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Oh dear, I'm so sorry you had this spot of bother. First thing to remember - treats and food cause problems if not properly dispensed / monitored !

I would take them out somewhere away from home and try to get them interested in other surroundings, on a walk, a free run in woods (if you can trust your boy). Once they accept being together away, then reintroduce them to the house. Best to let the boy in first and then the girl, i.e. the one who is 'at home' before the visitor. OK not a visitor but he's been there for longer. It might take two of you, each with a dog on a lead and then gradually get them together and sniffing the same blade of grass. You may have to do this a number of times and when you are sure of them (as sure as one can be with Basenjis) then get them indoors again and, standing ready with a noisy toy or something to distract their attention at need, leave them loose.

If he is severely injured, don't separate them to different rooms. Make sure they can see and smell each other all the time. We had up to eight living in the house and often there were be some kind of contratemps but it was always of short duration. I am always the alpha, I am bigger than they are and it is MY house. Any injured dog was crated in the kitchen in full view of the rest of the pack as they came and went.

Meal times were absolutely fine. I have a big kitchen and as long as the food pans were put down from the same hand to the same dog in the same order and on the same spot on the floor at each and every meal - they knew when it was their turn and never fought over food.

Spaying the girl is not going to stop fights ! And as the boy is neutered there is no immediate hurry.

Good luck !

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The more often you clean anal glands, the more often you have to. Don't do as a regular every seven weeks exercise, give her more fibre in her diet and only express them when it seems absolutely necessary.

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Even with a long walk before and after being left alone in a crate for 8 hours - I would be very against this treatment of ANY dog, let alone a Basenji. These are hunting dogs, not toys you can put in the cupboard when you don't want to (can't) play with them.

Wait a few years until you can give a Basenji the life it deserves. A great deal of life with a B is COMPROMISE (!) and in the scenario as you describe it, the Basenji would be the loser on all counts.

They are worth waiting for - believe me.

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A large enough crate, with space for her to stand up and stretch, lie down full out, containing a large bone and something to interest her, should be looked upon as a refuge, not a punishment.

This is the season season. Her hormones are over active, spayed or not. She will try to assert herself this time of year, cutting her won't become effective in this regard for at least a couple of years.

If, added to this, she has undergone other changes - cats coming / going etc - she will not be feeling secure. And from what you say, she has undergone huge changes.

Love her, help her socialise, spend time with her and don't despair. If you are positive, it will help her. Take her out for long walks and tire her out while letting her know you are one to one with her.

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Neutering will not make any difference at all. Now or in the future.

You've changed so much in that wee boy's life, he is going to feel insecure until you get things more settled and back to what he was becoming accustomed to. DON'T make him feel 'left out' because you have installed a new 'favorite man' in your life.

Learn to strike a balance - teach the Basenji you still love him and he is still very much a part of your life. Give him prime time too.

Poor little man feels abandoned and small wonder ! You must build up his confidence, not destroy it entirely.

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This is perfectly normal Basenji behaviour ! They clean themselves (and each other). I have a photo somewhere of a line of five Basenjis in a conga-line, each cleaning the one in front. We've been for a particularly muddy walk as I recall.

Daily, I get two filthy dirty Basenjis into the car in the woods, sometimes they appear to be wearing Wellington boots. But the drive home takes only about 20 minutes and two beautifully clean Bs leap out.

Keep an eye out for inter-digital cysts - but feet cleaning is nothing to worry about.

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Basenjis in my house always seem to name themselves. Call names, that is. Hoover - that is what she does. Could also have been called vacuum cleaner. Keeper - because he was the one we kept. Their dam - Trouble - was a tri and did she ever know she was special !

The registered names of all of ours is a Swahili word which describes the character or attributes of a Basenji.

Best is two syllables - for when you are calling them to you and they are playing deaf.

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Strange how Basenjis love the snow ! Happy looking lad !

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She would appear to be MOSTLY Basenji - but appearances can be deceptive. I should play safe - treat her as a Basenji and I don't think you will be disappointed (or surprised !)

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I LOVE the fly-away ears ! He'll take off any minute so hang on to him ! he's lovely -and lucky to have found you.

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@tanza said in She is so bored. How do you keep them entertained?:

it is because they are a thinking dog as in "what's in it for me"..

A normal dog, anything less intelligent, planning and scheming than a Basenji, will routinely learn to do all the disciplines in the same order, every training session. And be perfectly content, Smug even.

But a high intellect Basenji will do the routine 3 - maybe even 4 times and a trainer who doesn't know the breed will be ecstatic !

But then the rot sets in. "Did this last time, no sense in doing it AGAIN. What's new ?"

