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@nicelaos said in How do I close my account?:

I no longer have a Basenji either an would like to close my account too. Can't find a way to do it, thankfully I found these posts - thought I was going crazy! Can a moderator please let us all know how we can cancel our accounts?!

I hope an official answers.

I have looked, best I can figure out is you can't unless they remove you. However, you can click on your icon. and then click on edit, remove all your info changing it to silly stuff, made up email.


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@_neekko_ said in Nipping:

Our sweet girl Nala has twice nipped my children and made them cry today alone. It's basically if they get between her and another dog when we are out walking, she is aggressive to other dogs on leash while walking but I couldn't possibly let her off leash as she has no recall whatsoever and will run and run and run which won't end well. I'm unsure at which point I need to start worrying, it's not nice that she hurts the girls although I know there is no malice intended and she just knows what she wants but I find it impossible to train my basenji, she will also nip me if another dog is present and it's so painful. I let her off at the beach but she basically just chases other dogs relentlessly and it becomes embarrassing. My children are 5 and 9 and we adore our Nala but this is starting to get us down. I'm starting to wish we had listened to our breeder when she tried to put us off.

Okay, so without being there to witness it, no one can say for sure it's transferred aggression, but I'd bet on it. As eeeefarm said, teach your children to stay out of her zone. That keeps them safe. A muzzle keeps other dogs safe.. or people who might get in the bite zone.

Basenjis are often dog aggressive. You didn't cause it, but the breeder should have made sure you understood. If any blame, it goes on the breeder for placing a puppy with a first time owner she felt she needed to try to dissuade. She was the one responsible for her puppies, she didn't have to let you have her, and that's on her.

I disagree with several posters who say basenjis are different from any other breed. Nah. They have common quirks, but nothing about them isn't also common in a lot of other breeds. Almost every breed has a general collection of behaviors that are unique package... but the individual ones, no. Dog aggression, animal aggression, same sex aggression, opposite sex aggression, it isn't uncommon. You just learn how to manage it so everyone is safe.

You are trying to get help, and you aren't making excuses. Yep I'm judging you... my verdict is you are a person trying your best. (( hugs ))

Your children are old enough to get involved with training. There are millions of books, videos and articles. I like Mary's because she is so clear and easy, and most things you need to address are there. Working on obedience will improve your dog's confidence, and your children's relationship with her. Teaching her a "leave it" or "look at me" command, working on it several times a day for a few minutes until you have a 100 percent response. Work through all the lessons away from other animals. Note, basic obedience on the left... issues on the right. Mary is wonderful, you can write her for help if anything on her page isn't clear.

Teaching your dog to wear a muzzle isn't on her page, so hopefully someone here has instructions. Here in Israel, muzzling for public transportation is usually required and we use nice comfortable basket muzzles. If you can get a trainer to help you find and fit one for your dog, or if someone here with more experience can recommend, hopefully they will. I know that my basenji can come out of ANY muzzle we have used, even the vet's office muzzles, if she wants to and I'm not paying attention.

Karen Pryor's page is probably excellent but I am sure there are better ones that are more to the point.

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Kembe's picture didn't load.

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I always said I'd never have a dog in my bed. I was wrong, lol.

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Trading has not worked with our Samoyed. He steals more to get to trade more.
So we work on a solid COME. No play, no chase, no exchange.. just good boy for coming, calmly remove whatever he has stolen (and at 80 pounds, house proofing would be prison bars 6 feet high around him).

Someone suggested finding something you want him to get and "hiding it"... making THAT the one and only trade item. They said it worked. I haven't tried it yet.

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What a sweet face . How long have you had her ?

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I am sorry to learn you losr that lovely girl. It is always hard.

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What do you feed him? How dry is your house? Often a better food with higher fat content helps. As will daily brushing to remove dead skin, promote distribution of skin oil and dead hair.

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You have to change your settings. Or you can upload individual photos with the last icon, the arrow pointing up. Of course, doing a dna test is probably going to give you the most info.

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Dad's right, pretty girl indeed with those cut crossed feet.

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