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I have had Basenjis since 1973, and done the apprenticeships of handling, showing, stewarding, and since 1990 judging hounds. I have four at home, one of each colour, and two boys and two girls. I am no longer breeding, but I have learnt a lot from my Bs.

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What a little man! Make sure you introduce him to a Dremel early to keep his nails short. It is a good time to start, as his nails aren't too long at present. enjoy the cuddles and have a great time.

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You have an interesting mix there, if he is a Basenji/Pit Bull mix. One has the wilfull nature, and the tenacity of the other. I would feed him, if he asked me. He may be listed as a "dangerous dog" so get him used to a muzzle when out walking. Preventing any incident is better than dealing with any consequences.

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If they can hurdle the gates, add some wire to the basenji side, with the wire cranked in, until they get used to the idea of a barrier. They will respect the barriers after a while. Vertical, metal bars, with a wide opening, with a temporary cap of chicken wire cranked against the basenji, should do the job. don't worry about the ascetics, it is a dog home! that you get to prepare meals for the animals and humans.

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As has been already said: 'enjoy the ride". Don't expect too much from him, and give him time to be a pup in new surroundings. Food is a good attractor/distractor, I hope he turns your heart soon.

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Leave the pup with the breeder until it is 12 weeks of age. Blame the weather, blame something, but leave the pup with its family until then. this is good for the pup and you. You sound sensible, so it will give you time to further your research, and do the preparations to accept the pup. Good luck.

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Dogs, especially Basenjis, love routine. They always go outside for a piddle whenever they have finished eating. They need to go as often as you do, so don't forget them. Mine now go to the door and swipe the glass, or rub their nails on the wire, and they get to go out, even if it is 3am. Be obedient to their call, and train yourself to respond. They quickly get the message, as you will.

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As was quoted by a member in another list: "A Basenji is a slob's best friend." Meaning whatever you do not pick up and put away, the B has full permission to do what they do.

I try to always have two barriers between them and freedom. There are always "slips" with a single gate. In the house we have two childproof (?) gates, that the dogs respect, but occasionally when we are slack, they will open the gate and allow themselves into the kitchen (a banned place for them, and me!).

The boundary fence if it looks a challenge, the B will take the challenge and try to defeat it - by whatever means. If they decide to climb, a couple of strands of saggy wire towards the top will most usually defeat their attempts. Especially if you can put some of the stays cranked inwards, so that by the time they get to the wire, it will sag, and they will fall back into the shrubbery which after a couple of times will pass the message onto them that this is not the way!

As for digging, lay some reo wire mesh flat on the ground, with squares about 75-100 mm (3 to 4 inches) spacing. Use any reo that you can find and fix it with tent pegs or similar, to keep it stationary. This should be placed close to the fence as possible, so that the lawn mower can still control the grass.

Do not expect miracles at first, but mine are left alone while we go shopping, (and the regular shops are 40kms (about 25 miles) away), so it is never for 10 mins. They now know to behave, as we usually come back and they get a treat. Today was raw beef brisket bones (RBBB). they love these, and they leave nothing behind for other insects, animals, or motor mowers to use as missiles to throw at the windows of the house. Do not use the "marrow bones" as they can crack and damage the teeth unless you want a closer relationship with your vet. These are the thick thigh bones of the cattle, and if you weigh about a tonne (ton), you would want strong bones to hold you up. The RBBB is the breast bone, and comes at about 1metre (3 feet) long, but the butchers usually discard them, so get to know when they are available, and shop for them.

That is enough for now, but feel free to ask questions about your young B. They are 2yo children, that want to be loved as part of the family.

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My girl was 12 before I had her noticeable hernia repaired, at the same time as her de-sexing. Don't rush it, as long as the vet does not think the gut is caught in the gap in the wall of the stomach, she will be fine. Remember, these dogs are usually low vet patients, but I have had them checked over about every 12 months.
Regarding the pimple, it might be just the scar left over the stitches, when my surgery was done I had a similar reaction, that did not require any intervention except time. However, get a knowledgeable person/vet check the abnormality, to be sure. The American vets are taught that de-sexing must be done as it causes cancer! What a load of horse apples! De-sexing, castration in males, and a hysterectomy in females, is not normally necessary. Perhaps females may be done later after child-bearing age, and males are done later in life as well . Watch out for legislation, as no one is our State of South Australia is allowed to have an entire breeder, unless they are registered. That takes care of random mating.

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my regime for worm treatment, especially heartworm, is to continue it throughout the year. It may be different in out part of the woods. we maintain their dosage as it takes two months for the treatment to be effective, and their is a trailing off after the season finishes. that leaves about six weeks when I would not have to give them heartworm. It is better to be safe and keep them on heartworm and chance an early mosquito or any early spring (climate change?). It is easier and safer to keep them on the regime, than off it. I use a local brand and with four dogs wrap the pill in pate or cream cheese, which makes the medicine go down.

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Try Susan Marsicano in NY State, she runs the Rip Van Basenji club, and lives in up state NY.

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