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I didn't understand at first,
I thought she was misbehaving.
Grabbing the toilet paper and dashing out of the room...
Ripping (bigger) holes in the socks I left by the bed...
Chewing on the attachment to my hair dryer that never gets used...
I thought I was just learning about having a Basenji.
Then I caught her!
As she turned to look back half way down the hall...
I'd swear she had a laugh in her eyes.
With a "catch me if you can!" smirk on her face.
She wasn't trying to be a bad dog...
She just wanted me to play a bit with her.
So I knotted up that old ace bandage,
And we played "tug of war".
The material was stretchy,
Which just made it more fun.
We played a little bit.
She didn't need to grab more things.
Now we understand eachother.
She was only bored.

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It's easy to understand how you would be upset by the email you received. Anyone caring for an animal 3+ years would be quite attached. Give your nerves a couple of days to rest, then re-read the email - one line at a time if you have to - and try to make sure that you aren't reading anything into it. Not everyone is able to clearly communicate through writing, so there is always room for misinterpretation.

Based on what you've written, it sounds like BRAT is concerned that you are not providing proper care for Declan. (i.e.; the Cabergoline dosage, weight and diet differences.) The best outcome would be for you to be able to provide evidence to BRAT that Declan's condition has improved under your care. Maybe, just maybe, they would be satified with that.

Look for a (third party) vet that would be willing to examine Declan and his blood analysis. Preferably one who is willing to put his thoughts down on paper, or give you a copy of his notes. That could, potentially, provide you with something in writing that says Declan has responded well to his diet and lifestyle (and hopefully indicate that the cushings is in remission). Let the Vet's office know that you are making the appointment to get a second opinion on Declan's health. There is no reason, that I can think of, to discuss the foster care/BRAT aspect. Yes, you will have to be the one to pay for the visit. You aren't getting shots, so I'm guessing it would run about $50(?). Make sure you take information from his earlier visit(s) with you so the Vet has some point of reference for Declan's condition when he was originally diagnosed. Ask the Vet what kind of diet he would reccomend. Perhaps there is a less expensive option than what he is currently eating(?). Do some research, look for something you could try.

From the sounds of it, you are going to need to renegotiate your agreement with BRAT. So calm yourself down and prepare to discuss this logically, rationally, and professionally with them.

  • You cannot know what kind of fiscal issues BRAT may/may not be having. Forget about attacking them on the basis of money (yours or theirs). Don't argue with them about that.
  • You need to get all of Declan's paperwork in order. Be able to show them the difference between when you brought him home and how well he is doing now.
  • Back up your reason for the 5.25mg/Cabergoline/week dosage with real evidence. Not how you think he's doing fine. What made you increase his dosage? Find the documentation for it. Not an article online, more like the vet recommended it on this visit (this date and time). Where were you getting this medication from in the first place? Someone prescribed it, right?
  • Provide evidence that RC Satiety Support is "made from sawdust". Have an alternative suggestion ready.
  • Ask BRAT how you can work with them to provide the stabilty they are seeking for Declan. There is a very real chance that they look at the less expensive UCCR testing as inadequate and feel like they can't really tell where Declan is in his "remission".
  • Be prepared to agree to a diet regimine for Declan. 20#s overweight puts him at ~40+ pounds.... That's like a human weighing twice what they should. How could that possibly be healthy? (Heck! I've got my girl on a diet for a whopping 3 extra pounds!)
  • Make an appointment with the BRAT approved Vet and get the same information you should/would get from a third party Vet. The Vet is there to advise you. If you blow off everything they say, then BRAT's defense is that you are not being reasonable and not respecting the educated advice of a professional. They "know nothing" is a line from Game of Thrones, not a worthy debate tactic regarding Declan's medication.

I'm not taking anyone's side in this. But I am trying to help you see that the only way to 'win' is to approach this without emotion. Hard, I know. Be business-like. Be able to present documents that show how much Declan has improved. Be willing to agree to different terms. Show them that you are willing to work with them and things might just work out.

