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Taking blood shouldn't need sedation ! As Dagodingo says - muzzle if necessary but I am very surprised that a vet would be prepared to sedate a dog just to draw blood I certainly would not allow it and would change my vet if he/she couldn't get blood without medicating the animal.

Going back to the original question - I once did a survey of all my dogs - and there have been many since my first litter in the 1980s. Average age at death was 13.5 years. So that included several over 17 year olds and a few 10 year olds. The dam of my current two was 16.5.

I always say if there is re-incarnation, I would like to come back as a Basenji bred and owned by ME !

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Somehow, you are going to have to bolster his confidence - A great deal of the time YOU spend outdoors will have to be spent with him. Lying in the grass and playing, or just stroking him until he gets used to it, walking with him, to start with on a short lead and then on a longer one while you encourage him to sniff and explore.

Watch his eyes and try to avoid the situations which cause him most fear. Gentle voice encouragement all the time - but also watch the fur along his back, when that rises - diffuse the situation immediately.

Time, and effort on your part, and you'll convince him he is safe with you and can really relax and enjoy life.

Good luck.

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Obviously very well worth the wait !!!

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There are indeed two sides to the story.

At first reading, this puppy could well have come from a puppy farmer - that is the view I took along with others. To that I plead guilty.

But as soon as I knew who the breeder is, I backed out of the thread and have been horrified at the unquestioning and unwarranted vilification hurled by members of this forum.

Let's call a halt to it NOW. The new home this pup is destined for is one I would pick for a puppy I had bred.

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@takoda said in Weaned too early, no contact with dam:

'Breeder' stated she did not know how long before she weaned the puppies.

You put 'breeder' in quotation marks. Indeed a 'breeder' not a real knowledgeable breeder. More like a puppy farmer.

Yes to exercise, but not too much. A pup should only get gentle exercise until the bones and muscles are firmed up.

Try ignoring her when she is having a hissy fit. Sometimes it is only attention seeking. I like Redial's suggestion of chastising her like her dam would have done. You aare going to have to reinforce good behaviour (mostly with voice and cuddles but also with (rare) treats) and let her know you are unimpressed by biting and that that will get her nothing, not even attention.

Try to find a trainer who has experience with Basenjis - Google can give you generalities but experience is better than reading.

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Lovely invitation ! That's what we have always done and what I still do. Get wannabe owners to visit Basenjis, come to the woods on walks, see the pack at home.

Shows are OK for making contacts but you need to experience Basenjis in a home environment to get an idea if they are for you.

And read the Zande Put Off on my website !!!

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Exactly as it should be ! Happiness well deserved 😀

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Raw bones are best for dogs

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A dremel is a one-off expenditure ! And you can do his nails weekly instead of making costly appointments !

Some Basenjis are definitely cuddle-boys or girls. Some more aloof. My Keeper is very much in the former category, Hoover is very much more aloof. The Cat That Walks By Itself. In the house Loki is probably trying to be a lap dog because if he is - well, he is getting more attention than the Yorkie, isn't he ! Basenjis are great strategists.

You'll have great fun with the pair of them !

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You PAY for bones ? I guess my pack is lucky. Fresh bones from the butcher every Friday and absolutely beautiful teeth !

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