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*Hi. I have a very good friend who has had Basenji for many, many years. She just began a new relationship. Although he has not moved in with her, the behaviour of her male Basenji has changed. She has had many Basenji over the years and although she has had this Basenji for about 2.5 years now (6 months of that was when her husband was alive), he became quite agitated with the new guy in her life. In her case, her Basenji was the 'Alpha' male in her life until her new love came in. I realize you introduced the Lab before the boyfriend, but your Basenji boy is also smart enough to see the difference in your relationship with him since the new guy moved in. You might ask yourself 'what has changed for your Basenji boy as far as the way you may treat him - attention time, etc., since your living arrangement has changed?' He could possibly be acting out some jealousy of which you may be unaware. Urinating indoors trying to bite a child causing chaos until you 'wake up and spend some time petting him'. Just a thought. *

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He's GORGEOUS! Thank you so much for replying and for the beautiful photos. This little one is a chewer but I could certainly try some and see what happens. If her paws are warm and dry, she might decide to keep them on!

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We rescued our little girl from CBR. However, we were cautioned - NOT just because she is a rescue but due to the breed not to ever take her to a dog park. These are the reasons we were given: too many other communicable diseases, possible aggressive other dogs and many other safety / hazard risks. She did recommend socializing her with other Basenji or even other dogs in a 'not'so-public' setting, just not dog parks. Therefore, we have never taken her to one but I am certain it would be up to your discretion.

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*Speaking of booties, do Basenji REALLY keep them on? Am thinking our little girl would simply NOT do that but she really needs them as we live in Colorado. ๐ŸŒž โ„ *

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Emilia - Peggy @ Colorado Basenji Rescue (if she has time), might also be able to give you some answers. It is through CBR that we rescued our beautiful little girl. Hope you find out soon. Thank you for the info on the online VEt Dr. Jean Dodds!. Had no idea.

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*Welcome, Aileen. Can't wait to see photos of the beautiful little creature you share your life with! - Mamie๐Ÿงก *

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*My little girl is 12. I cannot even begin to fathom life without her. Your boys are SO beautiful. Their eyes are simply amazing. They must have made 'pawprints in your heart' - ones which will never leave. I imagine on the days when you miss your dogs - any of you who have lost them, you can quietly go into the soft rooms of your souls, close your eyes and still feel them and see them. I consider these animals not to really be dogs but to be amazingly beautiful creatures of God. I am certain anyone who shares their life with a Basenji would agree they are unlike any other breed in the entire world. I once read that when God finished creating all of the animals, He took everything that was left over and made a Basenji. What do you think? We keep our Basenji bathed as believe-it-or-not, I am allergic to her when she is not. I LOVE LOVE LOVE stroking her soft, velvety coat (she loves it too!). Blessings to ALL of you who have shared your life with one of these beautiful animals and have since lost them. My prayers to all of you. ๐ŸŒˆ Look for them - 'Somewhere over the rainbow . . . ' *

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Wish I could. I am in Colorado. Hope it works for you!

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*Wow. How do they survive in the heat? They must never grow their Winter coats, I am assuming? Here we are in Colorado where my little Basenji girl is running around trying to find the Sun in the Winter. Hallelujah for 300+ days of sunshine in this state! I did have to buy her a little down jacket, though. Does anyone have any experience with using 'booties' on Basenji in the Winter? *

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