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If it is a mix, then do not call it a Basenji. In Hawaii we use the name "poi dog"

Stafford-ames Morse

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I wish folks stop mixing a true Basenji with other breeds....

Stafford-Ames Morse

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@kai Yes, you are right, they are escape artist.

Wood fence, no braces shown, only good face wood at 6ft plus. Also do not put any item near by for them to use as a launch pad.
Stafford-Ames Morse

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Don't worry about how hot it is where you live. Basenji are Center African dog . If you have a fireplace, you will find your Basenji almost on the coals.
They also like the snow, you will see them putting their nose into it and running around.
0_1542582835057_Koa and his awards.jpg
Only one red ribbon. Basenji group up after lunch and the judge after his sandwich smoked..... First up was my Koa, The judge grabed Koa's nose area to check his teeth and Koa yanked back on the table.
Stafford-Ames Morse - Oregon

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Before you get a Basenji, go to a State Dog show. Toalk to Basenji owners and also get in touch with the Evergreen Basenji Club, 645 South Center, Seattle, WA 98188. Buy their Basenji Owners Manual

Stafford-Ames Morse

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When on your walks, bring home his poop and place it in an area in the back yard that seems right and area open so you can see his poop when picking up tome comes around.

If you need to care for his going out, put in a "doggy door" next to the back yard door.
Stafford-Ames Morse

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Trust you have a doggie door to the outside that she can use

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First off, do not put the dogs name....

Some folks put the phone # of your vet.

Stafford-Ames Morse

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Best dog I had ever owned.

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