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@supertwo that’s really close. Thank you!

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I just moved to Maryland a little over a month ago. Would love to meet up with any other B owners around. I’m reasonably close to DC and Baltimore. There’s a decent dog park in Broadneck Park in Annapolis too.

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I 100% fully endorse SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy and can not say enough how wonderful it is for crate training a puppy. My basenji pup has slept through the night, every night since day 1 home with me. He only whines when he needs to go potty. I don’t allow him to play with it. He only gets it when he’s going to bed or when I’m at work. Best $32 Ive ever spent on puppy stuff.

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This girl was just came across my Facebook feed. Article says she’s a lab mix but she’s got to have a lot of basenji in her. I already forwarded the link to BRAT. Maybe someone here would like to give this poor girl a home.

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I’ve had other scent hounds before and they have all tended to be pullers. A head harness like the Halti are wonderful to stop pulling. They work like how a halter on a horse does. If the head is turned sideways gently they can’t pull forward at the same time. My B boy is a bad puller already. Once he’s a little bigger I will get a halti for him as well. When outside he tends to have the attention span of a gnat. This will make our walks more pleasant and prevent aching shoulders after a hike.

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@zande thank you for checking that ☺

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Sire is Nocturnals Pete Rogers
Dam is Russell’s Issey Bell

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MAMA! He's gonna put the thermometer WHERE?!?! 0_1552058777223_IMG_8257.jpg
0_1552058850140_IMG_8281.jpg 0_1552058837044_fullsizeoutput_3017.jpg

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@eeeefarm thank you! I think I may have it figured out now. Note to self... don't try to figure something out before at least 2 cups of coffee and while Mojo is still on his morning energy high. lmao

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