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I know I wrote about Jeff Schettler on a different thread but he wrote a series of 9 articles for The Basenji magazine, whose web site is down. Anyway here is a link to a 2009 BCOA Bulletin about The Basenji Native Traits Preservation Project that talks about hunting Basenjis. Go to page 18 of the Bulletin to read it. There used to be a Yahoo group, but Yahoo groups no longer exist. https://www.basenji.org/Bulletin/2007BN/BN2007AMJ.pdf

Someone somewhere must have copies of the Basenji magazine articles. You can always ask here in the Forums. Here is a Forums post of Jeff Schettler's from 2011 that is interesting and has his current contact info. https://basenjiforums.com/topic/11558/working-dog-basenji-pups-waiting-list

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Unfortunately a lot of the opinions you are reading come from a place of frustration over Basenji puppies from Texas for the long time owners and breeders replying to you. When we read "8 weeks" we know that you will likely never get any help from the breeder you purchased and shipped the new love of your life. Regardless, none of that upset is going to help you solve the issues you have with this new puppy. Since he is so young, he needs a lot more attention than normal. There are some stuffed toys that have heartbeats to mimic their mother. Try this link for help and advice as well as an explanation of how their puppy product, Snuggle Puppy, works. https://www.smartpetlove.com/2019/11/26/why-wont-my-puppy-stop-crying-in-their-crate/

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I was incorrect about preventing pregnancy in females. Probably read too many posts about male dogs having vasectomies. Females, rather than have a complete or ovariohysterectomy, they have a procedure that leaves the ovaries intact and just remove the uterus. Interesting articles on the subject. Studies have shown that in both humans and dogs, females that retain their ovaries live longer than those that have had them removed.

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My dog Valentino, a finished champion, at age 12 is still intact. He has never sired a litter of puppies (one planned litter but circumstances canceled it). If you or the vet is concerned that you are not a responsible pet owner there are alternatives to neutering. I've read where people (many Basenji people included) give their dogs the equivalent of a vasectomy or tubal ligation rather than a full neuter surgery. No fear of puppies and all the hormones are there to insure that the dogs grow properly as they mature.

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@roguecoyote Jeff Schettler trained Basenjis for hunting, tracking, and detection. He wrote a series of article for The Basenji magazine. I don't think he breeds Basenjis anymore. Here is a link to his bio: http://reddogrising.net/about/jeff-schettler-author/

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The local breed club in southern California is the South Coast Basenji Fanciers. Contact them to see if they can recommend trainers or provide help. It's been awhile since I participated in any event they put on. They put on an occasional meet & greet and hold puppy matches (mostly for show practices) in north San Diego and Riverside counties. I live in RB. Here is a link to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SoCalBasenjiFanciers/

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You might try contacting the Puerto Rico Kennel Club and ask if there is a local Basenji breeder. Recently (within the past 6 months) 2 very Basenji looking dogs (both tri-color) were rescued in Puerto Rico. They were transported to the USA by an USA east coast based rescue and eventually adopted. No known history on the two. They could have escaped during the hurricanes and the owners not found.

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It took less than 90 seconds for my rescue James to completely sever a seatbelt. It would have taken me longer with a pair of scissors.

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The only purebred available through Karen at Medfly right now is a tri female. Karen has retired from active rescue. The website has not been updated in a few years and the linked email address no longer works. While she isn't taking in any more Basenjis, Karen is willing to help facilitate finding homes for those in need. You can contact Karen directly via email at [private email removed, sent via chat]

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I would have guess Queensland Heeler/Basenji mix. I've seen a few here is Southern California. Some are stocky like a Heeler and others sleek like a Basenji. All try to herd their people.

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