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I have had Basenjis since 1973, and done the apprenticeships of handling, showing, stewarding, and since 1990 judging hounds. I have four at home, one of each colour, and two boys and two girls. I am no longer breeding, but I have learnt a lot from my Bs.

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Do people still use AOL? This is rubbish to be deleted, it is not relevant to Basenji.

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Go to Zande website, and see the pros and cons for owning a Basenji.

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Yes, a change of scenery will help, and help you too. A walk with new smells is always good, and keeping him on lead will be good for both of you. When your exams are over, or soon in the white stuff you call Winter, enroll him in dog obedience class, and you will get benefit for him and you. It is a good age to introduce him into obedience, you will learn a lot about yourself, and him, with a bit of proper instruction.
keep smiling in this stressful time of exams.

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I have

"hated" the three topics lodged today, and have asked the Moderator to deal with them, after giving them all a "negative" thumbs down. We will see if that works to discourage posters from sending stuff to this list and wasting our time.

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I have travelled with dogs on planes, and, in Australia, we are not allowed dogs in the cabins. On long haul flights, like to Honolulu and rest of USA, they must fly in the hold. Prior preparation and planning prevents pxxx-poor performance!

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Thankyou for your message, I will certainly keep you in mind.

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Have you thought about further afield, and air transporting? This is a way to take advantage of the "puppy season", but make sure of the breeding and a non-rabies heritage is worth it.

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but they can be the most friendly and devoted dogs, but definitely read the "put off' by Sally. if you satisfy the demands, they are very clean and willing to take their place in your family.

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Have a look at Wikipedia for osteoporosis. The article is about humans, but, nevertheless, it gives a better definition of osteoporosis, causes, treatments, and outcomes. In older females, it can be associated with de-sexing, and the loss of estrogen. Take her to a knowledgeable vet, (some vets may have a preference for this type of illness). And see what they recommend. make sure you go with a list of all your questions, so that you do not forget to ask them the questions that are important to you. Good luck.

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