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Sparkle is a special holiday treat that’ll warm your heart and instill confidence in all; challenge your ideas of what a warm home should be; and a taste that will delight all who bask in her self-fulfilling glow. Sparkle is warm nuzzle, a rolling joy in your lap, an eager appetite for your love, a gentle stretch for attention, a confident stroll through all of your world, and a welcome companion of likeminded souls. Yet, Sparkle is exceptionally difficult to create and one should consider leaning on an expert to ensure a perfect experience. If you are smitten and feel the need to add Sparkle to your holiday, here’s what you’ll need…

• Wait till Fall
• Preheat your world to about 74° F
• Add a few parts of Astarte Brazen Beauty
• Add a few more parts of dLucks Svengali Zindika’s Overnight Sensation
• Gently stir for 55 to 63 days
• Add lots of special diet stuff for Momma. Don’t underestimate this. You’ll need more.
• Visits the Vet with Momma to make sure everything is baking nicely
• Make absolutely certain that you (deleted because proprietary)
• Add one Rhodesian Ridgeback (Must be named Biz)
• Add several Basenjis. Some older, some younger, most female and maybe a male.
• Add LOTS of love. More love. Then when you think you’ve added enough… add even more.
• Allow to age for about two years

Once you’ve replicated this you will have created “Sparkle Perfect”. A most unexpected holiday treat that anyone might be served. ...And, now we have her! Yes, we have added a second Basenji to our family. She’s perfect, her name is Sparkle, Logan loves her and so do we.

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Have you considered chain mail or armor?

alt text

I honestly don't know. We do have sweaters and jackets for ours, but they only work for walking. If they're in the house and we leave them on... they remove them. Then chew them. Then destroy them. Them play with all the bits.

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@ashleyalanej Great looking and what an eclectic pack! Beautiful regal looking Basenji girl you have. Love the other two too. You must live in a world of sometimes turmoil sprinkled with bouts of tons of competition for your attentive affection. Thanks so much for sharing the picture. 👊😁👍

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So... here's my take on the whole Basenji/Basenji Mix/Faux-Senji thing...

I tend to be an optimist. A half full kinda guy, who seeks out the silver lining. I subscribe to the notion that happiness... is a choice.

I love that people pop in to ask if their dog might be part Basenji. Why? Because they've made themselves aware of a Basenji in the first dog gone place! My god, people... it's no secret that Basenjis are NOT popular. They're NOT. I see them everyday because I have two. I have NEVER seen another Basenji in my town of 45,000. EVER! That someone who has a Basenjieque mutt wants to know what it is; has stumbled upon our beloved Basenji and our forum; and has educated themselves about it's gifts, characteristics, behaviors, and health issues when compared to most other popular breeds... why on Earth would would we ever say anything to discourage them?

Most people out-live their dogs. And, they get another one. If a person thought that they had a Basenji mix, or were able to prove that they had a Basenji mix through DNA testing... so what? They loved that dog regardless. It's possible that they might decide to seek out a purebred Basenji for their next dog based on that casual research or DNA evidence.

After losing Jengo my research road led me to a Basenji breeder, who I absolutely adore. She's taught me so much about Basenjis, and she's introduced me to other legendary Basenji breeders. She's became a good friend and an expert that I can lean on. That road led to me being able to become the custodian of two pure bred Basenji Confirmation Champions; a male and a female. This was, in my opinion, in no small part based upon our knowledge and enthusiasm about Basenjis. An owner of a Basenji mix or a Faux-Senji could have achieved the same. The love of the breed is so much more important than any label. I once had an Ausie/mix. He was an Ausie/Border Collie mix. The label helped me appreciate the characteristics, behaviors, and health issues of the this dog... who I loved so very very much.

Most purebred Basenji puppies will not be show dogs. They won't. Most will be pets, companions, which means breeders need pet owners because not all puppies are show quality. Breeders need interested, educated, enthusiastic, responsible, loving homes for puppies. And if that enthusiasm was sparked from a wanabe Basenji, a Faux-Basenji, a Basenji mix, or a rescue Basenji... I don't care. I care that people love a Basenji. If someone "thinks" they have a Basenji, or want to call it a Basenji even if it's not... I don't care. Chances are they have an idea of what a Basenji is. That's what's most important to me. We should be encouraging people to consider Basenjis. Not discouraging them through exclusivity.

