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"In order to get along with a Basenji, you have to be at least half as smart as the dog!"

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With a puppy it will probably go just fine. With adults it is usually best to introduce them on neutral ground, then once they are getting along take them to home turf. When I brought a pup home I already had a seven year old adult, and she walked around stiff legged for a couple of days before she accepted the new arrival, but never offered to hurt her. With a one year old I expect your only concern is that he doesn't want to play too rough.

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Try distracting him with something else. Ask him for a behaviour that he knows, e.g. sit or down. If he doesn't obey and continues with the feet biting, say no and physically prevent him from continuing to do it. If he persists, remove him from the room where you are, crate him if you have one, and give him a time out. It's likely he finds the feet biting rewarding in some way, perhaps getting your attention when he is bored. You need to prevent him from getting any reward from this behaviour.

Another observant. If you perceive that he is about to indulge in this habit, do something to divert him before he has a chance to act. You could give a command that he knows, and if he obeys it gives you the chance to reward instead of chastise.

Nice looking pup, by the way. 🙂

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Yes, kibble refers to processed dry dog food. I don't like it, as it is over processed and the furthest thing from "natural". I prefer dehydrated, which turns back into "real" food with the addition of water, and otherwise I prefer canned to dry. Of course, once upon a time (when I was young....another era!), dogs mostly got fed scraps off the human dinner table, as they still get the "leavings" of their humans in third world countries. Somehow they managed for thousands of years as scavengers, not to say that is a good thing, particularly not today, but over processed food has interesting repercussions in the human species, and I suspect in our pets as well......JMHO.

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I would also question a bag of food that has been open for a month. Kibble does not last forever, and she will likely detect it being a bit "off" before you do. Definitely get a smaller bag of whatever you decide to try. I have never had a Basenji that didn't finish the food within a minute or two of it being served, unless they were not feeling well.

Personally I do not like kibble. I did feed it with some of my dogs, although I generally moistened it and fed it with an addition of wet food, but then I got into dehydrated and found that a much better solution, with the storage benefits of kibble and the "real food" advantage of canned or fresh food.

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How old is the food you are mention it's the same bag. What is the time frame of these changes? You might want to try a different food and see what happens. Does she have access to water at all times? Eating dry food, she should have. Is she spayed? Has anything in your routine changed? How is her weight and do you feed a lot of treats? Any problems with her mouth that might make eating dry food uncomfortable? Have you tried adding water to the food to soften it?

I have dealt with a fussy eater before (Border Collie), but it has never been an issue with any of my healthy Basenjis. A vet check up might be in order to rule out some physical problem.

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My first Basenji wasn't officially allowed on furniture......I was living in my parents' house, their rules.....and she had her own bed in my room. But if I was out and my parents locked her into my room when they went to bed, I would find a warm spot on my bed when I returned, and often heard her feet hit the floor when I came into the house. She knew the rules, and she obeyed them whenever someone was around.

My last Basenji didn't spend much time digging on furniture, but would manage to get under any blankets or throws left on it. I find they usually like a cover, and will endeavor to obtain one, which may be what the digging or scuffing is about....

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Does the scuffing occur when you are home or when you are absent? You can certainly insist that they not do it when you are there, but pretty hard to prevent when you aren't. A "scat mat" would likely do the job if you want to keep your couch intact, but that would be denying the comfort of the couch in your absence and depending on your dog there could be repercussions. 😉

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I guess the take away message is that many dogs can have the phenotype (looks/acts like one) without having the genotype (is one). Which is interesting given how many dogs that appear to be Basenji mixes turn out to not be, and why you really need to test to be sure. Maybe sometimes ignorance is bliss? 🙂

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I hope Kembe enjoyed her birthday. She looks great at 14!

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@allisonmosley said in Proin Side Effects:

I work shift work so she waits until I get home at 11pm to chug her water sometimes. In the past, she has been able to hold it through the night or wake me up to go outside and potty.

O. K. so are you saying she has no access to water until you get home, or that she doesn't drink while you are out, while having access?

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