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@giza1 Thank you!

@Steph_a_Mod OMGoodness.... love his face. :) They just ooze happy. :)

Sorry about your cat. There are some less allergenic cat breeds, but the constant wiping to remove saliva from a cat is really really intense.

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I am sorry about your Schnauzer. Having a dog companion is the best thing for blind dogs. I hope you find just the right dog for your family and your schnauzer. What type is your dog? I love them. My girlfriend just got a miniature. I considered a giant a few years ago. A girl at our schutzhund club had one that made me really want one!

We love pictures here, so feel free <cough> to share one of your dog.

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That's really sad. You'd think the breeder would have contacts or go to their social media pages etc to find a home. :( Has Brat contacted them?

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@cnunley7 Does she have a normal dog bark, or the singular "Boof"..... Boof...... Boof. She does look like she had basenji in her.

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He's now at times regretting this, she is nuts. A lot more dog than I thought I was signing up for but she's AWESOME. This is a basenji, right?<

I am really laughing very hard. My basenji is looking at me wondering what's up.

Sometimes (often) new basenji owners who were looking for a basenji and THINK they know what's up would say the same thing.

She absolutely looks like a chi/basenji mix. Is she? I don't know. Only a DNA test would give you much confirmation.

Does your vet have any idea how old she is? She may be so happy to have attention and play that she's in over drive and it might wear off. LOL but since it's been 5 mos.. I wouldn't count on it.

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Most retired show dogs are not going to be "closer to young adult"... but actually adults. I know Camp Basenji has dogs in Texas and transport is possible.

Also, hopefully some breeders here may have or know of dogs that could use a forever home.

Please contact Pam Hamilton with Camp Basenji.

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I love genetics and DNA. :) I had learned all the 30 yrs or more of wolf/dog theories, only to have them squashed by DNA. Learn new things.. I'm good with that.

On wolves btw... our current wolves are not the ancient wolves dogs came from:

Wolves provide no clarity. Grey wolves used to live across the entire Northern Hemisphere, so they could have potentially been domesticated anywhere within that vast range (although North America is certainly out). What’s more, genetic studies tell us that no living group of wolves is more closely related to dogs than any other, which means that the wolves that originally gave rise to dogs are now extinct. Sequencing living wolves and dogs will never truly reveal their shrouded past; it’d be, as Larson says, like trying to solve a crime when the culprit isn’t even on the list of suspects.<<

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I just ran across this while down the rabbit hole (ie searching a topic for an hour or so). It's 3 yrs old, but a good read.

I have really scoff and gag at the money-grubbing push of breed specific dog food. They are pure hype and greed. However, it's interesting to know that non-agricultural vs agricultural societies resulted in dogs having different abilities to use starch . I am not sure how significant that is for diet, but I'm sure one day they'll find out. (I do know some breeds have diet needs .. like Dalmatians predisposition to forming crystals).

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A firm NO, and ignore him. While it isn't sexual all the time, it can be dominance. Regardless of intent, no one wants a dog humping them. So try to say NO before he actually starts to hump, then walk off. He can understand that humping gets him ignored. Putting him in time out he probably doesn't understand.

Work on commands. at this age he should know sit, down, and needs to work on "leave it." Giving him training will keep his mind busy and help him see you as not a humping item.