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Koa was a typical Pukkanut ! A lovely dog and a very worthy Champion.

This little person is cute whatever he is. Love him for that.

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Basenjis need to be trim and elegant for their own health. An over-weight dog is not always a healthy dog, weight puts unnecessary strain on the organs of dogs, just like it does on humans.

27 lbs sounds overweight to me. Even a large framed dog shouldn't go much over 25. Feeding him twice a day, balanced meals, identical night and morning, will help you control his weight.

If you weigh out his kibble ration each morning and give him bits of that - if you must five him treats- then the treats are coming from his daily ration and are not 'extras'.

At his age, try and take a pound off and keep him slimmer rather than plump. You are supposed to be able to fit another half Basenji into the same skin. The ribs shouldn't be well covered !

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Doesn't this prove one thing to all new Basenji puppy purchasers and owners ?

SEE THE HEALTH DETAILS of the PARENTS before you buy your puppy, get accurate pedigrees and go to the OFA website and find them and their forebears health data.

And then get the puppy checked too if you have ANY doubts whatsoever. Also if you have such doubts, probably best to find another breeder.

I get OFA spread-sheets of all tests done and spend my Saturdays entering them all into the individual dogs' records although only Fanconi and PRA results show on the database website. This can be a starting place to get an idea of the overall health of parents, and also aunts, uncles and cousins. Then you can go to OFA and seek out individual dogs.

Not all breeders are in a position to give registered names at the time puppies are checked, which is why I get so many 'Puppy #1' and 'Puppy #2' entries. Where I have the parents, they are included and I keep going back to see if I can identify each tested pup and change it to show its registered name, mostly by emailing the breeders if possible. Some breeders email me with the correct names which is a BIG help.

So do, I beg all you new owners, see parents details and health test results before you subject yourself to the potential grief of a sick dog.

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@tanza You have a look at the database. I hardly think it would be Eurabbie (wrong continent) or yet a Lihu (wrong century !).
But there are others. Beware of asking it to search on 'darth' - its part of too many names.

We can have fun chasing this one, pending data from the pup's owner - Or you could ask Terry ?

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@tanza I was wondering about Darth Vader but actually there have been quite a few over the years. The one that comes to mind first is a Mibre.

We would love to have parents and this pup's name confirmed though !!!

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@dogdad said in Prey drive with small dogs:

@tanza He’s a Bushbaby, from Terry Gavaletz in Livermore, CA. Sired by Darth Vader.

But what is his registered name so at least I can make sure such a handsome boy is featured in the database ? Terry may have sent me the whole litter already but lets be sure ? Or just his reg# and Mom.

And you can email me a photo to include so the world can see him !

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Cute ! and the 'gimme tummy rubs' expression is pure Basenji.

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@dagodingo That probably makes more sense ! I would doubt any medication so widely available would actually have any unpleasant side effects or consequences. Hoover is fine on it so she can stay on it.

I don't know ursodiol - well, I probably do but it will be called something else over here. Actigall - but basically a similar thing (milk thistle).

Thanks <sigh of relief !>

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@rugosab said in Liver values:

if these few drugs will make him feel better, I do it.

Amen to that. We all owe it to these old darlings to keep them going as long as they enjoy life !

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@dagodingo You have me very worried now. Keepurr was on Denamarin for about 2.5 years, maybe three. Then he had either a brain tumour or a haemorrhage and had to be pts. His liver was normal to the end. But was the end related to the Denamarin ? In which case should I arbitrarily take Hoover off it ?

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@dagodingo said in Liver values:

hey became progressively worse despite ursodiol and liver vitamin supplements, denamarin was one.

I have had two dogs on Denamarin - and found it to be very good indeed for supporting the liver. Its expensive from the Vet but I found identical on line for half the price. Keepurr was on it for his last couple of years and Hoover has been now for a year or so too. Annual testing shows marked improvement.

Denamarin seems to be a totally natural substance, based on seaweed.

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@b5004ever said in Making The Tough Decision:

Looking back, we did wait a couple of months too long.

Something which is only too easy to do. But you did the right thing in the end - and can take comfort from that -

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@aphex626 said in Would like a basenji or maybe two:

A daily walk is not enough.

Mine only ever get one walk a day. But it is a long one and they run free so they cover several miles and are nicely tired when they get home.

Tired enough in fact, that they don't need entertaining too much beyond the normal mind games to get the better of Mom. LOL.

They have a large garden to play in too although sunbathing is usually the order of the day.

