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Izzy has a set bedtime in his head, about 8:00 pm if i'm not getting the bed time treat out he gets very agitated, so he starts throwing things on the floor off the tables, he used to tear my big floor plant up . so for his safety and the safety of the plant i had to cut the bottom out of a wire clothes hamper and put it over the bottom part of the plant, so he couldn't get to it. That fixed that , but he still throws things off the tables. : )

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@elbrant It goes on till we get where we are going then he knows when we are going home because he is much more relaxed. So we do not go on many car rides.

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i have a screamer , he hops in the car just fine but once it starts going he starts screaming. I believe it was from a very bad experience at a Vets office which we do not go to anymore, but the screaming still starts as soon as the car moves out of the driveway.

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My Izzy gets little pea size bumps in his skin a lot, the vet says dont worry about them it is just like a big pimple under the skin, sometimes they get as big as a small marble. The vet says they will absorb back into the body, and lots of times they do but takes a long time. But Izzy never bites at them or cries.

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You might compare her to a boxer mix, they have that coloring and if the tail isn't docked it curves over the back, I have one that is part boxer and maybe basenji, mine has got the white like yours but is brindle instead of the brown, also weighs 50 lbs. very loving and very playful loves balls. So you might want to check it out.

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sorry for your loss we all dread the day

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izzy wants his blanket by the fireThe fire place has to be on for izzy all winter or he will do naughty things till he gets his way. Sometimes that isn't enough he is asking my husband to lay his blanket out in front of the fireplace.

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@suzanne I saw him on there web site but after I put the notice on here, someone said he was gone, and sure enough he was. I'm not looking for another one but pet finder sends me pics of what they think are B mixes. This is the second one this month that were actually real.

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Didn't he look really purebred to u who saw him.

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