Good luck, you'll (both) be in my thoughts.

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@eeeefarm said in should I get a basenji?:

wait until the time is right, even if you really, really want a dog now

I agree... with everyone. Sometimes you just need to accept that (no matter how much you want a dog/car/kid/house) you aren't quite ready for it. I waited 5 years before I brought my Basenji home and it was probably the most adult thing I've ever done. I was still in recovery from a spinal injury and knew that I wouldn't be able to provide (her) the exercise she would want and require. Waiting made all the difference in the world. Whan I was finally ready, the most perfect little girl was ready for me.

Don't fret about it. You can read, research, consider all of your options, and really prepare yourself. (Don't look at puppy pictures online! You'll fall in love without even meeting the pup(s) and it will pull at your heartstrings.) Remind yourself that "one day you will have a Basenji", just not today.

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oh, my heart just sank to my toes! I'm so sorry to hear about Tikka's passing. Try to focus on the blessings you shared. Easier said than done, I know, but it becomes easier each time you do it. {{{{hugs}}}}

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@falcon LOL At least he has a "tell"!

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@alihunt I suspect it's not seperation anxiety. You mentioned that she urinates "no matter how long" you're gone and that if she hears you open the garage door "she will yelp on purpose and pee" (even if she hasn't peed before that). Consider this: She's been waiting for you to come back and she's being so good, but when she hears you she gets really excited (and pees by accident). So your new job is to get her outside as fast as humanly possible so she can pee. And when she does, give her more praise and playtime than you would normally give her. If she misses the mark (so-to-speak) the first couple of tries, well, don't be discouraged. She's going to need to understand that the first thing that will happen is going outside to pee. Then she gets attention and loves. It might take her a couple days to get the idea. And you might have to move her crate closer to the exit to help her succeed. If, when you get inside, you find out that she wasn't able to hold it while you were gone, don't say anything to her (same plan, take her straight outside to pee and praise her)... then clean her crate and get ready for the next time you have to go out. Even if you are only walking down the driveway to get the mail. I think that she is trying really hard and wants to be good for you. She just needs a little help. Let us know how things go.

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@debradownsouth Actually planning on teaching 'BUG' to run alongside the bike as a way to help satisfy her exercise needs. That said, I am going to order a "K9 Sport Sack" for her so that she isn't running on dangerous roads - and also so she has a place to go if she gets tired...

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@marble said in Best harness for basenji’s:

Best of luck. If my two can’t wiggle out of their, they take turns chewing it off each other.

LOL I was about to say something similar... we need a harness that Bug cannot chew through! [Yes, I realize that if she were trapped, I might want her to be able to free herself, however, I don't generally choose to spend $30++ for (what turns out to be) a chewtoy.]

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@debradownsouth ... "Chaga" refers to both an African Tribe and Mushrooms, the concept of a "truffle hunting dog" relates to the latter, mushrooms. Mushrooms, being a truffle, after all. So, there's no joke here about dogs hunting human beings. I'm sure it's just jet lag... I hope you are enjoying your new home.

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@nick4 Just some thoughts.

I tend to believe that every dog owner feeds their dog diferently than the next - and most of us "swear by it". The key is to figure out what food will make you feel confidant that you are giving Jax what he needs. That might mean that you need to research kibble products, or the raw diet, or homemade foods, or all of these approaches. Doing that research will give you the confidence that you are giving Jax the best you can. It will also eliminate any anxiety that Jax might be sensing at mealtime. If Jax thinks you are worried about what's in his bowl, he's not going to "want it". (does that make sense?)

Are you hovering to see if he's eating? [LOL, Kinda sounds a little creepy, doesn't it? Would you want to eat if someone was looking over your shoulder?]

Or, do you put the bowl down and pick it back up after a half hour (empty or not)? [This will create a sense of urgency: "I better eat or she'll take it away!"]

