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First Basenji's

People / Families that have recently adopted their first Basenji. Or people who can provide advice and direction for the new basenji parents

  • IBS in basenji

    Can anyone help please. I have 9 years old boy , Freddie who has IBS. The vet gave this diagnosis few weeks ago after tests. Blood, poop, ultra sound scan. Nothing found, no infection. But his poo is so up n down. 4 days or so firmish, then back to cow pat! He's not having anything to eat other than chappie as he won't eat the royal canin. No treats at all, not even his teeth cleaner as it's liver flavour. But now she's not mean on chappie, he was eating it if I made a soup out of it. But he's lost more weight. He's 8.5 today..has been 8.8 kg for few weeks but although he's eating he's not gaining weight. It's such a worry. The vet see him every 3 or4 weeks to check him over . He goes again Tuesday..but 8.5 is very low, he's always been a good size 10 kg.
    Could stress have caused the IBS ? I'm going to ask vet Tuesday. Looking back on last years season dates. He suffered really badly. Wolf howling even when we were in with him and on walks it was nose down, licking and sniffing every blade of grass...

    Does anyone have any idea as I'm at a loss. He's happy most of the time and plays, his tail is down quite a lot tho so ... excuse the gabbling but I don't know what to do next
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  • RE: New Basenji parents from Atlanta GA

    It’s so great to hear of another person with a B in Georgia!! We live in Gainesville, Ga on Lake Lanier. Where did you find your B? I looked for a long time before we got our dog Dukes. Dukes just turned 1. Oh how I do remember the potty training phase! Hang in there. They catch on to things (when they feel like it... lol) very quickly. Congrats on your new pup!

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  • RE: Is she a basenji mix

    Where can I get a female

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  • RE: Harmony Hounds in Brunswick , Georgia

    Me too! I got my dog Dukes from Harmony hounds and I couldn’t be more happy about our experience with Dayna! We are already thinking about getting another Basenji!

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  • RE: Any leash training tips?

    @malik This is awesome I love it!! I'll definitely try these methods out, I have a feeling the search game will be her new favorite!

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  • RE: Any leash training tips?

    Thank you so much! We've been doing the "tree" method where we stay in place and consequentially have our arm stick out so I'll try stepping on the leash instead and see how that goes!

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  • Any leash training tips?

    My four month old pup is going crazy every time we take her on a walk, she wants to sniff everything and pulls on the leash when people, dogs, and cars go by. I know some or most of this has to do with her being young and being an energetic basenji but if anyone has any tips on making her a little more calm and focused on walks I would greatly appreciate it!

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  • RE: New basenji owner!!

    @mvdperez Thank you! She truly has been such a great addition to our family 🙂

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  • RE: My puppy loves me- TOO much!

    Thank you so much!! I really appreciate the advice 🙂

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  • My puppy loves me- TOO much!

    I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with a pup that gets very attached to them? I love my little girl so much but I worry that when life goes back to normal and I go to work she'll get sad that I'm gone! She whimpers when I go to the shower or when I sit in a room alone and close the door. Does anyone have any tips on how to handle this? I don't want my little girl to get depressed when I have to go back to my 9-5! It may be worth mentioning that my boyfriend works from home so someone is home at all times of the day to play with her and give her attention.

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