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@mika said in Suddenly not eating raw food.:

I wonder how stubborn are other basenji

Just about 99.99% of them

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@mika said in Suddenly not eating raw food.:

@zande oh 100% he is fishing for something better like ice cream, baked chicken .... he eat out lamb fat left other things, now he eat liver that I put bit of baked chicken on....

So don't put such goodies near him ! You'll end up with a very plump, not to say FAT, little boy in no time and that is not good for him at all.

Plain food, twice a day, down, ten minutes later - up if not eaten !

Basenjis are so good at winding new owners around their paws, you have to learn not to pander to them !

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Actually it doesn't do a dog any harm to fast for 36 - even 48 hours - think about it, animals in the wild can't guarantee a kill at 8 am and again at 6 pm every day of the year.

I'd just put down his normal food, no specials, no treats. Leave it for ten minutes and if he doesn't eat it, take it up again. Same thing each meal time. When he is hungry, and realises this is all he is going to get, he'll probably wolf it down.

But if he doesn't - then a trip to the vet - immejute !

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@mrscastro said in Does my dog look basenji?:

She was presented to me as a Basenji, but I knew at first glance that she was not.

She's a lovely looking wee girl anyway !

I love your vet's description of these little 'accidental' breeds - so apt.

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Koa was a typical Pukkanut ! A lovely dog and a very worthy Champion.

This little person is cute whatever he is. Love him for that.

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Basenjis need to be trim and elegant for their own health. An over-weight dog is not always a healthy dog, weight puts unnecessary strain on the organs of dogs, just like it does on humans.

27 lbs sounds overweight to me. Even a large framed dog shouldn't go much over 25. Feeding him twice a day, balanced meals, identical night and morning, will help you control his weight.

If you weigh out his kibble ration each morning and give him bits of that - if you must five him treats- then the treats are coming from his daily ration and are not 'extras'.

At his age, try and take a pound off and keep him slimmer rather than plump. You are supposed to be able to fit another half Basenji into the same skin. The ribs shouldn't be well covered !

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Doesn't this prove one thing to all new Basenji puppy purchasers and owners ?

SEE THE HEALTH DETAILS of the PARENTS before you buy your puppy, get accurate pedigrees and go to the OFA website and find them and their forebears health data.

And then get the puppy checked too if you have ANY doubts whatsoever. Also if you have such doubts, probably best to find another breeder.

I get OFA spread-sheets of all tests done and spend my Saturdays entering them all into the individual dogs' records although only Fanconi and PRA results show on the database website. This can be a starting place to get an idea of the overall health of parents, and also aunts, uncles and cousins. Then you can go to OFA and seek out individual dogs.

Not all breeders are in a position to give registered names at the time puppies are checked, which is why I get so many 'Puppy #1' and 'Puppy #2' entries. Where I have the parents, they are included and I keep going back to see if I can identify each tested pup and change it to show its registered name, mostly by emailing the breeders if possible. Some breeders email me with the correct names which is a BIG help.

So do, I beg all you new owners, see parents details and health test results before you subject yourself to the potential grief of a sick dog.

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@tanza You have a look at the database. I hardly think it would be Eurabbie (wrong continent) or yet a Lihu (wrong century !).
But there are others. Beware of asking it to search on 'darth' - its part of too many names.

We can have fun chasing this one, pending data from the pup's owner - Or you could ask Terry ?

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@tanza I was wondering about Darth Vader but actually there have been quite a few over the years. The one that comes to mind first is a Mibre.

We would love to have parents and this pup's name confirmed though !!!

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@dogdad said in Prey drive with small dogs:

@tanza He’s a Bushbaby, from Terry Gavaletz in Livermore, CA. Sired by Darth Vader.

But what is his registered name so at least I can make sure such a handsome boy is featured in the database ? Terry may have sent me the whole litter already but lets be sure ? Or just his reg# and Mom.

And you can email me a photo to include so the world can see him !

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