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He looks very happy and contented ! Must like the cuddles as much as you do. What is his breeding ? (Who are Mom and Dad ?)

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@crazybasenjimom said in Destructive behavior:

I ’ve never laid a hand on my dogs, my voice tone

Very well said. I don't lay hand to mine either, never have. Its all done with voice and gestures. And maintaining Alpha status.

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Puppies don't normally 'wet the bed' - But he's young, he's in a new environment, he's away from his canine family. He could be making his bed smell familiar or he might not fully realise that it is his bed. Give him time.

Take a sample to the vet and check there isn't an infection but relax and make him feel at home.

He'll soon settle.

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@debradownsouth said in Brixton the Basenji!:

I disagree with it being too early to train

Its NEVER to early to start training but it has to be FUN for the puppy so he/she doesn't realise it's 'school.' Mine were always collar and lead trained and to a large extent potty trained before they left for their new homes. That was an absolute minimum !

Short sessions, daily and keep the FUN prominent ! Leave it too long and you'll never succeed. The pup will rule YOU and that is never good for either of you.

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I don't do Facebook - So wouldn't be able to access her. Thanks anyway

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Makes me want MORE PUPPIES ! Give him time and he'll tie you in knots ! Just look at that 'Who ME ?' expression. Lovely looking baby

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So there is no way I can get hold of them ? One name, one HPreg# and I could find more.

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@theresab said in reputable breeder?:

does anyone know anything about All Star Basenjis?

The fact that there are almost none of their dogs in the on-line Basenji Pedigree data-base should tell you something. Among other things, they don't even register their Moms and Dads with the AKC.

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@eeeefarm said in Destructive behavior:

Basenjis have a pretty good sense of justice, and I have found they will accept consequences they know they have earned. The trick is that they must thoroughly understand where the line is, and that they have stepped over it.

Well said ! I am so glad I am not the only one to make mountains from molehills where Basenji discipline is concerned ! But you are so right - their sense of fair play is very highly developed.

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She's probably bored. But I agree with eeeefarm that you need to tell us much more about WHEN this destructiveness occurs and if she is alone when it happens, how long you leave her alone for and is she penned or free when she destroys things ?

Personally I would always take care that dogs never had access to electric cables, wires or anything which could damage THEM if they damaged it.

I have never tolerated destructive behaviour but am not sure how I went about actually training my packs. It was simply not acceptable. Period. Not done. If they did something like shredding a newspaper I would scream and cry and make a BIG fuss - so if ever they wanted to punish me, they'd shred papers. They knew that way they'd attract maximum attention. Another breeder I know over-reacted with screams and tears if the dogs threw cushions on the floor. So if they were feeling particularly evil - they threw cushions on the floor. Both methods have the effect of channeling destructive behaviour into a totally benign activity which the dogs rapidly get bored with.

This is another case of 'I'm bigger than they are and it's MY house' -

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