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Strangely, I can't find him on the AKC website under this name ? Could you give us his registration number or his parents ? (for the database, where else ?)

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Again, I agree totally with DonC. As one who, through the database, has many hundreds of contacts, possibly thousands over the years, with Basenji owners, breeders and vets throughout the world, I dispute you'd find a 'world-wide concensus' in favour of early neutering of our breed.

I don't know any responsible Basenjis breeders who would advocate routinely neutering a six month old.

And I go along with Joan's question - just why are you even contemplating such a procedure ? Unless it is for your own convenience, which might be marginally more excusable iin the case of a bitch, what possible reason can you have for potentially harming this wee boy ?

There is a heavy weight of reasoned opinion against it.

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Sal and Laura - lovely people who responsibly breed and rear super Basenjis - your adorable Max being one of them. Very good choice !

But on the trial pedigree, copy-pasted from my database website, there are not many photos - PLEASE email me a photo of Max and see if you can get Laura to send one of Dad too ? Or I will email her, once I get a pic of Max to include - with his registered name. I do need that too so the program knows which picture is which dog !

You can visit the on-line pedigree website from my signature block and will find my email address there.

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As regards to Elizabethan collars - there is almost no wound on a Basenji that can't be protected by imaginative use of a pair of panty hose. The legs, the body, all can be cut and contrived to fit over that part of the dog which needs protection !

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@donc said in 6 month neuter:

I have a great suggestion that will be 100% effective: DON'T NEUTER HIM!

Amen to THAT ! WHY neuter him ? Even if you are not going to breed him, there is no need to, effectively, mutilate him before age decrees it necessary for his quality of life. Certainly you should not even consider castrating him before hormonal and structural maturity. You will never know what harm you are doing - you might be shortening his life.

Get a vet who knows the breed. And browse this forum for Liz McCargo (Bellator Basenjis) excellent article on why NOT to neuter.
In fact, in case you don't look for it, I will append it here. Again.

The final paragraph are the words of the person who spoke to Liz.

“For the most part, I recommend delayed spaying and neutering in nearly all cases. For my puppy buyers I recommend waiting until 12-18 months old at the very least, ideally around 24 months old. For a majority of cases, this is best and best for the dogs. Although it means a little more management for the owners, it’s better in the long run for the lifetime of the dog.
“The best resource regarding spaying/neutering is the spay neuter booklet from puppy culture. It goes into all the nuances of why, from a scientific standpoint, and explains things a ton better than I ever could. What it boils down to is it’s better physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically for dogs to be allowed to fully mature before removing their sexual organs.
“The sexual organs help regulate the endocrine system which controls growth of joints, bones, organs, and the regulation of the thyroid. This is why many pets become fat after being fixed, the thyroid is negatively impacted by altering pets, and weight control becomes a bit more difficult. So with earlier spay/neuter, a dog can essentially grow disproportionately to what it was genetically designed since early removal of the sexual organs alters the dog genetically.
“So physically you may see no difference but their organs may be smaller or larger than originally designed which may lead to complications in the long run. So your dog may live to 10-12 years old, but had the potential to live to 15. We never really know the full impact as we cannot see into the future. Delayed altering can also reduce risks of many different types of cancers. The issues cited that support altering your pet are still there once you alter at a later age, so you’re not missing out on any of the benefits by waiting, but adding to the ultimate life long benefits by waiting.
“As long as a family can reasonably and responsibly contain their female when in season and contain their male apart from females in season, there’s no need for early altering. Many vets push it because it came from an era of pets breeding at their own will and resulted in many unwanted litters. In today’s day and of age of more fences and less farms, I don’t know any responsible owners who have unwanted litters.
“Most of Europe doesn’t alter their pets ever, but are able to responsibly contain them and prevent unwanted breedings. Anyway, that’s my two cents on it, the puppy culture book is a wealth of knowledge and the more educated you are, the better a standing up to pushy veterinarians.”

So a) I will be buying the puppy culture booklet and b) will do everything in my power to keep my girl from being spayed until she is at least a year old and preferably two. Where I live is rampant with unneutered mutts but I have a secure house for her and am with her 100% of the time, so...we should do fine.

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@sandy-hovis .Nothing yet. But I will look in SPAM later when I am at my computer

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Yes please ! The database now has in excess of 100500 pedigrees, many of those born in the last ten years with health test results.

