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you are part of the few lucky folks whom had a basenji live so long. Enjoy him..

Stafford Ames Morse

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my best pal Koa I ever had.

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Did you get the pup from a friend of a kennel ? If so, ask them if anything happen when they had him. It might help you find out why is like that and help those whom you seek out for help.

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First, find a Basenji group near where you live. Ask around or ask you vet where there is one.


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I know you will love your Basenji. There maybe a club or someone in your area that can advise you.
![alt text](0_1571868853584_BasenjiPurebredDogPukkanutWelcomeNuggetKoa6YearsOld.jpg image url)

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If it is a wood floor, sand it and recoat with a cover varnish. If plastic tile, rip it up and replace it....

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