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I have had Basenjis since 1973, and done the apprenticeships of handling, showing, stewarding, and since 1990 judging hounds. I have four at home, one of each colour, and two boys and two girls. I am no longer breeding, but I have learnt a lot from my Bs.

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I have contacted him, which is sometimes difficult because of shift-work, and he is ameniable to exporting one of his pups. he has a litter brother and sister, both full African. He will commence his planning early for 11months ahead, and the pups should be ready to fly around 10 to 12 weeks.

what are the quarantine restrictions like in Japan, because they are tough in Australia. There is quite a process to ensure quarantine requirements are met from here. Please send an email to me to redial@aussiebb.com.au with any questions or clarifications you may have.

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I hope that this perceived antic is past the worrying time. Most dogs will dump where they feel the need to leave their mark. Not a Basenji! No, no. The bitches will not crap in the open, so they always leave the patch and "go bush", making sure they do not leave their craps in the open, for anyone to find. If there is a thicket, all the better. The boys have similar behaviour, but every B is different. Some circle the wagon, some walk in a circle, and some take forever to find the right exact spot to have a crap. It is normal behaviour, so cater for their needs and your B will respect your thoughtfulness.

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He is missing the four white feet, white tip on the tail, and white on the chest; otherwise he looks great. Definitely have the tests done to discover his real parentage. Good pup, and many joys of happiness with him.

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Try CarolAnn Worsham in Urbana, OH. Say Len has put you on to her. Good luck.

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This whelping time applies to Southern hemisphere, with the Northern hemisphere occuring around December.

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John o'brien in Perth, West Australia is figuring to breed next season, (june-july is the usual whelping time). He will be breeding half-Africans. I can contact him for you, if you wish.

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Instead of rice, try barley. has about the same consistency, and is used to make beer, so it must be good. Getting back to the subject, I prefer brown rice for the dogs, and me, but barley is good also.

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Avoid taking a pup at 6 weeks, they are still dependent on their family, to learn tricks of the Basenji trade, and to more interact with others. They, at around 12 weeks, are due for their vaccinations, and introduce them to their juvenile worming (both heartworm and intestinal worms, and if you are cursed with them, tapeworm). Make sure you have an independent knowledgeable person, like a vet, check them out at least every year.

Teeth are important, let the independent person, examine the mouth to check for cracked teeth, bad teeth, and other bad breath causing things.

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I have not experienced this myself, but it sounds like the male hormones are kicking in, and they have the need to protect you. i have the experience of them urinating on someone while I have been talking to for a while, and they are indicating to me that they need to move one, as this is boring for them.

They only seem to be "serious" about protection when it is somebody they dislike. Some people, like us, will not engage with people they like, and some they will engage with because they are not sure about them, or for the Bs to just dislike them and negatively engage with them.

The answer is to socialise them more! Take them to a obedience training to get them used to people and pets (you hardly call other dogs, than Basenjis, real dogs). You and yours will get more familiar with your B, and learn what is good and what is not good. You will also learn more about yourself, and how to live with a companion, and what "can' make them do some of the things that make these quirky guys so interesting.

I do have an 8yo who has overcome his desire to be king-pin and bashing up his litter sister, but it has taken awhile. Good luck with your socialisation, and perserverance, from both you and your furry kid.

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If I switch to home cooking, the best is ox cheeks, mixed in with some dried soup mix, (which is lentils, barley, szplit peas, etc). When cooked up is good enough for you to eat. I use canned food, but not for a while. I am cooking kangaroo, (how many other countries kill their coat of arms?) because it is low fat. Some grain-free kibble to top their meals off, and we are away.

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