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"In order to get along with a Basenji, you have to be at least half as smart as the dog!"

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@harryparker0123 said in Get quickbooks 6123,0 solution with our certified geeks:


QuickBooks is absolute crap! It will totally f*ck up your invoices and you will spend days trying to sort things out. Avoid this crappy software!!!

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Desktop Gold is a piece of sh*t that never, ever works. Avoid like the plague!!!!!

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Might it be a Histiocytoma? They are supposed to be common in young dogs. It may resolve on its own or you could have it taken off, assuming that's what it is.....

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Lots of sebaceous cysts as they get older. Certainly mine tended to get them. How old is your dog?

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I would be cautious about using medication for a pet travelling in cargo.There is nobody there to monitor them if the medication has an unexpected effect. CBD is known to lower blood pressure in dogs. Altitude may also lower blood pressure. Who knows what the combined effect might be? Veterinarians generally don't recommend sedatives for air travel. I'd rather have an unforeseen problem I didn't cause than one I knew I was responsible for.....

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Get him familiar with the same type of crate he will need to be in on the flight, if it isn't like the one you are currently using. You need him to be used to it, and for it to smell like him, so he feels more at home.

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@elbrant said in Can You Breed for Temperament?:

Temperament and Personality

Yes, you definitely can. Like physical characteristics, you can select parents with traits that you want to amplify. Of course, every pup in a litter will have a unique inheritance of genes and therefore may differ from siblings, but you can certainly increase the likelihood of the traits you are trying to pass on. Of course, environment will play its part in how temperament is expressed.

What's interesting is the relationship between temperament and physical characteristics. The Russian Fox experiments were eye opening in this regard. Breeding for friendly foxes resulted in physical changes, including ear carriage and coat colour.

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My thoughts are with you. This is never an easy time, but one that comes to us all if we have animals that share our lives.

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@zande said in Cognitive Dysfunction:

We owe it to our Basenjis never to keep them going when the time has come.

Good luck in making the right decision.

A very wise friend once told me, when I was struggling with this decision, that it was better to wonder if you made it too soon than know for sure you had left it too late. I have been guilty of that a couple of times, which helped me when I had to let my last boy go....

Never, ever easy, and I miss him every day.

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If he is not in pain and is eating, this is a hard decision to make. I would try the meds and see what happens.

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