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Hi Becca. I'm wanting to change foods too. For years I have fed my 2 basenjis on my local butchers meat. But it's mainly offal. And that's worrying me after reading too much offal isn't healthy. I mix with mixed vegs and they love.

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Hi, we have 2 basenji boys. Eldest never poos in garden. Except emergencies..... Our 2nd did poo for a year or two at first. But suddenly realised his brother doesn't. So.... Now he won't.. So walks it is. They go on morning walk. 7am ish. And ask#, around 4.30 for another. I can set my watch by second poop... 😂

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I think I have found a way.!? Go to setting. Scroll right down and Un tick your e mail and anything else. I only hope it works as it's driving me nuts. Lol

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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm thank you for your reply. the dog we have is 22months so will be just over 2 yrs when puppy arrives.he is the kindest dog you will ever meet, so gentle and loving. He has been in contact with puppies from the last litter and gets on realy well. my breeder does take care to match personalities. the only thing with trials is that you get stuck in the ahhhhhh factor and fall in love lol…

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i was told recently…...that the basenji has the abillity to absorb itsown urine hence the lack of needing to pee often has anyone heard or read such a thing? it was from a reputable breeder.........????????????????

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my boy only pees on average twice a day. alot of little pees on walks (markings realy).. he doesnt drink alot either we have to encourage him by adding water to his food other wise his water bowl goes untouched

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haaaaha i just re read your letter and realised what you meant !!!!!

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oh how lucky you are… would love to hear her...

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thank you for the prompt reply tanza… i love the quote " it works till it doesnt" magic... i shall use that one

wingco is my second dog,( first one passed on year ago.) and have never had a female... i do worry about mistakes but......think it will be worth it. i have to decide as the `mother is in season now.. just afraid of upsetting the apple cart realy as our boy is so very perfect and gives us no trouble at all. no chewing even lol.he is gentle and the thought of them living seperate lives does not appeal at all. as i said i want free running dogs, as although i do show, i want pets firstly..

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