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@wynette No problem. But if you look you can see many posts say who the poster is responding to.

Look at this one, it says @Wynette

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Check them out how? Unless they have generations of heart, hips, thyroid, clear fanconi etc...they are NOT good breeders.

As for cost, you get a puppy with a pedigree containing no or limited genetic and health testing and your chances of paying far more for health issues are much greater. Also, sometimes breeders have older pups that didn't work out for showing they'll sell for less, or young adults ..nor btw do most litters have only show quality puppies.

Good breeders breed for health, not just showing. In fact health is the most important.

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@mazzywinters There is no reason for the abusive post.

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@megg6344 Hmm Two posts each by you and Mazzy, both on the same days about harmony hounds. No other posts by either of you.

I'm glad you are happy with your pup...but I hate seeing such places promoted.

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@elbrant Ah, I certainly didn't pay attention to that line while joining...or maybe I did read it and didn't care.😀. Good for you on finding the third account!

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@elbrant Accounts can be deleted but posts remain. Many forums do that...with the author's name greyed out or completely removed.

Of course the person could have gone back and deleted all posts and put gibberish in the profile. Lol makes me wonder about their desperation to have the account closed.

That said, unless there is some Hotel California clause in the joining agreement, I really suspect that a person does have a legal right to have an account closed.

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I know too many puppies and dogs injured or killed due to collars left on unattended. Not worth the risk.

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Roflmao. Agreed.

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Welcome! Sounds like you are really on top of things. Is this your first basenji?

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situations vary. typically, I'd say never use a pad.

But what about rescue pups that are 3 or 4 weeks old and having issues, including severe weather I wouldn't force a 4 week old out into.

Or a sick puppy/dog?

Or a dog like Cara who originally cried and shook with terror if it was raining. Add the winds (Common in GA and Israel) that so scared her she would pee on herself as she looked out the windows and the view confirmed her worse fears.

Cara goes out in the rain most of the time. She seems braced, hates it, but goes. But storms? When I have a big potty pad on the enclosed porch? Sorry, there are "not an option rules". But there are also compromise ones. I'd rater have my battles elsewhere. When I can carry it with me and not have her fixating on windows as it rains.

Choose your battles. If this is one for you,go for it. If it isn't, consider that sometimes people have different needs.

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