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My Izzy doesn't like extended hands coming from any direction, before he accepts any one he has to get in there face and smell there breath, scares me to death but no biting has happened this way yet. When people extend there hand in any way he thinks that is the message to bite. Of course we do not let him get in complete strangers faces, we don't want to set ourselves up for a law suit☺

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U could also try vets till you get a good one , our first vet was a young vet and was very afraid of my 5 month old. Which instilled fear in him. My currant vet is older and very good with him and won't even let me handle him while I am there, he has bit at his vet techs a few times but vet always says he has dealt with a lot worse. He says if I get bit while in the exam room I could file a law suite against them.

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I had the same problem , I wrote to this blog years ago, I ended up searching for a food Izzy would eat. He is 8 now and still picky , I have resorted to giving him some dry food in the morning and leaving it out for him and then some canned food for his supper, I still at 8 yrs old have to put something yummy under the canned dog food and then he will eat it. If I give him canned in the morning which I used to he doesn't touch it. So I figured if he was hungry he would eat some of the dry food during the day and wouldn't go hungry. This is the only thing that has worked for me over the years. When I first started my food search he looked emaciated , the vet could not find any health problems at the time.

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I have the movie , I saw it when I was 9 that's when I decided I needed to have a basenji some day. It was a bit of a tear jerker. When I told my girls about it they bought me the movie. Your basenji looks just like my Izzy. Sorry for your loss.

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There us a pup that looks very basenji listed as mix on pet finder. Name is Hachicho , kennel is Border Tails Rescue, on east coast

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Don't walk!!!Run from that vet as soon as possible. I had the very same experience with a vet. Her Vet tech hated basenjis and I learned that to late. Because of something they did when I took him in to get him neutered, he has never been the same. They caused him to be very mistrustful of everyone. The last visit I took him to they ask me to muzzle him. He was so scared he got his muzzle off and they were both standing against a wall like he was going to attack them, when actually he just wanted to get away from them. When I tried to get the muzzle back on , I went home with a busted lip and bruises and scratches all over . Needless to say I never went back , but my daughter and husband took there little fufu dogs there and during a visit she told him Izzy was vicious and unpredictable. So the son in law didn't want him anywhere near there son. It caused real turmoil in my family. The new vet he has had for several years is fine with him, I have to muzzle him when we go in but the vet takes the time that he needs to get acquainted each time and then the vet takes the muzzle off and does what he needs to for the checkup. I wanted a basenji since I was 9 yrs old and finally got one in my 60s and the first vet ruined the whole experience for me. At my age I will not get the chance to try again. I have lived with anxiety every time we have company, fearing of him biting someone. You don't live in Nebraska, USA do you sounds all so familiar.😁 Good luck in what you decide

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My basenji is 8yrs and still screams when we go in the car because he had a very bad experience at a vets. When I first took him there I didn't know that the vet tech there hated basenjis and when we would go he would get so upset the whites of his eyes would turn blood red. We have been going to a different vet now for some time , but he still screams all the way there. On the trip home he is perfect. So hopefully your pup don't associate car rides with a bad experience.

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@tanza if u stand them side by side that is not a lot of difference if just looking for a pet. Some breeds run a little bigger then standard and some run a little smaller then standard if u aren't showing them it would be no big deal.

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@tanza I always thought the Crested were much smaller also but my daughters was considerable taller then my maltese I had at the time.

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I have a basenji and a mix and they both shed, the mix sheds much more though. My daughter had a chinese crested which are almost hairless, my daughter had allergies but did good with the chinese crested breed. Of course that breed also comes in powder puff which has a full coat of hair they also don't shed very much at all. They are a very playful and easy to care for breed, except for the powder puff which has a lot of hair. U may want to research that breed, they are about the same size as a Basenji.

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