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@rockonrush your puppy is so adorable. We have a black and will cherish your puppy forever. Can you share the breeder? We want another one : )
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ariadne PS happy to share training tips--but they don't work!

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@vlukz Hello Vlukz, your puppy is so beautiful. Would you be willing to share the breeder's name? I am not sure where you are located we are in California but we got our last Basenji in North Carolina and I flew there to pick him up. Thank you! ariadne

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-They yodel when they are happy, it's truly a sign of our joy!
-They don't like the rain and will bury themselves in bed covers or hide as they refuse to go outside. They will dance around and run around to distract you from putting on the leash. We lived in Portland when it rained so much but he still didn't change his mind : )
-They love to be warm. Ours sleeps in his own bed but in the middle of the night will come and paw my head so I wake up and place his blanket over him so he is completely buried. I don't like being awakened but it's a charming trait and I don't like the cold either!
-They will get you in shape. They love to walk and run. And you know that a tired basenji is a good basenji. And since they are sight hounds they know when there is another dog or animal nearby. Last week he stopped in this tracks and just ahead 3 coyotes ran down the road. They will check out the sky for airplanes and birds. They see the world sometimes you don't see.

Good Luck! You have a forever friend!

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Hello Chlloe, I think the thing I learned most from our basenji (s) is patience. Sometimes you just have to out wait them. Miles is now 4 and the time now he lays down and stalks the other dogs has shortened up. Good comments from others here too.

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@tanza Thank you Pat for your wisdom! We are on Basenji #5 and Miles is now 4 years old, they all did this : ) eventually the time shortened up and usually he wants to just play most of the time.Sweet Miles

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@tanza congratulations! They are beautiful!
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