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She's very cute but those ears don't say 'Basenji !' to me ! Too big and too pointed.
DNA might help but does it really matter ! As Tanza says, you are welcome here and you have a lovely little canine person who obviously adores you (and its mutual !).

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@morgansc said in Extra Long Heat in Young Unbred Basenji:

I do have all her linage for the database, though...

Dogs don't have to be registered by their national authority, be it AKC, KC, CKC, RKF, KUSA or any other - to be in the database. The intention of the database is to show a history of the Basenji. This is why I encourage 'fun' photos as an alternative to show poses.

The piece from Liz of Bellator is nothing short of brilliant and I have been quoting it in its entirety ever since you first posted it !

If its any consolation to you, many of my bitches, even those with long seasons, have lived to their mid teens. Trouble made 16.5, Plessy made 17 +, even dear old Tupperware who had 40 day seasons lived a very long life by any standards ! Born 21/11/1981 she finally came and asked me to help her leave on 08/07/1996.

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@donc said in Extra Long Heat in Young Unbred Basenji:

I also think that breeders are overly confident in thinking they can determine what a puppy will be like as an adult. Michael Jordon couldn't make his high school basketball team and he turned out to be a decent player! LOL

Happens with children / school teachers all the time ! One breeder I knew (sadly no longer with us) used to say she could tell the quality of a pup while it was still wet from the womb. By the time it had been licked dry, it was too late.

Never worked for me !

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Hold out till she is three - at the very least. There was as excellent piece on these forums recently about why spaying was contra-indicated. I am sure it would be acceptable to repeat it (or I can email it to you privately, cos I kept it).

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@morgansc An online pedigree database with over 103,500 Basenji pedigrees ! Many with photos. I need her registered name, Mom, Dad, date and birth and breeder and I will add her. But take a look - []. Ask it for any dog you can name, or just ask it for 'zande' and you'll see my present and past Basenjis.

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My old folks often get lumps. I don't worry - but the vet always looks at them anyway at their 6 monthly health check up.
If you are worried, talk to your vet but frankly, if it isn't getting any bigger, I wouldn't worry.
Is it 'loose' in the skin, or does it appear attached ? If loose - probably OK. If attached, see the vet.

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Is Miss Phoebe in the on-line database ???

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Vets can be a problem. I find, even with experienced ones, I have to call them to heel from time to time with reminders !

You have to educate them. Start off with the 'longer seasons just once a year' theme, go on to 'only use external preparations suitable for cats because Basenjis clean themselves like felines' and get them to read up specifics on-line.

The worst case of ignorance I have ever come across was a US military Vet, stationed in Germany. He was unaware that Basenji boys carry fore and after, not side by side as other breeds.

He insisted on castrating a perfectly normal, healthy young male on the basis he mustn't be allowed to pass on such a deformity ! The UK Breeder was given a hard time by the new owner of the pup, but enough of us had seen the boy before he was shipped out to a US serviceman stationed in Germany. . .

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And read the 'Put-Off' and other articles on my website !

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One thing about all Basenjis is that they are unpredictable and don't follow any rules ! I've had a bitch stay in season for 7 weeks and longer.

The changes in colour are normal. Dark red, paling off to almost straw colour when she is actually ovulating and then turning dark red again.

That said, I would consult the vet - but make sure you find a vet who really knows and understands Basenjis or you may not get good advice. These are once-a-year girls and do have longer seasons than other breeds who have two annual seasons.

Good luck !

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