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That depends on how set you are on getting a puppy. Unless you plan to breed, a rescue Basenji is an excellent choice. After years of researching the breed, I fostered and eventually adopted from BRaT before getting a breeder puppy. I've had Basenjis of all ages in my home. The older ones are amazing. They will still play, but are easier to settle down for a cuddle. Opening my heart and home to a rescue Basenji was a life changing experience I will never regret.

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Basenjis are so prone to bolting the door. So very thrilled your baby is back and safe. For future reference, you should contact all local veterinarians, boarding facilities and any other pet service business; local shelters and breed specific rescue groups; your postal carrier and garbage collection personnel.

I taught all my Basenjis and all fosters that grab hands meant they were getting much desired scratches/pets/lovies. It has been a lifesaver on many occasions.

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