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@allyn said in Basenji mix?:

Meanwhile I know that like a Basenji, he should never be off leash, and we always need to make sure the gate is securely shut,

I have had Basenjis for a long, long time now. I have always let them run off lead in the woods away from traffic. They have all been taught - and I have had up to eight at a time although am now down to one, soon to be two (!) - to return to me if I whistle. Basenjis CAN be taught to run free and to obey commands.

Yes, gates should be kept shut, tightly, at all times. But away from traffic, they can be trained to behave and allowed to run free.

I have bought a puppy sling for my new boy so I can take him to the woods with Hoover, and let him meet lots of people and thoroughly socialise until he has had his shots. I don't intend to deprive Hoover of her freedom just because of the puppy. He will learn to walk on a leash but mostly he'll be the hunter nature intended him to be.

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@elbrant said in Gotcha Girl!:

@dagodingo said in Gotcha Girl!:

Thatโ€™s one heck of a look

LMAO -- I don't usually stick the phone in front of her face. She clearly didn't understand what I was doing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

She probably just didn't have anything to say !

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Shiba Inu shouts much louder to me than Basenji ! I might even question the knowledge of the Basenji breeder you met, but then, they saw your boy, I only have pictures. Whatever he is, and as you rightly say, only a DNA test will tell you for sure, he's a handsome lad and lucky to have landed on his feet with you !

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Almost certainly Basenji in there - but whatever there is too, doesn't matter. She deserves to be loved for what she is, a cute little girl. Well done for taking her on and getting rid of the parasites and other scourges. May you have many years of fun together !

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A lovely dog from a line of super Basenjis. Yes, she will be sadly missed.

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Last I heard, the Breed Club secretaries had more people waiting or wanting pups than were available . You could get on a list for a Basenji next winter but I very much doubt you will find one still unsold. Go to the website of the BCGB, or the Northern Basenji Society as you are in the North and you will find email addresses of the secretaries. They will put you in touch with breeders who may be planning a litter for puppies to become ready to leave the nest in about a year's time.
Its a long wait I know, but you have most probably missed the boat for now.
You are welcome to post me privately.
Good luck!

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@redial said in Dog Tales:

It is not available in my region because of "rights reasons". I will have to watch it some other time.

I have the same problem ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

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@diana Hi Diana, I believe you live in UK ? Email me privately and perhaps we can meet up or you can visit if you are close enough. There are no puppies at the moment but we can get you onto a list for next breeding season - with someone who lives close to you.

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They are all our children, as my son keeps telling me. I put the dogs first ! But who are Mom and Dad ?

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The body odour would suggest to me there is something being ingested that his body doesn't approve of. I would change his diet to something grain free to start with and I would also talk to a vet who is experienced with Basenjis. Not just any vet. Find one who knows our breed and is prepared to research your problem relative to Basenjis

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