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Great photo! She’s beautiful! You’re both lucky to have each other!❤🐾

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I also found that Russian fox study to be fascinating. Especially when the scientists were breeding by selecting for friendly behavior and found characteristics of white patches and curly tails in the foxes. They said the white patches on the face and bellies along with the curly tails are characteristics found in domesticated animals. Even though they were genetically selecting for behavior alone that these other characteristics are somehow genetically linked.

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OMG! So sorry for your loss! My deepest condolences. Cherish the happy memories with your Basenji.

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Kembe had her yearly vet appointment on Monday and the vet said he had just watched a PBS special on dogs and he didn’t know that the Basenji was the oldest known dog breed directly descended from the wolf. He suggested I watch the show - which was very interesting. It’s called DOG TALES - NOVA Season 47, Episode 2, and its 54 minutes long. It first aired 2/12/20 and available to view until 3/11/20. You can watch it online or stream it. The Basenji is considered to be the “GRANDAD OF ANCIENT DOGS”, is the most ancient breed and the closet ancestor of the wolf. I really enjoyed the episode - it was very interesting.

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I wish I could help you! I live in Chicopee and teach part-time in Northampton. Unfortunately my Basenji is a solo dog and doesn't want other dogs in the house. I’m going to ask around to see what services might be available for your Basenjis.

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He is a CUTIE!!! 🐾🐕🐾 Thanks for sharing! ❤

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She deserves to be spoiled!😃🐾🐕❤

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I have also taken Kembe in the water without a life jacket to make sure she would swim in an emergency situation. She can swim - but it wasn’t pretty! Lol! The life jacket definitely gave her the confidence and reassurance.

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I don’t remember the size and the life jacket is @ our camp. You need to measure your dog -especially the girth.Amazon has the size information on its site. The price is also reasonable - around $12 depending on the size.

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