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"In order to get along with a Basenji, you have to be at least half as smart as the dog!"

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+1 for acupuncture. I took one of mine for treatment, unfortunately didn't work for her particular problem (not arthritis), but I was amazed at her behaviour while the procedure was taking place. She was normally suspicious of strangers and didn't appreciate visiting the vet, but once he started with the needles she relaxed completely and actually dozed off for a bit. Won't hurt, could help.

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Teddy knows where the camera is! Nice photo, congratulations!

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My Basenjis have varied from 12 years to just over 16.

Count me among those who will not allow the vet to take my dog into a separate room for treatment. I have always held my dogs for treatment and have never, ever muzzled them. No problems with biting or attempted biting.

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Nice pictures. Great to finally see them! ☺

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Kathy, looks like it started to upload, then stopped. It will be a problem if the image is too large. And you don't have to start a new thread to try again, just edit your original post. (click the three dots next to the thumbs down icon to get the edit function). When your picture uploads successfully you should see it appear in the preview pane.

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Kathyb, if you are uploading from your computer choose the second from the right up arrow and browse for your picture. If you are linking to an online picture you need to fill in the image url at your link.

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Great picture. Love his face and expression!

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I have found lots of different "triggers" for howling. For some, it's easy to start them by howling yourself. For yodels, some will when they are cheerful, but some definitely will when frustrated. My Perry would vocalize if I delayed giving him his much desired roller ball with treats.

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Don't allow the biting. When she does it, make her stop. A gentle but firm "bear hug" to restrain her should work. If she struggles and tries to bite, hold on until she quits it, then release with praise. She may immediately bite again. Repeat until she gives it up. Her mother would not allow biting to go on, neither should you. It is unacceptable, and she needs to know that. In my experience, "yelping" or indicating pain vocally encourages the behaviour in some dogs. Think "squeaky toy"!

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@basenji_life said in Help please!:

@debradownsouth This morning he feed her himself by hand, however she only came and ate when he looked AWAY 😆 as mentioned so thank you! It's progress!

We went out with her today and did a few stops and we noticed she's reacting his way to all the men and she's fine with the women 🙃

That's a big clue. Looking at her, particularly directly into her eyes, will likely be read as dominance or aggression and frightens her. When he does look in her direction it should be with unfocused eyes. Eventually when she relaxes with him you can teach eye contact. Clicker training is good for this.

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