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@elbrant said in Am I Basenji?:

Chihuahua/Basenji Mix... maybe?

I agree with elbrant. The head is wrong for a Basenji but not quite right (though closer) for a Chihuahua. Whatever he is - just love him for himself !

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A small quantity of lard - bacon dripping - daily and the coat will shine. NOT beef dripping - must be lard. Half a (small) teaspoon full. Its completely natural, has meat protein. Sunflower oil is sometimes recommended but I found it useless. Fish oil can help but go for lard.

And stop the baths. Mine get about one in their entire lifetime. Hoover (11 1/2) has never had a bath.

However dirty they get in the woods, they are pristine clean by the time we get home. Basenjis clean themselves and each other.

I love the upside down pose - pretty girl.

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@redial said in Looking for female basenji s-o-t uk:

Whatever you do, make sure you are liked by them, and you do not get affected by their traits.

Redial is so right. Make sure you take the children with you to visit Basenjis and watch their reaction. A couple came to us once to discuss having a puppy. My two boys of that time both tried to hide behind the refrigerator throughout the visit and the girls hid in the garden. We couldn't think why, the couple seemed completely normal -

Until they got up to go and then the man couldn't find his way to his car, his wife panicked, grabbed his arm to steer him and asked for a biscuit or something. It was to do with his diabetes. We got him back indoors and he calmed down and managed to get out to the car under his own steam after a while.

They did NOT get a puppy from us. The dogs told us something was wrong - we should have paid attention and cut the visit short.

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In the past I have sold a puppy (three in fact, over a period of at least 20 years) to someone with an allergy. It worked fine and she bred some very successful litters herself over the years. But I think it depends on the allergy, the severity and it would be wise to visit breeders and mix with their dogs.

See how you are affected before embarking on a very long experiment. Basenjis live a long time.

Read all you can too - there are loads of articles on my website, including some devised to deter people from getting the wrong dog if a Basenji is not for them.

You don't say what kind of special needs your children have. I am loath to sell a puppy into a home with very young children or unless I can be sure that the parents have done lots of homework and realise a Basenji is a very patient dog, up to a point.

But when playtime is over, and the dog wants its own space for a while, it is no use whatsoever allowing the children to persist. There will be a warning growl and the kids MUST know that is a 'Stop Sign'. Parents must take the dog's side, if necessary against the children, and never assume the dog is in the wrong. One must be aware that the children may ignore warning signs.

Email me privately (there is an address on my website) and I will send you a list of Breed Club Secretaries in UK. They should know who is breeding in your area.

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go to my website - its in the signature block I think - but if not and read the various articles including the Put Off and Doing the Breed a Disservice and other things about surviving life with a Basenji.

As long as you are and remain the pack alpha - there is nothing bad about the Basenji that love, UNDERSTANDING, and mutual respect won't overcome. I have had 8 at a time over the years (38 or them) and would never have another breed.

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Read the Put-Off and other articles on first and then email me privately. There is one about not doing the breed a disservice which kind of follows from the put-off.

Then email me privately. There is an address on the website. Don't forget to tell me whereabouts you are in UK.

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A lovely dog - but no signs of Basenji to my eye !

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Pups will know how much exercise they can cope with and when they are done - they sleep. Main thing is not to force them - no road work at all, for example - until they are 16 or so weeks old and then only in short trips. Then take it easy for a year until they are structurally mature

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Great news that she is gaining weight but to have gained 20 lbs (!) - my girl doesn't weigh that much and she is a tad overweight ! Its wise not to over-medicate, especially for an older Basenji.

However don't, I beg you, keep her going if her quality of life starts to deteriorate sharply. The kindest thing we can do to show we love these fabulous animals is to let them go with dignity when it is time.

Fingers cross that time is a long way off yet.

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I will check again, this time using his registration number - HP428721/05 - (just did. Nothing found - Dad not there).
Simba is AKC registered - HP571518/02. But no siblings ☹
I just added his pic to his pedigree.
Good luck !

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