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Do let us know what the vet says re kidney issues.

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Can I ask where you got her?

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I have dog beds and blankets all over the living room. I want the dogs to "root" in those, and keep the couch for us humans. I do find b's need something to "scratch" on before they lay down. Lot's of throws help this.

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I don't know if you feed your dog before you walk him, but if you don't, you might find walking him first early morning, after waking up will take care of this issue. My boy basenji won't even eat until he has "done" his business.
Same in the afternoon. Walks will empty them and make them hungery.

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What is the status on this dog please.

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Very cute girl. Don't see much basenji in her however.

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She looks great to me. If you want and she likes them, try some canned green beans in her food. My b's love it.

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If your not going to be breeding, how about a rescue.

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chocolate is a no no.

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Thanks for the photo

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