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"In order to get along with a Basenji, you have to be at least half as smart as the dog!"

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Doesn't look like a purebred, but definitely has Basenji characteristics. Yes, they can bark, but generally only occasionally and never continuously. Generally just once, or once, then a pause, then again. With my dogs, the ones that barked only did it when startled, or on viewing something they were suspicious or nervous about.

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He's adorable! What a cutie!

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#1, not common but not unheard of.
#2, yes, many do this.
#3, oh yes! Pretty much all of them hate the rain!
#4 Possibly.

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@berni said in Heat cycle:

she has superb bloodlines!.

So what? Has she herself shown or done anything of note? Bloodlines are irrelevant if the bitch herself is unproven. There are lots of so-so animals out there with a good pedigree.

As far as people "telling you what to do with your dog", when you posted on this board you invited comments and should have expected they wouldn't necessarily be positive or what you wanted to hear. And yes, why post on a Basenji breed forum when you have a bulldog? Maybe try this on for size. (or did you end up here because the bulldog forums didn't tell you what you wanted to hear??)

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Debra, so sorry for your loss, but happy for you that Cara is getting along with your new addition. Great photos!

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Although you never know for certain, I expect a Basenji pup would bond well with your existing dog. If same sex, there is a possibility of difficulties when the pup becomes mature, but again it can be hard to predict. A pup will learn from an older dog, although as it matures it will likely favour the normal breed characteristics, i.e. independent and strong willed. Basenjis are a real joy but aren't everyone's "cup of tea". Think cat in a dog's body and you get a sense of how they relate to people.

I'm sure others on this forum will have lots to say on the matter.

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Maybe a Basenji cross. She has some similarities but certainly not a purebred. A DNA test would be interesting.

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I'd like to see more pictures, preferably standing up, side view. How big is she? What kind of vocalizations does she make?

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I don't think it's particularly unusual although I haven't had that problem with my male Basenjis, but I didn't raise them from pups, either. I would just gently dissuade him from the behaviour and redirect him to something else. Unless he is persistent that may be all you need to do.

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Mine all wanted to be under the cover.......the rule was, O.K. under top cover, no dogs on sheets! But none migrated to the bottom of the bed. Most wanted to be in physical contact, usually leaning on someone unless too hot, in which case stretched out (sometimes lying across the bed, people relegated to the edges!), and yes, sometimes head on pillow. And sometimes snoring!!