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@donc if this animal is connected to any African dogs of recent import. esp from Benin ( a former Portuguese colony that is possible OR while the numbers registered in the US is small....hunter dogs and packs have been in the US since the late 1800s. typically found in New England with pockets in fl, ca, and Georgia.

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folks should remwmber that while fanconi shows up the MOST in basenji because we have such a small gene pool, if does occur in other breeds and other animals.
re: Podengo DNA if people want to submit they can but statistically unless there are hundreds of samples to come up with a baseline there would not be comparative info.
We collect samples for other health issues that are a priority for a small population.
Good luck with your dog.

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@thepugsmuggler DNA WILL TELL YOU NOTHING ABOUT THE BREED ID. any of them say breed id is for recreation. As a podengo club we specifically have not provided any DNA to breed I'd companies....but if someone says I think it's Podengo...guess what....they tell you it's a podengo. All primitive breeds from the Mediterranean share some common ancestors.

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not a basenji. likely a smooth medio Podengo.

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@morsesa ....dear person with misinformation. all basenjis have the same possibility of any health issues. dogs down under came from US stock.

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spaying will NOT help. In the wild they would have to frequently at maturity, have to establish leadership. so it is hardwired power and control. most of us NEVER place same gender together. another concern would be if the 12 year old is deemed unnecessary to the pack, they could gang up on her.

If you find a behaviorist, find one familiar with primitive dogs but I would not be optimistic of it helping.

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For those who remember all of the above turmoil with Foxy and Cammi - I wanted to let you know that Cammi has now joined her mother Foxy and devoted human John Siverson at the Rainbow Bridge as a result of Cancer. Many thanks to those who have cared about and for Cammi and our sympathies to her most devoted family who has provided her love and support for these years. Our sympathies to you and our thanks for caring about and for her.

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Many of you were active in assisting us to become recognized. Today the AKC Board voted that the portuguese Podengo (the medio and grande size) will go into MISC in January of 2014. I wanted to thank you all for what you have done to support the breed over the years.

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Podengo temperament - first as I said before they have a softer temperament than basenjis - harsh corrections result in a dog that will melt into the ground. The Medio size (keeping in mind I do not live with this size) needs to be kept busy - they are active and appear to do well when there is some pretty physical exercise and brain activity for them. Lure coursing, agility, even rally can keep them happy and focused. A couple of foks are going to try them at fly ball. All sizes like to hunt and must always be behind a fence or on a leash. I find that the Grande (BIGS) are a bit more laid back. They love to run, they will catch bunnies and birds on the fly and in Portugal they run down boar and stag. Their preference appears to be investigating their enviroment for any changes and sleeping on the couch.

If you think of primitive hounds of the Mediteranian Basin - you get what a Podengo looks like and how they are. Similar to Ibizan, Pharoh Hound, Cirneci, basenjis etc.

The little size - pequeno is a breed apart - it is smaller 8-12 inches and is not a bred down big it is longer than tall and is a rabbit hunter in thick brush. To learn more you can go to

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The hair does not fill in on it's own - it just may be less visible as the hair gets longer - your dog will ALWAYS have a naked tail tip.

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