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It really depends on how severe. Get a 2nd opinion. Some dogs never have surgery and do okay. Some dogs don't have surgery and end up with other problems because of it.

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She is maturing. They change. Our need for them to play with others isn't always their needs. Maybe get into agility or lure coursing or obedience to give her activities she may enjoy.

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Ouch. First bite and the dog should have been allowed out only with an adult and with a muzzle. That he has bitten 5 times and someone hasn't sued you, or the local authorities label him a dangerous dog. Homeowner cancellation or massive increase is also a concern.

For now, I agree with Don... end the door rush. Before you open a door, he's either crated, leashed, or locked in another room with the door closed.
Walks only with a muzzle on, with an adult holding the leash.

Ignoring your youngest? Make him the one and only giver of food, treats etc. Make him do tricks for said food. Tell him to sit, wait however long it takes. He keeps ignoring... put the food up; try again next meal time. It won't take long for him to see your child as worthy of obeying. Once that's down good, start letting the older child do part of the feeding. If you let him loose in a yard, the kids control that also.

As to why he's doing it--- no idea without evaluating the dog. Could be fear, could be protection, could be a lot of things. Could be vision or hearing. Could be thyroid causing aggression. Ask your vet to check for these. If his health is fine, then it may be maturity hitting and showing adult characteristics that you need to quickly fade as possible. Sit in the park and let people run by tossing a treat. Let them start further back, move closer.

And see the behaviorist.

Oh, and share pictures. )) As for the other part of him, a DNA test might help.

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@elbrant They can filter all new posts and delete such things. But for many forums, that can be terribly taxing. So that leaves it to members to report.

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Please be careful using even diluted essential oils. Dogs absorb it through the skin, inhale it when smelling it. Talk to your vet.

::::::Peppermint is considered toxic to dogs by the ASPCA. In small doses, however, it is generally safe. That does not necessarily make it good for dogs. If you want to use a flea repellent that contains peppermint, talk to your veterinarian about which products are safe for dogs, how to apply them, and the correct dosage.Sep 5, 2017<<
::::'Like oil and water,' essential oils and your pet may be a bad mix
'These products are not tested on animals at all,' says Nova Scotia veterinarian
While some essential oils can be useful in treating some animal issues, he said there are concerns about the high concentrations of the oils, while even those that are diluted may use a substance that itself is harmful to pets.:::

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@elbrant Because the format is always the same... strange post, nonsensical often, new person, either one or several posts the same with same sales link. You never see them again.

Also, copy the link and put in google and viola tons of nonsensical posts with the ad link:

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"Not a good fit" is one thing. Having a dog who attacks for anything other than being hurt is a problem. Having a dog bite either from a fearful temperament or aggression, you have a problem that goes far beyond "a good fit". I hope the behaviorist helps, but please do not believe you are bad if this dog is not able to be safe. Medication might help, especially short term while he adjusts. But hopefully the behaviorist can evaluate if this dog is stable.

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Sounds like allergies, but Chris could be right. Foxtail is a common problem and could cause similar symptoms. Unfortunately, scoping is necessary.

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