• Came across this posting on PetFinder: Young purebred male basenji named Apollo (will be 1 yr on 11/2/22) in Houston, Texas area. He was surrendered by his owners in July. He is in danger of being euthanized if not adopted soon. Here is the link:

  • @Kembe - Was BRAT contacted? That would be the best place to go if the breeder is not known... and for sure this pup needs to be DNA tested for Fanconi and PRA at the very least. Looks like he is a carrier for Fanconi and already has an issue with the one eye....sigh... wonder what happened to that one eye?.....

  • @tanza
    I don’t know if BRAT has been contacted. Should I send this link to BRAT?

  • @Kembe Yes, I would forward this to BRAT. Even before I finished reading the entire description I knew he’d been raised outside (warehouse in this instance). Very disappointing, but I don’t know all the circumstances. He looks and sounds like he could be nurtured into a being a really good dog. He’s young, full of energy and needs to learn some rules/manners. It sounds like he’s capable of learning per the foster. Hope someone picks him up.

  • I just sent a message to BRAT. Hopefully they’ll be able to help this young boy. I’m going to assume he’s from a “backyard breeder” because otherwise he would have been returned to his breeder. This is so sad that this should happen to this basenji. I feel so bad for him.

  • Update: I received this response from BRAT:

    “Thanks for your report on this purebred, Apollo. We have been alerted to this dog and one of our administrators said today at 17:36:

    Saw this on FB - they want $750 for it. He is with a rescue. I think we have already seen this dog and they didn't want our help. Guess we could check with them anyway in case no one is willing to pay that much.

    BRAT doesn’t have the resources to pay for dogs. We can only hope they decide to give him up to us but I wouldn’t count on it. I seriously doubt he will be euthanized. Sometimes rescue groups will place a Basenji in a home and the dog comes back to them and then they contact us.”

  • @Kembe - Thanks for the update

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