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Beautiful Baby!!!!!!!

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???Hazardous to your health??? My B Baby has slept under the covers every single night I have had her. They sleep just as sound as little babies so you just have to wake them slowly & Sweetly.

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So glad to hear the move into your new house has Joey all settled & Happy!

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My name is Angela & I have a wonderful Basenji/ Chihuahua mix, Chelsea. I rescued her as a small puppy in October of 2014 & was told she was a Chi only. it took a couple months of watching her grow & investigating to come to the conclusion she was mixed with Basenji! I had never even heard of this bread so obviously had never dealt with one.
While she is probably the most independent hard headed puppy I have ever been around…I love her to pieces!! she is so entertaining & unique. I will post pics as soon as possible. Thank you so much for welcoming me into this group.

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