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@b5004ever said in Is my Basenji sad? New owner - any support appreciated:

Not sure about a second basenji--double the fun and double the trouble ! LOL

Wait until you have had eight at a time - two, which I am now down to, will seem like an empty house LOL

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Basenjis can make very good PAT dogs, properly trained but I agree they can be a little flaky when young.

They definitely bond very closely with young children and seem to have an innate ability to detect when things go wrong but I am mildly surprised the doctor would recommend a Basenji over other breeds unless he has personal experience of them ?

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KLM - best possible airline for transporting puppies anywhere. I would avoid BA for this purpose. No Pets-in-Cabin.

Many airlines don't allow P-i-C over large stretches of water, so do make sure before booking cos at his age, I wouldn't subject him to anything else.

Driving from Poland into CR should be a breeze.

Travel safely

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@buzz-carmenator I have sent everyone who mailed me a list of Breed Clubs in the UK with their secretaries email addresses and also that of the Basenji Rescue co-ordinator.

BUT - people who want a puppy are advised to read a great deal up about them, including the fact that, in the Northern Hemisphere, at least 95% of litters are born November / December ish. So puppies are unlikely to be available until late February next year at the earliest.

Basenji ladies are once-a-year girls, coming into season September / October ish for the most part.

Several of the people I have referred to individual breeders have already visited with them and, if considered suitable, have been put on lists for the next litter. However some people have decided that, on closer inspection, a Basenji is not for them and others have visits pending.

Have a good read of all the articles, including the Zande Put-Off on my website (see signature block) and then email me privately.

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@kova1212 'spayed eventually' are the operative words ! At least he is OK with her getting her first season over.

It won't be a hassle, honest, and if you behave responsibly, as I am sure you will, you may be able to put it off until she is at least three years old and he might have forgotten the silly old contract by then !

btw, do we know who she is and is she in the database ? together with a photo ? You can email me privately, there are email addresses all over my websites listed in the signature block.

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@kova1212 said in When will my B get her first period?:

Great, thanks! I haven’t known anyone who has let their dogs go into heat before getting them spayed so this is all new territory for us!

That is so very sad ! and so totally unnecessary. Just imagine subjecting your daughter to a hysterectomy just because you worried about her having a season, the potential mess ? But we have rehearsed all this so many times. . . don't spay until you absolutely have to - for her quality of life in old age.

I'm ahead, or behind, whichever way you look at it, Kova1212, so others have responded to your post before I awoke this morning, however - to set your mind completely at rest -

Basenjis are very clean animals. Even a puppy will pay scrupulous attention to hygiene ! It is perfectly possible you won't even notice her dripping anywhere, so attentive will she be to cleaning herself.

What you will see is a slight swelling at her rear end, a slight puffiness, along with a dark discharge. You can put pants on her, or just put a towel on her favorite chair. The discharge will get much lighter, almost straw colored. That is when she would be most receptive and likely, if mated, to become pregnant.

When it darkens again, you still need to keep her away from the boys, but the ''danger' is less. Actually, most Basenji bitches have quite a narrow 'window' - less than 4 days. But you need to be careful for much longer.

During her season, it is possible that she becomes more affectionate, even clingy. Remember this is the first time for her and she will be aware that her feelings are perfectly natural but may nonetheless be a little confused. So lots of cuddles and absolutely no fuss if she does drip on the carpet ! Pat it clean with cold water and move on.

Once you are through the first season, you will wonder why you worried at all, and hopefully you will let her have her annual season normally for many years to come. Incidentally, because they are (usually) once-a-year girls, a Basenji's season can last longer than that of a mere 'normal' dog !

It goes without saying that you don't take her to dog parks or anywhere she might meet a randy male for the duration of the discharge. I have always found that my girls don't attract other breeds, just as my boys would come and tell me next door's Labrador was in season - but it was something they mentioned in passing, not anything they got excited about.

I am aware others don't agree with me on this - but in my almost 40 years with a pack of Basenjis, I have never had any problems with other breeds. And in this farming community, entire dogs of all shapes and sizes abound.

So let her have her first season, and the ones that will come after that and don't worry. It is all perfectly normal. All it takes is a bit of vigilance and maybe a damp rag or two !

Good luck

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@elbrant said in Is my Basenji sad? New owner - any support appreciated:

Love this! LOL It sounds like they are keeping you on your toes!

If only they were ! I am waiting for a knee replacement and while I can just about struggle across my own kitchen on a couple of canes, get to the greenhouse and to some parts of the garden, I have to rely on neighbors to take them for proper walks.

Sue is taking them tomorrow, and Paul gave them very long free runs in the woods over the weekend. They know Sue and will come when she calls - we walked with her and Maisie, a Border Terrier, before I become crook.

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