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It will pass. 11 weeks is still very young. My pup's nibbling was particularly bad with my bf and he was starting to get concerned, but it all stopped! I can't remember what age but I think it was after teething finished around 6 mths. I bought anything and everything that was safe and tasty for my pup to chew and also walked away from him if the biting ever got too much. I do believe it will get better in time - keep the faith!

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Thanks everyone. This was the first time he showed aggression at the dogpark - all previous times he was 100%. Today I think was a bit of bad luck, a few young alpha males in the one area. (Where I live we don't have those kinds of rules re: neutered-only dogs at dogparks, although it makes sense. Generally people know not to bring a female in season but nothing is enforced.) I will definitely follow all of that advice, thank you. I guess I was a bit afraid to just put a lead on him afterwards in case it made him even more frustrated.. Does that make sense? I'm definitely not considering neutering as I know he is still a teen. It just seems to have gotten worse in the last few weeks for no apparent reason! Must be hormones then.

@zande I will look into the gentle leader thanks, I have been meaning to do that!

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Hi @kempel just wondering how you are getting on?

Recently my Taco has been displaying more aggression towards other dogs ☹️ He is 15 months.
I've been trying to work out a pattern and I am now certain it is just towards other males, intact or not. The aggression is definitely worse when he is on the lead, but today I took him to a play park to burn off some energy (usually fine) but he got into quite a scrap with a bulldog and then a collie. And for the remainder of the time he was seeking the collie out to finish what had been started, so I had to bring him to another area. I am starting to wonder if Taco is a dominant dog because he really shows no signs of backing down until he gets what he wants, unfortunately he may get himself killed or seriously injured because many of the dogs that he challenges are larger than him.

I really am not a fan of neutering but it mentioned in that article someone posted, in cases where male-to-male aggression is a problem then it could be helpful. I'm still not ready to go down that route but I am becoming worried about this increase in aggression. 3 owners in the last week have been unhappy with me because of Taco trying to start a fight with their dogs. I think he is trying to let them know in advance "hey, don't mess with me!"

I have been following advice previously posted from @elbrant and @Zande, in that I wait for Taco to stop reacting then give lots of praise and reward. Sometimes it works but many times he just gets himself worked up into even more of a frenzy because he isn't getting what he wants. So then he is left with all this stress and frustration. I genuinely feel at the minute that he is only interested in asserting his dominance and looking for opportunities to do so. I love him with all my heart but I am starting to worry ☹

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My Basenji doesn't scream but he often cries in the car. Only when he's in the boot behind the dog guard, not when he rides up front with me. I'm not in the car as much now because of lockdown, but I did find that when I was taking him out regularly and putting him in the boot, the crying would reduce the more he got used to it. I would give him lots of praise when he's quiet. Also I think having something fun at the end of the journey helps, so he actually looks forward to getting into the car. He's 15 months old and I think we're getting there slowly. Yours is still quite young so keep the faith. Hope this helps!

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Adorable. They are so agile... You'll probably see even weirder positions at some stage 😂

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That sounds Basenji-like to me and even her white markings look similar. She sounds like a bundle of joy I'm glad you found her 🤗

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Finding this thread and everyone's input very interesting thanks. My Taco does something similar, and only with dogs he doesn't know (mostly male but some females too). Once he's had a chance to assert himself and growl a bit etc, usually they can end up becoming great friends. It can be hard work and a lot of the time I'm relying on other dog walkers not being put off too easily. I hope it all works out for you both!

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I have a Basenji, he is one year old and he is my first. All my previous dogs were herding breeds. In my experience the Basenji was toilet trained by far the quickest, and I believe it was down to his own dislike of uncleanness rather than my training. I too live in a wet climate and at first he did poo a lot in the shed, which wasn't ideal either, but he very soon preferred to do it away from the home altogether (on walks) or in the garden. I also would have moved his food bowl around the home because I don't think they like to toilet where they also eat.

I do think it's probably still very early days for you, but it sounds like you're on the right track. I have faith your little B will be potty trained in reasonable time!

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@zande sounds lovely. I'd like to get some outdoor potted trees for my back yard but haven't decided what to go for yet. Also, the olive oil sounds delicious. Lucky you!

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