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Only one of your photos uploaded but she looks like a sweetie. I am sorry your sister has to give her up. She may want to list her with BRAT, they allow mixed dogs to be listed.

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Stobra, is that your dog? If so, please list her with photos and info.

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Brat is a rescue, they have dogs listed. They also list mixed.

Also, check with Camp Basenji. Although in Florida, transport is possible. Contact her to find out what dogs she has that might fit your needs.

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VERY old thread.. should have been deleted as person didn't give info. Obviously a backyard breeder.. you don't want to go there. Contact your local basenji club.

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I have also seen current research on dewclaw removal that has me convinced to never do it again. I am exhausted but will try to post the links if anyone is interested... maybe tomorrow

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Thanks for posting. I never give rawhide, but for those who do.. keep checking as they update more brands. :(

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Hey ian'r she supposed to be digging holes, especially with plants in them so you can put them in deeper! I'd say she needs more training! :)

She is beautiful. She says she is SUPERVISING, which befits her dignity!

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So maybe a mix. I wish i had done a dna of my chow/coyote with some of the new panels. If you really want to get a good idea, wisdom panel is one of the better ones.

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If you go 45 secs in, you can hear the normal basenji bark... a boof, not bow wow wow of most dogs.

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Could be mixed with most anything. About the best you can do to find out is do a dna wisdom panel.