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Hi!! I have a question and hope anyone can shed some experience.
My B is 16 months old. I rollerblade 8k every day with him. Frida my 12 year old dash doesn't want to come any more 😞. The Vet says she's fine, and has more years to come, it's just that a young basenji (or any B for that matter) is hard to keep up with. She's just a happy cuddling old dash now, so we are looking for a new partner in crime 😜. I've heard whippets are a good mix. I contacted a Whippet rescue and they have two 10 month old males. I'm kind of scared to introduce a young male to my B. Any experience in this matter? Poncho is very sociable and plays nice with others. Both Poncho and Frida are neutered and spayed. (Pardon my spelling & grammar I'm not American)

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He's 16 months old. I did hire a personal trainer, and accomplish basic training, basenji style with no immediate come, short stay and no heel what's so ever 😜 Lol. But now that you mention it, I haven't been paying much attention to brain stimulation. I will try that. Any games in mind? He won't fetch...not that I expect him to...

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Hi!!! Any tips on calming down my B? I can't seem to be able to sit quiet with him inside the house!! He can't stop moving!!! I can't even go to the bathroom without him getting in to trouble! We exercise daily. I rollerblade with him for 8km at a 25km/hr average speed. And I take him to the dog park once a week to socialize.
Is there any chance he will calmn down with age? !![0_1463931486304_image.jpeg](Uploading 100%)

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I can't get my 8 month old B to come…at all. He does sit on command. But he won't come when ordered...at all
The other issue is he is being very playful with my senior dogs (10y and 11y shnauzer and dachshund), and the shnauzer gets really mad! Should I separate them? Will this stop?

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