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Good luck on the hip replacement. Speedy recovery!

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@joan-duszka said in Sisterly β€œlove”:

Sometime it makes sense, wolves dont allow any one but alpha female to breed, and if someone disobeys the rules she will pay mightily for it. Wild dogs also. Perhaps spaying might help and it sure would not hurt. Good,luck to you..always be vigilent.<<

Long dispelled observation, only fit confined packs.

Nor am I glib on spay/neuter. Will it help? Probably not. But go inti it eyes open:

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@donc said in Agility training:

Dogs also have different inclinations.

That is probably going in my top ten of understatements for 2018. πŸ™‚

I had a Rottweiler from a long line of herding titles, all the siblings. His only goat at sheep herding was to mark my leg. Even handler friends tried... nope. Wasn't wasting his energy on stupid sheep.

Dining room tables are their natural habitat!

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How old is she? A month isn't the norm, but you can have swelling for a week or 2 after the heat. When in doubt, see your vet.

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A single strand electric wire is far better than dogs that jump out and end up killed. I am fortunate than NONE of my dogs ever climbed my 6 ft fence, but you can bet if they did, I'd have used a hot wire 5 ft up to stop them. I have known of Basenjis who made a run for the fence the moment they got outside, so owners ended up tieing them out, or never let them out without a leash. I have also known many owners who lived where they were not permitted higher than 4 ft fences, so they ran an underground wire a couple of feet from the fence and used radio control collars to keep them off the fence. Far from ideal. But "electric fencing" is a bit different, to me, than running a single wire. Most dogs learn quickly to stay off it. I would never place a dog with a home that only had "invisible" fencing, but wouldn't hesitate if they had to run a wire for a fence top. Obviously the rollers are a much better option--- they keep coyotes out, hence the name "coyote rollers".

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I have never owned a dog that didn't think bitter apple was a great basting sauce. You can try mixing lavender oil with another oil (ie not straight) as many dogs hate it.

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He is much safer inside.. snakes, escape, etc.

How tall is your fence? What type?

Have you tried the lean in tops, then run electric on it if that doesn't work. Or put rollers on it.
Rollers will toss them back in the yard and are a bit expensive but worth it.



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You can also FREEZE the kong. Makes it last much longer. πŸ™‚

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We need updated pictures! πŸ™‚

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