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Hi Heather, I see you haven’t replied to the last several posts, and in particular my question. I think a lot of people who have been reading this thread are now invested in and hoping for a happy outcome for Declan. Any updates would be appreciated. I’m wondering what’s happened the last 24 or so hours and why you haven’t replied to anyone? Thanks.

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Hi Heather, it’s hard to keep up while reading the thread because it seems like a large majority of your posts are mainly and repeatedly cut and pasted from earlier posts? But if I recall correctly, you posted a few hours ago that you’ve secured funding from elsewhere and other people so that you won’t need money from BRAT anymore? Also, I think it was in your original post or at least in one of your early posts last week (which you’ve since deleted along with most of your earliest posts at the beginning of this thread?) you mentioned your total income was $10,000? I didn’t know or read until today that you own multiple basenjis. Anyways, if you’ve now secured funding from elsewhere for Declan’s food and expenses, why indeed aren’t you signing the form so that you own him and won’t need to deal with BRAT anymore? Perhaps I’m missing something, but seems like would be the easiest option?

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How much does Declan currently weigh?

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