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As I've said several times in different threads - Covid has brought out a plethora of would-be Basenji owners, not just in UK but across Europe.

We are starting to fear dogs being dumped into Rescue when lockdown is lifted and people return to work in offices , having realised there is far more to owning a Basenji than just the facts that they don't bark, are small and keep themselves clean like cats.

I have had well over 70 - probably 80 now the weekend's crop of enquiries has been dealt with per email and entered into my notes - and am at a loss to be able to tell them of a single breeder who doesn't already have a waiting list full to overflowing.

Anyone posting me privately will receive a detailed response but it won't carry too much hope for this winter.

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Out in the woods, I try to find a big leaf to use as a glove to pull the offending whateveritis away. All too often its hair (mine) or paper tissues.

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I hate flexies too which is why I use a gentle leader as a training tool. Mku runs free as all mine have until we are a couple of hundred yards from the carpark.

But I don't trust cars which come in and leave at speed and my new knee is still too new to cope with being pulled.

He is learning and sometimes I get away with just attaching his lead to his collar.

Horses for courses.

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Never easy, saying goodbye. But I'm sure you can comfort yourself that you gave this Basenji the best possible life and let her go with dignity and without suffering.

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I very much doubt that you will find a Basenji in the UK this coming winter. Covid seems to have convinced so many people they can now have a dog - and they light upon Basenjis for a number of reasons, often without going thoroughly into the challenges of ownership of one of these challenging little animals !

All the breeders I know have full waiting lists even after filtering out all but the most promising future owners. I haven't bred for over 10 years but enquiries for puppies still come in, several a week - two just this morning.

We just have to hope that irresponsible people won't mate un-health-tested dogs, just to cash in on demand.

It all depends on the allergy - whether a Basenji will or won't affect your wife. They shed, often pretty constantly throughout the year instead of one big winter-coat moult although some lines do have that.

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What is her breeding ? so we can make sure she is in the Basenji pedigree on-line database ? you can also email me a photo and update it as she matures.

Addresses in signature block.

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That's great news for you both. Well done Stella !

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Brindles were very contraversial in this country when they first arrived. The Kennel Club wouldn't acknowledge the colour and it wasn't admitted into the Standard for quite a while.

One brave judge gave a CC to a brindle, before it was a recognised colour.

I admit I wasn't keen on it, but surprised myself in Germany when I judged their specialty, by finding brindles for many of my top winners. Heads were universally better in them and movement was (almost) back to true Basenji gait. Something rarely seen these days, anywhere. And I have judged in quite a few countries. . .

I put it down to the fact that, as they were very recent imports from Africa, humans had had fewer generations to mess about with them and they were still far closer to the old fashioned Basenjis I prefer !

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Mine always loved to slip past me into the greenhouse, especially at this time of year when the weather is cooler and the soil still nice and warm, awaiting the first frost when it will fill up again with over-wintering tender plants.

Years ago, Paul made them a large table for sunbathing on and generations of Basenjis have loved reclining or lying flat out, soaking up the sun.

Sunseekers - every one of 'em !

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@tanza No, he is on page 12 - the red/white in the group of the heads of 4 colours. But thanks for the link. Saves me looking for my hard copy !

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I lent my copy so can't instantly refer to which page he is on, but my Firbi is the illustrated r/w head - a picture of him is also my avatar.

Story of my life, buy a book, lend it, buy it again, lend it again, but chain the next purchase to the bookshelves.

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@jengosmonkey I think 1960 is a mistype ! more like in the 1990s but still a lot of money then - whereas it wouldn't buy you much these days -

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Other countries are suffering the same problem during lock down and Covid. It seems people working from home have decided they can now have a dog. And from my experience, over 70 enquiries in the past few months and I haven't bred a litter for over ten years, the main attractions of a Basenji are that it doesn't bark, is clean and small. Scant attention is paid to other traits, habits or possible challenges.

We are weeding through with extreme care and fear many Basenjis could well be dumped when life returns to normal if it ever does

Similar is happening across Europe and in many countries.

There is also the fear that irresponsible breeders will try to cash in on the demand for these wonderful dogs, and breed from untested stock. That is a worldwide problem so do take care to pick a careful, responsible breeder and be prepared to wait

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@elbrant It doesn't make any sense to me, either ! I've lost count of how many litters we've had over the past 38 - 39 years but nary a puppy has barked. That is absolutely certain !

Like the adults, Basenji pups can give an open mouthed cough, which can sound like a bark unless you are watching it. The mouth is open at the end of the sound, not closed as when any other dog barks. It is only a single sound - just like a single cough.

As the adults, they do it if surprised or backed into a corner or in any other situation where an adult might show a similar reaction.

I held the pups to the pulse in my neck as soon as they were whelped, to establish a comfort rapport and continued close contact and socialisation right through their first few weeks.

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@sakuhn62 It doesn't matter - shown or just a pet (mine have all been pets even though in the past they were shown) - you have the health of the dog to consider, and carrying too much weight puts a strain on the organs.

As a two year old, this might not seem important, but believe me it is. Get her down to a nice svelte shape and keep her that way - she will be all the better for it.

She's a pretty little girl - what is her breeding so we can be sure she is included in the on-line pedigree database ? (see signature block)

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@sky-hunter I'm sorry, different countries, different generic names for medications. Perhaps Professor Google will be able to tell you the content of Chorethamine which Donner was prescribed, and the contents of products available elsewhere. Very often its a different nomenclature for identical substances.

I'm sorry I can't be more help.

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Care to tell us his breeding ? Mom, Dad, birthday etc so we can add him to the pedigree database - but why oh why do you have him all strapped up like that ? He's a baby ! You don't need to lace him up like a Christmas parcel.

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My !! What big ears you have. . .

Yes, there are vestiges of a diamond wrinkle and she certainly could contain some Basenji DNA. If you do have her checked, it would be very interesting to know.

Meantime, love her to pieces and be glad you found each other - She's a lovely little girl.

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He is adorable! Personally I don't see Basenji in him but if you are really curious, do a DNA test. 13 weeks is very young to tell how big he will get ! You will know more in a few month's time and may well be very surprised.

He's a lucky boy to have found his forever home with you.

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@tanza I think he was a Pukkanut bred by Alan and Lauris Hunt in New South Wales. I will look it up tomorrow.

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