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I wrote on here a long time ago about my izzy having eating problems, he looked like a starved dog, the vet recommended wet food in morning and at night. The morning food would just sit in the bowl all day and get nasty looking. So I would have to throw it away. I didn't want him to go hungry so I started doing away with the morning wet food and sat a small bowl of kibbles out, then at night I put the wet food on the kibbles that way he always has a snack during the day, but come evening he eats the wet food and most of the kibbles. That is what worked for us anyway.

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could there be something stuck in his neck, Izzy got a rose thorn that scratched his neck and irritated it inside so he was scratching on the outside. Vet gave him some meds to get rid of the irritation inside and he quit scratching the outside.

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I am so sorry , loosing a pet is like loosing your family.

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he could just be really fearful of his situation. My Izzy bites from fear, I have to introduce him carefully to people then he is Ok, Because of bad treatment from the original vet we had , I have to muzzle him when we go to the current vet because he is so scared, after we are there awhile the current vet takes the muzzle off and he is ok. Fear is a big part of why a lot of dogs bite. A muzzle may be a good thing to protect him and yourself from liabilities. They make nice simple muzzles now, and many different types.

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He has chew toys he uses occasionally, he just doesn't want to give up his blanket. I guess I shouldn't complain, he has never chewed our bedding up only his own. I have a Mix that also shreds her blankets but strange thing she hasn't ever chewed up the small blanket the rescue lady sent with her 2 years ago when we got her. You think she is trying to tell me something 🙂

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Does anyone know how to keep , their basenji from chewing everything you put in the kennel and sometimes outside the kennel, My Izzy chewed every bed I have gotten him so I've tried just blankets, and he shreds them, I am running out of old blankets to put in his kennel to sleep on. It isn't because he is locked in there, he goes in there on his own and starts ripping away. All of his blankets look like swiss cheese. He is not a puppy , he is going on eight yrs. I thought by now he would have slowed down. I see pictures of other basenji's on here with there nice little beds. Help!! PS. he has never chewed the furniture , Thank goodness

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Izzy has a set bedtime in his head, about 8:00 pm if i'm not getting the bed time treat out he gets very agitated, so he starts throwing things on the floor off the tables, he used to tear my big floor plant up . so for his safety and the safety of the plant i had to cut the bottom out of a wire clothes hamper and put it over the bottom part of the plant, so he couldn't get to it. That fixed that , but he still throws things off the tables. : )

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@elbrant It goes on till we get where we are going then he knows when we are going home because he is much more relaxed. So we do not go on many car rides.

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i have a screamer , he hops in the car just fine but once it starts going he starts screaming. I believe it was from a very bad experience at a Vets office which we do not go to anymore, but the screaming still starts as soon as the car moves out of the driveway.

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