• Just going to post from the BRAT FB page whole thing and will get contact info asap. I THINK Joanne can transport her to the USA in July but if not, anyone near Greece, here is their webpage: http://www.cypruscatrescue.co.uk/

    Joanne Woodhall
    Hi this is Gypsy, she is with June and Michael, that run CyprusCats Rescue Centre. She was found tied to another dog and just left all alone. They thought that she was pregnant but it turned out to be an infection, which was dealt with . They are looking to re-home her and up to now haven't found anyone to take her. I am taking a… rescue GSP off them in July and Gypsy will be able to fly in September, if we can find her a forever home !!!
    I didn't know about this group but was kindly put onto yourselves by a friend, any help or advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
    She is a lovely little thing.
    Thanks for reading this

    Gypsy is in Cyprus ( near to Limassol area) and i think that she is under two years old !!!

    Debra Levey ::::Joanne, I take it no microchip? Does Greece even have a Basenji rescue? She looks like a sweetheart.

    Joanne Woodhall ::::I'm not sure if Greece does have a Basenji Rescue Debra !!!! but i have been told that she definately needs a home that has experience in this breed , fingers crossed that someone, somewhere has space for the little girl

    Debra Levey::: Joanne, post on the Basenji Forum. We have a lot of international members there!

    Joanne Woodhall ::: Debra could you post this for me love, my mum has passed away, thanks love

    UPDATE: (I was wrong, woman posting is in UK not US)
    Joanne Woodhall: Debra i'm getting Stix , a german short-haired pointer coming to us in Wales, UK. Spoke to June, she says it would cost too much to send Gypsy to the States !!!! We have had to have fund-raising events to pay for the flights of Stix and 4 other little ones. So it would be the case of getting some money together to pay for the extra-long distance i'm afraid

  • Oh, wow, this girl needs a break…anyone???

  • She's cute.. Cyprus is a 'little bit' far though… And September is not the best time...

  • September? Janneke she is ready now.

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    September? Janneke she is ready now.

    Oh, than I misread.. We're getting a puppy girl next season, but I'll talk about three B's with BF..

  • I can try and cross post this to the B forum in France… I can't think of anyone in Macedonia or close who can take a dog.. : /

  • Thanks Lauren!

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