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This little girl may not fit your criteria but she is not horribly far from you in Arizona, at TarSha Basenjis.

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In back issues of the Basenji Magazine there is a series of articles by Jeff Schettler about training his Basenjis to track and hunt. I have no idea if Jeff still has or trains Basenjis but you can do an internet search "Jeff Schettler Basenji" which will bring up a bunch of links. Jeff has a web site as well as a Facebook page.

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@njdeb You purchase cans of pure pumpkin at the supermarket. If you live in the USA, since it is so close to Thanksgiving, you can purchase a case of canned pumpkin at Costco for a good discount.

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At least Basenjis aren't too heavy. You can carry them around your neck and they won't protest, at least none of mine have.

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Most difficult thing I have ever done in my life was to set my beloved tri Ella free at age 14.5. I am so very sorry for your loss.

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