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"In order to get along with a Basenji, you have to be at least half as smart as the dog!"

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First one to bed, last one up, would describe several of my Basenjis! 😉

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@aprilmaymac said in Am I Basenji?:

Otis is 22 pounds, 17 inches tall and according to foster does not bark.

O. K. so within expected parameters for a Basenji. Only DNA testing will tell you for sure, but certainly big for a Chihuahua. It would be interesting to know more about his mannerisms.

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Could be a mix. I would like to see a side shot. How tall and what is the weight? Barks, or not?

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@newbsnjbby said in Dry, flaky skin:

Lastly, she has never been “odorless”. Wondering if anyone else experiences this. I see comments of others saying their babies are not stinky... lol.

When you say she is stinky, do you mean her fur or body? Or feet? Or could it be odour from her anal glands, which really is stinky! I've never had a Basenji that smelled if you sniffed the fur or skin, but sometimes the feet (possible yeast) and for sure if they are having anal gland leakage.

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With autistic children you might want to look at getting an adult so you can see how they are going to relate to the kids. In my experience bitches are often very tolerant with young children, but I am not sure how that will apply to older kids who have autism.

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Your image didn't upload. Try a smaller file and use the icon second from right at the top of the compose window if you are uploading from your computer.

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My first thought was "stop shampooing your dog!" Basenjis don't normally need baths very often (or at all, if they haven't rolled in anything nasty!) You might review what you are feeding her and any other environmental things that could be affecting her.

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Your picture may be too large. Or you may be using the wrong tool. If uploading from your computer, use the icon second from the right at the top of the compose page.

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I've had dog aggressive Basenjis and it's a hard habit to break. Since you say she will settle down and accept a new dog after the initial aggression, that's a good sign. Perhaps more experience meeting new dogs in a controlled setting would help. With my last boy, there was nothing for it but to avoid "close encounters" by changing direction or having him sit at a distance as they passed, but he had had some bad experiences and definitely wanted to get his licks in first! Some Basenjis just don't like other dogs, or sometimes just same sex, and it's hard to get them to change their minds.

From your other post it looks like giving treats to divert the behaviour isn't an option, but asking for an incompatible behaviour, like sitting, might be.....

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She's beautiful. Love her expressive face, and those eyebrows!

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