A canny trainer will vary the routines, never follow the same order for the exercises. Keep the Basenji guessing. "Ohh, did that, that was fun, now what's coming next ? What do I get to do next ?"

(This could be why so (relatively) few Basenjis make it to the top in Obedience. Short sighted authorities set the same routines in the same order, every competition. How often do you see a dog who clearly knows ahead of the command what it will be ?)

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@rocky said in Only charging and biting my adult son:

All we know is the husband dropped him off saying he was allergic to him.

That sentence tells you most of what you need to know. Poor little Basenji has been given reason to fear or loathe men. Become allergic to them.

Now your son has come into his world, and he fears him. You need to build up his confidence, slowly over time. Start by getting your son to cease the games and resort to dispensing treats, being the one to give him his meals, taking Rocky for lovely walks, talking quietly and reassuringly to him all the time.

If Rocky has a favorite toy, after a week or so of no games but plenty of treats, walking and talking, get your son to sit on the floor (come down to Rock's level) play with the toy, throw it, pretend to chase it. Ignore Rocky but have obvious fun with the toy - in time, Rocky will want to join in and that is when your son, talking gently to Rocky, can start to 'share' the toy.

Main thing is to get Rocky to want to play with your son. To have enough confidence in him that he can relax and have fun with him.

This is going to take time so be patient, and be prepared to back off and put things on hold if there is a regression.

Good luck

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We were staying at a Travel Lodge with four Basenjis the night before a show. Last thing at night we took them out and two of them came back sticky with pine juice. Tried everything - wet wipes, motel soap, everything from our dog-bags. Nothing shifted it.

At the show next morning, someone said 'Ketchup !'

This is not something I normally carry in my handbag or in the dog-bag but a quick trip to the restaurant marquee produced a couple of sachets.

Magic ! Tomato ketchup became a staple of my dog show accessories from then on.

We soon had four immaculate Basenjis after removing the sauce. They smelled like a Fish and Chip Shop but no matter, they were clean !

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I would have something on your lap that he really wants. A bone, a toy, something so he has to get onto your lap to get it. Once he is there, then talk to him, stroke him, tummy rubs, cuddles. but take is easily, don't overdo it first go.

Don't pick him up to your lap, he will struggle to get away. He has to want to come up. You could try a treat - but then keep very special treats ONLY for on your lap. Probably best if he is on a chair beside you and you let him see the 'special' so he climbs over to you.

<sigh> When I first got Mku, my new puppy back in March, I started him on recall straight away, even before he'd had his shots and could go out in public. We had many a long walk, with Hoover, my old lady, with us of course. Nary a problem.

I am getting a new knee on Saturday and for a couple of months have been unable to walk, even use sticks to get around my own kitchen. My son takes the dogs out to the woods on weekends, and a neighbour takes them a couple of days mid-week. Mku minds both of them. Thank Heavens I DID teach him re-call back then ! Because although I will be able to walk them myself in a few weeks, I would be unhappy about having either of them on a leash for fear of being pulled over.

I'm very lucky, living where I do with a forest not too far away and a decent, really wild, woodland close by the village. I wouldn't be able to do this near a busy intersection, no - but over the almost 40 years I have run a pack of Basenjis - all have been trained to come back when Mom whistles.

So believe me, it is perfectly possible as long as you have the right conditions and frame of mind.

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The more often you (or the Vet) clears the anal glands, the more often they need doing. I would try to avoid doing it more often than absolutely necessary and try her on a high fibre diet. I agree with elbrant that she is probably doing something which is familiar to help her cope with new surrounding and environment.

If by 'cone' you mean 'elizabethan collar' - mostly dogs hate these even if they are soft and as she is in a new place I would be unhappy about restricting her in this way.

I take it you have very little idea of her circumstances prior to her coming to live with you (and well done for taking her in - may be enjoy many years together !) Try and prevent the area from becoming sore but keep an eye on her and see if there is anything special which triggers her apparent need to do this.

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PLEASE tell me where you rescued her and if you have ANY papers or knowledge about her - even her birth date would help because I would love to trace her ancestry.

I love these old dogs and she must be very special to you -

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@debradownsouth said in Is it time to neuter?:

And get a trainer before he actually bites the child.

And remember - the trainer should be training YOU as much (more than) he trains Blu. Blu's problems are related to the changes you've made to his environment !

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Merry Christmas to everyone - I have been trying to paste a card but it doesn't want to take it !

But have a wonderful Christmas and a super peaceful and contented 2019

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I agree - I love Basenjis - big ears and big round eyes and all ! But PLEASE tell us the breeding. Who are Mom and Dad ?

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Have you been to my website and read the Zande Put-Off and other items ? If not - do (!) and then ask further specific questions.

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