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First Basenji's

People / Families that have recently adopted their first Basenji. Or people who can provide advice and direction for the new basenji parents

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My husband & I live near College station, we don’t get out of our comfor zone much, Austin is kinda far for us, we welcome you to visits us on our five acres, to meet our pack, we live in Iola, Texas, if interested , my number is 713 927 6540, I answer Natural Awakenings, so identify yourself so I don’t think your a robo call.

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SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy...

I 100% fully endorse this product and can not say enough how wonderful it is for crate training a puppy. My basenji pup has slept through the night, every night since day 1 home with me. He only whines when he needs to go potty. I don’t allow him to play with it. He only gets it when he’s going to bed or when I’m at work. Best $32 Ive ever spent on puppy stuff.

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This girl was just came across my Facebook feed. Article says she’s a lab mix but she’s got to have a lot of basenji in her. I already forwarded the link to BRAT. Maybe someone here would like to give this poor girl a home.

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I’ve had other scent hounds before and they have all tended to be pullers. A head harness like the Halti are wonderful to stop pulling. They work like how a halter on a horse does. If the head is turned sideways gently they can’t pull forward at the same time. My B boy is a bad puller already. Once he’s a little bigger I will get a halti for him as well. When outside he tends to have the attention span of a gnat. This will make our walks more pleasant and prevent aching shoulders after a hike.

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Hi Becca. I'm wanting to change foods too. For years I have fed my 2 basenjis on my local butchers meat. But it's mainly offal. And that's worrying me after reading too much offal isn't healthy. I mix with mixed vegs and they love.

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@zande thank you for checking that ☺

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Sire is Nocturnals Pete Rogers
Dam is Russell’s Issey Bell

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MAMA! He's gonna put the thermometer WHERE?!?! 0_1552058777223_IMG_8257.jpg
0_1552058850140_IMG_8281.jpg 0_1552058837044_fullsizeoutput_3017.jpg

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@eeeefarm thank you! I think I may have it figured out now. Note to self... don't try to figure something out before at least 2 cups of coffee and while Mojo is still on his morning energy high. lmao

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@debradownsouth I've tried cropping, loading from both phone and pc. Only pic I was able to load at all was my profile pic. He was 5 weeks old there. Its when I picked him out. I have loads of gorgeous pics of him but I've never come across a less user friendly site to post pics. Its not like they are some high def professional pics here. I took them with my phone. I've tried the pic icon, cloud icon and upload icon. I just give up trying. its too frustrating.

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