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Yes I agree ! I am def going to do it !

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Also she is quiet I have only heard her bark once in a month because we were walking and someone startled her. Also yes grooms herself like a cat.

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4_1619207135929_89FE69BA-3F22-43BC-8AD5-946E7782F032.jpeg 3_1619207135929_42DD2E72-CB74-48D3-9F0D-071DA9EFB2FE.jpeg 2_1619207135929_816EB0CF-E0AF-4BF3-90EE-668CB7D4CEF4.jpeg 1_1619207135928_E68810C2-3AC0-41D5-8647-5C57E5C70C13.jpeg 0_1619207135928_AA66D12C-BC82-4F4B-8664-457CE6D68B93.jpeg

Here are a few side profiles she is not big, I will have to get a weight on her she has a vet apt with my vet in 2 weeks. But I will post before then when I get around to it! (:

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My neighbor gave me her dog, we love her she is great I am all about trying to find out what my dogs are. My fiancé’s mom said oh wow she looks like a basenji mix. She was sold as a shepherd hound mix, which she is not a shepherd, she is not large. She is almost a year old. Has big ears, the tail is not fully curled it does however have a u shape. I am going to at some point purchase the wisdom panel. But what do you guys think?


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