Does he get his meals at the same time every day? [Bug doesn't get breakfast/dinner at the same time, but she knows that we go for a walk after we wake up and then she gets breakfast. Sometimes that's at 6am, sometimes it's at 10am, and she's always eager for her morning walk!]

It's fine to 'mix things up' a little with water, or chicken stock, or a surprise in Jax's bowl. [I started "bug" on chicken/rice/veggies and a bit of chicken stock when I first brought her home as a way to alieviate the stress from transitioning into our home. We still feed human foods, but we vary the protein, veggies and grain, adding fruits occasionally. (I nuke her meal for 30 seconds because I suspect that refrigerated food products will upset dog tummies.) Never have a problem with her eating or digestion. Personally, I like feeding her this way. She gets (canine) multi-vitamins to make sure I don't miss something vital - which makes me confident in this approach. (which is why I suggested the research - I feel good about what Bug eats, so she does too.)]

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you need to feel like you are giving Jax something that is good (for him) before he will feel like he's getting something good for him to eat.

ok, I'm really not a doggy psychologist....

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Ideas for finding your (next) dog:

Online resources make finding a dog (both) easier and time consuming. Rescues are generally pretty good at keeping their websites up to date. The same cannot be said of all dog related sites. So, before you get swallowed by all the adorable pictures of puppies, create a strategy for weeding out more reliable sources vs. the not-so-great ones. is often used by local animal control. You will have to check to see if your group is on there. Once you do, it's easy to set up email alerts to let you know when they bring in the breed you are interested in. That said, IMHO, most pets are listed as the wrong breed. has a marketplace that lists pups that are presumably purebred. As noted by another member, that doesn't mean they are reliable breeders. (aka brat) appears to be well-respected.

Most of the other sites I found ended up being little more that a time-suck. So, other options? How about thinking "Outside the Box"?

Your area Veterinarians' would make a logical source of information (both for new litters, and possibly 'older' patients who need a home). Check with them.

How about your local Kennel Club? Why not spend a day at their next dog show? Look for your specific breed interest, and after those breeds have competed, take a moment to introduce yourself to the breeder. You never know. They might have a pup available right then! The biggest advantage is that you have probably just tapped into a huge network of respected and well known breeders. If they don't have a dog that needs a new home, they may just know someone who does.

Other local sources that might help you find a dog: Dog Day Care Facilities, Groomers, Dog Walkers, etc. You get the point. If they are in contact with pet owners, they might know someone or maybe they could act as a middleman and introduce you to the right connection. You won't know if you don't ask.

Be patient. Don't give up. Not getting the first pup you see doesn't mean that you won't find one. And don't get in such a hurry to bring a pup home that you accept one that's "better than nothing". If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.

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  1. Click on your picture icon (found in the upper right hand corner of the webpage), a drop down menu will appear, choose "Settings".

  2. Scroll down to the "Email" section. The box will indicate, "Subscribe to Digest". Under that, put your mouse indicator under that area and to the right. A drop down box will appear with several options. Select "off".

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and "Save Changes".

Problem solved.

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Has anyone resorted to the spray bottle/squirt gun method of correcting their "B's" misbehavior? I caught BUG pulling books out and ripping up their spines. (picture "the Predator" ripping out the someone's spine in the jungle) I've tried to address the behavior before and, well, I kind of lost it. I got my hair mister bottle out, adjusted the spray from mist to stream and when BUG started to eat the spine off one of my books tonight - she got it. It made her jump (but we all know it didn't hurt her). She went back to my books and tried it again and she got another squirt. There was no third time.

I'm going to need a holster for my suirt gun!

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@branch BUG seems to handle small amounts of lactose (a bit of milk, cottage cheese) well, but I took her off corn (i.e.; from mixed veggies) because it was obvious that she wasn't "digesting" it properly. Lots of other veggies out there - she doesn't need to fill up her belly with something she can't process properly. (I appologize for being so graphic.) I avoid soy (since I have no asian ancestry). And, so far... no indication that gluten or wheat is an issue - although I will keep an eye out for possible signs (just in case). Thanks for the heads up!

