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I have had Basenjis since 1973, and done the apprenticeships of handling, showing, stewarding, and since 1990 judging hounds. I have four at home, one of each colour, and two boys and two girls. I am no longer breeding, but I have learnt a lot from my Bs.

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There is probably less restriction to going to the USA, than Australia (which is a rabies free country). Most Bs from the DRCongo, go via USA, with some complicated quarantine directives.

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If you are feeling energetic, cook some vegetable chicken soup, - they love this. As a variation try some ox cheek and vegetable soup (I use barley as a filler). Ox cheek, chopped to B bite size will be good. I then add some kibble to soak up some of the moisture. A more moist blend is good for mine. I try to mix the food up so that there is a variation to her meals, even a SOFT boiled egg on top is good to vary her food. Good luck.

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When I first saw the photo, I thought she had grown an arm! She looks smart at 14, has she learnt all the tricks or has she got a couple saved up for later?

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i was away for a week and just catching up on my emails. sorry to have had the break, but it is summer here so it is always good to go and see some new and old friends.

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As tanza has stated. the pups ears are not a worry, about 12 weeks they should start to settle down, when they have a full set of needles for teeth. And speaking about needles, keep them quarantined, (eg no dog parks, very local walks, etc), so that his mother's immunisations would still be effective through her milk. I await until their adult shots before releasing pups, then I know that they have at least the best start in life.
Another item, buy a Dremel rotary tool, and start grinding their nails. The earlier you do it, then they get used to being trimmed, and the noise. A little bit at first, do not get down to the quick. It is done with the fine emery paper one, try on your own. It can get hot, NOT RECOMMENDED, so go to another nail if it is getting to warm.
Keep learning and asking questions - no question is too silly or too hard, but you should not be asking the same question repeatedly. Have fun with your new found friend, and treat her like one of your human kids, about 2 - 4 yo. Best of luck.

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Love her and her personality to bits. It does not matter what breed she is, if she fits into your family, she is a winner in anybody language. If you need to know, a DNA test will give you clues what you have.

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I hereby apply for the job of moderator. I believe that I have the necessary skills and expertise for the position,

  • list item including a retired Group 4 judge.
  • list item have handled Basenjis since 1972.
  • list item I come here often and post often;
  • list item I have reported inappropriate messages whenever they occur on this list;
  • list itemI can spend time moderating, everyday, except when I have other things to do;
  • Many things, but I am retired, so I make my own agenda.
  • I live in the timezone of UTC +10 (eastern Australia).
    We need moderators so that new people can always be welcomed, old hands be respected, and the list to be inclusive of fellow Basenji, pure blood and mixed, travellers. It should be a happy place where no question is too hard, or too sloppy, to answer.

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