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Thank you all for your opinion, some rather direct. I do appreciate that you have all taken out time and answered my questions in all honesty.
I can say that I am convinced that this is not the opportune time to go for Basenji.
Hopefully one day though, when my situation changes. One day...

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@elbrant Thank you El for the advice. I may not be able to get the safety netting / fencing installed due to building bylaws.
2 days wouldn't be back to back and it may be down to just 1 day a week. I do plan to take 3 weeks off from work to settle the pup when it arrives. I live alone unfortunately with no family around.
I want to do the right thing and give my dog the best and don't want it to be in any sort of danger. Still confused 😕

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Hello, I have been researching on Basenji for months and I am in love with the breed (some might say obsessed). I am on the waitlist with one of the reputable breeders and as the months draw closer (I live in Oz) I am getting super excited about it.
However, I do have some doubts when it comes to the breed suitability. I live alone in a spacious apartment at 3rd floor. Being a hound with a strong prey drive, I was wondering if it's safe for a Basenji. The balcony has a glass railing of little over 1 meter which I know is not tall enough for a hound. I did read in one of the threads that their Basenji loves sitting in the balcony and not put itself in any dangerous situation. Any advice?
I will start to work from home when I have my pup, however, I may still need to go out for work for 2 days a week for perhaps 10 hours a day. Can the dog be left alone for that long?
I know they are highly energetic dogs and need lots of exercise (and I am committed to provide that). I am concerned though that if I leave the dog alone for long, it might end up chewing my furniture.
Also, I do want to leave the balcony access to the dog whilst I am gone for some air, space and in case it needs to relieve himself. Again, would it safe for him to be in the balcony when I am not around?
Any advice would be welcome, especially from someone who have/had Basenjis in high rise apartments.

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