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I'm getting the same on messages.

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@gigi said in Hopeful Basenji Owner!:

@debradownsouth I was done, but you won't shut up. ...
Good luck to members in here, I'm off to my other pet forums to warn them about the link lunatic on the Basenji Forums. Now, I really am done.

Yep, obsessed. Needs last word terribly.

Btw, link lunatic, catchy. In the early AOL days, we had a group called "linkohaulics" ..people who believed sharing expert/research info was often more valuable than spewing out opinions on factual topics. We're all still friends..thanks for the new tagline!

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I hit reply just as I did now...but well may have accidentally hit your post. Kindle far to small for me. Sorry you got so agitated.

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Lol thought you were done?

Not worth responding to you spewing same stuff over and over. But so you don't look uninformed next time you accuse someone of slander..since his legal issues, her totally twisted lies about a respected researcher, etc are all provable in public may want to review the definition of slander.

It's become obvious you are beyond obsessed, going thread to thread with personal attacks. Your initial "nice" facade was just a very angry person waiting for justification to spend all her time raving instead of contributing. Glad to be of assistance as you prove that you believe you personal attacks are okay...but my concerns about basenjis and safety (you do remember this is a basenji board, right? Not a personal crusade to tell someone you hate their posts over and over ad nauseam?) are out of line.

But I'll be the adult. You can go on til you get it out of you system or tire of repetitive raving.

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This is like hotel can never leave. I looked, no option that I can see either. If the only issue is the emails, you can stop those. To unsub write the admin directly. If enough write, maybe they'll post it.

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There are studies from 15 years ago about spaying at the wrong time during a cycle and ending up with a permanently aggressive female. But even with regular spay/neuters a great deal of hormonal change can cause many dogs to react. It is biological but still important to stay on top of behaviors so they don't become common.

As for the fight...spayed, not spayed, neutered or not, it is not uncommon for dogs who have always been fine to have one fight and never get along again.

There are some worrisome new research about reactive and fearful behaviors with neutered dogs.

If anyone is interested, glad to share the links (too tired to fetch them tonight. Back to my normal backing up posts with links so that anyone wanting to read more can.)

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You can keep posting, but as I said at your last rant, your words about bloodied and bruised children is all I need to post.

As for the rest. .. read slowly so you grasp it.
There is training and there is applying protection for your children. One doesn't exclude the other. You might want to ask your behaviorist if that really is confusing to you and you're not just ranting trying to take attention off you bloodied and bruised children. A child's safety takes priority over anything. Since you keep touting that you have a behaviorist and work training daily..albeit with little success, I make no apologies for only giving safety information. It absolutely seems to be utterly lacking.

As for saying to put down your dog, silly of you to leave out the part about if you really cannot stop the biting.

I really envy the bubble you live in thinking rescues don't deal with the reality of euthanasia. Many private rescues have the luxury of only taking on adoptable pets, or ones they have foster homes willing to keep forever if necessary. Many so called no kill shelters do the same. For most rescues, even if they don't personally put animals down, they reject dogs that they know will be euthanized. In my real world, people in rescue are experienced and responsible enough to know every dog cannot be saved.

Save your rants. I will never feel any regret for caring about the safety of dogs...or being appalled at your own repeated nonchalance about it.

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@gigi said in Hopeful Basenji Owner!:

@debradownsouth Well, it seemed that you like blunt honesty, so that's what you got. . . I’m not investing any more of my valuable time on this, I made my point – and I believe you got it.

No dear, I got a personal abuse tirade having nothing to do with dogs or basenjis, just you demonstrating that you are hypocritical and carry far more nastiness than I do. ...but with far less honesty about it. Blunt is fine, just don't delude yourself into thinking making a personal tirade is about being blunt, lol. It's about being nasty and trying to justify it as anything more. I am glad you're done with me. Time wasted having nothing to do with dogs.

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Nick, welcome to the board.

He's a baby, and like all situations, someone does the training. Right now, he's training you. It's only been 4 days...calm down, you'll both be okay.

First, how long are you going to be able to give him all your attention? This matters because you need to tailor training to reality.

Second, what type of crate? It will be hard to actually hurt himself in a plastic crate.

Now for solving this. First you have done great. He likes the crate open, that's a good start. So you have something to build on!

Make the crate his the place for eating. Push the door closed, but open the second he finishes eating..lots of praise as you take him out.

Find a new toy he loves, or a chewy, again only in crate, door closed. Stay close, uptalk (happy high tone). At this point you're looking to get a couple of minutes, then slowly increase. Do this every hour or two can even break his meals into 5 smaller ones so he is hungry and gets more training opportunities.

Once you have him comfortable with at least 5 minutes, the hard part starts. Walk out of the room where he can't see you but can hear you. Slowly increase the time. Then go out the door or take a shower.

Be strong. make sure he has pottied, give him a little food or maybe a kong you froze with a little cream cheese smeared inside. You now know he's not afraid of the crate, he's just trying to have his way. As hard as it sounds, do not go back in until he stops screaming. Gets quiet..go in casually and really praise him.

Most puppies want company all the time. Learning to entertain himself or sleep alone is critical for both of you.

Once you have time, start obedience work. A tired mind is a good mind.

These simple training lessons are all you need.

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