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The more often you clean anal glands, the more often you have to. Don't do as a regular every seven weeks exercise, give her more fibre in her diet and only express them when it seems absolutely necessary.

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Neutering will not make any difference at all. Now or in the future.

You've changed so much in that wee boy's life, he is going to feel insecure until you get things more settled and back to what he was becoming accustomed to. DON'T make him feel 'left out' because you have installed a new 'favorite man' in your life.

Learn to strike a balance - teach the Basenji you still love him and he is still very much a part of your life. Give him prime time too.

Poor little man feels abandoned and small wonder ! You must build up his confidence, not destroy it entirely.

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Basenjis in my house always seem to name themselves. Call names, that is. Hoover - that is what she does. Could also have been called vacuum cleaner. Keeper - because he was the one we kept. Their dam - Trouble - was a tri and did she ever know she was special !

The registered names of all of ours is a Swahili word which describes the character or attributes of a Basenji.

Best is two syllables - for when you are calling them to you and they are playing deaf.

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The more often you (or the Vet) clears the anal glands, the more often they need doing. I would try to avoid doing it more often than absolutely necessary and try her on a high fibre diet. I agree with elbrant that she is probably doing something which is familiar to help her cope with new surrounding and environment.

If by 'cone' you mean 'elizabethan collar' - mostly dogs hate these even if they are soft and as she is in a new place I would be unhappy about restricting her in this way.

I take it you have very little idea of her circumstances prior to her coming to live with you (and well done for taking her in - may be enjoy many years together !) Try and prevent the area from becoming sore but keep an eye on her and see if there is anything special which triggers her apparent need to do this.

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PLEASE tell me where you rescued her and if you have ANY papers or knowledge about her - even her birth date would help because I would love to trace her ancestry.

I love these old dogs and she must be very special to you -

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@debradownsouth said in Is it time to neuter?:

And get a trainer before he actually bites the child.

And remember - the trainer should be training YOU as much (more than) he trains Blu. Blu's problems are related to the changes you've made to his environment !

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This is perfectly normal Basenji behaviour ! They clean themselves (and each other). I have a photo somewhere of a line of five Basenjis in a conga-line, each cleaning the one in front. We've been for a particularly muddy walk as I recall.

Daily, I get two filthy dirty Basenjis into the car in the woods, sometimes they appear to be wearing Wellington boots. But the drive home takes only about 20 minutes and two beautifully clean Bs leap out.

Keep an eye out for inter-digital cysts - but feet cleaning is nothing to worry about.

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All respectable breeders do that, dont they?

I WISH ! - some are very good others less so, and BYBs, pet shops and puppy mills are almost impossible to get data from ! And remember, the database doesn't cover or relate to only the USA. Data comes in from all over the world and now that Basenjis are travelling to and from many different countries it helps breeders.

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what reason are you compiling this information? Just curious

I have been compiling this data since 1984 and the database now boasts almost 102,000 pedigrees, many with photos. Breeders use it because it offers data on Fanconi and PRA and allows for 'test matings'. Many pet owners love it because they can trace their Basenjis back through the years and often see photos of ancestors.

Why do I do it ? Impossible to answer. Many breeds have online databases but few are as large as Basenjis.

And I am very grateful to Laura for soliciting data on my behalf. I never got anything in from these forums ! You don't have to show any interest in it but thousands do - I assure you.

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My current Support Team doesn't baroo - in fact very few of them have. As puppies, they hear me trying to yodel in correct Basenji fashion - and most of them go to new homes with at least the rudiments of the skill but even if they hear it, they don't all 'sing'. Keepurr does it once a week, to greet the arrival of Melissa, my cleaning lady. The first time he did it (he was ten when Melissa came to us and now he is 12) he was so surprised - and so was I. But I too feel like yodelling at the sight of Melissa and the thought of a clean house !

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To much choice ! Make or buy a reliable food, suitable for dogs, and put the pan down for ten minutes. But first take her to the Vet and get her thoroughly checked out.

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Make sure your new pup is in the on-line Basenji database ! And while you are at it, let me have names, colors and genders of all the siblings ! Treats. First thing to teach your new puppy is 'TRADE !' Anything he steals - the word should inspire him to drop whateveritis and accept a treat in exchange. Mine get all kinds of veggies and scraps but when we are out in the woods and they re running free, I have a bag of their normal dry food. It seems to taste better out in the wild and doesn't affect their diet in any way ! They have developed quite a vocabulary over the years - TREAT ! TRADE ! CABBAGE ! and SPECIAL! among them. They love lightly boiled greens and the one thing to get them out of their arm chairs last thing at night is 'Cabbage !' While training - use voice and praise at least as often as edible rewards -

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I hate to say it, but there comes a time when you have to say goodbye. Hanging on for your own sake is not the right thing to do. The dog's quality of life and letting it go with dignity and without suffering are paramount - and far more important than the possible distress of the owner.

In my experience, a Basenji will tell you when it is time to show him/her that last kindness, that last act of love and send them on their way. You get one last chance to show them how much they mean to you and that is by letting them go.

