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Most Basenjis think they have died and gone to Heaven if you add a tablespoon of milk to their water. Don't over do it, a teaspoon to a pint is enough !

Like for cats, only dry food is not good. Some meat (canned is all mine have ever had) and mixed with a little water. Keep them hydrated even if they don't think it necessary - it is !

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I think my up-to-eight-at-a-time-over-39-years pack have had less than 10 baths between them all !

Stop the baths, instantly. Why bath a self-cleaning animal like a Basenji ?

My penultimate pair, Hoover, and Keepurr until he died in July, went to the woods to run free daily. They were often extremely muddy when they jumped back into the car for the trip home. 12 minutes and 8 miles later, two pristine Basenjis emerged. Now Hoover is on her own, winter and mud are upon us with a vengeance. She gets very mucky, but arrives home clean.

My dogs have always had a small piece of lard - genuine lard (bacon dripping) not the sunflower oil stuff because they need the animal protein - daily to keep the skin and fur flexible and glossy. Just a small piece on the end of the knife. Not enough to make them fat.

Basenjis love to be groomed. Almost as much as they hate to be bathed. Get a male hair cream preparation, I use Vitapointe. Squeeze about an inch onto your hands and rub them lightly together. Then massage the cream into the dog's coat very thoroughly. Leave for a few minutes and brush it out - dogs will love the attention and coats will gleam.

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@eeeefarm said in Korben biting our feet and I don't know how to stop him.:

In practice, positive punishment might work better or faster than negative punishment (time out), but most don't like to use aversives

Positive punishment is giving in to him. You are giving him exactly the attention he is seeking. Basenji do not like being ignored or shut out. That IS a form of punishment to them !

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He's attention seeking, is all. And obviously it works ! He bites your feet, you get mad. He's won !

Not easy but try not to react at all. Certainly don't get cross and give him the attention he is seeking. Rugosa has an excellent idea - rub something he doesn't like on your feet but you have to ignore him too -

Good luck

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Thank you for that explanation - Basenjis ARE scavengers ! Their self-imposed diets have one tearing out ones hair or screaming with laughter !

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@eeeefarm said in Eating habits have changed:

Personally I do not like kibble.

I am fascinate by this statement. It must be a language problem. I always thought that 'kibble' meant a dry dog-food. Any UK supermarket, let alone petfood suppliers, carries a myriad different dry dog food which I always refer to as 'kibble'.

Am I wrong ? If so - what is kibble ?

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It occurs to me that she is thirsty ! Only dry food, served in a puzzle ball, is hardly an acceptable feeding regime to have started her on. Get a can of decent quality dog food, mix that with a little kibble and moisten it with water to make a gravy.

And make sure she always has a bowl of clean fresh water to drink from.

My Hoover gets half a can of Pedigree Chum (yes, I know some of you sneer at it, but I've fed it to up to eight Basenjis at a time for 40 years now and they've all done well on it) - split between two identical meals each day. The can gets a plastic lid on and goes into the refrigerator so lasts two days. This is mixed with a grain-free kibble and water.

Soon a can will only last a day - cos we will have our new PUPPY ! which will grow up and need a similar diet over time.

As for human food - I always cook more vegetables than we need cos Basenjis love cabbage, beans, Brussels Sprouts, carrots, squash of all kinds. But this is an additive when they deserve it, not a substitute for acceptable dog food.

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I don't have a leather couch - I have four large leather armchairs. Dogs over the years have always curled up in them (often disputing ownership with me !). Blankets which can easily be whipped off when we have visitors, keep muddy paws at bay.

But I am bigger then they are and its MY house. I do not, and never have, tolerated distructiveness and my Basenjis know and learn to respect that !

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I LOVE old Basenjis ! She is absolutely lovely !

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@dagodingo said in Legs seizing up:

I have always been curious about acupuncture as it seems it’s big at the vets around us right now. Might be worth trying as some dogs seem to really enjoy it.

I don't know about enjoying it - Hoover starts to scream just as I turn up the steep slope to the Vet's parking space. But once inside she stands quietly and makes no fuss. She had a series of sessions over the past four months but doesn't need any more. If you want to discuss acupuncture, post me privately and I will pass on what I have learned / experienced. All positive as far as Basenjis are concerned.

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