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An' I responded per email, Good luck !

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Post me privately, my email is on my website - see signature block.
There was one very active breeder in Manilla but I haven't heard from him in a coon's age. I will give you his last known address and you can contact him direct.

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@eeeefarm said in Basenji Breeders in Malta:

I am guessing if there was a Basenji on the island it would stand out.

Thank you, eeeefarm, for helping to clarify !

No, of COURSE Basenjis are not illegal and equally, Malta is not cut off from the world of Basenjis. But it is indeed tiny and they would stand out if there were many.

I have managed (through the database) to find 4 Basenjis imported into Malta since 2011 when a UK Basenji was sent there.

Subsequently, one arrived from Russia and two from Brazil. Four Basenjis that we are sure of, in 9 years. The two from Brazil were bred and produced at least one puppy.

That pup, born in 2016, has been used by a junior handler. . . probably daughter of the owner of a GSD breeder.

Thanks to tanza suggesting he contact me, I have given eaglet all the positive / definitive help I can - via email. He is well aware information is unlikely to come from someone who knows someone on such a small island.

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Malta is an island.
It is not a question of taking a Basenji to a groomer ! It is a question of a Basenji-free community, bounded by water !

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He did contact me, tanza, and I put him in touch with someone who can help him but NOT on Malta ! there are no breeders or breed clubs 'in his area', and groomers / pet stores are unlikely to have experience of the Breed, elbrant !

I sent him the link to my website and suggested he read, not just the Put-off but the many articles and stories about life with a Basenji.

I also pointed out that, because of the lack of Basenjis on Malta, vets are unlikely to be familiar with this challenging breed. They won't have come across them. That is something to give serious consideration to in choosing a breed.

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Lovely story ! I bet he DID understand !
May he continue for a long time -

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While American breeders do indeed often rehome Basenjis once they have finished, ie. become a champion, this is far less prevalent in Europe.

Post me privately - my email address is on my website listed in my signature block - and I will put you in touch with breeders for next winter's crop of puppies

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@eeeefarm said in Hip Myoplasia:

I probably should have made a decision earlier, but it is so hard to let them go

I know ! I don't remember how many graves there are at the bottom of my garden - a great many. Not a single Basenji in all these years went 'naturally'. I have always had to phone the vet and fetch a spade when the dog had told me, 'this is the time.'

Sometimes I have wondered if I reacted too soon, but I always felt that, for the dog's sake, slightly too soon was better than even a little too late.

Better to say goodbye than to prolong suffering for the faithful friend.

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Find something he does enjoy, might well be nothing like normal dog food, as his liking for peanut butter would suggest ! but give him anything he will eat, just keep the calories going in cos you don't want him going downhill generally.

Good luck - and oodles of sympathy

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Gabapentin is a painkiller which lasts up to about 6 hours, so my vet has in the past put one of mine (totally different condition) on 4 a day. I have never come across this in all my years as a breeder and owner of up to 8 Basenjis at a time. I suppose you could ask your vet to put him on CBD oil.

If the vet agrees, there is a very reliable supplier of this on line (among many less so !) so post me privately and I will give you the name. Its expensive so ask your vet before buying any and then make sure you buy a good make.

Having said that, your poor little dog is probably very unhappy, not just in pain, and it might be the best thing for him, even if not for you, to put him beyond all suffering. You can often show these little animals how much you love them by letting them go with dignity and without suffering.

Good luck and stay safe.

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