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It is not the same....

yeah... it actually is

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You (both) disagreed with me and then supported the things I said.

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... responsible breeders do breed for themselves ... breeders can't keep all the pups so the most important thing then is the home

Isn't that the same as (?):

  • Show dog breeders are not turning out litters to be sold as pets ... there are times when they have young pups (and adult dogs) available

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show breeders are arguably the only ones who are turning out litters of dogs who should become pets.

Did you not understand that I was suggesting that @slprrex might be able to aquire a Basenji by looking for a local show dog breeder through nearby kennel clubs?

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@slprrex (just a thought) Contact the Tyler Texas Kennel Club and ask if they know of any Basenji breeders in your area. You could do the same for other nearby towns. Show dog breeders are not turning out litters to be sold as pets, so you won't find them online advertising pups for sale. Still, there are times when they have young pups (and adult dogs) available to prospective families. There could also be some local kennel events that might present an opportunity for your family to observe Basenjis, if not meet them.

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walking the dog for at least 3-5 miles a day over three or four walks and keeping a good structure to the day might solve the problems.

Awesome advice! I have increased the distance(s) that I walk "doodle" over the past several months. She was a good dog before, now she's advancing to "amazing!" No more lunging at the squirrels, geese, heron, and rabbits in the area. "With me" (aka heel for Game of Thrones fans) is spot on in or out of the house. "Leave it" applies to stinky things I don't want her to roll in, other dogs, fire ants, chicken bones, etc., etc. "Wait" is a dead stop in her tracks. If I stop moving she does, too. I'm impresed with the changes. (LOL, guess I wanted to brag a bit...)

Such good advice!

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It is hard to determine how big/small she is by your pictures... according to AKC standards: females should be ~16" tall and ~22#s (40.64cm and 7.26km). I find the easiest way is to see how tall they are when they are standing along side you and then measure your leg (barefoot from the floor to the spot they reach). I'm old. And odd. 😉

Now, that said... a pup can look chunky at 22#s, or healthy at 24#s. Everyone carries their weight differently and activity levels vary... it is possible to have a slender, but muscular, dog weigh in heavier than you would expect. Muscle mass is denser and heavier than fat (on humans and dogs). 60#s is huge for a B (so she is almost certainly a B+), but her appearance seems to indicate that her dominant genes are Basenji.

A DNA test would be worthwhile -- especially in this case where there are so many apparent markers for the breed. You are the one that gets to decide how important that is. Please let us know the outcome if you decide to do it! 🙂

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I am just trying to say that I need help

Perhaps you should return to the trainer you had the first time. Explain that you are not seeing any improvement and that you would like some advice (or a refresher class). You have already paid them once... if you aren't seeing any results then (I would think) advice should be free and a refresher class should either be free (or come at a steep discount).

Essentially, your goal is to have the trainer observe how you handle the dog and how the dog reacts when other dogs approach, ideally, in a public place -- not in the trainer's work area and not at your home or in a place where your dog is used to. You want to recreate the circumstances when the unwanted behavior occurs in an unstaged, natural encounter. The trainer should be able to assist you in correcting how you engage and communicate with your dog during future encounters. After that, it's practice and repitition.

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IMHO, a "Dog Trainer's job" is not to teach the dog how to behave, but to teach the dog's owner how to get the dog to behave in the manner they want it to. Almost everything I learned (over the years) relates to the energy that the dog perceives from it's owner. In other words, if you are relaxed, the dog is as well. If you are tense, the dog senses that tension.

If your dog is misbehaving when another dog passes by on a walk, then stop before they cross paths, put your foot down on the leash (so your dog cannot do much more than sit or lay down). Give your dog a command, "stay", "wait", "easy" (whatever you prefer). Praise your dog. As the other dog approaches, repeat the command in a calm voice, alternating with praise. Since your dog is on a short leash and your weight holds the leash more securely than your hand and arm, your dog shouldn't be able to lunge at the approaching dog. If Boone is growling, repeat the command or just say "no". Perhaps, "no, easy"... "good dog". Your dog may be stressed the first couple of times. If you feel like you need to, crouch down and pet your dog. Do not hold your dog back! Just pet and praise. Let them know you are both "ok".

It will get easier. Some of the primary things to focus on is your own anxiety about the situation and your confidence that you can be in control of your dog. It's okay to tell the other dog owner that your dog is a little territorial, you are working on it, and that you are not comfortable introducing the dogs to eachother just yet. (i.e.; Please keep walking)

I feel like this is a good place to start. Training classes may be worthwhile, but remember, they are meant to train you how to interact with your dog, not to turn your dog into the perfect pet.

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I'm glad you are doing some research before running out and getting the first Basenji that you can... but, a lot of your questions can't be answered: I'm pretty sure that none of us can see the future... None of us can tell you if you are going to be allergic to a Basenji, or if your dog is going to keep you awake at night, or if your dog is going to chew (specifically) the electrical cords (btw, puppies chew everything), or if your dog will annoy your neighbors.

But, you can control much of this.
@tanza is right, visit someone who has Basenji's and find out if you are allergic to them. Check with your local Kennel Club, Veteranarians, or Dog Trainers -- it's almost certain that you will find someone who can help you find out if you are or aren't allergic to this breed.

