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You did not mention how high your fence was or what kind. Hope it is not chainlink. Basenji's can climb chainlink.

And left alone, will yodo that can be heard for a mile....

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Then a basenji will fit right in. Hope yoour fence is 6 ft tall and not chainlink kind.

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We had ours for some 14 years. When left alone, he would yodo , you can hear him a mile away.
For fencing, you did not post how high. Just to let you know the can climb chainlink fences.......

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never heard of that behaver, Only on females ? You use someone and then a lady???

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Try if you can to first have a vet check on the basenji before completing the sale. Be sure to inquire if the vet had good knowledge on Basenjis.

Stafford-ames Morse


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enjoy your Basenji

Stafford-Ames Morse


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Love his driving position, seems to being aware of the road and what is gong on

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If you have not done so, check with your vet, if he knows of a Basenji owner, then met with the. Get all the info from the vet on Basenji's.

Stafford-Ames Morse
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Go online and get the Basenji Owners Manual.

If you live in Washington State, check with the Evergreen Basenji Club.

Go to a dog show and talk to Basenji owners or a person in your town that owns a Basenji. Also check with your vet.

A Basenji is not just another dog....

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