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The AKC National Championship is being broadcast today. I watched the Hound Group. They split the Group in half and the Basenji was in Group 2. A really beautiful Tri male. His name was displayed as GCHS CH Dark Moon's Black Tri Affair. I looked him up and I think his other name is Zoro. I don't want to violate any Copyrights, so rather than copy and paste a picture here, click this link which will take you to the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club site where they have a great picture of him.

Looks like the breeder is Veronica Nagy and you can see more about Zoro here.

Congratulations Zoro and Veronica! I think the Basenji should have won Best in Show. I smell a plot! 😁

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@GN_Besenji No. Mango is not a Basenji. It is a fruit! I like it best in Civeche myself. Just kidding. She's definitely a cute one!

Ya know, anything we say is pure conjecture. The only real way to know for sure is to have her DNA tested for breed. We get people stopping by every now and again to ask the same. Guessing is always fun, but it's even more fun when people with a mix pup pop back in with the DNA test results and share them with us.

You can Google "Dog Breed DNA Test" and a whole pack of services will pop up. Usually you order the kit, use the swab to get a saliva sample, seal it, send it back to the company and wait. I'm speculating, but I seem to recall they cost someplace between $50 and $100...

Anyway, she's still cute. I will say this. Her coloring and markings look like Basenji. Eyes and forehead definitely do, to me. Ears not so much. Tail in the bottom picture... hmmmm... could be. I think she's a perfect candidate to have DNA tested, but you have to promise to come back and let us know!!!

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@caaaitlinann Cool looking pup whatever she turns out to be!

@MrsCastro Fauxsenji... AWESOME! 👊 🤣 👍

@kris Another cutie!

@senjisilly had mentioned in another thread...

If you decide on a DNA test use Embark instead of Wisdom. I think Embark's breed data base is supposed to be more accurate. There is a Reddit group where people post DNA results on their dogs. Sometimes the results are hilarious. Occasionally someone will get results from both Embark and Wisdom with wildly different breeds listed. You can search by breed within the group, r/DoggyDNA.

I thought that was useful info! 😉 👍

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Jengo passed July, 2020. A few of my favorite pictures of him...

0_1598917385313_20140402_190130 (Medium).jpg

0_1598917436261_20150411_104900 (2) (Medium).jpg

0_1598917465241_20150629_210736 (Medium).jpg

0_1598917494727_20170313_180021 (Medium).jpg

0_1598917553961_20170808_162101 (Medium).jpg

0_1598917577433_ATT_1426974157696_20150321_110132-1 (Medium).jpg

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A Basenji
After we lost our Jengo I began toying with the idea of rescuing another Basenji. I wasn't convinced I was ready, but I miss him, missed having a dog and wanted to just see what might be available. Kinda dip my toe in. I spoke with Karen at MedFly and she said she was winding things down, but that she hadn't had a call for rescue for quite some time. I started checking in with several other rescue sites regularly, but not much there either. This was bit concerning. Would there be one once I was ready? Maybe not. This drove me to reach out to a few breeders. Initially I didn't get any response despite more than one inquiry. But, eventually a few others either responded or gave me a referral. I began trading emails with one particular breeder. I won't mention the name until I have permission. Coordinating a time to meet took some time. I was really hoping to work with this breeder, so I decided to wait. Plus, articulating what I was looking for was awkward. I didn't know. A puppy, a mature dog, or a dog needing to retire? Yes, yes, and yes. Male or female? Yes, that would be nice. Chestnut, Tri, Brindle, or black? Sure, I'd take one of those. I'd heard that breeders had lengthy reservation lists, so I was prepared to wait a year or two, and I was in no position to make any demands. Was just looking for a nose. I did make a few other contacts as backup, but was honest with them that I was speaking with this particular breeder and wanted to see where those discussions might lead before moving forward with them.

Well, after several more weeks, emails, and waiting; the stars finally aligned and we were invited to meet the breeder and the Basenjis. We drove down last Friday and were able to visit with the breeder Saturday, Sunday, Monday and again on Tuesday. We got to know one another and all the dogs!

