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"In order to get along with a Basenji, you have to be at least half as smart as the dog!"

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Welcome to the forum. Thanks for the pictures! She looks like an interesting girl. Do you know her background at all?

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I think a Basenji would be much happier at the office with you than home alone. That said, a puppy of any breed will be a bit needy and possibly disruptive until they learn the rules and adjust to settling down at "work". A mature Basenji would likely enjoy the arrangement, but you need to have a strategy to get through the puppy stage. You also have to take precautions to ensure your pup doesn't get out the door at the office, so people would have to be clued in and careful. Some Basenjis are escape artists!

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Or you could do something unheard of these days and just reward with praise and enthusiasm! Works quite well with puppies until they start to feel "entitled".

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While I agree with Debra about not rewarding the screaming, I also think that this is a baby, and he needs reassurance. He is in a strange place with new people and you are expecting him to quietly sleep all on his own when he has likely been used to curling up with littermates.

When I brought Tamu home, I slept in a cot right next to her crate for the first few nights, so I could reach out and touch her. Whenever she got restless I took her outside. After a few nights like this she started sleeping in the cot with me, and after two weeks she joined my husband and me and our 7 year old Basenji in our bed. I never left her alone in a crate at night......learned my lesson with the older one. Basenjis are far less trouble when they sleep with "the pack". And incidentally, Tamu housetrained in two weeks and we never looked back. I attribute it to always taking her outside when she needed to go.

If a crate is essential for you, then at least place it close to your bed so he doesn't feel alone.

I should add, if he is uncomfortable it may be another reason for the screaming. Basenjis like to be warm!

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How old is he now? When did the behaviour problems begin? Cute little guy, BTW.

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Welcome to the forum. Thanks for the pictures. Who is his little friend?

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He looks like a real charmer! Welcome to the forum. You should find lots of people to answer any questions you may have. Basenji ownership can be challenging, but so worth it!

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@DebraDownSouth said in Hello! New Member:

If your dog is getting too thin, give more in maybe 10 to 15 percent increases. Getting fat? Cut back 10 to 15 percent til you hit ideal, then add a little to maintain.

" The eye of the master maketh the horse" applies to dogs just as well. With practice, you notice quickly if your animal is gaining or losing, and what his/her ideal weight looks like.....

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@Rugosa said in Two Female Basenjis??:

I had better luck with my kids. The rule was "You don't have to like each other, BUT you have to act like you do." It doesn't work with dogs.

I would say it can work, but takes patience and vigilance and probably you won't want them to be alone unsupervised. Most dogs can control themselves if it's in their best interest to do so, but catching a potential action before it occurs requires constant observation and most of us don't have the time or inclination.

I agree, it isn't fair to the resident dog to introduce a newcomer they didn't sign on for, but sometimes initial dislike can be changed to tolerance, if not friendship. Once two females have had a real fight, however, it can be a game changer......and two years old is typically when the hormones start kicking in. My one female decided at that point that she didn't like other females, and after a preliminary sniff, she didn't much like neutered males, either! She was, however, very flirtatious with intact boys. ;-)

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One caveat with fruit, although my dogs all liked peaches, you want to make sure they don't get hold of the pits. Same applies to corncobs. If you do catch them ingesting either substance, make sure you make them vomit it up! (hydrogen peroxide works well in a pinch).