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Here is a link to the American Kennel Club's web site page that lists and explains the various breeds of dog considered hypoallergenic. Basenjis are not on this list.

All dogs can bite. You may be talking about chewing up belongings. We all have our personal experiences with our belongings being chewed up. In my experience, Basenjis can and will chew up your stuff until they die of old age.

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Why did Boomer die so young?

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How did you introduce the two dogs? Did they first get to meet in a neutral place? The lab is the invader of Blubert's "personal space", everywhere and everything in Blubert's home is his. You have a teenage dog and a middle aged dog, how would humans in those age ranges do together? You should probably consult with a behaviorist to see what you can do to "fix" things.

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You can also attend one of the nearby conformation dog shows to see Basenjis and talk to the various breeders and owners. I hope this link is useful to you, although you will need to figure out what time Basenjis are supposed to be in the ring in order to meet them. https://m.infodog.com/show/state_show_details.htm?state=nc

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@debradownsouth My editing of my post was terrible. Thank you for clarifying what I meant to say. I did have a female that tested "probably affected" in the early testing. She was bred to a clear (later most accurate test) and produced 3 pups who were all carriers (again, the latest most accurate test). While I found it necessary to put her to sleep at age 14.5 (seizures related to brain damage from being hit by a car) she never developed Fanconi or any symptoms of it. None of the pups were bred for various reasons (development, temperament) although one did become a lure coursing champion.

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Please pay attention to Pat @ Tanza. You NEED to have the testing done. If the results come back say that he is likely to be affected by Fanconi you have to take this dog back or you will ultimately go through the heartache of dealing with the health of a dog that needs medication, special diet, along with lots of your time and patience beyond the norm.

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This is a SPAM post. You need to click on the three vertical dots next the the thumbs down and click on "flag this post for moderation". More and more of these types of posts are turning up on this site.

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You need to give more descriptive information like age, height, weight, any white on her feet, etc. for people to try to make a better guess. Looking at the photos I would say not Basenji. She looks more like a shepherd mix, especially with the thick tail.

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@debradownsouth You probably need to explain the "matchstick" technique.

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