A Volcano
Several years ago my wife, son and I visited the Big Island in Hawaii. One of the things my son and I wanted to do was see real lava. We drove to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and found our way to the Jagger Museum at the edge of the Kilauea Caldera. Way off in the distance, about 6 to 10 miles away, in the far back left corner of the caldera was a pit. We could occasionally make out a bit of boiling lava as the steam cleared every few minutes. A binocular really made it easier to see. It was still breath taking, but my son said "Dad, I can't really see the lava that good. Is this as close as we can get?" Didn't need to ask me twice. I was thinking the same thing. I asked the Rangers if there was anything happening elsewhere on the island where we might be able to get a bit closer and was informed that we needed to go to the Leilani Estates area along highway 137. We headed there, got parked, and walked to the observation area. We could catch glimpses of lava oozing through the trees about a quarter mile away. It was about dusk, so the red aura lighting up the sky above the lava field was impressive. But, once again my son said "Dad, I can't really see the lava that good. Is this as close as we can get?" Didn't need to ask me twice. We'd passed a few popup canopies between the parking and observation areas. They were offering close up lava tours on private land. So, we walked back there and asked how close to the lava we might be able to get. They assured us that it would be close. Really close. Okay. When our group was called up we followed the guide to a property about a quarter mile up a side road. Once there we were given some history, science and rules. Then we were led to a split rail fence at the back of the property where we were told to grab a stick. I asked, "Do we need a stick if we feel comfortable hiking the lava field without one? The guide responded, "No, but what are you going to poke the lava with, your finger?" 😱 We all grabbed one and were led across the lava field to an active area with flowing steaming lava where we began probing it with the sticks. There we were standing in what had become the blackness of night, the lava lighting our way and 360 degrees all around us were dark clouds occasionally erupting in lightening strikes. This was the most primordial thing I'd ever done. So, by now you're asking yourself, "Great story, Monkey, but what the heck does this possibly have to with a dog gone Basenji?" Hang on, gimme a minute, I'm gettin' there. In life, there are things that make an indelible impression on us. Things we look back on like it was yesterday and say to ourselves, "I am SO fortunate to have experienced that."

A Clown Car
Getting to the breeder's house was one of those indelible moments... that will live in my mind forever. We pulled up on the driveway and called. We were met and invited through a gate into a side yard where we encountered another gate. I could hear all kinds of Basenji noises coming from behind the gate. My excitement and eyes grew in anticipation. Now this next part is no big deal for breeders cause you've seen this everyday for decades, but for me... I've never seen this. Always wanted to and this was finally... my moment. The gate was opened and all of the sudden here comes a pack of yacking Basenjis climbing over top of one another and spilling through the gate like a parade of clowns exiting a Volkswagen. It was adorable and hilarious at the same time. There were a few standing on their hind legs with necks and noses outstretched as if to ask, "Do I know you?" It was glorious! We'd parked the RV at a park not far, so it was easy to visit while we were there. Each of the next four days we were met with the same basenji clown car gag. It never gets old. We were treated with oodles of affection, a bit of trepidation, lots of excitement and a dash of puppy breath. This story isn't over yet. It's another adventure that will unfold over time and it's fun not knowing where this trail will lead. I'm pretty confident that we're going to be able to become monkeys for another Basenji at some point. This was truly THE best weekend 2020 has offered me this year.

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Let's see your Basenji tails!!!

This is Sparkle's. I could open a wine bottle with this little corkscrew...
0_1608246857847_PXL_20201217_193108520 (Medium).jpg

And, Logan's...
0_1608246887319_PXL_20201217_193101764 (Medium).jpg

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A shout out to Sally! @Zande Thinking good thoughts about you today hoping your eye surgery goes smoothly, and that you heal quickly. Love being able to experience you and your experience here. Look forward to seeing you back soon. 😵 😲 😃 😊

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@macattack and Charlie, WELCOME!!! What a cute lil' dude! Pretty soon he's gonna be chewin' up ALL yer best stuff. I'm tellin' ya. Look around. He may be fine though. It's been a while since I've had a pup, but I've always used redirection. When ya see him chewin' up somethin' he shouldn't, walk up and gently get his attention. Talk to him. Yer his human. He loves ya. Ya feed him and make him happy. He loves yer voice. With yer left hand show him a fun fun toy he CAN chew on and make it as fun as ya can! With yer right hand, reach around 'im and slip the thing away that ya don't want him chewin' on. Kinda hard though if he's chewin' on yer couch. 🤣 Haha. You got a Basenji! 🤣

Ya could try Sour Apple. You can get it online. We use it. Another possibility is... the dreaded squirt bottle. 😲 Many Basenjis hate water. My first go to is always redirection though.

