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You are doing great !

A Resco has a blade and there is no crushing. This is another reason I have never let the Vet trim nails even though this is included in the monthly 'plan' of monthly payment to alleviate sudden shocks to the wallet.

My dogs got neglected during and immediately after hip replacement surgery so once I was fit enough, I dremelled them daily for a week before getting back to normal routine.

The 'up side' for them was more 'special biscuits' - rewards they get after nail cutting !!!

Snow is promised here but not immediately -

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Soso looks so cute ! Obviously has a mind of her own - she could have some Basenji in her but does it matter ? You are doing sterling work with all these lovely furpeople.

May you enjoy them for many years to come !

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If there is Basenji in there, I'd think it was pretty dilute - just enough to give him the character of a B ! But he is a lovely looking boy with oodles of charm.

I agree with redial, buy a Dremel, then you can trim his nails on an almost daily basis until you get them short enough. Another trick is to take him out in deep snow, and when the quicks are driven right back with the cold, take the clippers to him. Resco are the best, you want a clean cut NOT to squash the nail.

Let us know when you discover his provenance and good luck !

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@dagodingo said in Hounds of Timar:

Jean has not responded to the email

Jean bred several litters in partnership, especially latterly. Have you tried to make contact with any of these people ? The litter of 3 Dec 2006 Jean was the sole breeder as far as I know but the 2013 litter which is the latest one I have in the database was co-bred as were several before that.

OR you could contact the breeder partnership of several of the sires Jean and her partners used.

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@redial Yes - but it is messy ! The pate works a treat - he regards every medication as a treat (Hoover gets a small piece at the same time) and I never have any problem. In fact as they are both loathe to venture out last thing at night these wintry days - leaving the comfort and warmth of leather armchairs - I have taken to rattling the packet !

It gets them out in seconds ! (Subterfuge though - they don't get anything and I hope it will be Spring again before they realise they have been conned !)

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@lalmalbis said in Grief:

just dwell on all the memories because they're all of happy and magical...

That is all you can do - but at least you have already started to let these memories dim your pain - and they will. Hang on to them and Pogi will remain with you.

very sincere condolences

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@nathanyodavis said in New Basenji!!:

No way! Thats crazy because that "Finnish import" is the Mother of our little pup!

She may be an old fashioned Basenji but she was sound as sound, with a lovely true Basenji head. Her breeder shows her well on a slack lead so she can move out freely.

If there had been a class for Progeny at that show, that little Mom would have won it hands down. Super youngsters. You've chosen your new puppy well !!!

Send pictures for the data base ?

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@nathanyodavis said in New Basenji!!:

Memetuka basenjis is her affix.

When I judged East of England Show a couple of years ago, I gave her lovely Finnish import CC/BOB. She also got Best Puppy and one of the Reserve CCs -

You are in very good hands - lovely dogs, great pedigrees !

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Waitrose is the local supermarket I tend to frequent. They do a wide range of 'own brands' and this is one of them. I love pate (NOT the low-cal variety though) and had been giving Keeper his medication in that.

One day I was in a hurry and accidently bought the low-fat variety by mistake. I used it up on Keeper and he loves it. Being low fat, it is better for him.

Pate (there should be an acute accent over the 'e' -) is normally made from pork. It is spreadable and you can get smooth, coarse (farmhouse) or medium types. 'Ardennes' is a common one, so is 'Brussels' - they are pretty similar, supermarket to supermarket.

One I particularly like is Wild Duck but most good supermarkets have a Deli counter and you can get a wide variety.

Hope this helps.

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Minke will grieve - Basenjis do. I am so very sorry that you lost Tikka in this way - We all have to be extremely aware of the total lack of traffic sense in this (otherwise) wonderful breed.

Cuddle Minke for me -

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