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You’ll have to post his DNA results on the Forum when you have it done. It will be interesting to find out his genetic make-up.

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I personally don’t see basenji but you’ll never know for sure unless you get a DNA test - sometimes looks can be deceiving. He does have a nicely curled tail like a basenji. I’m curious to know some of his characteristics and quirks. Regardless, he is beautiful and he is fortunate to have found a FOREVER HOME with you. Thanks for sharing his photo - he is a real cutie!🐾❤

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Sally - glad to hear your procedure went well! 🙏

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Your babies are BEAUTIFUL! 🐾❤️🥰

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Kembe just turned 15 this past Monday 1/4. My biggest regret is that I did not have a second basenji as a companion for her. She’s having some issues due to age and I think it would be easier if she had a basenji friend.

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I have the same statement in the contract when I purchased my basenji - I could not re-sell or re-home my basenji - if for any reason that I could not longer care for her - she is to be returned to the breeder. This is when you really know that the breeder is responsible and care for the welfare of the dog and the breed. I’ve had regular contact with my breeder for the past 15 years and I feel it’s important to have a good relationship w/ the breeder.
As for that increase of pups in shelters w/in the next year - yes that was predicted by Zande and Tanza. Every time I saw a post for someone looking for a basenji - I cringed 😬 - just thinking about the number of puppy mills breeding backyard basenjis. I agree - I hope it doesn’t turn into a disaster!

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That looks like a really nice functional crate - but also expensive.

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And as eeeefarm states - "In order to get along with a Basenji, you have to be at least half as smart as the dog!" - is oh so TRUE!

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@rugosab said in Looking for pup or young adult anywhere in US:

”(When I placed puppies, I never placed them with dumb people)” .......... we’re not dumb - just crazy 😜 - crazy in love with our basenjis. My brother use to say “when you own a basenji - you become a man-slave to the dog!” 😂

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