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Luna needs a home!

@ludochat Nothing yet.

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Let's talk about Basenjis!
Basenji x ???


Why other than white? Sammies don't have blue eyes, and they do have small thick artic ears and long double coats. I'll take your bet! Loser has to send other best 3 dog jokes they know?

@caratheduck I went looking for albino basenjis and found her page and I KNEW it was her. Love it. As for mixed, even if they can only give you the top 2 or 3 breeds, that's still great.

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Post pictures and videos of your Basenji.
Do you think he is part basenji or Jack russell?

@jlrice1986 I would recommend getting a DNA test done. He looks predominantly basenji and there are health concerns which you need to know about if he is. Fanconi is one which you can test for. Reading through the forum will also help you a lot as they are a very unique breed. Challenging but incredibly rewarding.

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Introduce yourself and your Basenjis.
Advice please if a Basenji might be a good match.

@reddie said in Advice please if a Basenji might be a good match.:

Really!) it kind of getting into an argument and is kind of discouraging to even try to look further...
I had dogs for 35 years of my life, 16 years with Shar Pei, now Border Collie- not the easiests breeds to handle, just to mention a few... but so far we were doing just fine. I’ll keep looking and we are opened to some different breeds as well.

I never imagined myself with anything but BIG dogs, specifically Rottweilers and Chows. Then I got my first basenji for my daughter and I was hooked. THEN because of our very dog aggressive basenji, we ended up with a Samoyed. Totally hooked also. Every breed has it's gifts. I've found breeds I couldn't live with, but some that enchant me. I'm too old to start with a new breed, but I hope if there's reincarnation I get to own another 6 or so breeds.

LOL on Shar Pei. I'm so old I remember before DNA proved they were a distinct breed and Chow and Pei folk fought which breed the other came from... I was at Un. Penn vet hospital and a woman was there with a young Shar Pei. I asked her if they were as bad as I'd heard. She looked at my chow and said "Yes, about the same as Chows." And we both nodded knowingly and began to compare traits, look at each other's dogs' tongues. Dog people are a strange group.

If you can handle Border Collies and Shar Peis, you'll be fine with basenjis.

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Ask about intestinal, hip dysplasia, and other troubles…
Sneezing, snoring, sniffing loudly

@may_seeee Good luck, hope it’s something simple.

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Here is the place to discuss training your Basenji (housebreaking, lure coursing, agility…).

unpredictable behaviour

Totally with eeefarm. If your dog bites, especially if he breaks the skin, you could wind up in a world of legal issues.

First, get a muzzle and if you have to take him around people, use it.

Second, the very first nip should have resulted in immediate training ... one critical command is down, then stay. Once in position, you can simply put you foot on the leash. If the nipping is frustration, expect to be the target. Dogs that bite WILL bite anyone they feel needs a correction. You can now use a stern "no bite!" and ignore.

Fourth, I am always on my own on this...but I'm 62, have had Chows most of my life, bred & trained Rottweilers, and worked on rehab and aggression with private but mostly rescue dogs of a dozen plus breeds. While I owned only 3 Basenjis, I doubt my 3 are that different than other basenjis. While all breeds have a few quirks ...such as basenjis reacting to "ouch " like a squeaky toy, they aren't that different.

Personally, I lump them generally in the "obedience, rules, bah humbug. What's in it for me" group. I find the need to make the dog believe it is their idea or find the right response is very common with ancient breeds. You can be the judge of what level of craziness is shown by my owning 3 of them (chows, basenjis and samoyeds).

So, no basenji-familiar trainers? Find one that is willing to learn. They still need the basic skills. If the trainer indicates your input is worthless, get another one. Trainers train owners, not dogs. You have to be able to trust and communicate.

Fifth, biting can't be evaluated or fixed on the internet, as indicated above. We can give general suggestions. So I'll suggest a few safe ones.

Start obedience from the beginning. You need to seriously address who is in charge. But the bed is an issue only if the dog guards it.

Enlist help from people to come near so you get a lot of practice with down-stay. Eventually he will learn that you decide when to move on, and that he will get a lot of praise and a treat if he's quiet when you are ready to go.

I have some good links but no access. Fell and am confined to my recliner for a couple of more weeks. Using a kindle is frustrating.

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Discuss the Basenji rescue in your area, resources, volunteer information, transport, rescue stories.
McKinney Tx, rehome, 3y. Female mix

@hlevonius ,
Thank you for responding, but I have decided to wait until the end of this year before getting a dog. I'm sorry for making a premature decision. I hope someone that is ready will respond. Thank you again. Carl

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Why do they do that?
Snarling and Bitting


Swedish Animal Welfare Regulations

Section 13 of Sweden’s regulations on keeping dogs and cats states that, “dogs and cats may not be kept in cages” unless they’re used for transport, hunting, or a competition or show.

Even then, pet owners are required to let their dogs out of their crates at least every two to three hours.

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For general feeding and nutrition related messages and questions.
when to move from puppy food

Thanks for the suggestions. We have started giving peas and carrots with his dinner and he seems to enjoy them. We will start adding more as time goes on.just experiment just like we do with kids.

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Post details of lost and found dogs. Please remember to update when dogs are found.
The best pet on earth can form into an issue.

Don't feed the trolls/spammers. Though usually here it doesn't matter, they hit and post and never return.

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Post here tips on raising young Basenji.

New Puppy Crating Advice ... Feeling Discouraged

Crate for sleeping at night should always be in the bedroom with their people. Should be close to the bed. I use wire crates and typically have more than one Basenji so the crates are all next to each other, but still in the room we sleep in. If an only Basenji should be next to your bed that that your pup knows where you are and you can dangle your fingers in the crate to assure them you are there. And cover the crate to make it more den like. Agree with a "crate buddy" stuffed big toy... and this crate buddy should only be used in the crate at night. I have never had any of my Basenjis sleep in any other room other then the one I sleep in. I also agree that in a car any dog should be confined in a crate, period.

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For discussion on breeding and breeders.
Looking for a Reputable Breeder for Puppies

Try if you can to first have a vet check on the basenji before completing the sale. Be sure to inquire if the vet had good knowledge on Basenjis.

Stafford-ames Morse

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For exchanging tips and general information on showing Basenjis in the conformation ring.
Shows in Ontario, 2019

What about this spring?

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Use this forum for upcoming Basenji meetups, events, bashes, day at the park.
Pasadena, Maryland (not too far from DC)

Check out the Mid Atlantic basenji club of Maryland.

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Share your memories of loved companions now gone.
Remembering Toby

Having just lost my basenji boy to cars my heart goes out to you.

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Post Basenjis for sale or a want ad.
Looking for female basenji

I am sorry for your loss.

contact Camp Basenji in Florida, as well as a facebook page for breeders listing dogs that are finished or didn't make it for showing. I forget the name but someone else here will give it.

I should have scrolled down, helle devi gave it...

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Talk about other pets you may have or want and questions about them

Pet Food Recalls?

@glenn-jalivay2 - Many use kibble and raw, usually what they do (myself included) is one meal would be kibble and one meal raw.... I agree with Redial about the age and taking a 6wk pup. In the US is is not legal in most all states to place pups less than 8wks. Basenjis in particular do much better at 10wks at least. They learn important lessons from littermates and other adults in the home from 6wks to 10wks. And I as a breeder do not feel they are mature enough to leave their littermates at 8wks. Always exceptions and that would be to an experienced Basenji home with an adult dog... as the adult will teach the pup way more that humans ever can.

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