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Responsible breeders have a Facebook page for adopting older Bs, those that maybe didn't make the show circuit or throw the best pups. You might join that group and request to adopt. I had to travel for mine but there may be one in the FL area... can't hurt.

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@joan-duszka I just picked up some of these the other day. Osso Bucco bones. Pressure cooked the meat off....Meat for us and bones for our two. I don't eat much meat but my husband and the dogs were happy.

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@zande That's what I've decided. 😘

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@joan-duszka They do make a person laugh.

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Thanks everyone. I wasn't worried just not a B noise I was familiar with and wondered if anyone else's pups made this noise. My first female B snored loud enough to wake the dead at four months but not this odd little noise. It's quite handy as I know exactly when she's down for sleep.

Heard her first barooo last Saturday welcoming us home from the Saturday market. And she experienced her first earthquake this morning. OY!

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Hi. I have a new (12 week old) B pup. She's doing great. Some good days in the housebreaking thing, some not so good, but we are so happy to have Phoebe in our lives.

Question: Phoebe makes an odd noise just before she gives it all up for sleep (both naps and bedtime). It sounds a bit like a cross between someone sucking their teeth and Donald Duck. My other Bs never did this but I think I got them at four months. Is this a common trait in young pups--something realted to nursing or a developing hyoid? I'm not complaining because it tells me exactly when she is ready for a nap, just curious.

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Both lovely looking dogs, who will obviously love the heat of Costa Rica. Where on the east coast are you. My husband and I visited Limon and Tortuguero many years ago. Despite all the bad press about the east coast, we actually liked it more than the west coast. The humidity was really something else, though. T-shirts were soaked almost before we put them on.

Hi Fran,

We live just south of Puerto Viejo which is south of Lim?n central. Actually we are about as far south as Torteguero is north. We are actually only a few kilometers north of the Panama border. So, yes, it's hot and humid. Only place you will see basenjis panting. 🙂

They LOVE the heat, and our little male still gets cold at night. Can you believe it? I have no idea what he will do if we ever relocate. I'll have to buy him an entire wardrobe of woolies.

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I have a basenji, looking forward to get a female for him, any ideas?

As you probably already know, B's are very rare in Costa Rica. I have had both my male and female neutered. I am no help. Sorry.

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Thanks for the responses.

Pat- I'm pretty sure little Chacho had a "something bad" when he was very young. It might have distemper, but I'll never know. He is a sweetie, though, and we'll do what we can for him. The DentaTreat is a wonderful product, but he needs more than that.

Jill- Sorry for your son's misery. I know the sealant will wear away, but it seems like it might be the best bet for us. That, or a complete set of crowns. YIKES! That's got to be expensive… and there is no dentist in CR who does them. I'll keep researching it and let you know what we end up doing.

Thanks again


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I have a one-year-old Basenji neutered male, who, I think, had a rough start.

We got him at six months and discovered shortly afterwards that his teeth enamel is only partially there. He has funny little tips of enamel but the majority of his teeth are bone. From the reading I have done, it sounds as though this is either genetic, which I doubt as we have his sister, or, he had a very high fever when he was young.

I am cleaning his teeth regularly with DentaTreat? and a soft brush, but am wondering about some sort of strengthener or a sealant I might apply or have applied by a Vet.

I live in Costa Rica and the one canine dentist here does not do this type of work; I would have to find a kindly (human) dentist who would be willing to a) work with dogs, and b) work with me on the appropriate anesthesia for a Basenji. So, I think any product would have to be a home application kind of deal.

I saw something called ProVSeal online but don't know much about it. Anyone else? Any information from you would be appreciated.

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