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What about Ibizan? They can be all white. The eyes don't fit, of course.....

I keep looking back, but I see more Pharaoh than Ibbie - But its a pleasure to keep looking back at photos of such an appealing animal !

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OK, a great deal is wrong - but looking at that head again and discounting the colour of eyes, something suddenly said 'Pharaoh Hound' - I am very interested in the DNA tests

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She's beautiful ! But those blue eyes don't say 'Basenji' to me - it would be nice to know though, if you are considering a DNA test. My money would be on Husky cross.

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Then a basenji will fit right in. Hope yoour fence is 6 ft tall and not chainlink kind.

Chain link is perfectly OK provided it is loose. Basenjis won't have confidence to climb a loose fence. I have a mere 4 foot c/l fence all around my vegetable patch and no Basenji has ever tried to climb it, despite the edible delights on the other side.

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Not sure what he is mixed with - but he is 'Himself' - unique - and has found you ! DNA test will tell you if you want to know. He is absolutely enchanting - Lucky people (and doggie !)

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Whatever he is, he has such an appealing wee face, I can quite understand why you couldn't resist him ! Who could ? An enchanting looking young man.

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@eeeefarm said in 1.5 behavioral changes:

How would you recommend enforcing that aggression is not okay? And I have considered that he was in pain but when I put pressure on him in different areas he doesn’t react or care so I don’t think it’s that.

That is often the way of it. Stroking, direct pressure, is OK, but picking up and changing the angle of pressure can jip something inside.

He is probably still pining. Donner never did get over the loss of his soul-mate. She was run over when they were both two - and although he was and remained the pack alpha (under me !) for the rest of his 14 years, he was never a pack animal. He slept apart in his box and never joined in games with his seven underlings. Life went out of him when she died.

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Many basenjis are closer to 30 pounds

That is 'way too big ! Standard calls for a much smaller weight.

He's a lovely young man anyway - and you'll enjoy the challenge -

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Watch him bark. Basenjis do have a sound like a bark or a cough which is a single note (noise) and ends with the mouth open. Other canines bark and the mouth ends up closed.

He looks very Basenji like to my eye but a DNA test will confirm it. Whatever he turns out to be, you are both lucky ! He for finding a forever home and you for finding such a smart young man !

Enjoy many years together !

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@lory-h said in when to move from puppy food:

We have tried broccoli and cottage cheese but does not seem to enjoy it.

Try everything. My girl did not like raw carrots but loves them when cooked. She used to like raw green beans/ now she likes them cooked. She adores frozen green peas, cooked yam, bananas, mango, yogurt, and cooked broccoli. Keep trying.

I have yet to find a vegetable mine will NOT eat / steal. Green beans - it's like feeding a nest of sparrows as they all stand on hind legs and you drop green 'worms' into eager mouths.

Keepurr will even leave his arm chair last thing at night to the magic word 'cabbage.' I have learned over the years always to cook more veggies than the family will eat in order to have some over for the Basenji pack.

You'll find something - cooked or raw - it all the same to mine.

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Liz has absolutely the right of it !!!

@morgansc 's post should be kept and trotted out every time anyone asks about neutering ! It is MUCH better for the dog to keep it entire and really not that difficult. Basenjis are very clean and mess should never be a problem. Later on, if it is to improve quality of life for the Basenji - it can be necessary.

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Six months is FAR TOO YOUNG. You need to let the bitch grow and develop, structurally and hormonally. If you must spay - then let her have at least one season, preferably two.

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I'd go along with more MinPin than Basenji. But he definitely deserves a lovely forever home ! Lovely wee boy.

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I managed to buy three gates, complete with posts and hinges, many years ago for just a few dollars. They had been badly measured for an order and were going begging. No matter to me that they are all slightly different !

Before we put up the chain link (and the gates - all three of them) Shani chewed off a tayberry bush which fruits on year old wood - so no fruit for 2 years. ☹ and as puppies she and her brother got fat on Brussel sprouts straight from the plant stem. Tuppy lay among the asparagus and ate the spears almost as they appeared. They were worse than the badgers among the sweetcorn, chewing the cobs as fast as they ripened. And as the the herb patch - Nothing quite like sage and oregano for rolling in if you are a Basenji puppy !

