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If you read your posts, in fact ALL of the posts directed towards me, they have been extremely derogatory & confrontational. Whenever / wherever I took my little girl with me to spend time with the Elderly, etc. (NEVER in large groups), she was a happy little girl. If more people showed up, she was even happier. Why? Because she ADORED the attention. It was how she was when we had gatherings @ our home. We NEVER had to kennel her because she wanted to be with EVERY one. She is just a social doggie. I do know there are other Basenji who are not however, whenever we have gone to the CBR Reunion, there were MANY stories like ours. Even CBR did NOT consider it a bad idea for her to go with me. In fact, they thought it was good for her because they knew she was SAFE with me AND they knew I take EXCELLENT care of her & would NEVER EVER let anyone harm her. They also know what a little socialite she is & knew she would LOVE it. Now, if I had a Basenji who was NOT social, OF COURSE, I would NEVER EVER force them into a situation into which they were not comfortable. That would be emotional suicide for the dog. So please do not treat me like an idiot. I am an extremely educated woman - most especially regarding this breed. Yet everyone on this topic has treated me with such disrespect & assumption as if I were completely ignorant or without feeling about the breed, about my Basenji. I even hesitate in calling her mine because I have never considered her to be a possession. She has ALWAYS been a member of our family - from day one. So, delete all you want Ms. Brant. This Forum is not my entire world. [deleted religious banter]

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