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I know they say dogs don't understand spite… but I swear Basenjis do._

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I'm still getting info on this, but I have someone who has found a fixed, microchipped male Basenji near Fort Worth Texas. Attempts to contact the owner have been unsuccessful. Ball is now rolling with BRAT. This is obviously someone's loved furbaby, spread the word. 😃
Here are photos:

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Welcome, and thanks for getting more information before making a purchase of a puppy!

Though the literature is enticing, Basenjis are not hypoallergenic. They do shed less than some breeds, but most people with strong allergies still react to Basenjis. Though Patty is correct in saying that different people react different. It would be very important for your family to spend serious time with a Basenji pack to ensure no one is affected. Please do take this advice to heart.

Rugosa Basenjis have a good naughty checklist to make sure you still think you want the breed:

Basenjis are not Samoyeds, not remotely. So you are looking at very different breeds, for different purposes. Make sure you know what you expect and want from a future dog and what the breed actually delivers. I would say Samoyeds from my experience, are much more people focused then Basenjis.

  1. Basenjis can be left at home, but an entire work day is too long for many of our dogs. Not ALL Basenjis but many. I do not leave my Basenjis alone for more than 7 hours at the absolute maximum. So yes, you should probably look at local doggie daycare or employ a dog walker to come in the afternoon.

  2. A good daycare does absolutely work, but that doesn't mean your Basenji won't need a night walk.

  3. Two Basenjis are better than one in my opinion. I do feel it's less work and they have each other to keep company (and some will agree two Basenjis can do fine alone together for a working day). However it is not recommended to get two puppies at the same time, especially if this is your first time with this breed. It is an enormous undertaking to fully socialise, train, and care for two puppies whilst working.

  4. I agree with Patty price varies here. But expect to pay around 900 pounds for a responsibly bred puppy.

In Europe, it is quite common to travel for a Basenji, and very frequently travel outside your country of residence. Emailing the official UK breed clubs is a good way to start showing interest in puppies and see who is having them. You can also look at breeders in Sweden, Finland, and Germany who have an excellent stronghold in the breed.

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Well, I have decided not to give the Lepto. I took the advice of many different breeders, and have read up on the subject. We haven't had negative reactions when she had it, but from my reading and my conversations I do not believe the vaccination behooves her much. A bit of a scary decision actually but I think it's the right one.

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Hello my friends,

I know many of you do not feel that the Lepto is a necessary vaccination for your dogs. My vet though spent the better part of 20 min trying to convince me that not giving Lycia's Lepto was really dangerous. Any thoughts ?? I have confirmed that it doesn't affect her passport, so its really up to me to decide whether she gets this booster or not. I would really appreciate your thoughts.


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I have some actually!! Just haven't been the best at remembering to put it in her bowl.. bad mummy. : /

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OK - well we went to the vet .. and of course she started her heat, that morning! Typical typical Basenji. 😛 Had a normal check up anyway and she it fit as a fiddle (but mummy needs to brush her teeth more, oops). All and all she is absolutely fine.

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Hello All,

Just a quick query for Lycia. She is coming up on 5 years of age, and is an unspayed girl. Each year she has always come into season somewhere between July-September without fail. This year I have noticed the normal signs of a swollen vulva, moodiness etc, seeking out unneutered males for attention, for almost 2 months now. Therefore she has been kept on lead since the last few days of July…but unusually she has still not bled at all. Is this typical as they get older to bleed less, so much as I wouldn't notice? I have her booked in to see her vet next week because its bothered me so much, but I wanted to ask the experts. 😃

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I eco Lisa, I wanted a B as a little girl and got one. Then bought my own as a adult, and my parents got tucker after our first one died. All of my ex boyfriends are either owned by a B or in transit to getting one. 😃 infectious !

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Sending you my deepest sympathy and recognition of a beautiful life lived.

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What a lovely girl! She sounds all Basenji to me. 😃 congrats on your adoption!!

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