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Yeah, I thought so too, Ann. Think I might know someone who can foster, working on it.

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Looks like a great Christmas card pic!:D

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This guy looks familiar - anyone else think he's been on BRAT site or somewhere lately? Beautiful basenji, hoping someone in our area can foster, or give him a forever home. Wish I had more room.

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Sad story, Arwen. That must have been such a hard thing to go through.

Maybe Lily in Houston is looking for you…?

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Oh, he's so pretty. Anyone contacted BRAT?

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This one looks like some other recent scam posts, doesn't it? Who raises a thoughtfully-bred basenji and advertises odorless, danderless on craigslist?

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What a beautiful boy. There's a sticky on this site I think with Sharron's tips for new rescues - image they would apply to fosters as well. They were invaluable when we got our second basenji.

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What a sad outcome for that pup, but good to hear that you'll continue to love basenjis and basenji rescue. It's so hard to stop at one. :p Bet you'll be adding to your B family at some point, all the wiser.

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Wondering too how this is going - just read through it this evening. Sorry for your sister, sorry for this basenji.

Wiser heads than mine have already given you insightful answers. All I can say is that we dealt with similar issues with our rescued boy. He suffers from fear aggression and I have lingering pain in my knee to this day from a bite shortly after we adopted him. (Not as bad as your sister's - I can only imagine how dealing with that situation in a contained space at 60 mph must have escalated things.) That aside, our guy is an absolute sweetheart, much more affectionate than our well-behaved girl. It took many, many slow months of gaining trust and training to get there, but if it works out it's worth it.

As others have said, whichever way your sister decides to go - if she's given the choice by AC - is understandable. If she ends up with this boy in her home she may be in for a long haul, but the payoff could be huge. Warm wishes to her - and to you for caring - however things end up.

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Oh, such a sad story. My heart jumped when I read the craigslist post, and sank when I read on. Thoughts with the owner and the rest of the pack (beautiful group of pups).

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