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Oh dear, I'm so sorry you had this spot of bother. First thing to remember - treats and food cause problems if not properly dispensed / monitored !

I would take them out somewhere away from home and try to get them interested in other surroundings, on a walk, a free run in woods (if you can trust your boy). Once they accept being together away, then reintroduce them to the house. Best to let the boy in first and then the girl, i.e. the one who is 'at home' before the visitor. OK not a visitor but he's been there for longer. It might take two of you, each with a dog on a lead and then gradually get them together and sniffing the same blade of grass. You may have to do this a number of times and when you are sure of them (as sure as one can be with Basenjis) then get them indoors again and, standing ready with a noisy toy or something to distract their attention at need, leave them loose.

If he is severely injured, don't separate them to different rooms. Make sure they can see and smell each other all the time. We had up to eight living in the house and often there were be some kind of contratemps but it was always of short duration. I am always the alpha, I am bigger than they are and it is MY house. Any injured dog was crated in the kitchen in full view of the rest of the pack as they came and went.

Meal times were absolutely fine. I have a big kitchen and as long as the food pans were put down from the same hand to the same dog in the same order and on the same spot on the floor at each and every meal - they knew when it was their turn and never fought over food.

Spaying the girl is not going to stop fights ! And as the boy is neutered there is no immediate hurry.

Good luck !

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@praz thank you for making the right decision.

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@eeeefarm I think quality of life doesn't just 'come into it' - I think it is everything. To keep a dog going when the quality of life has deteriorated a great deal is thinking of oneself, not the dog.

Sometimes there is only one decision you can possibly make to show an old friend how much you love him or her and that is to make a decision which hurts you. To let him or her go with dignity when it is time.

Mine have almost always come and told me, Mom, please help me. And I would, as someone on this forum said a year or so ago, prefer always be a day early than a day late.

Eating is a good gauge of quality of life, but it mustn't be the only criteria. There is so much to take into consideration and I am the first to admit it is a time I absolutely hate.

Hoover who died in August, is the first one in all these years of running a pack of Basenjis who has not died in my arms, here in the garden. She died in the car, racing towards the vet on a Saturday morning. The first one I wasn't cuddling.

So I DO understand and my thoughts are constantly with all of you who have to go through this - but believe me, knowing you are doing the best for the dog you love, is itself a consolation.

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@tanza said in Considering a Basenji. Thoughts?:

only on their terms.

That about sums it up beautifully.

'only on their terms' applies to just about every aspect of life with a Basenji. Life is a compormise (on their terms !) the moment a B steps into the house.

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Thank you @JENGOSMonkey ! It went ok and Mku and I are back in bed. I am more tired than I expected. Tomorrow will be a day of rest and then I will be able to take the patch off and my now one lensed specs will sit better on my nose.

They don't knock you out here and the sight of a needle coming right at your eye is terrifying ! I was able to hear what was going on around me and some of the time could see from the other eye until they covered it up. The surgeon gave me a running commentary.

At least I will know what to expect in 2 weeks time when, fingers tightly crossed, he does the second eye

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The more often you clean anal glands, the more often you have to. Don't do as a regular every seven weeks exercise, give her more fibre in her diet and only express them when it seems absolutely necessary.

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Even with a long walk before and after being left alone in a crate for 8 hours - I would be very against this treatment of ANY dog, let alone a Basenji. These are hunting dogs, not toys you can put in the cupboard when you don't want to (can't) play with them.

Wait a few years until you can give a Basenji the life it deserves. A great deal of life with a B is COMPROMISE (!) and in the scenario as you describe it, the Basenji would be the loser on all counts.

They are worth waiting for - believe me.

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A large enough crate, with space for her to stand up and stretch, lie down full out, containing a large bone and something to interest her, should be looked upon as a refuge, not a punishment.

This is the season season. Her hormones are over active, spayed or not. She will try to assert herself this time of year, cutting her won't become effective in this regard for at least a couple of years.

If, added to this, she has undergone other changes - cats coming / going etc - she will not be feeling secure. And from what you say, she has undergone huge changes.

Love her, help her socialise, spend time with her and don't despair. If you are positive, it will help her. Take her out for long walks and tire her out while letting her know you are one to one with her.

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Thank you all for your good wishes. I can see but it is all very blurry yet and there is double vision to an extent, especially looking at the computer screen so although I am a very fast touch typist I won't be working on the database for a couple of days until it clears. For fear of errors.

Sue will walk Mku around the fields - well she will walk, he and Maisie the Border Terrier will race and tear and get very muddy. She lives in the village and lost both her old rescue dogs just before Christmas so enjoys canine company and walks them Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Why do I think Juno's brother is currently sitting on my feet, sleeping after a long walk in the woods. We walked, he was carried in a sling, but he met lots of people and saw all kinds of strange shaped dogs, some with long hair, some like him (but nothing as tiny as Kito).

He will learn recall as soon as he is allowed to progress to the ground just as his half-brother, Mku did. We can't deprive Mku of his hunting trip just because his half-sibling has taken up residence.

We collected Kito a week early and had our vet do his microchipping and initial shots, etc, because of my eye surgery. I needed him to be home and established while I could still see him -

OK, that accounts for 4 of the 7. Wonder if the others will show up.

