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i am so sorry to see this. i always enjoyed your stories about Perry.

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I used to link 2 15foot leads together.

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there's been one listed on Craigslist that might be worth looking at:

I know nothing about this dog - good, bad or otherwise, just saw that it was being listed.

Otherwise, I'd recommend going to and looking for breeder contacts there. Contact a few and see if they can help you

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welcome. can't wait to hear more of your adventures with a new basenji puppy! if you go to the basenji club of america website, you might can find a good breeder close to you and visit.

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welcome and i do hope we haven't lost our new friend. i think all new posters are moderated because of all the spam that has hit this board in the past. there's lots of good info on the internet about kids and dogs, but Dr Yin is one of the best:

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i am so sorry. i lost 2 basenjis about a year apart - i felt like i was just starting to get things together again so i can imagine how you must feel. i hope your new 2 basenjis are giving you lots to do and keeping your heart from breaking too much

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Oh i am so sorry Debra. it's never long enough and always such a blow when it's unexpected. even if it's unexpected because you're in denial (been there). and it's always hard when you have fought so hard to keep them here. kidney disease is such a nasty thing. so sorry.

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i'm not sure, the write up says she doesn't have white feet or white on the tail. I actually prefer less white too. 🙂

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