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My first basenji I got from a breeder that ended up being super shady, when I got her she was very sick with parvo and I was young and not really educated on basenjis I just came across the puppies and she passed away 5 days after I got her, we tried meds and all that and it was the most heartbreaking experience.

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I’m a Basenji mom of a 1 yr old female named
Cleo, we live in Minnesota and she is my
Snuggle buddy. I have a golden retriever and a small shihzu/bichon/Brussels griffin mix.

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We purchased our basenji female from AllStarBasenjis from the 2019 litter as well. Our Cleo is amazing. Easily trained, loving, did great with puppy training classes is very healthy and Tammie has been nothing but helpful and caring through the whole
Process. Answers questions when asked and has provided documentation to me when asked in regards to testing etc. I would recommend them over and over again. If there ever comes a time for us to bring another basenji into our family I would absolutely go through her again.!

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