In all my years with Basenjis, I have never once had one die naturally. They come and tell me their time has come and I fetch a spade and call the Vet. He always comes to the house - there is no way I'd send a beloved friend on that last lonely journey from the Vet's office - and we sit in the sun with the dog on my lap. Up to now, Marvin's hand has always been on the head of the dog, but these remaining two, now almost 13 and 10, will have to make do with me on my own.

They are all buried at the bottom of the garden with headstone laid flat to accommodate the lawn-mower.

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@redial said in Need advice for newborn basenji:

take some bedding so that he will be used to the new smells

Even better - send a piece of bedding to the breeders to put down with the rest of the litter or the parents for a couple of nights so he brings familiar smells with him when you pick him up OR if he is shipped to you in some other way.

I always did that - ask puppy purchasers for a piece of bedding which the baby could take away, impregnated with 'homely' scents.

I wonder why you can't see either Dad OR Mom ?

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Run this suggestion past your vet -

My Keeper has liver problems. Shortly after Marvin died, he became disorientated and refused to eat. My vet (new, senior partner in the Practice) scanned him, did blood works and wanted him hospitalised on a drip for days and a biopsy performed. Otherwise he would die.

I refused and in floods of tears, went to the outgoing senior Vet, a lovely old fashioned hands-on Vet, who looked at the scans and suggested a milk thistle preparation (obtainable on line).

She also spotted a a piece of possibly atrophied bile blocking his gall-bladder and we agreed better a happy dog for a month than a sick one for 6 and if subjected to days in hospital, he would have died - of boredom. . .

She prescribed Destolit 150 mg to disperse the bile and Denamarin Hepatic Nutritional Liver Support to be given one hour before food. He takes the Denamarin in the mornings in low fat super-market pate (!) and the Destolit wrapped in his meal in the evenings. He didn't look or behave like a very sick dog. After a couple of days he was eating voraciously, eager for treats and agile and fleet of foot in the woods.

Within a relatively short space of time, his blood works were back within a much more normal range and they have continued to improve.

That was 22 months ago. Keeper is 2 months short of 13 years of age now. He is still taking both medical preparations and nobody we meet in the woods will believe he is an old man !

Don't do anything without consulting a vet but before any biopsy, maybe a scan would show up something ?

Good luck

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@basenjilover60 said in My Baby Girl, Sahara:

We all know that is impos

I let my two Basenjis run free in the woods ! I did it when I had three and when I had six and even when I had eight Basenjis. With the laws of nature, my pack is now depleted and at my age I am not about to increase it again.

I have always let my Basenjis run free in the woods. I drive them to the forest, park and open the crate they ride in - out they jump and after the hour or so around all the forest paths, a different direction each day, they are waiting for me at the car and jump back in.

Yes, I take leads with me 'in case' and on weekends I do hitch them about 200 yards from the car. NOT because I don't trust them but because I don't trust Sunday 'occasional' visitors to the woods.

They speed around the car-park.

We meet many other people walking their dogs - every breed under the sun. Mine meet, greet, and pass by - without any hassle.

People who meet us for the first time often ask about them, what Breed are they, how friendly !

Don't believe it is impossible - I have been doing it since 1982 ! And I am happy to welcome anyone who'd like to walk with us.

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Minke will grieve - Basenjis do. I am so very sorry that you lost Tikka in this way - We all have to be extremely aware of the total lack of traffic sense in this (otherwise) wonderful breed.

Cuddle Minke for me -

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Go along to a few shows - big and small. TALK to the breeders / handlers and owners. And listen. So many newbies fail to hear what they are told ! But that is the place to start.

And believe me, handling your own dog and maybe even finishing it eventually, beats watching a professional handler doing it into a cocked hat.

OK, it might take a little longer but its well worth the effort !

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Please don't breed from a crossbreed when there are so many pedigree dogs and puppies looking for a loving home.

You have no idea what scourges could be behind your mix and bringing more mixes into this already overcrowded world is just irresponsible.

Over here, even puppy farmers eschew breeding cross-breeds.

I never normally advocate spaying but in this instance it would be the responsible way to go.

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@lifewithava said in Thoughts on Thyroid Testing with Hemopet/Dr. Dodds?:

I don't agree with annual vaccines. It's amazing how many vets still push it and how many facilities still require it.

$$$$$$$ (dollar signs). Vets dreams

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@antigone said in Self-imposed diet - a large safety pin !:

I have to find Her AKC Papers. The Breeder named her 'Mbera which means Piano.
I have done a thorough search on my laptop (of the database which I thought to put onto it last night to have it in the hospital). She isn't there but if you say she has AKC reg# I will try there. If 'Mbera is the first word of her name I should find her. IF I can get to the AKC from here ! But I have different browsers on the desk & laptops. But I will definitely do the digging for you and her papers would giveme her parents.
Typing isn't easy on my back in bed but the new hip is safely installed. I hope to be home no later than Monday

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