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"In order to get along with a Basenji, you have to be at least half as smart as the dog!"

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Not unusual for a puppy, especially if he was removed from his litter mates and mother earlier than should have happened, because he may not have learned to inhibit his bite. I am going to differ with Tanza here, as I often find "yelping" to deter this behaviour may instead reinforce it. Think "squeaky toy". If you try that and it works, great. If not, then try something else. Personally I do not allow any dog to bite me with impunity. With a pup, I would restrain him until he quits it (as his mother would do, typically by holding him down with a paw and snarling in his face!). You don't need to be quite that dramatic, but if he bites, tell him "no" sternly, and gently but firmly hold him still until he stops trying to bite. He may struggle. Do not let him go while he is doing this. As soon as he quits and relaxes, release him and praise him. If he goes right back to biting, repeat. He needs to learn there are consequences to his actions that he won't like. And don't give him a chance to get at your hair! Head that off before it happens, with a "no" and physically prevent him from grabbing it.

You need to pay attention with a pup. The best strategy is to stop an action before it really begins, so observe his behaviour and when you can see he is thinking about doing something you don't want, try to redirect his actions to something "legal", like one of his toys. Prevention is better than having to discipline. Good luck! (puppies usually do outgrow the mouthy stage, but you do not want nipping or biting to become a habit.)

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Hello, we have a five-month old Basenji who is starting to exhibit fear aggression. We consistently introduced her to new things during the 8-12 week mark (we live in a city, she met several people, new smells, sights, sounds, etc.). However, quarantine happened at 12 weeks and then she fractured her ankle while playing, leading to a cast and a lot of vet visits.

All of this to say, she has recently started exhibiting fear aggression within the past month. However, the vet told us today she has consistently displayed this behavior from day one, explaining she will often growl and lunge when they have to put a cone on her (they withheld this information, even when asked, which is a whole different topic).

An early injury and resulting treatment could definitely result in mistrust of strangers. However, as noted by Ember, Basenjis often resent strangers being "too familiar", and many (most?) prefer to make initial approaches themselves rather than being subjected to unwanted attention. Tactful handling around strangers and being present yourself for any vet attention might go a long way to solving this problem.

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Count me as another who does not believe in early neutering. it is not as big an issue with small dogs (it is a very serious consideration with large ones), but better later IMO. As to wearing a cone of shame or similar, not usually necessary if you are paying attention, and at night, well, I have always had my dog sleeping with me, and I am a light sleeper, so it was never a problem. Unsupervised can create problems, of course, but it is less of an issue for a male....

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He looks like a real sweetheart. Enjoy him!

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A side view would be helpful, with him standing. Yes, the face looks suggestive of Basenji, although the muzzle isn't quite right. Markings and colour are bang on. Short legs are not! How tall and how much does he weigh?

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@pawla there is a spot between toe and an small area on his paw. The spot between his toe is like a little cut. Tough to really see both sites well. he keeps his paw balled up when we try to inspect them.

You really need to get a good look at what you are dealing with and I think getting a vet to check it would be your best option at this point. Lick granulomas are more often on the leg, but could get started on a paw with excessive licking, which would be my concern if he doesn't leave it alone. Depending on what the problem is, you might need to medicate and have him wear the "cone of shame" until it heals.

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still cant upload photos

Just make sure they are not too big. Are your photos on line or on your computer? If they are on your computer then you just click on the icon second from the left at the top of the compose window and you should be able to browse to find the picture you want. If it's too big most photo programs will allow you to downsize them. There are also free apps on line to help you resize photos.

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LOL, yep, that sounds about right. We used to have one young girl who would just repeat her dogs name over and over again. smh I didn't have the heart to explain that her dog was entirely clueless because she wasn't telling it to do anything.

Perhaps his name was her recall? Dogs only attribute meaning to words because we teach them what we mean, and many people I know will call their dog's name and expect the dog to either come or stop what they are doing and pay attention. Either way, it is no worse than bawling "come" as the dog continues to ignore you, which I have seen many times. Perhaps she was astute enough not to poison her recall word when she knew it wouldn't be effective?

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You could put boots on him, either all round or on that one paw, until it heals. He won't like the boot and will likely try to remove it, so you would need to supervise whenever he was wearing it. Other than restricting his access to the pool area for awhile that's the best I can suggest. As far as him cleaning the foot, you need to watch that he doesn't create a lick granuloma.

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@rugosab no doggy odor at all. He's so funny. He even rubs his ears like a cat with both paws lol. He's a catdog😂

O. K. those are both Basenji traits. Genotype isn't always reflected in Phenotype, so who knows?

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