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I always thought malaika was ma-lay-ka lol. Oops!

I pronouce Maya as My-a, but the majority of people call her May-a and the rest call her me-a 😃 Im always having to correct folk!

LOL being that my name is "Maya," I pronounce it My-a. The best is when people try and spell it. OMG that is hilarious, especially when I lived in Germany for 5 years. I would go to Starbucks and you know how they ask for your name to put it on the cup–I had so many different spellings I should have wrote them all down and made a book. It wasn't just at Starbucks either though, it was all over in the country at different places/restaurants/bars etc. Then to top it off there are still family members that cannot spell it correctly. You would think after 29 years they would get it right.

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Awe he is so beautiful!! And look at those paws, big things. LOL James is wonderful little man and it is great how gets along with Chafuko.

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Basenjis with excess amounts of white exist regardless of whether they have imported African dogs behind them or not. You can find them even if the pup has nothing but champions in it's pedigree.

Monty is adorable no matter what his ancestors were. Good luck with your new puppy. 🙂

Oh no I fully agree, I'm not trying to ruffle feathers I don't mean it in that way I didn't mean it to come off like that. And Monty is absolutely adorable puppy. 😃 :p I think the white on him makes him quite unique. I hope that twshutika keeps all the pictures coming so that we can watch him grow.

twshutika: I'm very happy to hear that your breeder is going to send you a fanconi test kit. And please keep posting pictures of him. Don't starve of us this special little boy that you have.

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Run free Peanut, no one can take your place. Especially one that sounds like a heart dog

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I just found one in the database of another white and red animal, I think it is from the same breeder (going of another post)

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You know I find it interesting I go into the data base and look up this "Avuvi" name and they are so closely related it really makes my stomach flip. I'm not trying to stir up trouble. But there are 20 names there and they are all so closely twined together.

Then there is another WHITE and red dog

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Wow have never seen one either with that amount of white, but still very cute all the same:D

I saw pictures of one from the 2009 nationals that had a half white face. And I have been seeing quite a few dogs lately with a lot of white in them, but not to this extent.

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Everyone has given great advice. I would like to add that also at his age he is going through a second mental growth sprit where he is going through a second fear stage. To also follow through with what Ivoss said about the table I would go with an alternating heights instead of straight to full height. Find something to put under the table to make it stable and put it maybe at half height. My boy was a little shy of heights and I didn't have an actual table, so I started him on my low coffee (couch) table (18 in / 45 cm) and then moved him up to end tables that were taller about 26 in /66 cm and then I put him on bar height bistro table I have. After that he was perfectly comfortable with the show table.

Then for the judging part I just had my friends handle him when ever they came over. I would pop him up on the coffee table, put him in a loose stack and show them how to look over him.

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Everyone has given great suggestion. I would add that I would pick up a real chain leash, you can get them at Petsmat, and use that as your 'tie-out" leash when you are hanging out around camp and not walking/hiking etc. I use one on my boy when I am in my front yard because my boy will instantly attack his leash when he gets frustrated and/or bored if I am not paying attention to him or something like that when I am working out in the yard or walk around the corner of the house.

Petsmart does sell ties outs but they are braided cable wrapped in the plastic and in the event that a dog starts chewing that in could hurt their mouth, however you could hook the chain leash to that, that is what I have done in the past. I always get one size up in the recommended weight class. I never get the chain tie-outs that they have they tangle to easy and knot up and also easily get wrapped around the dog. That is why I just like the chain leashes that you can get there, I get the medium weight ones.

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He is absolutely beautiful. I love this picture


Wow,James is a magnificent Cat. I noticed the younger Kittens aren't spotty, do they develop the spots later then?
What are Bengal's temperament like?

Bengals come in all different colors this website has nice pictures of the different bengal colors and patterns The two younger ones could be a different pattern as usually at that age you can usually see their full coat pattern at about 4 weeks of age. They are also like brindle dogs where the stripes will spread out as the dog grows, with the cats the will spread out. I don't know that much of Bengal coat, but I think the younger ones might be a "marble" coat pattern

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