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@rugosa said in Tapeworm:

These worms were 1/2 - 3/4 inch wide.

They sound horrible ! Poor wee girl. But the medication seems to have been effective which is the important thing. Did that outsized vomit clear them completely or did you have to repeat the dose ?

I must admit, over here we really only have to guard against round worm for which I apply Advocate to the back of the neck once a month. The Drontal is just to be on the safe side.

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@redial said in Tapeworm:

Try Drontal to get rid of tapeworms

Mine get Drontal every three months - only difficulty is getting them to take it. It is an older medication from before manufacturers gave heed to making remedies palatable to dogs. They smell it a mile off and refuse all food it is hidden in, however great a favourite it is.

I win in the end, of course !

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Antigone - send me whatever paperwork you do have and I will do all I can to trace the dog once I am home. There a myriad places to look if one only knows where to start.
Thanks Debra,I shall be glad to be upright again. And mobile but I am getting good on the stairs !

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@donc said in Self-imposed diet - a large safety pin !:

Hope it's tomorrow. Hospitals are unpleasant and boring places

Tuesday. But I have been for long walks on two sticks abs gave a lovely bright sunlit room with lots of space, andthe nurses are lovely. Not like Marvin had in the State hospital which was terrible. I've paid medical insurance for years so the new hip was done in a private Hospital where the care is super. Paul is looking the Pin Eater and his sister and they are missing Mom badly

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That is very helpful and will give me something to work on when I get out of hospital. Hopefully tomorrow but maybe not till Tuesday

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@antigone said in Self-imposed diet - a large safety pin !:

I have to find Her AKC Papers. The Breeder named her 'Mbera which means Piano.
I have done a thorough search on my laptop (of the database which I thought to put onto it last night to have it in the hospital). She isn't there but if you say she has AKC reg# I will try there. If 'Mbera is the first word of her name I should find her. IF I can get to the AKC from here ! But I have different browsers on the desk & laptops. But I will definitely do the digging for you and her papers would giveme her parents.
Typing isn't easy on my back in bed but the new hip is safely installed. I hope to be home no later than Monday

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Basenjis are a (culinary) law unto themselves. Maybe someone should try to breed a zipper into puppies ?

Phillip (vet) took photos of the X-rays on his phone and brought them out to the carpark for me to see when they first located the pin. When I went to his office yesterday I asked if he still had the shots and would he email them to me. He did - something for the family archive !

Keepurr is healing nicely, and much faster than my bank balance will, but I am not taking him to the woods yet and he'll have to get used to making do with the garden until I can drive again.

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@donc said in Self-imposed diet - a large safety pin !:

Do you have a tub or large sink with a spray nozzle.

No, this is an old fashioned house, I daren't put him in the bath cos of getting his wound wet and until I get my new hip on Friday, I can't get down to it !

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@antigone said in Self-imposed diet - a large safety pin !:

I am now dogless because I have to research her Pedigree at the AKC and try to find a relative,

How about researching her relatives on my pedigrees on-line database. Its free and if there is something you can't find - just ask me ! If she is not there - and many pets do slip below the radar - email me any information you do have - reg#, date of birth, parents, breeder, and I will do the digging so she IS included.

Thanks for the good wishes. Keepurr seems OK and I'll take him to the Vet tomorrow for a check. He is back on normal rations (MY idea of normal, not his !)

I don't tolerate destructiveness on the theory that I'm bigger than they are and its MY house. Perhaps that is why Keepurr feels impelled to eat his finds ?

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thanks for that ! I can't pick him up - hip surgery on Friday - but he loves Melissa and she might be able to come and help. I will text her right now.

I need to get him up on a table and close to a tap. Keeps is too big to fit in my sink. The GOOD news is that he actually defecated normally this evening - after 2.5 days of low residue diet.

I do love that old dog. Once he is clean he can come back into the lounge and watch the tennis with me !!

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