Family of Four in San Bernadino, CA, USA

  • @tanza THANK GOODNESS! They just looked so scared and lost in the pictures/video my heart was breaking 😞
    I do hope they find homes for them soon! Thank you for the update!

  • @roux - They will be safe and well cared for in foster with BRAT until the right homes come along. BRAT will evaluate them and work with them if there are any problems. So that is a good thing.... And many times the foster fails and the foster elects to keep them!

  • Tomorrow Sunday, from 10-Noon, the Devore animal shelter will have a public lottery for the 4 tri-color Basenjis. If you put your name down for one of the four, you must turn up in person to adopt them. Once noon has past, any remaining Basenjis will be relinquished to BRAT. Some Basenji people have offered to try to get one of the 4 so they can turn them over to BRAT. Nothing is known about the four. Who knows how long they were without human companionship. While they are acting scared now, they could be semi-wild. These Basenjis NEED BRAT's help.

  • @senjisilly said in Family of Four in San Bernadino, CA, USA:

    he Devore animal shelter will have a public lottery for the 4 tri-color Basenjis.

    oh, if only I was in that area! May they all find loving homes. (Honestly, my best thoughts are that they are all kept together.... but that's pie in the sky, I'm sure.)

  • @senjisilly - Update on these 4 Basenjis. The 4 Basenji’s at the Devore animal shelter were all adopted yesterday thru private adoption. 3 went to current Basenji owners so they’re going to B savvy homes. The 4th dog is going to a very nice family that has spent a lot of time researching the breed and is prepared for the antics/havoc a puppy might cause. All are safe from the kill shelter and will be going to their new homes in the next few days.

  • @tanza
    So happy to hear that they’re all going to good homes. ♥

  • Here is another update for these 4 Basenjis... On April 12th Devore animal shelter took possession of 4 Basenji’s. Two adults (mom and dad) and two pups. All of who have been rescued ❤️. “Owner” had passed away one day before they were picked up by animal control. Unfortunately, the owner had not cared for these dogs as the adult male is in terrible health condition.He had a chain embedded in his neck which caused ulceration. He is suffering from pyoderma, crusting and severe hair loss due to bacterial infection. He is severely malnourished. This basenjis emotional state is overwhelming and just sad. He whimpers and just curls up in a ball. I was pulled from a lottery to adopt him and I now have him with me at my home. He was seen by vet this morning. Treatment so far includes: antibacterial shampoo, antibiotics, blood work, fecal testing etc. I am asking for any donations to go towards his long road to recovery and also asking for everyone to send their positive energy to this poor soul as he will need it!! Thank you for any help you can offer in his care and medical expenses..

    If you join SoCal Basenjis group on FB you can see his picture... sorry but I don't post pictures here. If you want a picture of this sad boy, contact me privately, link/email in my signature.

    This is the post about the gofundme... I created a go fund me for the Dad that is in my care any help is greatly appreciated ❤️ you guys have all been so supportive and caring and it is greatly appreciated ❤️ i will post updates on the go fund me and this post so i don’t flood the group lol
    Help Rescue Basenji, organized by Reese Orosco
    Help Rescue Basenji, organized by Reese Orosco

  • @tanza Incredible story. Sad, but with a silver lining. Glad someone stepped up to give this guy the special attention he’s going to need. 👍

    Edit: Just put this guys fund over the goal! 👊🥰👍

  • Just an update for the male from these pups... I talked to the person that got the older male (5 yrs) who is not doing well, but we are in contact with her...
    Hi, just wanted to let you know that I connected with this person... blood work on this boy was not bad.... however still not wanting to eat... gave her some suggestions... also, nice to know that the Vet refused to do a neuter until his skin condition is better... that is a good thing... gave her suggestions for food and to be careful that they are small meals... as he was starved... and so thin.... also she has shampoo that will help his skin and she said that she did give him a bath and lots of dead skin/hair came off.... she did get him to eat ground hamberger and rice... told her to try and give litter meals off and on the day... so I do have contact with her... and I think this is NOT missing the others but that he is just not feeling well... she has my phone number to talk if she wants...

  • 👍 @tanza. His picture on the go fund me site is disturbing. He’s going to be a project for her. I really hope they’ll be successful together. I’m glad you reached out to help her with advice. I’ve been sharing the link and have been able to get few more people to donate.

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