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The legal clause in our rules around content is pretty standard for most dynamic content public user forums to protect the owners from any legal claims related to content rights.

This forum gets indexed by many other sites, so content ends up showing up on the other sites without our consent and we don't want to be dealing with each site that decides to copy our content. If anyone has concerns about ownership of any content you are about to post in a public forum, just know that it may get redistributed to another place without anyone's knowledge or permission, so if it's a concern please don't post it and save us all some trouble.

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Let's talk about Basenjis!
Is he a basenji mix?

He is a cutie. Looks like he is getting lots of love and he will return it. Glad you have him.

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Post pictures and videos of your Basenji.
I'm smart, I can learn to drive

I'm pretty sure Basenjis ALL know how to drive....they just don't want US to know they can!!!!Your Zaki is so handsome!!!! What a doll!!!!

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Introduce yourself and your Basenjis.
Hello from Toronto!

@meghedy our pups will be siblings!!!!! I’ll be going to pick up in Feb too. Yay!!

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Ask about intestinal, hip dysplasia, and other troubles…
Male Basenji dripping Urine constantly :(

@sky-hunter said in Male Basenji dripping Urine constantly :

@giza1 Thank you so much for your reply do you have any experience with the medicine Vetoquinol for male dogs?

No, sorry, I do not.

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Here is the place to discuss training your Basenji (housebreaking, lure coursing, agility…).

Logan & Monkey Training Journey

Training "Stay" should not be a big deal though you'll need to constantly reinforce it. Doing it 15 times won't work, and doing it 50 times until the command works and then forgetting about it won't work either.

No need for a lead. And it will likely work better with a clicker. Nothing magical about a clicker but you can more quickly and precisely reinforce the behavior, which gets more important as you move further away. Spend a day associating the click with the treat. This is pretty simple. Then have him sit and give the stay command. Move a bit away. Doesn't have to be far. Even a lean will work. When the stay is there click and then move back to give the treat. Best to keep focus, so if the look is away wait for it to come back.

Gradually move further and further away. At some point you may be 15-20 feet away when you click and then go back and give the treat. This is usually not a tough sell because, from a Basenji perspective, nothing beats getting treats for just sitting there. Should be a fairly quick train. It's one of the easier ones to teach.

Moving a Basenji to a trail is problematic. Their DNA says independent hunter. Huge difference with commands in an enclosed space and when they see a rabbit in an open area. Once they start after prey they lose their hearing. LOL

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Discuss the Basenji rescue in your area, resources, volunteer information, transport, rescue stories.
Basenji adoption

Thank you for the information, I just joined the group.

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Why do they do that?
Weaned too early, no contact with dam

@elbrant It doesn't make any sense to me, either ! I've lost count of how many litters we've had over the past 38 - 39 years but nary a puppy has barked. That is absolutely certain !

Like the adults, Basenji pups can give an open mouthed cough, which can sound like a bark unless you are watching it. The mouth is open at the end of the sound, not closed as when any other dog barks. It is only a single sound - just like a single cough.

As the adults, they do it if surprised or backed into a corner or in any other situation where an adult might show a similar reaction.

I held the pups to the pulse in my neck as soon as they were whelped, to establish a comfort rapport and continued close contact and socialisation right through their first few weeks.

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For general feeding and nutrition related messages and questions.
Lenny and his kidney disease - feeding Royal Canin - terrible!

I had a somewhat similar experience. Joey had a seizure which I correlate to taking Simparica. He looked terrible so took him to the vet when the first seizure happened and he was late Stage 2. Put him on Royal Canin kidney kibble and Hills kidney wet food and 4 years later he has only had 1 more seizure and his kidney values have remained constant. I will believe your homemade version is most likely better if you have the correct proportions. All the best to your Bs! Joey will be 15 in November.

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Post details of lost and found dogs. Please remember to update when dogs are found.

Post here tips on raising young Basenji.

Greatly in need of advice/support re: new puppy is biting me

Hi everyone!

New Basenji owner here from Melbourne, Australia.

I know this topic is a couple of months old but I thought I'd just add my experience for anyone else needing help with puppy biting.

My wife and I had been having mouthing/biting trouble with our (now) 12-week old pup for the last week.

The behavior has improved almost instantly by following the advice in this video.

She's still pretty mouthy but it doesn't escalate the way it did before when we'd try and stop her from doing it/yelping/saying '"NO". I think everything we were doing was just turning it into the funnest game ever for her!

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For discussion on breeding and breeders.
From the Basenji Club of America, Illustrated Standard for the Basenji

@tanza No, he is on page 12 - the red/white in the group of the heads of 4 colours. But thanks for the link. Saves me looking for my hard copy !

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For exchanging tips and general information on showing Basenjis in the conformation ring.
Use this forum for upcoming Basenji meetups, events, bashes, day at the park.
Basenji meet up in CT!

I’ll definitely let you know if we plan another!

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Share your memories of loved companions now gone.
Then there was one

@rugosab Just wanted to reach out and let you know that you’re still in my thoughts. Hope the heartache is easing up for you.

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Post Basenjis for sale or a want ad.
Looking for a pup

@jengosmonkey I think 1960 is a mistype ! more like in the 1990s but still a lot of money then - whereas it wouldn't buy you much these days -

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Talk about other pets you may have or want and questions about them

Dealing with Covid Travel Restrictions

Thanks for the suggestion of renting an RV. I'll have to see if that would satisfy states I might travel through.

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