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Congratulations! He is ADORABLE! 🥰🐾

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Congratulations! He definitely is a HANDSOME Tri! 🐾😍

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What a BEAUTIFUL painting ! I’m so sorry for your loss - this will provide you with a LASTING MEMORY. What a wonderful gift! ❤🐾

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She is GORGEOUS! A beautiful young lady! 🥰🐾

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@debbie So sorry for your loss. May fond memories comfort you and bring you peace. My deepest condolences. 🐾♥

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Can I join??? Where do I sign-up?👍🐾♥

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You are a “class act” as stated by @jengomonkey - so sorry you had to go through this especially after just losing Ms. Bunmi (Bunmi - African translation - “My Gift”). My deepest sympathies on your loss.
Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love, they depart to teach us about loss. A new dog never replaces an old dog, it merely expands the heart. If you have loved many dogs your heart is very big.” ~ Erica Jong
Hugs to you and Miss Roxy - “The Faux-Senji”! 🐾❤

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Bravo! Well stated! This forum is meant to support all dog lovers!🐾
Also - so sorry to hear about the loss of your basenji.🥲

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He is so SWEET 🥰! What is his name?🐾❤

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