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First Basenji's

People / Families that have recently adopted their first Basenji. Or people who can provide advice and direction for the new basenji parents

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posted in Basenji Meetups & Events

@supertwo that’s really close. Thank you!

posted in Basenji Meetups & Events

I just moved to Maryland a little over a month ago. Would love to meet up with any other B owners around. I’m reasonably close to DC and Baltimore. There’s a decent dog park in Broadneck Park in Annapolis too.

posted in Behavioral Issues

@dagodingo my pack walks about 2miles every day, it not lack of exercise, Belle in a type A bitch, she’s the queen, your suggestion were helpful, but another vet bill is not feasible.

posted in Behavioral Issues

@debradownsouth thanks Debra, thyroid, never crossed my mind. They love being outside, heated doghouse, climbing hills, mine are not house dogs?

posted in Behavioral Issues

I’m in a delima, I have three basenjis, Belle came to us at 6 weeks old we chose her from a litter of 8 pups, her father and mother were both show dogs, i fostered two 7 month old in poor shape from a puppy mill, I’m a foster failure, I kept them. Belle was not happy, as they got older the house was crowed and they were always underfoot, so got a big dod house and fenced in the yard better , so they have been outside dogs for about 8 years, they love, in the past 2 years my Belle has gotten into fights with the boys, and caused vet bills, she biting them on their legs, which causes muscle damage . They get plenty of exercise, But my female is getting very aggressive with the boys, what do you , my basenj friends recommend how I might handle this?

posted in Basenji Meetups & Events

My husband & I live near College station, we don’t get out of our comfor zone much, Austin is kinda far for us, we welcome you to visits us on our five acres, to meet our pack, we live in Iola, Texas, if interested , my number is 713 927 6540, I answer Natural Awakenings, so identify yourself so I don’t think your a robo call.

posted in Basenji Training

I 100% fully endorse SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy and can not say enough how wonderful it is for crate training a puppy. My basenji pup has slept through the night, every night since day 1 home with me. He only whines when he needs to go potty. I don’t allow him to play with it. He only gets it when he’s going to bed or when I’m at work. Best $32 Ive ever spent on puppy stuff.

posted in Basenji Rescue

This girl was just came across my Facebook feed. Article says she’s a lab mix but she’s got to have a lot of basenji in her. I already forwarded the link to BRAT. Maybe someone here would like to give this poor girl a home.

posted in Basenji Talk

I’ve had other scent hounds before and they have all tended to be pullers. A head harness like the Halti are wonderful to stop pulling. They work like how a halter on a horse does. If the head is turned sideways gently they can’t pull forward at the same time. My B boy is a bad puller already. Once he’s a little bigger I will get a halti for him as well. When outside he tends to have the attention span of a gnat. This will make our walks more pleasant and prevent aching shoulders after a hike.

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