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I have had Basenjis since 1973, and done the apprenticeships of handling, showing, stewarding, and since 1990 judging hounds. I have four at home, one of each colour, and two boys and two girls. I am no longer breeding, but I have learnt a lot from my Bs.

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This is not appropriate for this forum!!

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Yes, I agree. These notices have been advertised for a couple of weeks, and I do not agree with their suitability for this forum.

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The above is not for this site.!!!!!!!

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The above is not for this site!!!!!

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Sally is on the track, if you read the replies carefully you will find something that appears to have snuck in, but no where does it say to keep the dog outside, in the UK or most of the planet. You need to spend time with the Bs and see if you have affects on them as well as them on you. People including breeders, are protective of the breed, because rehousing a basenji is not always fun, because you do not know how they were treated, and it can take some months to get them relaxed again. That is why we are protective. Whatever you do, make sure you are liked by them, and you do not get affected by their traits. Good luck.

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Try Sally Wallis of Zande basenjis. She maintains a catalogue of Basenji stock from year dot, and updates them regularly. She may have some or know of some, but look at her website to see if you pass her acceptance tests.

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I agree with @tanza, there should never be any forced exercise until the bones 'set'. like a human baby until their skull sets, or a race horse are not allowed to race until they are two, so as to allow the bones to set. If they collapse because of their own induced tiredness, then that is okay, but never push them until they are well over 12 months, at least. You are doing right.

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Try RBBB (raw beef brisket bones). The dogs enjoy them, and good for their teeth. No debris to pick up as the bones get consumed - I find two to three inches per bone, more larger than smaller, gives good crunchies that they enjoy.

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Try brushing him. You will see if the old hair is still hanging on and needs some coaxing - but not too hard. While you have his mind on something else, do his nails as they might need the benefit of a Dremel. Old hair is often yellowish.

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I don't have a dog in this race, but Pat Fragrassi from Tanza, has been a reliable person and breeder. I would recommend her.

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