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I've flown dogs all over the world and agree with Len - ice cubes, NOT water. I used diapers where he uses newspaper - they give a one-way only path for pee and the pup remains dry. I also always made sure the dog had a low residue diet for at least 24 - 36 hours before flying, to obviate, at least to a large extent, the need to defecate. Most Basenjis are mortified to have to dirty in their crates so a low residue diet helps they keep their dignity !

Some airlines (KLM was brilliant) find you a place to 'empty' the dog before finally boarding it.

She'll be fine !

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@kembe said in Hi from Sally.:

feed my Kembe twice a day @ the same time and I measure her food. She does get her snacks but I do have to limit them. She knows the word “SNACK” - lol.

I keep dog food in a tin dustbin in the utility room. I scoop out the ration for the day each morning and from that ration come the treats. I put a few in the bum-bag which goes on walks with us, adding a few extra cos some of the dogs we meet recognise me as a soft touch. There are a couple of Spaniels who race over to me and sit, looking plaintive - to the embarrassment of their owner . She knows I won't be able to resist the pleading look in their eyes.

But it also means my own dogs don't get 'extra' - they just get their daily ration. They know 'Biscuits' and 'Bickies' and come racing back when I whistle.

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She'll acclimatise OK to different weathers and climate - but do get that weight off, and then keep it off. Carrying too much weight puts such a strain on organs of humans AND Basenjis !

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One of my pups lived many long years with a couple of Havanese in Finland. They all got along fine. The Basenji was 'last in' to the pack. Good luck !

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She's very cute but those ears don't say 'Basenji !' to me ! Too big and too pointed.
DNA might help but does it really matter ! As Tanza says, you are welcome here and you have a lovely little canine person who obviously adores you (and its mutual !).

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I do have all her linage for the database, though...

Dogs don't have to be registered by their national authority, be it AKC, KC, CKC, RKF, KUSA or any other - to be in the database. The intention of the database is to show a history of the Basenji. This is why I encourage 'fun' photos as an alternative to show poses.

The piece from Liz of Bellator is nothing short of brilliant and I have been quoting it in its entirety ever since you first posted it !

If its any consolation to you, many of my bitches, even those with long seasons, have lived to their mid teens. Trouble made 16.5, Plessy made 17 +, even dear old Tupperware who had 40 day seasons lived a very long life by any standards ! Born 21/11/1981 she finally came and asked me to help her leave on 08/07/1996.

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I also think that breeders are overly confident in thinking they can determine what a puppy will be like as an adult. Michael Jordon couldn't make his high school basketball team and he turned out to be a decent player! LOL

Happens with children / school teachers all the time ! One breeder I knew (sadly no longer with us) used to say she could tell the quality of a pup while it was still wet from the womb. By the time it had been licked dry, it was too late.

Never worked for me !

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Hold out till she is three - at the very least. There was as excellent piece on these forums recently about why spaying was contra-indicated. I am sure it would be acceptable to repeat it (or I can email it to you privately, cos I kept it).

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@morgansc An online pedigree database with over 103,500 Basenji pedigrees ! Many with photos. I need her registered name, Mom, Dad, date and birth and breeder and I will add her. But take a look - []. Ask it for any dog you can name, or just ask it for 'zande' and you'll see my present and past Basenjis.

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My old folks often get lumps. I don't worry - but the vet always looks at them anyway at their 6 monthly health check up.
If you are worried, talk to your vet but frankly, if it isn't getting any bigger, I wouldn't worry.
Is it 'loose' in the skin, or does it appear attached ? If loose - probably OK. If attached, see the vet.

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Is Miss Phoebe in the on-line database ???

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Vets can be a problem. I find, even with experienced ones, I have to call them to heel from time to time with reminders !

You have to educate them. Start off with the 'longer seasons just once a year' theme, go on to 'only use external preparations suitable for cats because Basenjis clean themselves like felines' and get them to read up specifics on-line.

The worst case of ignorance I have ever come across was a US military Vet, stationed in Germany. He was unaware that Basenji boys carry fore and after, not side by side as other breeds.

He insisted on castrating a perfectly normal, healthy young male on the basis he mustn't be allowed to pass on such a deformity ! The UK Breeder was given a hard time by the new owner of the pup, but enough of us had seen the boy before he was shipped out to a US serviceman stationed in Germany. . .

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And read the 'Put-Off' and other articles on my website !

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One thing about all Basenjis is that they are unpredictable and don't follow any rules ! I've had a bitch stay in season for 7 weeks and longer.

The changes in colour are normal. Dark red, paling off to almost straw colour when she is actually ovulating and then turning dark red again.

That said, I would consult the vet - but make sure you find a vet who really knows and understands Basenjis or you may not get good advice. These are once-a-year girls and do have longer seasons than other breeds who have two annual seasons.

Good luck !

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Some airlines refuse to board animals who have been medicated within the past 24 hours. But Rescue Remedy is available in any health food store and works wonders on any nervous Basenji

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Of course you can ! Selecting parents carefully is always essential, regardless if what you are trying to breed in (or out !).

But in the first 6 weeks of a pups life - SOCIALISING is the watchword. Breeders can reinforce the temperament attributes or lack of them by socialising the pups in the first few weeks. There is no substitute -

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Mine have often gone cargo as puppies because many airlines refuse to let you have the dog in the cabin while the plane is flying over water (the Atlantic Ocean for example). This is why, if the destination was USA, we always flew them to Newark, New Jersey as that was the nearest airport once the Great Ditch had been left astern. Then the owner (I always insisted the owner come and fetch the puppy and fly back in the same plane) could dig the Basenji out of the hold and have it in the cabin for the onward, trans-USA, stretch.

Properly conditioned ahead of the flight, those 5 hours in the hold were a never a problem to the puppy.

I hate those enclosed varikennels airlines insist on but we'd get one in weeks before departure, feed the Basenji in it, give him / her a favourite bone ONLY when inside the kennel and so on.

For the flight, one-way=only diapers formed the bedding so the puppy remained dry even if. . . and I put ice in the drinking bowl so it melted slowly and was less likely to spill than water. Some airport staff seem to think swinging the crate is necessary !

A low residue diet for 48 hours or so before the flight meant the Basenji was less likely to have to soil the bedding. And most airlines have been very good at finding me a grassy space for the puppy just before he/she was embarked. KLM were super - way out the best !

The criteria as to the size of the kennel or the sherpa if pet-in-cabin was sanctioned before travel always seemed to be 'can the dog stand up with comfort' - but sometimes there was a requirement that the animal could also lie down stretched out.

With puppies, these exigencies were no problem but you may find your boy is over the weight limit.

Hope some of this helps - but good luck anyway. If hold travel is the only way, pick a night flight or make sure he has had a good long free run beforehand and is well tired out !

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Don't overdue the treats - just the love. And remember the huge amount of love you give by letting him go with dignity.

Hugs from here too

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I hope I just did ! Good luck !

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Joey should be able to help you - or Bob. I have an email for Joey if you post me privately.

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