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Read my 'Put-Off' and other things on my website - they should warn you about what you are thinking of getting into !

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She is a gorgeous baby but I can't see any Basenji there, but stay along for the ride (on the forum). I could be wrong. Do a DNA test if its important, otherwise just love her !

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Well done for giving that puppy a home ! You are both very lucky by the sound of it ! Long may it last. Good luck !

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Poor boy. Dogs pine over the loss of a buddy, Basenjis are no different - my Hoover is a very lonely little girl since she lost her half-brother and soulmate back in July. Additionally the new puppy will have caused more upheaval and change.

His aggression is not good, but it is very understandable and you have to figure out what triggers it in particular. And then try to avoid situation which don't help and reinforce good behaviour.

Above all, never let him become jealous of the new puppy.

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@dagodingo said in Dog Behaviorist/Trainer needed:

Start with a visit to the vet, explain the problem and have a full blood panel with thyroid before anything.

Dagodingo has the right of it.

Go to the Vet - first port of call. Make absolutely sure there is nothing wrong which is causing your Basenji to turn crabby. Once you have eliminated any/all possibilities of 'discomfort' - loss of hearing, sight, something affecting general well being - then ask yourself if there have been any changes to lifestyle. Someone new in the household, someone lacking in the household.

It can be quite a small thing, but it could upset the equilibrium especially in an elderly Basenji.

But then reply to some of the questions -

@dagodingo said in Dog Behaviorist/Trainer needed:

How old is the dog? Male or female? Were there any signs of aggression prior to this? How long have you had the dog?

so this forum can start to suggest things other than trainers - at the moment these seem to me to be inappropriate

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@elbrant said in Dog Behaviorist/Trainer needed:

IMHO, a "Dog Trainer's job" is not to teach the dog how to behave, but to teach the dog's owner

You are absolutely right ! The job of the trainer is to teach the owner !!!! The owner, if properly taught and if he/she takes heed of the teaching, will be capable of handling the dog.

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Even with a long walk before and after being left alone in a crate for 8 hours - I would be very against this treatment of ANY dog, let alone a Basenji. These are hunting dogs, not toys you can put in the cupboard when you don't want to (can't) play with them.

Wait a few years until you can give a Basenji the life it deserves. A great deal of life with a B is COMPROMISE (!) and in the scenario as you describe it, the Basenji would be the loser on all counts.

They are worth waiting for - believe me.

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I agree entirely with Deb - you shouldn't announce your age - and who will look after the pup while you are in school ? Mum !!! So she has to know exactly what she is getting into with a Basenji puppy before committing to one.

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I've flown dogs all over the world and agree with Len - ice cubes, NOT water. I used diapers where he uses newspaper - they give a one-way only path for pee and the pup remains dry. I also always made sure the dog had a low residue diet for at least 24 - 36 hours before flying, to obviate, at least to a large extent, the need to defecate. Most Basenjis are mortified to have to dirty in their crates so a low residue diet helps they keep their dignity !

Some airlines (KLM was brilliant) find you a place to 'empty' the dog before finally boarding it.

She'll be fine !

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@kembe said in Hi from Sally.:

feed my Kembe twice a day @ the same time and I measure her food. She does get her snacks but I do have to limit them. She knows the word “SNACK” - lol.

I keep dog food in a tin dustbin in the utility room. I scoop out the ration for the day each morning and from that ration come the treats. I put a few in the bum-bag which goes on walks with us, adding a few extra cos some of the dogs we meet recognise me as a soft touch. There are a couple of Spaniels who race over to me and sit, looking plaintive - to the embarrassment of their owner . She knows I won't be able to resist the pleading look in their eyes.

But it also means my own dogs don't get 'extra' - they just get their daily ration. They know 'Biscuits' and 'Bickies' and come racing back when I whistle.

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