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@_neekko_ My girl nips occasionally, deliberately, but without malice... in the same way as she's scratching an itch and gets too close to the skin. Sometimes it bruises - and it would be really alarming for a child to go through that. I just say "ouch!" and rub the spot. She's done this 3 or 4 times. It's been quite a while since the last time. It would probably be difficult for a young child to be able to control their reaction, but if you can teach her by reacting (calmly and without much ado) that it's not fun for you... maybe it would help train her to stop. Maybe?

That said, I get that you think the nips are a reaction to outside stimuli... my only advise on that is for you to practice walking her (alone) with confidence and control. Focus on acheiving successful solo walks. If nothing else, it will give you a chance to observe your dogs reactions. Maybe your dog is stressed out because she perceives danger for your children and she feels like she has to protect them. (If the kids aren't there, is she still acting the same way?) Maybe your dog is anxious because of bad interactions with other dogs. (Is she still having issues even when it's just you and her?) Give her a lot of positive reinforcement (treats and praise) each time she passes a dog without a negative reaction.

Last idea: help your girls mend any anxiety they may have regarding the nips... smear a dab of peanut butter on the palm of their hands and offer the treat (one at a time). While your dog is slobbering all over your girls, get them to tell her what a good girl she is and give her lots of belly rubs after the gigglefest subsides.

I hope we get to hear more about what you tried and how it worked. 🙂

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@debradownsouth I guess it was just the way you worded it. But I have researched it and added the doggie multi vitamin to help cover my bases. I feel better about this than any kibble (because I know I would just compare one brand to the next, constantly questioning if she was getting the best one).

I do agree though. The "experts" change their advice in a never ending loop: "Egg whites are better than whole eggs", "No, you can have whole eggs... much better than we thought", "Sacchrine will kill you", "Do this", "Eat that", on and on and on. Every time they come out with something, they turn around, take it back and come out with some other claim. Then there's all the freaky diets, "Dr. Atkins", "Paleo", "Vegan", "Vegetarian", "No white foods", etc., etc., etc..

The healthiest I've ever been is using moderation, the fewest possible processed foods, and limiting (but not eliminating) carbs and sweets. If I see a change in doodleBUG's health, I will make the neccessary adjustments. I just wanted to see why each of us favored the diets we choose (for our B's).

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@serenjane I don't have experience with that in particular. How long are you leaving her alone? Have you tried crating her? (What have you tried?)

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Hi all! I joined this group 7 years ago having decided that the best breed for me would be the Basenji. I did extensive research before making the decision and here it is... a lot of time since then and I'm back, looking for a little girl to spoil. Some of you may be wondering why it's been 7 years, simple enough - my health took a turn for the worse and I had to put my puppy hunt on hold. Not that I wanted to, but it seemed like a responsible (adult) decision. Life has been relatively stable for the last couple of years and while I've been patiently waiting... I'm suddanly seeing puppies everywhere! Just haven't found any Basenji's in time to be the new owner. Drats!

Please let me know if anyone knows of a Basenji Girl who might be willing to follow me home for treats, toys, adventures, cuddle time and belly rubs. First preference is a rescue. I'd love a puppy, but no, I do not have a grand to buy one.

If you could just keep your ears and eyes open and let me know if you come across something. I'm in Wilmington, NC - on the coastline between Myrtle Beach (SC) and the Outer Banks (NC).
Thank you EVERYONE! 🙂

Eleanor Brant
Wilmington, NC

"whew! Typing with my fingers crosssed is rather tricky!"

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@angie Welcome Angie! I'm still on cloud 9 with our new "B", it's so exciting, isn't it? Do you have a pic of Rebel to share? I just know I'll "oooo" and "awwww"!

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