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@isabob said in (Vengeful?) Pottying On The Couch!:

but then you say they don't do things for spite

Oh yes they do !!!! That is why you make a song and dance, scream and cry when they do something unimportant, like throwing cushions on the floor.

When they want to punish you, they will have learned what makes you really upset - and they will throw cushions on the floor.

On the other hand, they chew your only pair of spectacles with very expensive frames and you scarcely react. They know there is no point in eating the replacement pair, it doesn't upset you !

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Brother Kito is totally clean - has been for several days now.

Immediately after food, play time or waking up, OUT, and Momma goes with him. He has developed 'places' - he pees in the herb garden and poops among the fuchsias. His choice.

When he has done, he races to the door, is picked up and cuddled and wrapped in his nice blue blanket, the one he brought with him.

A couple of days ago he started sitting by the back door, looking up at the handle as if asking it Why won't you open for me, you do for Mom ? So I open it and he races out. I still go with him but rain doesn't faze him.

At night, he and Mku both share my bed. Perhaps I should say they allow me to sleep along the side of their chosen places. Kito pulls my hair, wriggles, or otherwise indicates he needs to go out.

Wrapped in blue blanket, we go down and the moment the back door is opened he starts to squirm. I go out with him, and its the same as in daylight. The house has safety lights which come on as you pass them so he can see. And I can follow him around the garden at need.

He is well aware of what is expected of him when he is put out onto the herb garden. That usually comes before the step up to the fuchsias. If he only needs to pee, he heads straight back to the door.

Back into the blue blanket, LOTS of praise and back to bed. He can't go through the night yet, I would not expect it of him but he is pretty regular. We need to go out about 3 o'clock and then he is OK until 6.30.

He has access to clean drinking water 24 hours a day before anyone asks !

I have used this method now for .. . 39 years with lots and lots of Basenji puppies. They are very easy to train.

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Don't do it. Far too long for a Basenji to be left alone. Why can't you leave him in the house ? Set aside a room for him and make it a desirable place to be. But these are not kennel or crate dogs, they need to be with people in a home environment. Not locked in a garage.

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Some dogs will accept puppies where they would not accept adult canines - Rama may accept them somewhere quiet. Basenjis usually love puppies.

In any case, make the first introduction off the premises, in some spot which is strange to the pups AND to Rama. Let them play there - not in a dog park, too many distractions and other dogs.

Ideally in the garden of a friend if you can find one and are allowed to in this covid age.

If no garden, it might be an idea to introduce one at a time, keep pup and Rama on leads on a quiet road, with two of you at first, then one of you takes both dogs and lets them gradually get to smelling the same blade of grass. Once this happens and you have apparent acceptance, be careful how you take them into your house. Let the resident Rama enter first. It is her home, she should be the welcoming committee.

Make sure Rama has a get-away hole where the puppies can't reach, for peace and quiet. A different room, a special bed or chair out of reach of the pups.

Support Rama if there is a bit of snarking. Pups must learn their place in the hierarchy.

Once you have one pup in place, do the same with the other one, but take both pups along.

One thought occurred to me. Regiment their feeding so they all feed together, preferably one person is in charge of feeding all three of them at the same time !

Good luck,

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@mikesull No - the solution is certainly NOT to crate him all the time you can't be with him. You need to allocate a room or a space, with plenty of toys, chews, bones, things he can't hurt like newspapers, the inside of toilet rolls - and you need to have fun time with him.

He is a baby, for Heaven's sake, he needs lots of attention and commitment. He needs confidence, which I sense at the moment you are not giving him. He will settle down in the weeks to come if you are patient with him and let him know you are there for him rather than for your work-outs. Give him the confidence that you will come back.

If you scream back when he screams, you are letting him know that screaming attracts your attention to him. It may not be the attention he wants, but it is attention. Stay calm and try to ignore him, let him know screaming doesn't pay dividends.

The less crate time you have to subject him to, the better.

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Neutering will not make any difference at all. Now or in the future.

You've changed so much in that wee boy's life, he is going to feel insecure until you get things more settled and back to what he was becoming accustomed to. DON'T make him feel 'left out' because you have installed a new 'favorite man' in your life.

Learn to strike a balance - teach the Basenji you still love him and he is still very much a part of your life. Give him prime time too.

Poor little man feels abandoned and small wonder ! You must build up his confidence, not destroy it entirely.

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This is perfectly normal Basenji behaviour ! They clean themselves (and each other). I have a photo somewhere of a line of five Basenjis in a conga-line, each cleaning the one in front. We've been for a particularly muddy walk as I recall.

Daily, I get two filthy dirty Basenjis into the car in the woods, sometimes they appear to be wearing Wellington boots. But the drive home takes only about 20 minutes and two beautifully clean Bs leap out.

Keep an eye out for inter-digital cysts - but feet cleaning is nothing to worry about.

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Basenjis in my house always seem to name themselves. Call names, that is. Hoover - that is what she does. Could also have been called vacuum cleaner. Keeper - because he was the one we kept. Their dam - Trouble - was a tri and did she ever know she was special !

The registered names of all of ours is a Swahili word which describes the character or attributes of a Basenji.

Best is two syllables - for when you are calling them to you and they are playing deaf.

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Strange how Basenjis love the snow ! Happy looking lad !

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She would appear to be MOSTLY Basenji - but appearances can be deceptive. I should play safe - treat her as a Basenji and I don't think you will be disappointed (or surprised !)

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