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"In order to get along with a Basenji, you have to be at least half as smart as the dog!"

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What type of training are you interested in? Is this a housebreaking issue, obedience problem, or some behaviour you want to discourage? Since you have posted in behavioural problems, I assume you are having some difficulties with something. If you are more specific it might be easier to point you in the right direction, i.e. to an obedience trainer or an animal behaviourist.

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@tanza said in House of the Basenji:

You will be hard pressed to find litters born in August. This is just about the time of year that 90% of Basenjis come in season

Were summer litters more common in the past? My girls were August 10th, 1975. and August 17th, 1982, non related lines, two different breeders but both in Ontario. My boys, OTOH, were November and December babies and U.S. born, but more recent. One from Washington State, one from Ohio. Perhaps I was just lucky to find puppies at a time of year I was looking for one!

Just a further note......I know Basenjis typically only come into season once a year, with some exceptions, and that it is usually in the fall. Totally anecdotal, but BRAT currently has a pure African female, bred in South Sudan, and the birthdate is August 26, 2014. Probably coincidental, but interesting....

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Two of my girls were born in August, so it's certainly possible you might find something at this time of year.

I had a look at the website on the link you posted. The home page doesn't look too bad, but the description of the puppies listed is bizarre! An 8 week old puppy described as " a very good protector." and "Barks at strangers" Really? A Basenji pup? And in the testimonials I find this gem "Vet say he was extremely healthy, but quite possibly the most charming Chihuahua he had ever met." Interesting description of a Basenji pup indeed! ;-)

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My girls used to have some seasonal hair loss on the edges of their ears which may have been an allergy, but it didn't continue. Perhaps someone else has some experience with this....

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Welcome to the forum. I hope you can find the answers to any questions you may have.

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How old is he and how long have you had him? Is this a new behaviour or has he never been housebroken? If it's a new behaviour, you need to figure out why. There could be a medical reason or perhaps something has changed in his routine? More details needed!

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Lots more information needed here. As Debra asked, how old? How long have you had this dog? Is this a new behaviour and if so how recently has it appeared? What training have you done with this dog? IMO, it isn't unusual for a Basenji to object to doing something it doesn't want to do (or when asked to cease doing something it does want to do!), but usually this will be only a grumble and if it has escalated to biting or threatening to bite you need to deal with it, and if you aren't confident then you need help from a qualified trainer.

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@jilliansquires said in crate/potty training and biting:

Hi there!

I've come home at times when the floor is completely covered in pee with drops of poop everywhere!

Sounds like you may have a separation anxiety problem. Is there a way you can arrange to video her behaviour when you leave? Often these dogs are very upset and typically will do something immediately after being left alone, rather than not being able to "hold it".

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Certainly has the look of a Basenji. Agree with Debra, seems a bit heavy but doesn't really look it.

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I'm not sure what I think. His height is less than I expected from his weight, and he certainly doesn't look fat. Not coming when called is something that many owners would say is a Basenji trait!