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@basenjimom2 thanks for sharing your experience. I really do have positive thoughts that it will work out in time, and think he does just need a scratch or two to make him realise he's not the boss! We will give some of your suggestions a try and see how it goes.
Thanks again!

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@rlkosek Hi Roberta
No, they interacted with the in-laws black lab a lot, however he was 11-12 years old and a very docile dog who had been living with cats all his life.
I can tell that one of the cats who loves to chase and play with the other is keen to be friends as he does often come down to the kitchen in the evening to see what's going on. He did get chased by the B this morning when I wasn't quick enough to catch up, but found a hiding place and wasn't long before he came down to be a part of the gang again.

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Hi All,
New member here- we brought home our tricolour basenji Pup last month and were hoping to get some advice based upon other Basenji and cat owner experiences.
We already have two indoor cats and living in a 3 storey house it has been fairly easy to keep them separated whilst the Pup is adjusting to his new home and environment.
They have interacted in small bouts with some nose to nose contact and sniffing however with his biting desires going through teething I haven't wanted him to get too close in case he gets overly close and hurts them.
Currently his way to explore new things is to use his mouth but lunging with his teeth isn't my preferred way to introduce them...

Are there any B owners who have cats that can share their experience of bringing them both together?
I completely acknowledge that it won't be an overnight job but some steps would be gratefully appreciated!


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