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Frankly, this is far too soon ! It doesn't hurt a dog to fast for 24 - 36, even 48 hours. Just make sure cold fresh water is always available.

If there is a reluctance to drink, a tiny bit of honey in the water often helps - or get electrolytes (obtainable in concentrated bottle form) and mix that up.

I start mine back with a little chicken or fish and boiled white rice, using the water the meat or fish was cooked in to moisten the rice. Keep this up, small meals, more frequently than usual and then SLOWLY start to incorporate the normal diet with the rice / fish / chicken. Gradually lessen the 'diet' and increase the normal food until you are back to normal.

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Daddy, Mummy ?
And name when you decide on it so I can add him to the on-line Basenji Pedigree database. Photo too - but to me as well as to the forum cos I can't 'lift' them from here'

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Please don't breed from a crossbreed when there are so many pedigree dogs and puppies looking for a loving home.

You have no idea what scourges could be behind your mix and bringing more mixes into this already overcrowded world is just irresponsible.

Over here, even puppy farmers eschew breeding cross-breeds.

I never normally advocate spaying but in this instance it would be the responsible way to go.

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And the titles AND photos are on the pedigree website for all to see ! Thank you !

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This is perfectly normal Basenji behaviour ! They clean themselves (and each other). I have a photo somewhere of a line of five Basenjis in a conga-line, each cleaning the one in front. We've been for a particularly muddy walk as I recall.

Daily, I get two filthy dirty Basenjis into the car in the woods, sometimes they appear to be wearing Wellington boots. But the drive home takes only about 20 minutes and two beautifully clean Bs leap out.

Keep an eye out for inter-digital cysts - but feet cleaning is nothing to worry about.

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@wizard said in New barnhunt title:

Sonbar's Xactlyas Xpected

I just looked. I have these titles already -
Am Ch Sonbar's Xactlyas Xpected RE OAP OJP CGC
Sonbar's Tabloid Talk RAE AXP AJP CGC TKI

Photos PLEASE and the RATN or RATO additions ?

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@wizard said in New barnhunt title:

How can I get you his and Gossip's (Sonbar's Tabloid Talk) titles for your database Sally?

email me - and I will add them AND a photo if you can attach one to the email.

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Yes we figured we will wait until he is at least two before we make any decisions on neutering him.

Two is still far too young. He needs to have achieved structural and hormonal maturity. If you are adamant you are going to cut him, wait at least until he is three. Or four. Or five. And then maybe the need to do it will have disappeared.

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He is intact (but we are soon clipping him I think)

Whatever for ??? Don't even think it - It serves no useful purpose.

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Go along to a few shows - big and small. TALK to the breeders / handlers and owners. And listen. So many newbies fail to hear what they are told ! But that is the place to start.

And believe me, handling your own dog and maybe even finishing it eventually, beats watching a professional handler doing it into a cocked hat.

OK, it might take a little longer but its well worth the effort !

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it would be selfish to take almost any dog other than a geriatric one

Or a stuffed one ! Why anyone would even contemplate introducing any dog, let alone a Basenji, into a life such as described, is completely beyond me.

I hope no breeder would consider selling a puppy into this environment - I know I never would. I expect my puppy people to give the pups a good, loving, caring, attentative environment.

Dogs are NOT toys you can put back in the cupboard when they interfere with your life style - so a stuffed one which could go back into the cupboard would be the best option

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Congrats. Sounds like a fast Basenji. But yes, let's get that pic posted and the info to Sally!

And Sally would love a photo to add to the pedigree ! Just email me a .jpg (or anything) with the title and the registered name of the dog !

Same goes for all of you ! ADD PICTURES to your on-line pedigrees !

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Well done - but please - give me his name or his reg# so I can add the title to the pedigrees on-line database !

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I’ll be out at work for 9 or 10 hours a day so the dog will be home alone with air conditioning and maybe in a crate

In a Word - NO !

These are pack animals and to submit one to the life you describe would be cruel in the extreme.

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some got called very uncomplimentary things on occasion!

Yeah ! But I didn't mention those ! (People might wonder what the Bs had been doing to deserve such names !)

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Basenjis in my house always seem to name themselves. Call names, that is. Hoover - that is what she does. Could also have been called vacuum cleaner. Keeper - because he was the one we kept. Their dam - Trouble - was a tri and did she ever know she was special !

The registered names of all of ours is a Swahili word which describes the character or attributes of a Basenji.

Best is two syllables - for when you are calling them to you and they are playing deaf.

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Many Basenjis will NEVER poop in their own garden. Mine will but the will never poop in the same place twice ! I have a very big garden (yard with shrubbery, lawns, flower borders, trees ?) and although mine go to the woods for a free run most days, if I have other things to do, they have to make do with the garden and that means I have to clean the lawns !

Plant trees, make the yard interesting and given him something to pee against

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You are doing great !

A Resco has a blade and there is no crushing. This is another reason I have never let the Vet trim nails even though this is included in the monthly 'plan' of monthly payment to alleviate sudden shocks to the wallet.

My dogs got neglected during and immediately after hip replacement surgery so once I was fit enough, I dremelled them daily for a week before getting back to normal routine.

The 'up side' for them was more 'special biscuits' - rewards they get after nail cutting !!!

Snow is promised here but not immediately -

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Soso looks so cute ! Obviously has a mind of her own - she could have some Basenji in her but does it matter ? You are doing sterling work with all these lovely furpeople.

May you enjoy them for many years to come !

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