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@morsesa said in Advice please if a Basenji might be a good match.:

Just to let you know the can climb chainlink fences.......

Only if they are tightly strung. I have 4 foot chain link all around the vegetable garden and it is very slack. No confidence, no climbing ! I've used slack chain link to keep Basenjis out of certain areas for almost 40 years. It's fine !

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Mine were always on adult food from the get-go. At first I ground the kibble to almost a powder, then let them eat it more and more coarse until they could cope with it exactly as it came out of the sack. I'd make sure it was softened a bit (with water) and saw to it that there was always fresh water available to the pups.

Puppies were sent to their forever homes with enough for the first week or so in order that the new owners could gradually wean them over to a food of their own choice.

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Trouble with isolating him is the time between the offence and the punishment. By the time you've put him in another room he will no longer associate cause and effect. He won't realise WHY he is being banned from your presence. Which is why I suggest a sharp tap on the muzzle, instantly, so he DOES realise why he is being chastised. That the bite lead to the tap.

eeeefarm has the right of it. He could well regard the departure of the guest as a win for him. He bit, they left. Cause and effect.

You can't just show him you're the alpha. You have to BE the alpha. You have to dominate him, not he you. Start by trying to avoid situations which could lead to biting and if he does, instantly punish him. Try and figure out what he doesn't like about the visitor - for example, mine detest the smell of cigarette smoke on hands and have violent dislikes of strong perfumes !

Watch how the person approaches the Basenji. Watch their hands. Most Basenjis prefer to make the first move, so get people to ignore the dog until he seems to be wanting to make friends. People who just start to stroke without letting the dog sniff their fingers could be asking for trouble.

I'm all for letting Basenjis be bed-dogs and I can't think that that would be causing him to assume he is the boss.

At this distance it is difficult to advise you - but be vigilant and try to figure out what he dislikes -

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Len has the right of it to some extent but you need to find some kind of group where the trainer has experience of Basenjis. Remember, they are not as other dogs in the way they react to training. General socialising is probably better than formal teaching in a group, although this is a good idea too, so long as the trainer knows and understands Basenjis.

It occurs to me that in the cases of nipping, biting and even leaving marks, the Basenji has been allowed to become the Alpha - to get the upper hand. This is never a good idea !

It could be they just don't like the person they are biting or it could be attention seeking.

Somehow you have to get through to them that this is not acceptable behaviour. A sharp, and immediate, tap on the muzzle with a firm 'NO !' Use voice to express your displeasure (just as you do to praise them when they are good). And having told them 'NO' - that is it - end of game, end of attention. You turn away from them and let them learn that this sort of behaviour turns you right off them. In the end, they will learn. Withdrawal of your attention following each biting episode and a a vocal admonishment should finally get through to them that you will not tolerate it.

Aggression towards other dogs can be 'time of year' - again, you need a trainer who knows Basenjis.

I have never experienced any form of biting in my pack. But then, with a pack it is more than ever important to establish ME as the Alpha. However, you should try to gain that status !

Good luck !

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@tanza said in Brown rice versus White rice:

As with people, brown rice is better for you.... that said, brown rice is harder to digest so if feeding rice for tummy upsets, I use white rice. But I do not feed it daily (brown or white

Same with my pack. White rice only if to get them over some tummy upset - boiled and then softened with the water fish or chicken have been lightly boiled in. Basenjis can easily digest that while they recover and you gradually increase the percentage of their normal diet. Also, I only start them on rice after 24 - 36 hours starvation.

Natural yoghurt added helps replace the flor in the stomach which can be depleted if the Basenji has been suffering diarrhea or vomiting.

However, as a general rule - I wouldn't serve them rice, white or the more-difficult-to-digest brown.

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@steven12 NO ! Bring her up to be multi lingual - Basenjis are great communicators and need the challenge of two (or more) languages !

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