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I have managed to get sisters back together. It wasn't easy but with patience it worked.

The sisters were about 5 and 6 years old, not siblings - same Dad. We had sunshine and light all those years and within the pack which fluctuated up and down around the 6 mark. But someone came into the garden through a gate and sparked off a humdinger of a fight. One girl was hanging from the back of my hand, tearing flesh and ligaments so I needed stitches.

We kept them crated in the kitchen, within sight, sound and smell of each other until their wounds healed. Then I would get one girl out and take her down to the road, out of the garden while Marvin brought the other. Outside 'their' property - it is always best to do things on neutral territory - Marvin handed me the second girl and I walked them a few hundred yards at first then longer, one in each hand and taking care not to let them come too close to each other. When we got back to the garden, Marvin would take one girl and, each holding one, with lots of voice encouragement and treats, we'd let them approach each other. At first they were firmly on leads and were escorted back to the kitchen and their crates.

We did this four or even five times every day.

Over time, we found they would actually sniff the same blade of grass while on the walk and behave, even off lead, back in the garden.

So we took a deep breath and let them both back into the house without leads. And back into the pack - no longer crated.

It never occurred to me that I would fail to re-integrate them and as for spaying either of them, NO WAY !

They lived in harmony thereafter - one making 10.5 years and the other 16.5.

My hand healed nicely too !

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@pawla said in zaBasenji pitbul cross??:

but I think your money is better spent on high quality kibble/treats or saved for a rainy day

Or even getting her a playmate - Basenjis are gregarious pack animals !
(fresh beef bones from the butcher will do a better job cleaning her teeth than any veterinary dental treatment !)

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Whatever she is, she's a lovely girl and extremely lucky to have landed up with you. Why worry what she is, just love her to pieces !

I would think the majority of her is Basenji and that anything else is extremely dilute. I've always understand that mixes will bark. Does she clean herself, cat-like ?

Doggy odour is absent in Basenjis, even when they have been out and become soaked. I have had a conga-line of 8 in the kitchen, each cleaning the dog in front.

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Yes to disinfectant spray but also maybe some kind of anti inflammatory ? I use half a 'Children's Aspirin' to take away any risk of the scuff becoming inflamed. Poor wee Bug ! LOTS of tummy rubs - and in future some kind of reminder in your pocket when you need to think about something ?
(I keep a clothes peg to remind me to empty the washing machine and a hose joint when I need to stop watering the garden. Not suggesting a potato - but something ?)

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@lifewithava said in Thoughts on Thyroid Testing with Hemopet/Dr. Dodds?:

I don't agree with annual vaccines. It's amazing how many vets still push it and how many facilities still require it.

$$$$$$$ (dollar signs). Vets dreams

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Stuffing something soft into it might well do the trick. Using the whole leg and foot, you could locate the stuffing in place inside the stocking by tying a knot each side of it and then using as much of the leg as you need to fix it in place around her. I was thinking more about protecting the area she is attending to. But try anything - poor wee girl !

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@ginnyc said in Scooting and licking tail:

@zande 0_1525965012621_E9B22788-67EC-48DB-B871-3073D81D8E73.jpeg

But Ginny ! It doesn't have a curly tail !

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Cone or E-collar - there is a much better, cheaper alternative I have found can be made to fit ANY eventuality and stop a Basenji licking.

Tights. OK, panty-hose. You can use just the leg, or the top bit by the thigh, or the body bit, you can use the legs to tie the 'dressing' on or around - ANY part of the (now discarded by you) garment can be pressed into service. No kidding, you would not believe the wounds, scratches, surgery scars that I have contrived a protection with panty-hose. Light, expendable and the dog doesn't realise it is wearing something.

And I carry Pyriton (sp) with me for use of the doggies. Possibly same effect as Benadryl ??? Also if there is inflammation - junior aspirin can help. even half of one.

Get the vet to check her for parasites and get her wormed, pronto.

Good luck !

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The more often you (or the Vet) clears the anal glands, the more often they need doing. I would try to avoid doing it more often than absolutely necessary and try her on a high fibre diet. I agree with elbrant that she is probably doing something which is familiar to help her cope with new surrounding and environment.

If by 'cone' you mean 'elizabethan collar' - mostly dogs hate these even if they are soft and as she is in a new place I would be unhappy about restricting her in this way.

I take it you have very little idea of her circumstances prior to her coming to live with you (and well done for taking her in - may be enjoy many years together !) Try and prevent the area from becoming sore but keep an eye on her and see if there is anything special which triggers her apparent need to do this.

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As a P.S. to my recent post - KLM is best for flying animals - Basenjis are safe with them. I was not suggesting they are the best for food, drinks, punctuality or anything else. Just for flying Basenjis from country to country.

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