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I am not sure of who is in the area, but check back after the weekend and hopefully you'll get some responses!

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It could be a lot of things... from yeast to even some autoimmune issues. I'd take your dog in, let them check it. If they find nothing, good. My basenji had darkening in her ears but they felt it was steroid and autoimmune related. They looked dark and dirty, but they weren't.

Check out these, mostly page 2

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Make sure the neighbors dog isn't around cats or other dogs as cross contamination could be a problem. If they have other pets, wiping him down might help so you are just exposed to him. :) GOOD LUCK!

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@dogelover said in Advice for potential first-time basenji owners:

@DebraDownSouth I'll have to see if there is a basenji meet-up group in DC! ;) Great idea about the chain between collar and leash - I wouldn't have thought of it! Sounds like their teeth must be very sharp.

I believe they have razor blades that pop out of their gums. Until we learned better, we had a variety of slips, bras and even pocketbook straps cut so neatly you'd swear it was with scissors.
This is one I made... simple get thin chain, about 18 inches, from Home Depot type place and 2 links to connect to collar and leash.


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I have had ones with UTI hold because it hurts then let the flood gate open. I agree that only 3 times in a month makes a UTI not that likely... but there other things could be going on. Hopefully you figure it out soon.

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Oh gosh Panda is certainly settled in and at home. What a darling face and expression. Love the black and whites! Thank you for sharing pics. Look forward to watching her grow!

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Oh my word, she just gets cuter daily. !

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At 10 weeks, he's using it as an excuse to play. Because sometimes getting a collar on fast is life or death, it's one of those I don't mess around with. Get a partner to help hold him, happy talk, put it on, say GOOD COLLAR, and treat. If no help, hold him firmly in your arms, same process.

Start working on basic commands. Sit, as wizard suggested, is critical. I have had 100 pound rotties so excited to go out that it would be a wrestling match except for the SIT command, lol. I have even taught them to put their noses in their collars for a reward. Make the game into complying and getting treated/praised so you replace "bite the collar" with something positive.

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Hi Everyone,

Lenny, my 11 year old male brindle has had a couple of accidents in his crate during the day. This has never happened in the 11 years I've had him... 3 times in the last month or so, so not THAT frequent,
He had the Fanconi test done years ago which came back that he was a carrier, so I believe it is not possible for him to start showing symptoms? <<

Okay first, no, if a carrier, he doesn't have Fanconi.

If the vet cannot get him in faster, I also would find another one because if this is a UTI or stones, another month is too long. Perhaps you could get them to test a urine sample immediately, and if they still can't fit him in if it indicates any kind of issues (blood/protein/too concentrated or too diluted etc), get another vet.