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Where can I get a female

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Beautiful Baby!!!!!!!

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Thank you so much for the link to this book. Our Isa definitely fits the 'bolter' type. She LOVES to run, chase, and jump after her toys.
My son takes her on a mile bike run twice a day and she still has energy to spare 😂

I think this book will help us with the training woes. Thank you

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Thank you so much for the suggestions and tips. My son is 10 and he loves doing this with her.
I started him giving a specific command when he wants her to jump. He tells her 'over'.
I have told him that he needs to work with her for 2 weeks on the basics before adding more or raising the jumps. I explained to him Isa's safety and well being comes first.
Those boxes are not what I want them to continue using, so I will be looking to make some collapsible/adjustable jumps for them soon.

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Still learning how to upload things here, sorry

This is what he started with. I moved them outside so he can teach her not to go around the jumps.

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Hello 😊

My son has recently taken a keen interest in trying to train our basenji mix to go over jumps. She is 1 years and 6 months and listens to me more than him. We have been working with treats a little but mostly with her favorite toy.

Are there any tips to help keep training fun for her and him?
I am trying to keep his expectations realistic. She will jump but is stubborn like her name sake (Isa)😁. If there is a way around she will take that route.

Thank you for your time

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