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@njdeb You purchase cans of pure pumpkin at the supermarket. If you live in the USA, since it is so close to Thanksgiving, you can purchase a case of canned pumpkin at Costco for a good discount.

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At least Basenjis aren't too heavy. You can carry them around your neck and they won't protest, at least none of mine have.

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Most difficult thing I have ever done in my life was to set my beloved tri Ella free at age 14.5. I am so very sorry for your loss.

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AS DonC says,"the question of whether they WANT to...". I had one that after about a mile would lay down on his side and refuse to move. More than once did I have to carry that pain the butt Basenji, on my shoulders native style, home.

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A little tubby but such a beautiful face and wrinkles.

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@malti35 Have your vet send the blood draw to Dr. Dodds at Hemopet. Very few, if any, veterinary labs run a complete analysis especially for thyroid issues. Dr. Dodds has been tracking certain breeds health issues for years, Basenjis being one of them. You will find the forms and other information at:

I changed vets because, even though his in-house lab did not have the capabilities to run a complete thyroid analysis, he refused to allow me to send a blood draw to Dr. Dodds. Good luck.

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I am sure that you are praising him but probably not in a way that gets his attention. I had to house train a 6.5 year old Basenji. It only took 2-3 weeks but I had to make a complete fool of myself praising him loudly and effusively. My neighbors were a little concerned about my seemingly erratic and lunatic like behavior while walking Valentino BUT he was trained quickly and completely. During those 3 weeks there were accidents in the house but I just ignored him, cleaned it up, then took him on a walk and behaved like a lunatic with compliments when he peed.

Good luck!

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Engage a behaviorist, someone with qualifications who will work with you to help you change how you deal with Blu. Blu has had a lot of changes in a very short period of time and you are expecting a lot from him. If he never had much experience with small children he may be trying to nip her out of fear. Children are unpredictable, make quick movements, and are loud. Blu likely is terrified. As stated above, neutering will not change his behaviors.

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Regarding Thyroid Testing:

Everyone recommends Dr. Jean Dodds at Hemopet for complete panel Thyroid testing. Most vets and labs do not do a full thyroid panel test but Dr. Dodds Hemopet lab does. You need to have or find a veterinarian who will agree to allow you to send a blood draw to Hemopet. I ended up changing vets over this. First vet told me it was his lab (in house) or nothing. Second vet said "No problem." He even gave me a styrofoam lined box to mail the blood draw in. I had a very fat foster Basenji and needed to know if it was his thyroid (it wasn't) causing him to be so obese.

Go to and read about what you need to do to get the testing done.

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@basenji_life Try to get the OFA registration numbers for the parents as it will make it easier to find them rather than using the kennel name. Hope that I am not giving you information you already know but AKC registered names are not necessarily the same as the name their called (call name). My first Basenji, a show dog, had the registered name of Dune's Midnight Windsong. Her call name was Ella.

If you want to do more background research on your new pups pedigree go to the Basenji Pedigree web site and search for the kennel name:

Good luck! Puppies are little monsters.

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At what age are they letting you have the puppy? Most responsible breeders don't let them go until they approximately 10 or more weeks old. Tails take awhile to grow and loop more. At a month old the tails normally look much like your photo.

Make sure you have the registration numbers for the parents so you will be able to easily find the on the OFA site.

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