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Oh my God…I can't stop crying. Love has no perfect ending. It gave you the strength to give her a day to enjoy things she loved. Your heart will mend in time - Lenny will help you through. Run free little Tayda...

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Love it when they're through the puppy stage at about 4 years old :eek: A new look for the house by default:)

I'm sick of my furniture - Daisy will be 4 in a few months - I caught her chewing the cording along cushion last week - don't think I'll ever be able keep furniture nice. :mad:

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Ooops - But I do think it would be fun to get the results. Thanks Nicola for doing this thread - It's quite interesting.

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I kind of think this YouTube video pretty much sums up the accuracy of these tests.

Upon watching this video complete, my thoughts were; "That's hilarious!" Though I've contemplated getting my kids DNA'd, I really don't care - because they're mine for life. Assistance received here or there for training, nutrition, health or safety - "Thank you!" 🙂

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Sharron - so sorry about this B. Like most things in life, good things and bad things happen. The good always comes back. Your work in rescue for the best interest and needs of pups and dogs is amazing. Thank you.

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If its the marrow shank bone, I give it to them frozen..the bone is hard, the marrow is softer, and its like a kong, where they lick it out like icecream.
I like to give the end pieces of bone,the knuckle a room temp.
They will eat them until they are gone…no harm from sharp pieces.
The shank/marrow bones, are just licked out and the hard bone is left for us to step
on in the dark, with our barefeet

🙂 Ha-ha-ha…very funny Sharron - good sense of humor! I don't know what part of the leg bone I have, doesn't look like a knuckle - but very meaty on the outside. I'll serve it frozen so they'll have some time chewing off the meat on the outside. We got 7 inches of snow today - it'll probably stay frozen on the inside for some time. I might retrieve the bones before they're completely finished. Then offer them again the next day - if possible... 🙂

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My 2 b's love raw beef shin, and knuckle bones.
I have the meat guy cut them down into small portions and they are
then frozen…they b's love them when they can get them.

Do you give your b's the bone frozen or thawed? Also, do they gnaw the bone into bits until gone? I worry about them swallowing a piece too big.

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Raw should be fine. If he is a hunter, then he/she know how to prepare the venison…

OK, thanks Pat. I'm the squeamish one on this - because raw is sort of gross to me. I'll treat the kids tomorrow, outside in the snow with this surprise and see how they like it - camera in hand. Sometimes nasty happens when they each get a special treat - as if one will steal from the other… 🙂

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I need some advice about giving my dogs venison bones. We have a friend that hunts in the fall during deer season. He's harvested the meat and gave me 2 frozen leg bones over the weekend. Should I prepare them in a way so they are safe to give Duke and Daisy? Is a raw best or par-boiled a better idea? 😕

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Funny…:D I wondered how you were going to train 3 at once...wasn't expecting the treats to go everywhere..ha ha ha! They sit nice for you though.

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