Be prepared to wake up during the night (at first). Puppies have small bladders. A midnight dash outside shouldn't be unexpected. Decide now if your dog will be welcome to sleep on the bed, on a dog bed nearby, or in a crate. Puppies are quieter when they sleep with you. If you choose a crate, place a blanket over it when it's bedtime. If it's a dog bed.... put one of your dirty gym shirts on it so the pup can smell you and feel like you are nearby. (You might not get that shirt back)

Chewing? Yep, puppies chew. Keep your place clean. Put your shoes in the bedroom closet. Then close the door. Pay attention. If your dog is showing curiousity about something they shouldn't be messing with, very firmly, say "no!". You do not have to strike the pup, or yell at them. A firm "no!" is usually enough. Then distract the pup by providing a toy or a game that is okay.

Is your dog going to annoy the neighbors? Most certainly! Your neighbors are going to be beside themselves with questions about this little pup. I have people pull up alongside me at traffic lights, "What kind of dog is that? How do you spell that? Is the breeder local?" OMGosh! Has no one else discovered "Google"? 😃 Noise is the least of your concerns.

Whatever breed you end up with... give your dog attention, exercise, good food, plenty of water, and make sure that it feels loved and safe.

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@s-m-plante I remember how much I wanted a dog of my own at your age, I hope your parents are willing to get you one. But if things fall through, learn as much you can, volunteer with one of your local dog rescue groups (or a Veteranarian) and prepare yourself for a dog when you become an adult.

That said, it would be more appropriate for your Mother to be online looking for a dog for you. As the adult of the household, she is the one that will responsible for the dog's care, food, medical expenses, and overall well-being. Not just that, but I find it unlikely that a reputable dog breeder would agree to sell you a dog without having your parent involved in the transaction. Talk to your Mother and get her involved.

btw, you could be putting yourself in a lot of danger by announcing how young you are and suggest that you may be willing to go somewhere to meet a total stranger about a dog (or anything else)!

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Halloween is one of the craziest, most fun, holidays in the USA. I don't know anyone who doesn't smile when remembering their childhood Halloweens. Not all the memories are great, but there always seems to be at least one that makes you smile. Now... I know we can't take our B's "Trick or Treating", but most cities have "Doggy Costume Contests" and so I ask. What kind of costume ideas do you have for your B? I need some ideas!

ps/ I would love to see pics of anyone who "dresses up your dog" this season...

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@izzy-bella oh.. not a dog bed. That was my son's pillow "innerds" spread across a Queen size. Really, really glad that the damage was restricted to the pillow. Not sure if I could afford to replace one mattress after another. 😉

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@Kembe Starting to wonder if our recent outbreak of spam isn't (compliments of) someone named "Heather".... not an accusation, just thinking outload...

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Can you send a photo?

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Temperament and Personality are so closely related that they (probably) get confused by many. Temperament describing aspects of one's personality that you would be born with: shy, or outgoing. Personality refering more to behavioral choices and learned behavior as in one's reactions to outer stimuli: curious or frightened.

So, my question is: Can you breed for specific Temperament traits?

(note: I am not a breeder, possess absolutely zero knowledge about breeding, and only ask this out of curiousity because the thought presented itself to me. I would, however, truly appreciate the chance to learn about this through our forum breeders discussions, education, and experiences on the topic.)

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@helle-devi I notified BRAT shortly after "Heather" started the rant. I was concerned about several points (administering/adjusting med dosage without Vet approval/advice, ignoring Vet advice, and on and on). They called an emergency board meeting and took prompt action. Unfortunately, legal processes take time. All the while, Heather continued her rant. And more astonishing details were revealed.

By the time Heather sent her first (wall of text itself) post, BRAT had already sent Heather an email explaining that they were reclaiming "Declan". Indicating that BRAT was already aware that things had gotten out of hand. I think Heather was a good "foster Mom" when she first started doing it. But something ... somewhere along the line ... started unraveling for her.

I don't wish her any ill will. I do hope that she finds her way back. But I still think removing Declan from her home was "for the best". sigh

(note: I do not know if Declan is still with her or not, Heather might have actually signed that agreement, but I doubt it.)

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What about a leash and (serious) harness? Something that would limit the distance and prevent the pup from actually getting close enough to take a leap(?) I'm not talking about a harness made from straps, but one that would cradle the chest and stomach area enough to gently suspend (him) in the air -- just in case.

Granted, you would have to take it on/off every time your dog goes onto the balcony, but it's the only thing I can think of to really make sure your dog is safe.

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@hamima2 I'm curious as well, but not sure we will ever find out....

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@prncmuhd said in Grain free food:

Top Dog Accessories 2019

Shame on you! If you had half a brain, you would have discussed legitimate issues with grain free food and then offered a link to a good option. Spam is never the way to get people to buy your products.

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@abaihya said in Breeders in the Gilbert area:

Brushy Run dogs bred by Beverly were intentionally bred to have those traits

oh... yes, that makes so much more sense! A blessing that you had one of their dogs. A shame that you might not have that option this time around. I do hope that you find "just the right dog". 🙂

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Is this a rental, or did you buy the property? If this is a rental, contact the landlord immediately! If you purchased the property, you may have recourses that you can the REALTOR® you worked with (or a Real Estate Attorney).

Try one (or all) of these homemade solutions:
DIY (Cat) Stain and Odor Remover
3 natural homemade cleaners
Six Homemade Remedies for Dog Stains and Odors

If all else fails, speak with a local stain removal professional and/or get some quotes for replacing the floor. I don't envy you with this... good luck. (Please share whatever ends up working!)

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