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@gigi said in Thoughts on Spaying:

Both dogs ate pet store dog food back then. I know diet plays heavily into the topic of whether or not to spay. I just keep thinking back on growing up and all the dogs back then not spayed and eating table scraps and living healthier and longer. Feeling great pressure to make this decision before she goes through more heats.

I think you should give yourself a break and take the time you need to make this decision. If you hold off, you can always change your mind, but once the deed is done there is no going back.

In regards to your observations about food, I concur. I knew lots of dogs that were fed mostly table scraps or cheap dog food, or often a mixture of both, and they seemed to stay healthy longer than dogs today eating the expensive stuff! Dogs evolved as scavengers and back in the day many ate whatever was left over from the kitchen table. My girlfriend's farm dog, a mixed breed, lived past his 18th birthday on scraps and cheap kibble. Her purebred GSD managed 16 years on the same diet. My second and third Basenjis ate cheap food and lived to 16. Gotta wonder about what is happening these days when I see so many young dogs with various diseases I'd never seen before in dogs.....

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You might find this a useful guide.

I bought my second Basenji from Bob. Very knowledgeable guy.

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@kirikodi said in new member:

I carn't even get your pic,
I'll get back to you later must go

Yeah, they have blocked hotlinking it. The url is here.

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@tanza said in Basenji Treats (training):

@eeeefarm - Carrots are high in sugar, so they can effect weight

At only 41 calories/100 grams, I wouldn't worry about weight gain. Probably one of the better choices considering what many people use for rewards. Getting a sugar high might be more of a question but in any case I never overdid treats with my guy, and he was never overweight.

I do see an issue with training that involves constant rewards, as some people don't seem to understand the concept of weaning off the treats once the dog understands the behaviour and has it on cue. Intermittent, unpredictable rewards have a stronger influence (which is why people go to casinos!).

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@elbrant said in Dog Flu Is Spreading — Here's What You Need To Know To Keep Your Pup Safe:

@eeeefarm I feel like you misunderstood what I was saying........
I'm not saying that we shouldn't be aware of Canine Flu. Having knowledge is always a good thing. Especially when we share information like the symptoms, or what to watch out for. Will there be additional cases? Certainly. But, I don't think we need to run around like Chicken Little either.

Nor do I. But your original post struck me as dismissive, and the dog flu is a real threat in the areas where it has spread. My niece is a veterinarian and she is very aware that there have been cases an hour's drive from us, so of course she is keeping a close eye on things in our area. Dog flu has been around for awhile in the States, actually since 2004 and mostly in racing Greyhounds, but the more recent outbreak seems to have gotten going in 2015, with more outbreaks in 2017. The media appears to have gotten hold of it recently because of the increase in cases.

Interestingly, it appears to have made a cross species jump from horses to dogs, back in 2004. Because the symptoms are a lot like kennel cough, it's useful to know it's around. The morbidity rate is estimated at 80%, so it's something you don't want to expose your dog to, although the mortality rate is only between 8 and 10 percent. BTW, cats can also be infected. More here.

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Very cute! Thanks for the picture.

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There are a number of articles out there about the recent outbreak, and it is real.

"Two dogs with H3N2 canine influenza were eventually imported to Essex County, marking the first time the respiratory disease, which has rapidly spread across Asia and parts of the U.S., made its way into Canada."


Or if you prefer a U.S. souce: Time

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You can always mark the email as spam, and hopefully won't see any more of them.

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It relates to liver enzymes. I would think your vet would want to look into it.

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@kirikodi said in new member:

@eeeefarm Hi i must be a bit stupid ,but I don't know how to get photo's on to this sight

It used to be easy to post photos, but since they have "upgraded" I'm not so sure myself! Let's see if I can figure it out....lately people seem to be linking to pictures rather than inserting them in posts, so maybe it's not possible any more. Oh, maybe you still can. Picture needs to be online somewhere, then you link to it by clicking on the picture icon above compose.

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