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fool proof way......DONT. Disease and aggression are rampant.

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i dont believe in early neuter.....and if a vet promotes it...find a new vet.....The soonest i would ever recommend neuter is more 1yr to 18 months. But ive had many unneutered dogs and bitches.....

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@mnbadger i know Max I a sweetie for sure.

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Portuguese Podengo.....basenjis dont appear to carry the dwarf gene.... there was someone in the NE us who was breeding them at one time. Likely the breeds share some common ancestry. That said, the ear shape is not correct for either breed. a mystery.

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They do not differentiate between squirrel and fluffy puppy....prey is prey it is instinctive and deep seeded. a basenji off leash will be a dead basenji.....may not today or tomorrow but eventually.

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Do not give your dog oral NEUROTOXINS unless you are prepared to deal with death and lifetime seziures. Just what sort of parasites are you worried about?

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while I no longer have basenjis as a long time breeder I got fed up with them years ago.

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the original data from UC Davis was more useful. the ingredients in question are Leguemes, peas, pea protein, soy etc. Not so much grain free but what replaced the grain. The original article also had a way to document report, test and where to send data. that was way more helpful that a list of foods in particular because not specific of which variety of food of a brand was problematic.

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unless it is real....and I mean real don't. flights that are transatlantic have unique rules for all dogs. As a Special Ed teacher fake service and support dogs hurt a lot of people with real needa.

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introductions are important to basenjis and I am not sure what you define as 'Normal dog'...but it's seldom a
There are distinctions...there a breeders like many of us on this site and there are back yard breeders or commercials. which one you got her from can provide background on if they are lines we are familiar with. I would suggest a call to your breeder to ask the question might also be a good idea.

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