So many puppy farm puppies are not tested and come from untested parents. It has to be sensible to check so at least if you have your Basenji in the database, you can look at the pedigree and ancestors.

Call me a cynic, but I really worry when people can't tell me the parentage of their pups.

It could be that they have been to the database and found that all is well. But it could also be that they don't know and haven't been given adequate information - remember the two pups discussed recently ? Of those litters, at least 2 puppies are already dead and many more on special diet and medication for life.

Thank you !

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I don't see Podengo - I got to know several when I was asked to photograph one for his owner a couple of years running at the same show. I fell in love with him. Lovely, short-haired little creature, unusually. Short Haired are more rare. There were always quite a few Podengos at that particular venue. Very like a Basenji in many respects -

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There is very probably Basenji in there somewhere but a DNA test would tell you for sure. The first pic is not very convincing but the other two are. Whatever mix he is, he's a lovely wee man - may you continue to enjoy his company for many a long year !

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But who are his parents - so I can be sure to include him in the on-line Basenji data-base ?

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I don't do FaceBook so can't access any of them. Can you put them on YouTube ?

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@elbrant said in 5 PM Tasmanian Devil:

whatever you entice your dog with should be considered part of their daily calories

I've said it before but I'll say it again - I measure out the daily ration each morning. 'Treats', inducements, enticements, call it what you will, come out of that ration. They get pieces of kibble from their daily ration as a reward or a treat. I don't think they taste anything. It doesn't touch the sides on the way down but they remain happy.

Only additions are left-over veggies (sparingly), apple cores, paper tissues and whatever else they can steal from my pockets, the odd dish cloth. Well they are Basenjis <sigh>

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@eeeefarm said in Sore paw:

have him wear the "cone of shame" until it heals.

It isn't a cone of shame, it's an Elizabethen Ruff !

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Some Basenjis are prone to interdigital cysts. There used to be a salve based on copper sulphate which worked wonders. But I would suggest a visit to the vet to be sure what it is and what is causing it.

And I can't visualise the sort of play area he has ! The word 'pool' makes me think he is racing around in a empty swimming pool ? but I doubt this is the case in Florida - Hmmmm

Please enlighten this ignorant Brit !

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Post me privately. There is an email address on the website in my signature block.

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@donc Thank you for that - yes I am unduly pessimistic. Put it down to age ! Over here at the moment, anyone over 70 is almost expected to succumb to coronavirus if they catch it, and we know we will be the last to receive any protective vaccine. There has been a drive to get old people to sign DNR (do not resuscitate) notices. Which I consider an obscenity and would refuse to do.

Also - I admit I have never experienced a dog park. I guess they are a good second best if there is no wide open (or forested) space available and the only alternative is pavements.

My own whistle is the recall I have used on every dog through the years. To break up a ruckus I scream. They stop, turn around and ask each other 'what's got in to HER ?' But any fracas is invariably between members of my own pack, I don't have to break anything up with strangers because the ones we meet are off-lead 99% of the time and quite happy to meet, sniff and go their separate ways. If they weren't, mine would never be allowed off-leash.

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Give me sire and dam - I will probably be able to find them. I have all UK registered dogs cos I buy the Breed Record Supplements quarterly.

Go go and there is an email address.

We can move on to emails while we get it sorted out.
Thanks !

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Yes - and please send me pictures for the database ! Brits are notoriously bad at supplying photos - some countries have pics in an entire five generation pedigree !

Details of how to send them, and my email address are in the signature block - I look forward to including them !

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He's cute - but who are his parents and is he in the on-line Basenji pedigree database ! One so handsome (despite the mouth problem) should be there !

See my signature block for details of the base and let me have his details if they are not already there - or just send me his registered name and I will take it from there.

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@donc said in Prey drive with small dogs:

But eventually there will be a vaccine and/or effective treatment.

I wish I shared your optimism. There is no vaccine for the common cold or HIV and a 'flu jab is often only partially effective against one kind of 'flu. The powers that be tell us there will be one - so why amn't I convinced ?

Buying a whistle to use in a dog park is all very well, but if your neighbour has been to the same store, a single blast could bring several dogs of varying breeds to your feet - all of them mightily confused. Developing a piercing whistle as a child and carrying it through to old age, guarantees your own personal dog(s) their own recall signal. Or ? LOL

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