Anal Gland Health Diet Adjustment (ideas?)

  • I've recently noticed that Doodle (6yo, spayed female) has started to do the 'butt itch' thing. She isn't dragging her butt, just kind of a sit and wiggle thing...

    Given that information:
    I don't think she needs her anal glands expressed, however, I am concerned that the behavior may indicate that she needs something to prevent such a need in the future.

    Does anyone know of a natural way to "firm up" her stool to prevent an (anal gland expression) type of procedure? And/or,
    Does anyone know if this type of "sit and wiggle" might indicate something else?

  • @elbrant Freshly cooked pumpkin added to meals or as a snack can be quite helpful for both loose stool or constipation. Raw bone meats are also very helpful such as chicken necks, duck necks, chicken feet, etc. Pureed raw pumpkin seeds are helpful for parasites and rich in manganese and zinc.
    Sometimes the wiggle/bum slide could be an indication of worms. Generally, worms are present in stool and/or around the anus. However, not always. Do you notice if she eats cat poop or any other unhygienic matter? If you believe there is something more serious I'd always suggest checking in with your veterinarian. You could also try a pet/baby wipe in that area. Perhaps she has a wee itch or wants to clear off any debris. Just some thoughts... best

  • @Éilis Thank you!!
    I had completely forgotten about pumpkin puree, and I used to recommend it all the time! (smacking hand on forehead)

    • No to the poop eating. Anything she finds on the ground, in bushes, etc. She grabs it up before I know it's even there.
    • No worms either.... thankfully.
    • And, it didn't start until I started transitioning her to kibble. Spoiled little girl usually eats the same thing(s) I do.

    I think the Pumpkin might be just what she needs! Thanks for the reminder!

  • @elbrant Why did you switch to kibble out of interest, is it a weight loss attempt?

  • @Saving
    Doodle isn't on a strictly kibble diet. She generally gets some of whatever I am eating. Some days she gets a full portion, other days she gets a bite of this and a bite of that. The kibble came into play a few years back following one of our hurricanes. We were without power for 8 days (yikes!). I couldn't cook for her and she wasn't accustomed to kibble, so feeding her was problematic. After that, a bag/bowl of kibble became a standard offering. That said, kibble isn't her first choice. Can't blame her there.... the sausage on top of my pizza is sooo much better! 😉

    Doodle's weight has been an issue since our first visit to the Vet, who announced that she was a bit thin and should gain a couple pounds. It would have been better if he had told me to watch her weight and not let her gain too much. But, either way, we are where we are. Cutting back on sharing yummy stuff, a faster paced (and a somewhat longer primary) walk, and pumpkin (once a week or so). The pumpkin was well received and swiftly assisted in curbing her 'issue'. (Thank you @Éilis!)

    Doodle's weight loss will continue to be an ongoing process. I think the best solution there could be the addition of a playmate for her to chase and play with. Perhaps we can arrange for that later this year...

  • Eek no power for 8 days, what a nightmare! Well done for coping with that.
    Yeah pumpkin is great. I've cut Safi's food right back, I was actually following a guide the whole time and she would be quite fussy on the food, leaving most of it sometimes, I realise now that it was because it was too much. Since I've cut back she is much less fussy and will clear it. Her scavenging on walks has increased though and that's quite annoying.

  • @Saving said in Anal Gland Health Diet Adjustment (ideas?):

    scavenging on walks has increased though and that's quite annoying.

    LOL, omgosh! The amount of food tossed on the ground is astounding! And doodle will grab it up before I have any idea it's there! I wish I had a picture of the day she pulled a (whole) bagel out of a bush!

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