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More importsnt is, are you willling to wait ?? no pups around at the moment or likely to be for a 12 month. email me privately.

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Don't do it. Far too long for a Basenji to be left alone. Why can't you leave him in the house ? Set aside a room for him and make it a desirable place to be. But these are not kennel or crate dogs, they need to be with people in a home environment. Not locked in a garage.

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@tanza yes, but Lovebird of the Congo, sadly, only had one litter and then succumbed to a car racing on country lanes so we never knew if she would come in in Autumn next time around.

I always figure to get a rest through end of March to May/June from entering litters born during our winter into the d/b before the Australians start whelping and registering their 'winter' litters, born in our summer - sorry electrician working and he turned the power off at the mains . . . where was I ?

OK, back on again. Some revert, some don't. Again, its the rich tapestry of Life With Basenjis !

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@roguecoyote said in Rogue is biting.:

I've been trying to teach her to bite softly by letting her bite me

I think that is where you are starting to go wrong. She should be taught quite simply that biting is out.

Often it is attention seeking - don't let it get any. Ignore her, put her down, away from you, turn your back, walk away. Biting must not get her any attention from you. Rogue has to learn not to bite. You can also try growling at her as her mother would.

@tanza has the right of it. Don't get her over excited or she will bite more. Calm, move away. She will pick up the messages. She's an intelligent girl !

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Over here in the good old days when. . . (pre Covid) Basenjis could compete in both Sight Hound and Scent Hound events. At least they could back in the early 1980s when I started !

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@jengosmonkey supposedly about 5 % of litters are born out of season. Out of the normal time of year for that hemisphere. I had two litters into the data base yesterday, born in Australia in November and January.

I loved summer litters, Hoover and her sisters were born in July as were Firbi and his siblings. I put them all into a big black bucket used in the garden for weeds and carried them around to the main lawn where they had great fun and games. Firbi was born in 2000 and Hoover in 2008.

Plessy was born in September, mother of Firbi. Her first litter was born in April. She only ever had a token dribble with the other girls in Autumn.

Made life as a breeder very interesting. My first ever litter was born in April, out of a bitch whose sire had been imported from Australia by VTW. Veronica Tudor Williams.

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@vivsos I had almost more summer litters than winter ones over the years. Litters in May, July, September (several in each month) and odd ones other times. I found the bitches only had one true season and one was a summer girl. No way, despite trying, could we get her in whelp in Autumn. But while she obviously ovulated in the summer, she had a token dribble with the other (4) girls in September / October. They had a sympathy season with her in May or whenever. She herself was born in September.

Exceptions prove rules with Basenjis !

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@jenny OK - so now we know. Email me privately and I will send you a list of Breed Club Secretaries so you can get onto a list for this time next year collection of pup. My addresses are to be found on the websites in my signature block.

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@eeeefarm I think quality of life doesn't just 'come into it' - I think it is everything. To keep a dog going when the quality of life has deteriorated a great deal is thinking of oneself, not the dog.

Sometimes there is only one decision you can possibly make to show an old friend how much you love him or her and that is to make a decision which hurts you. To let him or her go with dignity when it is time.

Mine have almost always come and told me, Mom, please help me. And I would, as someone on this forum said a year or so ago, prefer always be a day early than a day late.

Eating is a good gauge of quality of life, but it mustn't be the only criteria. There is so much to take into consideration and I am the first to admit it is a time I absolutely hate.

Hoover who died in August, is the first one in all these years of running a pack of Basenjis who has not died in my arms, here in the garden. She died in the car, racing towards the vet on a Saturday morning. The first one I wasn't cuddling.

So I DO understand and my thoughts are constantly with all of you who have to go through this - but believe me, knowing you are doing the best for the dog you love, is itself a consolation.

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@rugosab said in Cognitive Canine Disorder:

I'm just hoping someone will do that for me when I act the same.

You certainly deserve it - as do many of us in some smaller way or other !

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Almost a frog-dog - but certainly not uncommon !

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@jengosmonkey Bless you for this post ! Keep repeating it as often as you like - it will save a great deal of time and frustration all round.

People who want a Basenji ought to have researched the breed at least a bit, and ought to know about the breeding seasons. I am up to 221 enquiries since March !

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You have the right idea entirely. Dino must learn to restrain himself.

I forget, but has anyone ever suggested to you that you use a Gentle Leader ? @JENGOSMonkey found a wonderful clip on You Tube, and although he didn't get on with using one, I find them great as a training tool, as do many others.

The configuration of the Leader is that it goes behind the head, so you are in full control of that, and the lead is clipped under the chin. The dog can't lunge or jump and after a few excursions, learns to trot along nicely.

I used one on Mku for a couple of weeks and will start Kito as soon as he is big enough. Now I have a Mku who, although he runs free for 99% of the time, trots along on the lead when it is essential.

Most Basenjis take a 'small' size. Dino won't like it at first, so you have to make it worth his while - something extra special when you put it on. Don't leave it for too long, put it on and off throughout the day and then start him walking on it.

You should, if my experience is mirrored, find him trying to bite it off, chew the lead and fight it, but only for a short while. Because he will accept it, and learn it is a small thing, but stronger than he is and more powerful !

You will have control and ought very quickly to be able to have the leash quite loose, falling between you, not taut.

When you meet another dog, stand still, tighten the lead and tell him NO. Only move off again when Dino quietens.

The Leader doesn't impede him drinking or accepting treats, just stops him pulling or jumping.

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None now until next winter. Basenjis are once a year girls. Your research should tell you that😀

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@tanza mine always tell me what they want to be called . Best not have any preconceived ideas

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@dnelon Thank you ! Actually the number of times the turkey has to go back into the oven while the puppies are whelped on Christmas Day is very high !

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You will need to contact breeders for next year. At the moment they are all just heaving sighs of relief of this winter's crop leaves for new homes. I will send you a list of Club Secretaries if you email my privately.

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@rubybasenji said in Does crate training get better?:

Curious if 9 weeks is too young to crate train? Or fine?

My puppies were all crate trained before they left me at 8.5 weeks. So no, certainly not too early. Use a large wire crate, NOT a Varikennel type. Basenjis like to be able to see all around them.

It needs to be big, so the doggie can lie out at full stretch, stand, or sit up very straight without discomfort.

Make is a fun place to be - feed the pup in it sometimes, hide treats (pieces of the daily kibble ration, NOT extras !) in it for it to find. Toys, a bone or two - my pup Kito loves BIG bones ! and get used to leaving the door open so that becomes a haven for the wee thing.

@kempel This is quite common ! I sold a pup once and the lady had to go out to work three mornings a week. It got so the puppy watched her and when she got her lipstick out, went into the crate. Door was never shut - Pup stayed until she returned.

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@rayhus2020 Email me privately. My addresses can be found in the signature block appended to this post. There are no puppies around at this time of year - they are all leaving or about the leave the nest. But I will send you a list of Breed Club secretaries so you can (maybe) get on a list for March 2022 collection of puppy.

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