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Vinny’s mom Kathy: Basenji loving grandma that loves gardening, nature and fishing with her grandkids.

Vinny: I’m a 13 y/o male basenji looking for a really nice playmate (or bonded pair) to live with us. I have a great place to live, sleeping on mom’s bed, escape-proof fence, great food and plenty of people here to play with. Mom takes me on daily walks or to the dog park, too.
Mom says my new friend needs to be a talker, because I am very quiet.

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I’m new here, but well versed in basenji. I am looking to rescue/adopt another basenji for a companion to my 13 y/o male. The new dog would need to be housebroken, good with dogs and kids, non-aggressive towards dogs/people and preferably leash trained. I definitely want another basenji that talks back to me. My Vinny is so quiet. Many years ago, I had a sweet little male that always had an answer to my questions.
I am signed up through every basenji adoption agency that there is, now we are just waiting to find our new friend.
Thanks for listening 🙂
Kathy, Vinny’s mom

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