirecting the behavior is

I suppose this depends on the owner and what kind of relationship they want with their dog. Lots of people engage their dog in a little tug without giving up their leadership role. Regardless, the concept is that the nippy behavior is redirected to something else, and the pup learns to chew or bite on an object that is acceptable.

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Food for thought: Your pup is teething and one of the best way to resolve the nipping and biting may be to sooth the irritation in his gums.

Take an old wash cloth, soak it down and wring it out. Toss the wet twisted washcloth into the freezer. When he gets nippy, tell him 'no' and redirect his attention to a game of tug with the frozen wash cloth. It's the same principal as a child's teething ring. The cold will sooth his gums. Meanwhile he learns a new game and (fingers crossed) finds better things to do than nip at your heels.

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I wish there was something I could do to help you get through this. My thoughts are with you and your boy as you journey down this road.

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@sophiebufton Just wanted to prepare you... most, if not all, of this years puppies probably have homes already. Basenji's typically breed once/year. Which could mean that you have to wait until next year to bring a pup home. I would suggest that you focus on finding a reputable breeder for now, and get on their waiting list for a pup.

That said, you may find an adult through a breeder. Someimes they retire breeding stock. Sometimes a pup doesn't work out, is returned to the breeder, and ready to be placed with a new home. (It's something to consider.)

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@slents said in First Time Basenji Owner! Hello from Connecticut!:

he knows to sit by the sliding door

I have heard of people teaching their pup to ring a bell by the sliders/door as a way of asking to be let out. I'm sure this would be great if someone were home. I'm not sure if the pup would be confused if it were ringing the bell and no one was there to open the door. (?) Probably a non-issue with these brilliant little ones. 🙂

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xylitol, a sugar substitute, is deadly to dogs

Thank you for the reminder! I don't do "sugar free" products (which would be obvious if you met me), but I often forget to mention this. Very important warning. Thank you!

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Something I've done (with other breeds): Smear some peanut butter on the palm of your hand and offer it to your pup to lick off. As the puppy is cleaning your hand, say reassuring things, "good girl", "i love you", "love love love", whatever. It seems to be effective at introducing a different way for your pup to use it's mouth: kisses! Worth a tablespoon of PB to try, right?

p.s. Finding out who the pups breeder is (and contacting them) would help you get the answer to a lot of questions!

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Basenjis LOVE to stop in the middle of the street

doodle stops everytime there's smooshed food on the road! Otherwise she's pretty good at staying next to me. Hard to blame her. But she will "leave it" with a firm command and a tug on the leash.

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@mr_smokeyd I don't know about Atlanta specifically, but I would recommend contacting BRAT. They don't restrict their rescue to one geographical area.... I'm sure they would be able to connect you with a district supervisor near you.

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if you allow it to become a habit it may be difficult in the moment to deal with an emergency.

Very good point!

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@eeeefarm said in Positivity?:

up "close and personal" My boy, Perry....

What an amazing shot! He's gorgeous!!!

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You know, Basenji's can run (I swear, 20mph, easy). Me... not so much. Every once in a while, my girl will get loose and go for a run. But I can't chase her, so I walk behind her and I let her "stretch her legs". She knows I'm back there, I know she does because she keeps stopping and checking to see if I'm ok. Then, after a bit, she'll just kind of hang out and wait for me. It's so sweet and it just makes me love her more.

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@roomorgan said in New Puppy- Crate and general training!:

My concern is the condo has regulations on barking and dog noise

You may find that she doesn't howl when not crated (even when you leave the condo). Leave the crate door open in case she wants to be in there, but let it be her choice. Maybe you could set something up where she (plus her crate and her food/water bowls) are contained in the kitchen while you are gone(?) -- just an idea.

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@tanza said in Pups from Amera:

Jerome has been banned from this list?

I have already stated that I will not discuss other members publically. This is not what you think and it does not concern you. Any other questions should be directed via chat.

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I'm so very sorry that your little one is gone.

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does he respond ?

This is a matter of decorum. I do not believe that I should discuss personal/private information about any member publically. If you know this person, and are concerned about their well being, then by all means, please contact them.

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@zande I would encourage anyone to keep in touch with their "old friends". Maybe you could send it via a "chat"?

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"What? We're done?"

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