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Cats and dogs and other mammals that have more than one offspring at a time can have a different sire for each offspring. (Technical term: superfecundation.) That still doesn't affect the NEXT litter. It is simply biologically impossible. I don't have to be "an expert on cats"... I have a fairly solid understanding of biology and genetics. The "bloodlines change" is, simply, impossible. Whatever old wives tales people might believe, it is, in fact, not biologically possible.

This forum or any forum, anyone with a basic biology and genetics understanding will tell you the same thing if you post that.

You aren't the only person who has wondered/thought the same thing. So... here is a professional answering it, with also an explanation.

What about future litters? There is never any lasting affect from the genetic input from a previous father. So you can breed her to any male you want after this. <<

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@zande said in Need advice for newborn basenji:

It still pertains with British Airlines - and flights out of London, Debra. I had to check up in the last 6 months. And they are still very fussy about the size of the crate and the space for movement, standing, lying, turning.

But if Turkish airlines allow Pet in Cabin - so much the better for Caner and the puppy !

😞 That's hard. I wonder what their reasoning is? I looked and at least they allow certified assistance dogs on all flights. El Al does not allow any dog over the weight limit, period. Honestly, the most stressful part of moving to Israel was the paperwork and timing of requirements for the dogs.

We're able to carry a recognised assistance dog free of charge in the cabin of all our flights.<<

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@scampy I am sorry to read about your mother. I hope she recovers quickly.

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I am not sure where you got your information, but no, breeding a dog or cat or horse or cow or pig or any mammal to another breed does one thing only-- produces mixed offspring that time. When you breed to another purebred, those offspring are not "ruined bloodlines". They are just as pure as before.

IOW, if your XYZ show queen mates with Mr Doodles, the neighborhood stray, the kittens produced are mixed. Obviously not XYZ purebreds.
Next time, you breed your XYZ queen to a purebred XYZ tom, the kittens produced are PUREBRED XYZ. Their bloodline isn't ruined. They have no dna from the previous litter.

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@nancyss said in Need advice for newborn basenji:

@debradownsouth I wasn't trying to be condescending and I am sorry you took it that way.

No one on earth knows that "tone" is nearly impossible to read than me. I am sorry I read yours wrong.

As for discussing between yourselves... its a message board. Unless you go to private messaging, people assume it open for discussion. 🙂

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Mostly because United allows brachiocephalic breeds (ie short muzzles), which others don't. That accounted for most of the deaths. But, knowing how much more dangerous it was, why did they?

"Between June 2005 and June 2011, 189 animals died in flight, and 98 of those were brachycephalic, according to the Times, which led to some airline bans."

Is the bad press likely to push United to be safer? Maybe, but I'd avoid them.

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@antigone said in Basenji + ? other dog breeds ?:

@layla I am constantly wondering how these mixes happen. A Lab is a big dog and Basenjis are tiny by comparison. It is rather mind-boggling! Nevertheless you have a very sweet Dog! Also a VERY lucky Dog. 🙂

My 90 pound Rottweiler bitch backed her behind up to my bed to let our neutered rescue poodle hump her. My then 9 yr old daughter had a serious talk with both of them, lol. I saw a saint bernard bitch lie down for a chihuahua (owners not paying attention.. I yelled for them to look, lol).

Where there's a will there's a way fits with dogs in heat.

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@nancyss said in Need advice for newborn basenji:

I will NEVER fly another Basenji unless I am right there with them. I don't roll dice on the odds on my beloved Basenjis.

So you don't take them in the car except medical necessity? That's rolling the dice. I could list more things, but your condescending "I don't roll dice" is well, condescending.

My point wasn't that animals don't die... they do. But not the dire picture you claim. If you need to fly a pet, then know the stats, check the airline's policies (such as taking out for water if delayed), and decide. You don't choose to fly a dog... your choice. But telling someone they are pretty much being inhumanely irresponsible for flying a pet and exaggerating the risks is not, to me, honest or fair. Again, have flown quite a few dogs and puppies over the years, none arrived stressed out, except the puppy that a friend's mother delivered to me from PA to GA. Totally wigged out. She was a very intense sensitive dog who was a joy to train and work with, but being in the cabin didn't help her at all. I suspect the cargo would have been quieter and less stressful. And btw, if going cargo, some airlines leave the pet with you until they are actually ready to board them.. so you can check. When I flew pups and adult rescues with Delta, I actually stayed with them until the little train thing came to go to the airplane, watched them loaded, and drive off to the plane.

I understand with your really stressful event that you choose not to have a puppy flown again. But please respect that others can choose to without you indicating they are less caring about their dogs than you because you disagree.

@nancyss said in Need advice for newborn basenji:

You two will definitely bond on the flight, becuause if you have a friendly seatmate, they will probably have no objection to you holding a sweet puppy sleeping in your arms!!!!

It has nothing to do with a friendly seatmate. Almost all airlines (I suspect all) have rules against you taking a pet out of its carrier.

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@zande said in Need advice for newborn basenji:

No airline will allow Pet in Cabin over the Atlantic Ocean or any large expanse of water. T

Sally, not sure how long it has been since you've flown, but I assure you small enough dogs/puppies do fly in the cabin. Two people I knew flew at the same time I did from NY to Israel. Both had their small dogs in the cabin.

Small cats and dogs are allowed to travel in the cabin of the aircraft on most El Al flights. You will need an approved airline pet carrier. You must notify El Al that you are traveling with a pet. Reservations cannot be made online.
El Al Airline Pet Policy - Fly Your Dog or Cat Safely - Pet Travel

Turkish Airlines allows dogs, cats, and small birds (goldfinches, budgies, and canaries) to travel in the cabin, as long as the combined weight of the pet and carrier doesn't exceed 17 lbs (8 kg). ... A maximum of 2 carriers are allowed per passenger, but only 1 is permitted in the cabin.....For international flights, the total weight of the pet and carrier will be multiplied by the excess baggage fee for that route.

Air Canada: Air Canada and Jazz flights welcomes small cats and dogs in the cabin if the combined weight of the pet and carrier is under 22 lbs (10 kg). Your pet counts as 1 of your carry-on items and must be stowed under the seat in front of you for the duration of the flight. On domestic flights, pet fees for 1-way travel range between $50-59. On international flights, pet fees for 1-way travel range between $100-118.

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The vet can manipulate to see if something severe is wrong, but hips xrays need to wait til 6 mos (OFA) or (I think.. too tired to look) 4 mos.. oh heck I have to look..
"The PennHIP method can be reliably performed on a dog as young as 16 weeks old."

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