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I had not heard you were closing. Thank you for all you have done.
Such a handsome boy. May the perfect home contact you soon!

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Great thread.

in case anyone does a poll, I hate flexis. I have a Gentle leader. I used it one week. I'm waiting for someone who can use it. It is great for many, just not me.

I love harnesses in the right situation and right dog. I'm sorry, but once trained, I really don't need to control the head of a 20 to even 50 pound dog. Even in my advancing age I can stop or
turn one. I've had rescues that collars loaded them and training with a harness worked well. I slowly reintroduced collars.

I cannot stand pulling. I teach loose leash from the beginning. Pulling equals stopping. Even semi-ferrel dogs learn that fast.

I am not able to let a dog off-leash in an unfenced area. I just can't. I personally know several people who lost and never recovered their dogs. I realized long ago my heart can't take it. I know the odds are low. But I can't.

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::: If she is a Dane or even part, be sure to raise her bowl up off the floor and also her water bowl. They can get bloat from bending over to eat or drink. :::

Resesrch has pretty much proven this isn't accurate and in fact can be very bad.

The Elevated Feeder Controversy – The Glickman Study
Contrary to previous beliefs, the study concluded that feeding dogs from elevated feeders, combined with other factors such as chest size and diets with high fat or citric acids, increased their risk for developing bloat. › raised-dog-bowl
The Ups & Downs of Great Dane Raised Dog Bowls - Great Dane Care

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💖💖💖 you will find the right one. And it will right one for your family. There will always be a shape cut out of the heart of ones that we loved. And t

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Helen you can send your potos to me and I'll gladly resize for you.

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I just saw your post, so my condolences are late, but sincere. I am so sad for the loss of your precious Jengo. Thank you for sharing the photos.

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PLEASE take the time to do a forum search on the kennel before you encourage another person to support this puppy farm. You have been scammed. I hope that you luck out and don't have health issues. 😪

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Welcome group. I laugh about dogs being ruled out because the poster says not common there. We've been told our Samoyed must not be one, or certainly not a purebred because they aren't common here. But identifying by looks also gets some comical results. A dna isn't major proof, but it helps to get an idea of not only behavior, but also health issues.

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There are basenjis in China. In fact enough to be banned in one city. But as you pointed out, only a dna will give a good idea. Whatever the breed, you have a wonderful pet. I hope you visit to share stories. Dogs are dogs and share many attributes.

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@arbust91 said in leash reactivity vs aggression:

Ckick to Calm"

Click to Calm is by Karen Pryor. I admire her work, but I don't agree with this one. Dogs are leash aggressive or leash reactive for many reasons. I'd rather go back to step one, teaching loose leash walking, "look at me" , down stays and other commands and training that get the dog to do what you want through positive training. Having a dog pulled around can create MORE reactivity.

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