Charlie is awesome! He has a sleeve and a sock.

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@griffinsmom First, I get it so much. This, for me, is the hardest hardest part of the dog contract... Being the one to make the call. As a good vet once said to me... No one, and I mean no one knows your pet better than you. You've been his best friend for these last 14+ years. You know his signals. You know his eyes. You know his posture. You know all of it. No one will know better than you when he is suffering. No one wants that. But this is the hard part. I went out of my way to create moments of pleasure for mine. And he responded, so we kept going. I can't and wouldn't presume to tell you what you should do, or when. That's strictly between you and him. I would encourage you to ask yourself if you're keeping him going for him, or for you. That question takes a great deal of courage to ask and I sincerely wish you both the very best.

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@mrscastro said in Is she a basenji ?:

@morsesa I apologize for unloading on you. May I extend an olive branch?

You show very much class @MrsCastro. I too reconsidered my comments and decided to remove them. Sometimes the things we don't know turn out to be more important than the things we think we do know. True in my case. Thank you @elbrant

@MorseSA I hope your good memories of KOA continue to bring you happiness. As you know... Basenjis... the BEST dog ever. 👊 😉 👍

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This is Max. He was given to my wife for her birthday many Earth orbits ago by her brother and best girl friend at the time. She had always wanted a German Shepherd. Max was described as a German Shepherd mix and was 8 weeks old when she got him. If he was half German Shepherd then the other half was most definitely Basenji. Max could scale a 6 foot fence, he yodeled, but rarely barked. He grew to be the same size as a Basenji, had a curled tail, but he was hairier than a Basenji. My wife says his personality was most definitely Basenji, not German Shepherd. This mutt caused my wife to fall in love with Basenjis. I look at where I am today Basenji wise and it all started with... Max.

0_1620154782121_Max Faux Senji (Small).jpg

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Hmmm. What could be? Sure did come from a long way from here... 🤔
0_1603748410087_20201026_141607 (2) (Medium).jpg

Ah! Is it what I think it is? Sure looks like it is! 🙂
0_1603748472564_20201026_141628 (2) (Medium).jpg

Yes. It definitely is! IT'S FINALLY HERE! 😝
0_1603748647270_20201026_141645 (2) (Medium).jpg

Ferrari Dog... 😁
0_1603748702637_20201026_141725 (2) (Medium).jpg

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I’m thankful that, despite Covid, I was able to spend a month with my folks, help them make their home more comfortable and easier to live in, and help dad get a handle on his meds. That brought much peace of mind. Thankful to Karen for referring me to Stella, and to Stella for Logan. I’m thankful to Logan for helping to heal my heart. And, I’m thankful to Jengo for being my Jenga Jeng. Happy thanksgiving. 🍁 🦃

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Another gorgeous pup!!!! You guys are killin' me! This years crop is awesome! I really like the time you're spending with her and the bond you're forming. IMO... perfect.

As far as showing and breeding... I'll let others address those. This early... my only advice is bond, bond, bond.

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The good news is that soon you will have an awesome singer, who will entertain you every single night. You’ll enjoy multiple encores night after night because just like Broadway... this pup will be here for months!

I learned a long time ago that Basenjis don’t care about my rules. They care about what they want. For instance I have a rule... no Basenjis on the dining room table. I mean it. Stay off the table. Don’t get on it. They don’t care. They taught me that the chairs have to be pushed in and that anything important cannot be left on top of it because chair or not... hey... they have springs... they can jump.

Your puppy wants to be with you. Like it not, move the crate to the bedroom, or don’t. The pup will train you before you train it because... Basenji. There is another solution. Get another basenji to keep the first one company while downstairs and double your fun! 👊😳👍

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