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In the days before computers, I kept a book (now its all carefully entered in to special folders on the 'machine' and provides me with a complete history) - total sickness record, including jabs and innoculations (and cost of pills / treatment), of each dog. Weight at birth of puppies, ease of whelping. Onset of seasons, boys starting to react (chuddering and showing interest), date relative to onset of color of the first time the girl's tail went over. Just about every aspect of each dog is carefully logged and catalogued.

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Diarrhea can sometimes happen along with a heat. Possibly of very short duration. Hormonal activity is especially great at this time and can upset the gal in other ways.
Certainly get the vet to go over her. She may become a bit 'clingy' so give her lots of attention !

Watch the colour of the discharge. It will start dark red and become almost straw coloured before reverting to dark again. When it is palest is when she is at her most vulnerable (to be the victim of rape !) Apart from the swollen vulva, you may not even notice the discharge because most Basenjis keep themselves scrupulously clean. Put a towel on her bed that is easily washed cos she might leak in her sleep, but don't ban her from her favourite resting places. The wee girl is going through enough change at the moment without any unnecessary additions.
Make a note of dates and times so you build up a history for future seasons. When did you first spot the season, when did she change colour, how long did the season last ? We had one girl whose seasons lasted 35 - 40 days. Another started screaming for sex at just 4 - 5 days when even our own boys looked disdainfully at her - THEY knew she wasn't ready even if she didn't !
Most bitches have a 'window' when they would accept a mate. Sometimes it is only hours (like polar bears !) some times a bitch will stay 'ready' for a couple of days or longer.
But keep up with attention and cuddles.

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He looks to be a very handsome dog but I would very much doubt that he has Basenji in him -
Just enjoy his company and have a long life together !

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@debradownsouth said in Effective Insect Repellent!:

While he is getting better, we've spent much of Moose's life (he's 20 mos) saying "What's in your mouth?"

My catchphrase is "What have you got NOW ?" when addressing the Basenjis.

Bonemeal is a favourite and if I am planting a new bush or plants, I daren't let them see me do it. I object to the digging up of fresh greenery which otherwise results from allowing canine spectators.

The fabric bag is only for taking things up and down stairs, Debra. I use a back pack outdoors sometimes.

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I used the mustard on the (SKYPEd) advice of an American breeder I was conversing with at the time, Debra. I couldn't think what to give him. He was sitting in the middle of the kitchen table beside the empty dish of truffles, licking his lips and looking the picture of health ! He enjoyed the mustard. I used Coleman's powdered mustard which you mix with a little water. It is quite strong. I do realise you didn't assume I'd given him home-made rum truffles deliberately.

Any more than I fed Hoover a pair of socks and the collar of a polo shirt yesterday. The clean laundry was in the bag I use to get up and down stairs with when I need to carry anything. Hip is vastly improved but I can't yet walk them in the woods and have to be punished.☹

BAD slow moving Mom !

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Only trouble is, Debra, I haven't (yet) learned how to get my dogs to read books or to google things on the computer. I know what they shouldn't eat and take every (reasonable) precaution but it isn't easy to counter the wiles of a Basenji intent on trying new things !

OK, I've been lucky but also relaxed !

If they are ever sick or appear ill (very rare occurrence) they go STRAIGHT to the vet with a list of recent menus, activities, haunts etc.

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@debradownsouth said in Effective Insect Repellent!:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? They wouldn't sell you Piriton?

Nope - not kidding you, Debra (as if I would !). I could have used the official terminology but figured that as Flash was in UK - 'Piriton' - the name under which chlorphenamine maleate is sold in this country - would suffice. I don't think it comes in bottles of 300 here though !

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there seems to be so much conflicting info here in the U.K. as to it's toxicity for dogs

And for many other things.

Dogs shouldn't eat chocolate. Tell that to Deedles who used to sit on my lap and take bits from between my teeth. Or to Firbi who got onto the table and consumed a pound or so of rum truffles I had made for Christmas. I tried everything but he just ate the mustard I gave him to make him vomit and came back for more.

Grapes. Hoover looked smug only yesterday and on the floor were the remains (just the twiggy bits) of a bunch of grapes I'd intended to have with cheese for lunch. She is everlastingly in the greenhouse, eating cucumbers from the vines. Her latest obsession is with the peanuts and seed I put out for the birds. Most of it is in containers hanging from branches of a nearby tree (so I can photograph the birds from my office window) but, aware there are ground-feeding birds, some gets scattered.

No longer. Not while I have a ground-feeding Basenji

Shani was a wino - put a glass of Chardonnay on the floor beside your chair and it was emptied in seconds. Pinot Noir she wasn't quite so keen on but would drink it if there was nothing else.

Over the years I have just accepted that Basenjis are a law unto themselves and remain relaxed about any of their self-imposed diets.

Dogs have more sense (sometimes) than we credit them with. Anything that is really injurious to them - they sniff and ignore.

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@roojuice said in Effective Insect Repellent!:

so would the garlic not pose a potential problem being ingested?

On the contrary ! Basenjis love garlic and mine have all always had an odourless garlic pill every day.

The liver I dry off and use as treats when they are free running and come back to my call is always boiled with cloves of garlic in the water. And I've never heard complaints about their breathe when they kiss !

Garlic wards off evil spirits, don't you know !

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Insects seem to prefer some dogs to others ! My current two run free in the woods and fields and never have any bites (am also in UK). But in the past, some of the forefathers of this generation have suffered badly - which is why I carry Piriton with me. Half a tablet seems to calm the itching very quickly without any harm to the Basenji.

I used to go to shows with another breeder and one of her girls was fine until we crossed the border into Scotland - and then she broke out in lumps and bumps and often couldn't be shown. Never happened down South !!!

I did once try 'shirts' but on the boys they were a darned nuisance ! there was no gap so they could pee. I gave them up in short order and am glad these two oldies seems to be immune.

But try Piriton - only don't tell the pharmacist what you need it for. I once (in Boots the Chemist) made the mistake of saying I needed the antihistamin for the dogs. Whereupon the packet was hastily withdrawn and she refused to sell it to me. "Can't sell you veterinary preparations, this is NOT for animal use", was her excuse and no way would she sell me any. So I went next door to Proctors and didn't mention what I needed it for - no problems !

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