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First Basenji's

People / Families that have recently adopted their first Basenji. Or people who can provide advice and direction for the new basenji parents

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@DebraDownSouth thank you. I have been in touch with some breeders fpund of BCOA, a couple of them expecting to have puppies in Nov, and ready to be in their new home by Jan next year. But i have not checked rescue basanji and BRATso will definitely explore these sites.

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@DebraDownSouth, thank you and nice to meet you virtually :) . I live in Washington DC, my husband and i both are confused if we should get a puppy or a year old Basenji. The puppy is our desire but we are afraid how to leave him behind when we are at work in initial months. I can arrange to work twice a week from home for a month, but it would still be two full days to leave the dog home alone. :(
I have read the elder can be left alone relatively easy.
We are not going for a resuce dog for our first ever dog. I have contacted a few breeder in MD and VA. A couple of them don't have any at tgis time but will continue my search.

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Thank you for the insights. Really appreciate it. We are iffy about the doggy door as well but it may be an option in future, not for a few initial years though.

I am also wondering how quickly we have to change the fence our my backyard. We have one side fully blocked with wood about 7 feet, but the other side has the chain link fence about 3 feet. Picture attached.
We are still deciding if to go all in and buy pur first ever puppy or play safe and get a Basenji about 1 year age.

In case of a puppy, till what age he could be kept in 3 feet chain link fence under supervision?
If we get a year old Basenji, do i need to replace it with wood fence right away? [link text](link url![0_1506991318071_Screenshot_20171002-204142.png](Uploading 100%) )0_1506991939818_Screenshot_20171002-204945.jpg

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@eeeefarm , Thank you for sharing. Since you have experience with many Besanjis, I would love your advice on the below: 1) . My husband and i work 9:30 to 6 pm Mon-Wed, and i work form home once a week, Thursdays, and my husband is home on Fridays. Weekends we are both home. But i don't see we can find a long term solution for Mon to Wednesday schedule(9-6pm). We can have a dog walker/ sitter for some time in the initial weeks. Do you think Basenji can be adjusted to being alone three days in a row? ( the exercise requirements are fine with me and we can take time out in the morning and evening to take him out or let him run in the backward.)

  1. We plan to eventually have a doggy door opening in our backward only when is is grown up and we can trust that it is fine to leave him open in the house? I will really appreciate what do you think about it?

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I found this entire thread very informative as i am planning to get one soon. Particularly info on breeders and tips on adjusting. So greatful to see people helping each other in this regard.

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Hi, i am sadia. Have set my eyes on Basenji and have bwen thinking to get one. Here to read and hear from other Basenji owners about their experiences so i can make an informed decision.

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Thank you, I appreciate your response.

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Is it necessary to have a basenji's dewclaws removed to show AKC shows? I've noticed that many of the champion basenji's from Europe do not have their dewclaws removed. The BCOA and AKC mentions that the dewclaws are "usually" removed, but if not will this hinder the dogs chances at shows? Thanks you for your advice or experience.

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Today marks 6 months since I lost Cody. I still miss him so much. Since then, we also lost Moe, my parents' dog, Cody's very best friend, and partner in crime. He passed from old age, just shy of 14 years old. Sometimes, when I visit my parents, I could almost swear I hear them playing in the back rooms.

My boyfriend was working out of the country when Cody died. When he got back in January, we moved in with his grandmother. She is in recovery from breast cancer, but the treatment caused her to go into heart failure, so she needs someone with her. Since I used to be a home health aid, and she didn't want a stranger living with her, we decided that this was the best option. She also lost her dog a few months ago.

Two weeks ago, my boyfriend came home with a dog. He was our old roommates' dog, and Cody's other best friend. Our friends had been working so much that Bucky was spending most of his time in his kennel, so they had been thinking about rehoming him. One day, out of the blue, my boyfriend went over to their house, but no one was home, so he went in and got Bucky (he still has a key in case they go out of town or there is an emergency) and brought him home. Of course, I texted them right away so they wouldn't worry. Grandma quickly fell in love. Bucky is a lovable little ball of energy. We talked about it, and decided that since they were going to rehome him, if they still wanted to, we'd take him. They were fine with it, so we went and got his stuff. The best part is that when we go visit, we take Bucky so they can still spend time with him. Plus, sometimes when they are both off, they will come get him for a day. So now he has two families that love him.

Bucky isn't a basenji. He's some kind of mix, but I guess living with Cody rubbed off on him. He picked up some of the basenji mannerisms, like the way he plays, and other little quirks. Sometimes, when he does those things, I get a little lump in my throat. And he seems to be thriving here. His kennel is still his safe place, but he rarely has to spend his days in it. When we go to work, Bucky spends his days in bed with grandma, or she will let him outside and just watch him run. I've even caught them playing tug a few times. They have been good for each other. She gives him the attention he craves when we aren't home, and he gives her a reason to get out of bed, and brimgs her so much joy. He's been good for me too. And while I wish that Cody was still here, I'm happy that we could take in his best friend. I think he'd be happy about that too.

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The breeder did have collars on them. Maybe they didn't have them on as frequently as I think? I'm not sure. Anyways, I'll try the persistence route. Hopefully it works! Thanks for the advice!!