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Oh dear spirits. That baby picture... if I squint really hard I could see maybe a little. Are you sure someone didn't swap you puppy for a basenji mix? Bahahaha cause the next 2, the basenji comes out... including resting on their natural habitat... the kitchen table. It might be worth doing the wisdom dog panel just to find out what else is in there. How much does Jax weigh?

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Oh dear, how cute is that! Welcome Piper!

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SQUEEEEEEEE.... What a cutie!

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If you click on the last icon with the arrow up icon, you can upload photos. They need to be in JPG format I think.

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The only sure thing to do is to do a dna test, but I see more possibility of a chihuahua than a jack russell. Whatever she is, she's cute as can be!

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Hi and welcome!

House training with any dog is the same boring work... with an adult it usually takes less time than a puppy because their bladders are able to hold longer, but honestly, it is absolutely necessary to watch, leash to you, crate or outside every second until you have a dog who consistently asks to or goes outside. Every time you mess up, it prolongs training. Has training on left, behaviors such as house training on right.

Another good one:

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Have been seeing a lot of people post, but until necropsies are done on dogs, it's not going to make any difference when they have under 1000 people claiming the drug killed their pets but no proof.

I remember a similar flood of people claiming something... a deodorizer spray... was killing/making their dogs sick, even though absolutely no proof and major amounts of the people's own vets said dogs had other serious health issues and could not say it even had any effect. Eventually it was filed under snopes.

But so many people said chicken jerky from China was making their dogs sick and the manufacturer/distributors and FDA kept saying no proof. Yet Australia had same issue, lots of deaths. Banned the product, death rate dropped dramatically. They took the view... something is wrong, we don't know what but let's be cautious. We took another 2 yrs to even get warnings and the stuff still isn't banned.

With new drugs... I gotta tell you, I just don't. My own vets say, seems safe but lets wait 5 to 7 yrs. This drug was approved only 3 yrs ago. Also, if a drug made my dog throw up, I sure wouldn't be giving it the 2nd or 3rd dose. Unlike the deodorizing spray, these cases SEEM valid, and scary. It is one reason I prefer the spray on or top spot type... they act odd, you can at least get some of it off and have more time to get to a vet.

Trust your vet generally... but not with new drugs. I don't want mine being a guinea pig.

Anyway, thanks for posting it. We have to be our dogs' advocates.

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Welcome to the forum! We need pictures of course! How many do you have?

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@margiem Thanks for posting the link! I thought I had posted that in my response about them.

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I rarely bathe my dogs ... unless one was showing or had rolled in something horrible. I brush/comb/wipe down with baby wipes. If you add oil, do it very slowly with a puppy so you don't end up with diarrhea.