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@zande sounds lovely. I'd like to get some outdoor potted trees for my back yard but haven't decided what to go for yet. Also, the olive oil sounds delicious. Lucky you!

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@m0nia86 I know, what are the odds! I have not been up Cavehill in years also, so maybe it was meant to be that we bumped into eachother 😊 I saw the forum notification about Northern Ireland and I thought hmmmmm that's interesting, and had to take a look.
I will private message you the email address that I have for Charlotte, but I am sure it's the same as what you have already been given.

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@zande said in Basenji Breeder Ireland / Northern Ireland:

I know Charlotte. Email me privately, email not message, and don't expect an instant reply - am having cataract surgery tomorrow !

Good luck and hope it goes well!

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@m0nia86 Monika that was me you met 😂 On Cavehill. We said afterwards how amazing it was that you knew the Basenji, most people don't know what breed he is! His name is Taco by the way, and I love him to bits 🤗

It was lovely to meet you and your family. I can also send you Charlotte's details if you still need them. She is really nice and helpful. Wishing you lots of luck in your search 😊


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@zande I have emailed you thanks... Hopefully I got the right address.

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I love love loveeeee letting my Basenji sleep in bed with me. He's like a real life breathing hot water bottle 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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@zande said in Lockdown puppies' flood rescue centres:

@elbrant I think you should ! When Hoover (12) went into a decline over the death of Keepurr, I bought in Mku. He brought her back to life, almost to puppyhood. They bonded fiercely and she taught him life-skills while he taught her to have FUN again. Best purchase I ever made.

Now he is on his own, sadly. But not for long. Lockdown permitting, a new boy arrives on 17th January ! We are allowed out to buy essentials. And what could be more essential than a Basenji puppy ? He is about an hour's drive away and I also need to collect 9 small hazel trees and a large can of top quality olive oil left with his breeder for me by Mku's.

Can I be nosey please and ask what the trees and olive oil are for? 😆 Just curious.

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My Basenji is only one and he is my first so I cannot answer your question.. But something kind of similar has happened mine recently. Basically a much bigger dog picked on him for no reason in the field where I walk him, a couple of times within a week or so, and I think he has been a bit scared ever since. However his fear presents as defensive, letting other dogs know now that he is NOT to be messed with. He'll snarl, growl and stand tall. But I wouldn't say he's being aggressive, just sticking up for himself. He still loves to play and other dogs love to play with him. Perhaps your dog is fearful now and maybe you could do some work on that? But I am no expert!

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😢 This makes me very sad and scared for the futures of all those unfortunate dogs

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